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Jan. 27th, 2017 10:53 am
[personal profile] leia131
Face Off is back! And it's All Stars! And they're in teams!

MacKenzie started the episode by saying the contestants should forget everything they know about Face Off, and I scoffed, but actually it's running quite differently. The designers are working in teams of two; week one, the teams compete for immunity the next week, and week two the judges eliminate an entire team (this way the season is the same number of episodes, but you can totally suck every other week and not go home).

Melissa is back, as is Jasmine, and Adam, and a bunch of other people from past seasons that I like (Emily! Stella! Rachel!) Plus, February 7th they are doing a MONSTER HIGH CHALLENGE. <3 <3 <3

Yay All-Stars! (P.S. I have those same green scale leggings... I'm cool!)

The challenge: Use green screen technology to strategically remove parts of your makeup to create an alien based on a sea creature (which are basically aliens anyway).

Top Looks

Keaghlan (she of the blue eyebrows) and Melissa, Flying Gurnard:

The judges loved the glowing head orbs, and they did well with the green screen thing, but I didn't really think the biology of this one made sense.

Rachael & Gage, Skeleton Shrimp:

Hands down, the best use of the see-through aspect. For instance, the model's hands are inside those claws, and you don't even know. The judges also loved the single cord they fed into the claws, to simulate the real shrimp's visible veins.

Bottom Looks

Stella and Jasmine, Helmet Jellyfish:

The paint on this is surprisingly bad for a Jasmine look, but the judges' biggest problem with it was that the tentacles were designed in such a way that parts of them kept flickering in and out of being as the model's green screen hands passed over them while she was making them move. It was a poor design for the challenge.

Ben and Evan, Japanese Spider Crab:

Definitely the worst look of the night. If this had been an elimination week, they'd have been gone. They were unable to make more than two legs, and the ones they did make are waaaaay too big. I think Hattrick also said it looked like it was painted by a 5th grader, or something along those lines.

Anyway, even though I personally thought the skeleton shrimp was the best look, Keaghlan and Melissa won immunity for next week. And here's a shot of what the looks were like in person, without the CGI:

Plus, please appreciate the matching blue hair on this team.
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