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GUYS. The Face Off Monster High episode is on TOMORROW, and I am so excited that I'm considering watching it live (rather than then next day off my DVR, sans commercials.).

Anyway, before we get to that, let's wrap up last week's episode (sorry this post is so late) and first elimination!

The challenge: Create a single look, blending an 'angel' and 'devil', which are representative of the inner good and bad qualities of the artists. To inspire this, they were taken to sketch in a big beautiful church.

Top Looks

Tyler and Emily:

Tyler and Emily were really inspired by the architecture of the church, so they made a metallic angel sculpture, being corroded by the devil within. This was extremely successful, as you can tell that that's what's happening, and the sculpting is fabulous. The judges really liked the droopy wing back there, and they picked up on the subtle architectural forms that were incorporated. I can't remember what their good and bad characteristics where, but whatever.

Niko and Cat:

This one I remember more about: their traits were loyalty (represented by the bride) and jealousy (the darkness consuming her from within). Niko spent an age and a half making those wings, and it paid off, because they literally overshadowed everyone else's looks. They also worked really hard to make sure her face wasn't straight up good on one side and bad on the other, and Ve said it was possibly the most successful beauty makeup they'd ever seen. They were the winners, obvi.

Because I love you all, I Googled my butt off to find you this close-up shot:

Bottom Looks

Jasmine & Stella:

I don't even know, and neither did they. They had a lot of trouble coming up with a concept, which is never a good sign, and I'm not even sure what they settled on. The judges really hated how the white bits on his chest looked like they were just pasted on, and it's not cohesive at all.

Logan & Adam:

This was supposed to be a pure holy angel being seduced by a succubus or something, but it is a hot mess. Is she in him? Is she on him? And why does he have a knife?

Anyway, I'm not sure if the judges based their decisions on just ths week's looks, or this and last week, but this is the second week in a row that Stella and Jasmine were terrible enough to be on the bottom, so they got eliminated. This is a shame, because I like them, but both their looks were truly bad.

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