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Face Off time! The format of the show changed this week, from teams of two to 'super teams' of four (made up of two teams of two, they didn't split people from their partners). Furthermore, there will be no more immunity, and someone will be eliminated every week from now on.

The Challenge: Working in the super teams, pick a map and follow it to a creepy location. Then create the three members of the deranged mutant family that live in this location (and are kidnapping passersby).

Emily begged Adam, who was picking the map for their team, to pick the 'one with all the signs' and he specifically picked the other one. This would be annoying in and of itself, but Emily was super irritated when she discovered that the map she wanted led to a CIRCUS. Their map led to an abandoned military base, which was not nearly as inspiring.

Top Team

Cig, George, Ben, and Evan, Circus Family:

Mom is the strong woman (or was) and has lost a lot of weight, leaving her with those gross (but very well made) arm skin flaps. Dad is a pinhead chimpanzee man, with a meat grinder rather than an organ grinder (maybe it's still an organ grinder, lol), and they kidnap people to amuse their hydrocephalic child. The judges really REALLY liked the kid and his swollen head, especially the veins and penciled-in mustache. This family is cohesive and all the looks are kind of perfect, so they won.

Here's another shot, showing more complete looks:

As always, the models are selling these looks HARD. The girl playing the son was particularly good.

Bottom Team

Adam, Logan, Emily, and Tyler, Military Base Family:

Their concept, which I didn't love, was a family that lived too close to a nuclear test facility and had been burned/mutated by nuclear tests. Mom is very vain, and trying to still look beautiful and be the perfect '50s mother (though now her casserole is full of human body parts), Dad is the killer of said humans, and the daughter lures people in by having them take pity on her. As you can see, the daughter is HUGE. This is because at the semi-last minute, they decided their idea wasn't unique enough, and swapped the models for the dad and little girl.

Here's a close-up:

The judges didn't love the mother, until they heard the concept and realized that her caked-on powder make-up was part of the character. Then they were on board. (For what it's worth, I like the mom in both concept and execution). They also LOVED that the big guy was playing the daughter, and liked the switched-up application, but the dad didn't come out great. The judges didn't like his sculpt, and they couldn't tell what had happened to him (Tumors? Burns? Both?) Since that look was mostly Adam's creation, he was eliminated (though they did make a point of saying that it wasn't bad, just not as good as the other looks.) I would feel worse about this if he hadn't denied Emily & their team the chance to do cool circus makeups.

Next time, hopefully soon, is witches!
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