I kind of wish this challenge had happened during a regular season, so we could have seen like, 12 or 14 looks, but whatever. Also, this post is long AF, and I have far more opinions than usual. :D

You know that all the looks are under here, not just top and botom )
I got two new MH ghouls today, one second hand and one brand new. This is the tale of how they met:

A Monster High Photo Story )

Answer to last Saturday's song: Nowadays, from Chicago. [ profile] becofoz got this one right!
Son, I are disappoint. I finally found a 13 Wishes Clawdeen that had eyes I could live with (they're not perfectly straight, but it's barely noticeable and waaaaaaaaaaay better than every other one I've seen) and when I got her out of the box... Oy. Her hair is gross from the glue, has some pieces that are only about an inch long (WTF is that?), and is fluffy on the left side and flat on the right.

She's such a beautiful doll, and it's a shame that the quality of the 13 Wishes line seems to be lacking. I don't usually complain about quality, but it was super obvious with my 13 Wishes Frankie (I had to cut stray long hairs out of her bangs, and re-do her hairstyle because it was all messed up) and even more so here. The last issue is hard to describe; this Clawdeen has a twist that hangs down on the side of her face, and on mine there's a loop of hair that's sticking out of the top of it like it wasn't pulled tightly enough in the twisting process. The only way I can fix this, I'm pretty sure, is to undo the twist, re-do it with the loop included, and do it back up... But I'm afraid to ruin it totally in the process. I shouldn't have to mess with her this much straight out of the box, Mattel!

On the bright side, SO PRETTY. Her light brown hair color is a totally new look for Clawdeen, and the outfit breaks into separates and is AMAZING. Also, her crown is zippers. Such a cool design, marred only slightly in the realization.

Answer to last Saturday's song: Cups, by Anna Kendrick. [ profile] letsgokomets got this one right!
This review is looooooong overdue, because Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen was one of my earlier doll acquisitions. She was purchased back when I was pretending that I was going to limit myself mostly to new characters, and only buy doubles if the new version was super different than his or her signature doll... Yeah.

Anyway, with that in mind, I was thrilled to see this beauty on the shelf.

Andrew and I refer to her as Rihanna, and here's why! )

Song quote for today (which is kicking off Musicals Week, btw): I didn't recognize you without the handcuffs.
Answer to last Sunday's song: Oh, there was no song last Sunday.
Yes, I am making another post, Andrew is at class and I'm trying to entertain myself, deal with it. Also, I didn't want this to go in my last post, but I want it to go up before Halloween. ANYWAY.

Photo heavy post, ahoy!

Feelings on this doll are divided, apparently. )

Possibly I will get in another GR review tomorrow night, it depends on how many kids come to the door. (Should I be really excited to hand out candy? I don't care, I'm SUPER EXCITED.) But the question is, who do you want to see reviewed next? GR Frankie, Cleo, or Abbey?

[Poll #1875712][Poll #1875712]
I'm watching HalloweenTown while I write this, so 
what better time to do a werewolf review? )

Heh, I'm at the part of Halloweentown where they get hair from the totally straight, why do you ask werewolf hairdresser. I love this movie. I bet Marnie would fit right in with the MH kids.



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