I don't have the strength for every dress at the Golden Globes, and The Fug Girls' site is loading so slowly that it makes me want to punch their servers, but let us not break with tradition and instead have a GG fashion post!

Highlights (and lowlights) are here, in no order whatsoever. )
Remember last year at the Globes, when Emma Stone wore a giant butt ruffle and Melissa McCarthy's dress was legit made out of two other ones, and Claire Danes was super excited that her dress was covered in real feathers and Kiera Knightly wore a doily? Well let's see what happened this year!

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Day 6: Pair of Shoes - I have honestly never thought of being thankful for a particular pair of shoes... Ok. Even though they hurt my feet like you wouldn't believe after a few hours, I am grateful for my teal heels. They saved me from having to buy new shoes for my wedding, and they matched perfectly. Plus, they're cute as shit.

So, I missed my annual Talk Like A Pirate Day post because I was busy that day driving to VT, helping set up for my aunt's surprise 60th birthday party, attending said party, and then helping my dad with a fire department project all evening, but we did tell pirate jokes at the party, so there's that.

And now, because I watched them and I want to, here is a Primetime Emmy's Fashion Post.

Gird your loins, there are a TON of pictures under here )

Phew! That took me almost two days to complete, I hope you all love it!
1.Turns out I lied, the other Maine pics that Andrew took aren't numerous or exciting, so there will not, in fact, be more Maine pictures.

2. Andrew and I watched the VMA's (well, until 10:45, just after Kanye's speech, when I decided that was enough acid for one night and went to bed) and I don't even know. There are no words, but Taytay was lovely and I love her and Blank Space won at least one award, so good for her. She may, in fact, have been the only sober person there. Oh, and I kind of loved Nikki Minaj's opening number, with the giant feathered headdress. But the point of all this is, do we want a VMA fashion post? It seems silly now, almost a week later, but we could still discuss/look at the pretty pictures.
I hope you weren't all sick of dessses and my thoughts on them in the last post, because there are some more I want to talk about that didn't make it into my live blog. These are mostly people who I didn't see on the red carpet, or who I didn't post about in that stream of consciousness I was writing while watching.

God bless the Fug Girls, they never miss anyone )
And now, in the same vein as what I did for the Grammys (but hopefully without the satellite interruption) some of my thoughts (as I had them) on the Oscars red carpet and ceremony.

ETA: I wrote this last night, but I'm not posting it until today because 1. I wanted to add pictures and 2. It badly needed editing, but the Oscars went SO LONG last night that I went to bed instead of doing that. So, here we are.

This is long and full of pictures! )
You guys wanna talk about some Golden Globe fashion? Let's talk about some Golden Globes fashion. (I actually started this post yesterday, but didn't get to finish it until today because I had real work to do at work. Go figure.)

You've got the Golden Globes )
Let's take a quick break from wedding pictures for a moment, and talk a little bit about Project Runway.

As you know, PR is currently in an All Stars season, and wisely brought back my beautiful Belarusian prince, Dmitry. This is 99% of the reason I'm interested.

Last night they did a challenge based on Wicked, with the designers either doing 'good' or 'wicked' looks, and I was totally there for that. Of course, I have some thoughts.

No One Mourns the Couture )
So. The Grammys. The fashion was pretty underwhelming, both the good and the bad. Plus, I didn't know who half the people there were. But anywho, let's take a look at some of the outfits worn by some of the people I did recognize.

Warning: SO MANY pictures under the cut. So many.

With the help of the Fug Girls, because they know way more about these people than I do )

Answer to last Tuesday's song: Rolling in the Deep. No one guessed this.
All right, this is my last Golden Globes post. Probably. But you all have to see this, because somehow these people got ZERO screen time on my TV, even though they were nominated, and that's just not right.

Fair warning: There's is unfettered fan-girling under here.

We built the pyramids! )

Answer to last Tuesday's song: Iris, by the Goo Goo Dolls. [livejournal.com profile] becofoz got this one right!
Golden Globes fashion, part two! I hope you weren't all sick of talking about what the celebrities wore last night, because I spotted a few outfits during the actual show last night that we need to discuss.

Under here )

Answer to last Monday's song: Everybody Talks, by Neon Trees. No one guessed this.
Time for some Golden Globes red carpet fashion opinions! Not going to comment on every dress, because we all have lives.

Cut for length )

H'ok, I guess that's all the fashion we're getting for tonight. I don't have the energy to liveblog this whole show, but I encourage you to watch it, because everyone (Meryl) is there to get their drink on. Also, I'll try to get some pictures up here for you all later. :D

ETA: Now with pictures!

Answer to last Sunday's song: We Three Kings. [livejournal.com profile] wizardelfgirl got this one right!
So, now that I depressed you all with the real life, real typhoon post yesterday, here's the lighter fare of some thoughts on Ariel's second appearance on OuaT.

Cut for spoilers! )

Anyway, I still love Ariel. Extremely pleased that OuaT managed not to destroy her character. :D

Answer to last Tuesday's song: I Move On, from Chicago. [livejournal.com profile] becofoz got this one right!
TV thought for tonight: Can someone PLEASE get Ichabod Crane some 21st Century clothes? I mean, it's cute to have him running around in his outfit from the 1770's for a little while, but how long can you make the man wear the same shirt and pants? He can keep the rocking coat, but get some motherfucking jeans and a T-shirt on that man.

Answer to last Monday's song: Happy Working Song, from Enchanted. No one guessed this, but there were a lot of correct guesses to the song poem! Here are all the answers to that:

All the small things - All The Small Things, by Blink-182
In every heart there is a room - And So It Goes, by Billy Joel
Drink with me to days gone by - Drink With Me, from Les Miserables
Love power, a little love power - Love Power, from Muppet Treasure Island
Steady as the beating drum - Steady As the Beating Drum, from Pocahontas
Whatever happened to Saturday night? - Hot Patootie, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show
I'm counting back the number of the steps - My Alcoholic Friends, by The Dresden Dolls
I made it through the wilderness - Like A Virgin, by Madonna
You can shake an apple off an apple tree - Stuck On You, by Elvis
Sit around and watch the tube but nothing's on - Longview, by Green Day
Will Michelle Do or Die? )

Answer to last Thursday's song: Can't Stop, by Maroon 5. This song, like 99% of all Maroon 5 songs, is blatantly about sex. Which, of course, is its major appeal.
Good evening, everyone! Come and see Frankie's shiny new clothes!

This was $11 well spent. )

And here is today's song quote: Hold him, and squeeze him tight, and find out what you wanna know!
The Dream Team is Anything But )

I don't think the pics are up yet, but I'll try to remember to go back and edit this post with pictures sometime tomorrow.

ETA: Now updated with pictures!



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