(I try to stay out of politics on this journal, but we're going to put that policy on hold for just this one post.)

Feeling overwhelmed by the utter fuckery happening in the US right now? Join us in resisting! My co-worker Liz started this group, PostCard Resist, and we'd love to have you to join. (You don't literally have to join the FB group, just join the movement).

The plan is simple:

Step 1: We identify an issue in the US government. For instance, yesterday we focused on the potential repeal of the ACA. Focusing on just one issue helps to prevent us from feeling inundated.

Step 2: We identify who we can write to in the federal government who can help change the direction the above issue is heading. Liz/my coworkers have lists and addresses, so all you have to do is ask for them (no research required!)

Step 3: Write a postcard urging the above people to resist! Not a whole letter, no phone calls required (I hate calling even people I know unless it's my mother, so this is my favorte part) and postcard stamps are even cheaper than regular ones. We even found a simple script online to help with what to write.

Profit! You don't have to deal with all the issues at once, you don't have to feel like your single letter/call/postcard is inconsequential (we mailed a freaking STACK yesterday), but you also don't have to kill you hand writing dozens of things every day. Plus, it's something we can actually do, instead of just feeling depressed.

Spread the word! Join us! We will not go quietly into that good night!

(We will now return to your regular LJ experience. Face Off is back!)



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