Sorry I missed a post yesterday. I stayed home from work in the morning because I wasn't feeling great, and then took the rest of the day to mourn (for obvious reasons).

But, it's a new day, the sun is up, and there are things to do and people to help.

I will love when people hate me
I won't hush, no you can't make me
I won't hush, no we will sing
Hello everyone! I am posting this from my parents' living room, because they have internet and I still don't. I just wanted to say a few things.

1. Obviously I am wicked behind on reading and updating, so I think, for the foreseeable future, that the daily posting schedule is going out the window. I was kind of starting to feel burnt out with that anyway, and running out of things to say. Not that I'm abandoning y'all or anything, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of new work stories here shortly, but I just thought you should be aware of the schedule change.

2. I also think I'm going to stop with the song quote titles on a regular basis. This is honestly because I don't think anyone really cares anymore, including me. But, by all means, if anyone feels strongly that they want me to keep going I could probably manage.

3. I have learned SO MUCH at this job in just a week, and it's awesome. For instance, on Friday I learned that the head of my department is a gymnastics coach on the side, and he did a backflip in the office for us. I promise I've learned environmental stuff too though. :D

4. I'm not quite mature enough for this office environment. Someone said that multi-family housing was an area in which we needed 'deeper penetration' and I started to giggle, then realized that no one else was laughing. I guess 'that's what she said' isn't a popular joke around here. It's not a super serious place, but it's a lot more professional than where I worked in NC.

5. During HR orientation, when the guy was listing off all the things that could be considered sexual harassment, I had to concentrate really hard on not laughing because we used to do EVERY SINGLE ONE of them at my last job on a regular basis. Especially discussing people's sexual prowess.

Everyone hope that I get internet installed soon!
Guys, I've gotten to the point in my song quotes where I can't remember which songs I've already quoted or not. I kept a list of all the ones I did during lent, but after that.... Not so much. I really need to go back through all my posts and make a master list, but the thought of doing that is quite daunting. I think, in order to get this done, I'm going to have to do it in stages.

So, here's a list of a week's worth of songs I quoted, following the end of Lent. I'll update this post (hopefully) as I work through the rest of the weeks between then and now.

As always, if there's something you like on this list, and you want it, and I own it, I'll gladly send it to you!

Songs since Lent: )

Answer to last Saturday's song: Mary Jane, by Alanis Morissette. No one guessed this one.

(Or, as the adorable Easter bucket Heather brought me says, Hoppy Easter.)

Answer to last Sunday's song: Hosanna, from Jesus Christ Superstar. I thought that was an excellent song to quote on Palm Sunday. Janeea got this one right!

Don't forget to go over this past week's songs if you want to guess. :) See you tomorrow with the winner!
Time for the liveblog! )

Answer to last Thursday's song: Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T's. This is one of my father's favorite songs, and we call each other every time one of us hears it on the radio. :) [ profile] invsagoth got this one right!
Project Runway Liveblog time!!!

Remember when no one won last week? That was sad. )

Answer to last Thursday's song: Mermaid, by Train. I really like this song (for obvious reasons) and the lyrics and video are both fairly hilarious. Also, Ellen got this one right!

ETA: Pictures finally added. Sorry for the delay!
Can we talk about Arrow? Does anyone else even watch this show?

Cut for spoilers, including for the most recent episode. )

Answer to last Wednesday's song: Jack and Diane, by John Cougar/John Cougar Mellencamp/John Mellencamp. Fun fact: Andrew asked me not too long ago if Taylor Swift had dated John Mellencamp. (He meant John Mayer, but I couldn't stop laughing long enough to correct him.)
30 Day Meme Day 13:

Foods you love and foods you hate )

Answer to last Monday's song: Call me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson. I was worried for a while that no one was going to guess this, the most played song of the summer, but then Ellen came through! Which is appropriate, since she introduced me to this song in the first place. :)
Is anyone else annoyed that college basketball seems to have taken over the television? I missed Big Bang Theory because of that crap. (Also, CBS, why would you schedule new BBT on a night when you're planning to show stupid basketball instead? WTF is up with that?)

I watched Yu-Gi-Oh! instead... It's scary how close the Abridged Series is to the actual series. It's always funnier when you're not making it up.

Anyway, here's the PR liveblog!

I'm still pretty tired, so we'll see how enthusiastic this turns out to be... )

Answer to last Thursday's song: God Help the Outcasts, from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as sung by Heidi Mollenhauer (though I also would have accepted Demi Moore, since I had no idea it wasn't her until I looked it up.)

ETA: Now updated with pictures!
Honestly, this post is just so I can show off. But look!

The first day at Monster High )

Answer to last Wednesday's song: When You Wish Upon A Star from Pinocchio, sung by Cliff Edwards (though the version I have is a capella and by N*SYNC. That sounds like it would be awful but it's actually quite beautiful.)
I am just beat today, for some reason, so I'm afraid this isn't going to be a very long post. Not much going on in my life at the moment, and I think it's the time change kicking my ass so it's not going to get better until my body decides to adjust.

I'll be back tomorrow with hopefully more to say. Going to try to go to bed earlier than we did last night.

Answer to last Tuesday's song: Poor Unfortunate Souls, from The Little Mermaid, sung by Pat Carroll. [ profile] letsgokomets got this one right. (You all knew I was going to do a TLM quote at some point, right?)
Spoilers for tonight's Once Upon A Time )

Answer to last Sunday's song: Be Prepared from The Lion King, sung by Jeremy Irons.

And this concludes Disney week! Back to non-Disney songs (at least mostly) tomorrow.
Since it's International Women's Day, I thought it would be appropriate to do a review of an international woman.

Rochelle Goyle hails from France )

Answer to last Friday's song: Fuck You (or Forget You) by Cee Lo Green. I'm honestly quite surprised that no one guessed this! I thought this song was pretty popular.

Tonight's song: Eagle help my feet to fly, mountain help my heart be great...
Look everyone, I finally got a PR icon! Rejoice!

Time for duct tape prom! )

Since I'm working longer hours now, I probably won't be able to update this post with pictures until tomorrow night. So look for that then!

Answer to last Thursday's song: Mama I'm a Big Girl Now, from Hairspray.

Now with pictures! Also, This is possibly the best PR picture I've ever seen. LOL FOREVER.
Picspam post!

Honestly, I just want to show some things off.

Spring has sprung (literally) and some ghouls have new clothes... )

Answer to last Wednesday's song: St. Jimmy, by Green Day. This isn't probably the most well known Green Day song, but it's one of my favorites.
It's been a while since I've done an MH review, so let's ease back into it with a short(ish) one.

The second Frankie I ever owned! )

Song quote for today: I'm on the hunt I'm after you!

Answer to last Tuesday's song: It's a Typical Day - Lil Abner. This line was actually taken from my solo when I played Moonbeam McSwine. :)
There was not nearly enough of Samantha Barks at The Oscars, even though her singing put everyone else in the Les Mis cast to shame. TO SHAME. I enjoyed the show otherwise though!

Real post tomorrow, I promise.

Answer to last Sunday's song: Into the Woods - Into the Woods. (Specifically Little Red Riding Hood). Coincidentally, I'm watching Friends right now, and this is one of the episodes with Joanna Gleason who played the Baker's Wife in the OBC of Into the Woods. Woot!
Well, I'm all messed up with posting (missed yesterday, oops) so here's a quick post just to say that the answers to last weeks songs for Wednesday and Thursday. Then there will be a Project Runway liveblog later tonight.

Wednesday - Some Nights, by Fun (which Kelli did get right!)
Thursday - Through With You, by Maroon 5
First of all, I did not manage to post this before Castle, but I did manage to survive the episode in one piece. Still, IT WAS VERY STRESSFUL, OMG, THIS SHOW HAS REALLY EXCELLENT WRITERS.

30 Day Meme Day 4: )
Just a quick post tonight, cause I'm super tired.

Once Upon A Time Spoilers )

Something more substantial tomorrow, and hopefully I'll manage to post it before Castle comes on. I expect to be melted into an incoherent mess by the end of tomorrow's episode.



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