Today is the day that The Little Mermaid was released in theaters 25 years ago! It was the first movie I ever saw in a theater, at the tender age of two, it inspired my brother's name, and it has been my favorite movie since I was old enough to know what it meant to have a favorite movie. My collection of TLM stuff is massive, and I'm not ashamed.

To celebrate this anniversary, I thought we'd have a little TLM picspam, culled from my Pinterest. If I were at home, I could also use the bajillion pictures I have saved on my laptop, but then again at home I probably wouldn't have the motivation to work on a post like this (motivation: see also, killing time until my meeting).

Humans used to sit around and stare at each other all day. That's very boring. )

Happy Anniversary!
So, now that I depressed you all with the real life, real typhoon post yesterday, here's the lighter fare of some thoughts on Ariel's second appearance on OuaT.

Cut for spoilers! )

Anyway, I still love Ariel. Extremely pleased that OuaT managed not to destroy her character. :D

Answer to last Tuesday's song: I Move On, from Chicago. [ profile] becofoz got this one right!
I know you're all DYING to know what I think of Ariel on Once Upon A Time, so here are some assorted thoughts! I started writing this halfway through the episode, so about half of these were happening in real time, lol.

Look at this stuff! )

Answer to last Sunday's song: Candy, by Mandy Moore. See, because last Sunday's post was about Halloween candy? No? I guess not, since no one got this.
Things I have learned in the last few days:

1. This is Jim Carrey. (MIND BLOWN).

2. MacBeth was a real person, even though the depiction of him in Shakespeare is wildly fictional.

3. Joanna Garcia is going to play Ariel on Once Upon A Time this coming season. I am 100% behind this, because I like her... Not least of all because she played my favorite character (Sam), teller of my favorite story (Watcher's Woods), on my all time favorite TV show (Are You Afraid of the Dark?)

No song last Sunday. This is going to be a common theme for a little while here, unfortunately. Edisto was super nice, but it was also the land with no internet.

Character: Ariel, from The Little Mermaid (1989)

Criticism: “This one drastically changes her physical appearance so as to be more attractive to a man. The price is that she can’t speak. No problem, she has nothing of value to say anyhow. She is saved by a prince.”

Cut for length, no triggers )

To read the rest of the entries in this series, please click on the 'in defense of disney' tag.
If I were to (assuming I ever finish the Rapunzel one) write a second epic, fairy tale inspired  AU about Remus and Sirius, based on The Little Mermaid, who would James and Peter be?

This would be based on the Disney version with the happy ending (obviously), where Remus lives with his fellow werewolves and saves Sirius' life and they fall in love and his father is displeased and Greyback is Ursula. It all works out so well in my head, but I'm having trouble casting James and Peter. It makes more sense for James to be with Sirius than Remus, but Eric's only friend is Grimsby (or Max, but let's not reduce James to that). So should I just age the Grumsby character down? I'm all right with changing details, I just don't know if he can fill that role. Grimsby is the responsible one.

That leaves Peter to be Flounder or Sebastian, probably Flounder, which leaves Sebastian uncast, if you will, and puts Peter is a very good light (which I'm all right with). Or, I can make Peter Flotsam/Jetsam, though a duo like the Carrows or the Malfoys would really work better for that. Totally the Malfoys. "Lucius my slippery friend..." It's perfect!

This also leaves out Lily, unless she is Remus' sister or Carlotta, neither of which is a very big part. And there's also Scuttle to consider. Maybe I should change genders? Though I must admit, I am digging her as Remus' sister...

So, thoughts?
Today is the 20th anniversary of the release of The Little Mermaid!

I had sushi for the first time tonight! Real, honest to goodness raw fish. And it was really really good. Though I do think the sticky rice makes it. It wasn't nearly as icky as I expected, and it doesn't even really taste that much like fish. I had shrimp, tuna, and mackrel (I think) and kind of want to try other kinds now...

So, thank you Andrew. Cause it was yummy!

Today is the birthday of Hans Christen Anderson.

Mr. Anderson gave us such tales as The Ugly Ducking and The Little Match Girl. Oh, yes, and THE LITTLE MERMAID. (Though his version doesn't end quite as well as the Disney one.) Still, he made up the story in the first place, so without him the Disney movie that I love so much wouldn't exist at all.


There is nothing funnier than watching Jon Anderson make faces. Seriously, he was one of the people showing us the "facial expressive mode" in Singing for the Actor today, and it was hilarious.

Then this girl Gabby started singing Part of Your World as her song, and I freaked out. :) But after that, we had to give her feedback, and Kevin goes "I don't know the song but-" which is as far as he got, because the ENTIRE CLASS looked at him as one and went "WHAT?" So he says, "What? I haven't see The Little Mermaid since I was like, two." And that my friends, is a travesty. Then Abby says to me, "Any shot he had with you is over." Heh.

Not that I was ever interested in Kevin, but she's right.

1. There are not words enough to describe how much I love snow.

2. I hate hormones. I've wanted to cry at the least provocation for the past three days. I should just watch Pan's Labyrinth again and get it out. (Seriously, I was reading on Wikipedia about Kagura dying in the Inuyasha manga and I got teary. It's ridiculous.)

3. Anyone who really wants to know me should look at my collection of Livejournal icons. They represent all of my interests, as well as my OCD, and their relative numbers are also telling. I have the most Harry Potter and Little Mermaid ones. In those, I have a shit-ton of Ariel and Ron icons. In those, I have the most from the penultimate scene in TLM, and A LOT of quotes by Ron. 
My icon collection is the best representation of myself that I have, and I'm petrified of losing it.

The following is really just for my future reference, and is in no way a request for the items listed below. I decided to put it in my LJ because this way I won't lose it.

What Megan Wants for Christmas:
-The Inuyasha and/or FMA calendars I saw in Borders today
-Chocolate Frogs
-The rest of the FMA DVD's that I don't own
-Music and Lyrics (movie and/or soundtrack)
-Maroon 5's new cd
-Hannah Montana Soundtrack
-Little Mermaid Sweatshirt
-The Scorpion King
-Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
-Georgia Nicholson book #6
-Two tickets to see TLM on Broadway. Seriously, I'm thinking of just asking mom to have all the relatives contribute money to this instead of buying me Christmas presents. Because I REALLY want to go, and it's too expensive for just my mom to do. 
This is utterly and completely random, but... Ariel is the only Disney princess with siblings. (Unless you count Cinderella's stepsisters, which I'm not, cause they're not technically related.)

Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Aurora, Pocahontas... None of them have siblings. (Though Aurora's the only one with a living mother, so hey, props to her for that.)

Even most non-princesses are only children: Esmerelda, Mulan (No, Little Brother doesn't count, he's a DOG), Jane, Megara, Lady, Maid Marian (I don't think she's a princess...), and Nala (though honestly, the chances of a lioness having only one cub are... ridiculously small. Though since Sarabi did, and since Nala has no siblings shown on screen... She's going on this list. Also... Is she ever a princess? Or does she go straight to queen when she gets with Simba?) 

Those that do have siblings: Alice (Older Sister), Wendy (John and Michael), and Lilo (Nani). Namely, the children. Not the princesses.

Conclusion: Ariel is awesome.
A meme from [personal profile] schmoo999

1. My username is _____ because ____.
2. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
3. My subtitle is ____ because ____.
4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
5. My default userpic is ____ because ___

1. Ok. Waaaaaaaaay back when I started making up usernames on the internet, the first site I had to create one for was And I wanted to be Leia13, because I like Princess Leia (I like Han Solo better, but I wanted a girl name, seeing as I am a girl,) and I like the number 13. (It's a very underappreciated number. Unlucky, BAH.) But that name was taken, so randomly generated Leia131 for me. And I liked it, so I carried it with me over to LJ.

2. My title right now is "Lies and falsehoods, Padfoot!" which is a quote from Stealing Harry because that fic brings on the happy. It comes from a this conversation: 

"You weren't supposed to drink the whole flask."
"I didn't. You had at least half."
"A quarter, and I hold my liquor better."
"Lies and falsehoods, Padfoot!"

Basically, to name my journal I went through all the random fanfic quotes I had amassed and picked some short ones from fics that I liked. (And ones that were sort of applicable to a journal setting too.)

3. My subtitle is "I am attempting to find meaning over here. You are cramping my groove." which is another fanfic quote (see above). This one is Sirius talking to himself, when he's being introspective and trying to figure out what to do with his life after Hogwarts.

4. My friends page is called "Sirius is a carbohydrate addict." Yet another fanfic quote. I picked this one because I love carbs, and I love Sirius. 'Nuff said.

5. My default pic is Sebastian with the little figures of Ariel and Eric from atop their wedding cake. My default pic is always from The Little Mermaid, cause it is my favorite movie ever. I picked this one cause I have a ton of icons without Ariel in them, but I never use them cause I like her. This one was a nice compromise. :)

Of course, I change my titles and icons all the time, so you know.
I just... can't bring myself to be bitter about Valentine's Day. I couldn't last year either. I just like candy and hearts and valentines (mine have Ariel on them this year) too much to be bitter that I'm single.

And I bought myself a heart shaped balloon that says "love" on it at Shaw's the other day, and it makes me insanely happy. Cause I like balloons. It's my Valentine's Day gift from me to me.

Anyways. I saw this on Nessa's journal, and for some reason I suddenly feel like filling it out, so here goes.

So, I toally watched The Little Mermaid: The Series on the Disney channel today, because it's on at 12:30 every afternoon. How cool is that?

Really cool, that's how cool.

And Urchin is SO ADORABLE. Still. I'm 19, and I still love him.

God, I am such a dork. Watching that show was the highlight of my day. Seriously.

You know, it's strange to think this, but I haven't updated my journal in days and days purely because I have nothing to say. (Which is really a rarity for me.)

Nothing really extaordinary has happened, and the one thing that I might theoretically gossip about in here I don't really want to because it isn't really a thing yet...

Ok, I hate being cryptic, so here's the story: I asked this guy on a non-date (long story how we got to that point) and he said yes and then like six of us went to the movies and I don't know if that counted as the non-date or not. And, I'm not sure how much I like him, and one of the other girls in my suite may or may not like him as well, (but I asked her permission before making my move, and she said to go for it) but now I feel guilty about moving in on 'her' guy, even though he's really not hers, and she never made a move for him last year, because I'm not like, smitten with him. I just think we get along really well and he isn't afraid of me even when I'm at my weirdest (which he's seen) and also, I'm not afraid to be weird around him, which is unusual for me, and I'm babbling aren't I? Sorry.

The long and short of it is that I don't know what's going on or if we're going on another date or what, and if you knew him it would make sense, but none of you (except Jenn) do know him, so I'm going to shut up now and not bring this up again until something actually happens. Ok?

In any case, we went to see The Prestige the other night, and it was FUCKING AMAZING. I'm still trying to fully comprehend it. God it was good.

Other than that, nothing is up besides the fact that I'm going to go finish watching The Little Mermaid with Abby and Jenn now. Bye!

Which brings up the point that I'm going to be home this weekend, as well as Monday and Tuesday, if anyone wants to hang out...

Le'anyhoodle, today I saw moose tracks and wallows, and bear scratches, and otter piles, and bobcat markings, and smelled moose pee, (don't even ask...), and a beaver dam, and now my fucking feet hurt and my knees don't work, but it was SO WORTH IT.

I heart Biology.

And Finally, once again, YAY FOR THE LITTLE MERMAID ON DVD!!!!!!!!
This entry is in no way a pointless waste of your valuable friends page space just so that I could show off one of my new icons. Nope.

My chem class was cancelled today, which was nice... BUT I WANT TO KNOW MY GRADE ON THE TEST DAMN IT!!! I bet he just cancelled class cause he didn't have the tests graded and he didn't want to face the wrath of 100 irate Chem students at 9:30 in the morning...

And ummm...I can't find my belts and my neck hurts and it's making funny noises... and that's probably not good, is it?

But EEEEEEEEE My The Little Mermaid DVD is coming soon! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!

Oh, and these:

[sirius + remus]

[draco + pansy]

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh man. I didn't even cheat on that first one... it really is my OTP... but Draco/Pansy? I've never even read a Draco/Pansy story... Though I suppose it's technically semi-canon... Though I don't really like Pansy... Whatever. It made me laugh. (Mostly cause at the top of the quiz it said "Regardless of whether or not J.K. Rowling chooses to write it, when you put several hundred teenagers in the same building for nine months straight, there's going to be a certain amount of nookie being gotten. The question is, by whom?")

Who can deny that? Thus, we have the basis for fanfic.
Way you know you're a science geek #5073:

You're trying to remember the name of the magazine from which you got your Ariel sweatshirt, and while you can't for the life of you come up with the word, you know that it's a science term that means "melting two or more metals down and combining them to make a stronger metal that has properties of those you melted down."

Yes, I can define Alloy, but I couldn't think of the word.

It's a good goddamn thing I'm a bio major.



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