A difficult time in my life... Without doubt, the most difficult time I've ever had was when I first went away to college. Despite being in the same state I'd grown up in, a mere hour and a half away from my parents, I did not have an easy time adjusting to college. I felt like I had no friends (which wasn't true) I hated the complete change from high school, and all my issues culminated in such a severe anxiety episode that I spent finals week at home with my parents, after they had to be called to pick me up late one night, only going up to college to take my two or three finals. I got better after Christmas break, joined theater, and got on with my life. The anti-anxiety medication helped too. :P

Also, the Literary Lads festival is now live, so go check it out! And spread the word!

Answer to last Sunday's song: I Wonder, from Sleeping Beauty. This was a tribute to the Aurora/Mulan moment last week on OuaT, but no one guessed it.

I thought I didn't have to go back to school until the 19th, but I have to go back the 12th. That is Monday. So, umm, if you want to see me, do it now!

For once in my college life, I'm not paying to go to the Halloween dance and have a crappy time, but am instead going to Heather's party in Middlebury. Woot!
Today in Stats while Professor Warren was handing back our tests, he said that he still didn't know anyone's name, so he was calling out names and waiting for people to indicate that it was their test.

Then he got to my test, called my name, and put it down in front of me, saying, "you're the only person in this class who's name I know. Congratulations."

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Does he know my name because of how smart I've been, or what a smart ass I've been? My last homework had some pretty snarky answers on it. But I do sit right in the front, and I'm not shy about asking questions. Though Becky is just as smart, and in fact got a higher grade on the test. Hmm. It's a puzzle.

Either way, I'm notable. Hurray!
Doc: *calls girl's name*
Joe: Japan.
Doc: What?
Joe: Japan. Nation of.
Doc: It's gonna be a long commute.

There are also, finally, new clarinets! Our section has like, exploded. But it's good, because the original five of us are all seniors this year, so Doc needed to find some younger ones.
Just so we're all on the same page, 5am is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early to be awake.

And I can no long glorify in having no classes before 10, because I'm now taking Adolescent Development at 9:30. (Which is only a half hour earlier, so it's not a huge deal, but still.) 

Why am I taking Adolescent Development, you ask? Well, because Evolution got cancelled, due to the professor getting tonsil cancer. (I didn't even know there was such a thing.) I didn't actually need to pick up another class, I mean, I'm good as far as graduating credits go, and I was taking 12 credits (the number you need to be a full time student) for the semester, but I felt like such a slacker, taking only three classes. So I scoured the class list and signed up for a psych class that I hope will be fun. We'll see how that goes.

The good news is, I don't have to be in this class, so I can totally drop it if it's boring or hard or I don't like the teacher.

Just updating on my life. School starts on Monday. I actually want to start school. It's a strange feeling.

I am home from college now, and next year I will be a senior, and it is terrifying.

Also, it's gorgeous outside, and the drive home was extremely pleasant.

In years previous, my parents have helped me bring my huge amount of shit home from college at the end of the year, either by taking some of it before I leave, or coming up to lend their car to the endeavor. This year however, we didn't plan it very well, and I had to bring pretty much my entire college life home in my tiny little car. I am proud to say that I managed to tightly ram fit it all, except the four foot tall cardboard Cinderella, but I could have fit that too if I'd really wanted it.

You know those cars you see that are so full of stuff that you can't see in the back windows? I was one of those. I could see out my front windows, but not the back ones at all. It was exciting, and oddly cozy. The lady at the drive through at Burger King asked me if I was moving. :)

In any case, I'm home now, and I have SO MUCH STUFF I need to organize and put away and clean. It's kind of ridiculous.

P.S. I've started watching Crossing Jordan, and it's a really good show. Not least of all because Jerry O'Connell is GORGEOUS.

Ok. Are you ready for this? I've been meaning to post the following random thoughts for a couple days, and now that I have a little free time, I'm going to. Be warned, these things have nothing to do with each other. Absolutely nothing.

1. I AM DONE WITH ORGO FOREVER. NOT JUST FOR A LITTLE WHILE, FOREVER. I was the first one done with the test, mainly because round about question 45 (there were 70 total) I stopped even trying and just started guessing. For the very last question I had so little clue what the answer was that I read it, closed my eyes, pointed at an answer, and put that one down. 

Seriously, I did not care about that test. It was on the entire year, it was a standardized test, there was no real way to study for it, it's going to be scaled, and my grade is so good that it really doesn't matter. He asked me as I handed it in if it was too easy. I said no, but I left out the part where I was done so early because I just didn't care.

Last, but not least, an Abby quote from last night.

Me: I want to be famous. But I don't want to be famous for being pretty, or stupid. I want to be famous for being really smart.
Abby: I want to be famous for being smart AND pretty.
Me: Well, I mean, I don't want to be famous for being ugly. And there are people who are.
Abby: *looks dubious*
Me: Like the Hunchback of Notre Dame! And the Elephant Man!
Abby: Mmm. And Rachel Dratch.

Today is National Sibling Day , and since I have a sibling, I thought I'd let you all know. :)

And now, a tale from Wind Ensemble.

Doc wasn't there last night, but since we have a concert on Saturday we had rehearsal anyways. Zach Benson (Bensen?) conducted for us, and he did a fabuolus job. The only problem was the random 3/2 measures in this one song, but Doc has issues with those too, so whatever.

Then we got to "Dance", which song we NEVER play right, and we were all like... "Yeah. Let's try it anyways." And I said to Zach, cause I play clarinet and am right up there near the conductor, "Just wave your arms and pray." And someone else goes, "That's what Doc does with this song anyways." (It actually turned out ok, cause we played it slower than usual.)

It was just really nice, to see a group of students come together and practice without teacher supervision, and not screw around, and actually play pretty well. I like it when people are mature. It gives me faith in humanity. 

ETA: I am retarded. Sibling Day is tomorrow. Whatever. We can celebrate early.

I have successfully registered for my classes for next semester. Go me!

Scenes from Megan's life:

In Genetics Lab:

Professor Lippert: This Taq Polymerase is very expensive, so be careful.
Chris (one of my lab partners): How expensive?
Professor Lippert: 50 dollars for just one of these little bottles.
Chris: (after Professor Lippert has walked away) 50 dollars? That's not expensive. That's less than crack costs!
Me: I do not even want to know how you know that.

In Bed:

Abby: I hope if aliens ever come and demand a sacrifice, we give them Melissa Joan Hart.
Me: (after several seconds of going BWAH?) ... Go to sleep, Abby.

Upon Returning From Class:

Abby: I missed you.
Me: I was gone for an hour!
Abby: Come on. I miss you when you leave to go pee.

Also, Nora and I took a practice GRE the other day, and the word 'jejune' was on it, and I had never heard that word before EVER, and then it was in one of the songs in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels last night. Therefore, watching musicals will get you a higher GRE score. Tru fax.

Finally, Abby has taken a vow of silence. I don't know why, (neither does she) and I don't know how long it will last, but there you go.
I got both my Genetics test and my Orgo test back today. Let's compare, shall we? 

In Genetics, I got a 91/100. Lost nine points, two of which I used to "buy" some info from Professor Lippert so I could answer an eight point question. So really, I lost seven points. My first thought was, that's respectable, and my second thought was, I can do better.

In Orgo I got a 139/200, after he added on the six extra credit points I had earned. So I really lost 67 points, but it came out that I lost 61. A 139 translates to a B. My thoughts were, Ok, that's a good solid B, and I'm relieved I'm not the person who got a 30. Yes folks, someone got a 30/200. This should tell you something about Orgo.

I just thought it was funny that on one test I lost nine points, and on another I lost 61.
I've decided that I hate it when teachers say, "We'll go into more detail on this later." No. Either you tell me all about it now, with all the full gory details, or you stop talking about it for good. I don't want to have to write about it in more than one section in my notebook. And when you say it about three things in a row, I get really REALLY annoyed. Why can't we have these details now? Why later? ARGH.

Also, it's the mitotic spindle. You told us what it is, where it is, what it does, how it does it, and what it's made out of. How much more detail is there?

Ah. A new semester of college, and a new set of classes and teachers to quote in my livejournal.

Professor Lippert: Ok, everyone go around the room and tell me your name, and one genetic thing about your family.
Class: *does, saying things like brown hair, blue eyes, ability to roll the tongue*
Colin: Colin, and I have diabetes.
Professor Lippert: Oh. That's great!
Class: Ummmm... *laughs*
Professor Lippert: What can I say? When you love mutants, you love mutants! (By which he means that most diseases and things, including diabetes, are caused by mutant genes. Which he studies.)

And Singing for the Actor is going to be so awesome. I know all but like, three people in that class, and today we all sang Do, a Deer (is that even the name of the song?) and Tomorrow (From Annie), and acted out every word and did big cheesy motions, and it was so great. The two songs I picked to sing are Donna from Hair, and Maybe This Time from Cabaret, which I don't really know that well, but Cathy thinks I can do it, so I'm gonna give it a shot.

Seriously, I can't sing, but I had soooooooo much fun today, and I love being the center of attention, even if my voice is nowhere close to as nice as the other people in the class.

I'm back at school now, and man, I didn't realize how much I missed my mouse. The little pad thing on the front of my laptop just doesn't cut it.

Also, I love Hannah Loso, who came with me today. She's so cute and considerate and spazzy (in a good way).

Finally, neither of my parents could tell me what color Harry Potter eyes are. Keep in mind, they've both read all seven books. Then I kept saying "his eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad" cause I liked the way it sounded.

A highlight from the party I went to last night, which was actually quite fantastic.

Brendan and Someone: *Are talking, on the opposite side of the room from me*
The Music: *is loud*
The Drunks: *are louder*
Brendan: *is, for a moment, clearly audible, even though I'm still far away* Can we NOT talk about me having sex?
Me: You had sex? Who did you have sex with?
Brendan: Oh my God...
Me: You had sex with God?
Everyone within earshot: *laughs*
Jenn: Well, Shawn did play Jesus.

I fully realize that none of my non-SMC friends are going to know why this is funny, but I want to remember it, so here it is.





A note to Sissela Bok: Just because your parents are famous Nobel prize winning authors, does not make you a good writer. Also, the ability to marry a Harvard president does not make you intelligent.

So please stop writing books. Because they suck.

Oh, and one of my professors said the other day "Ah. So we have a dilemma. What's a dilemma?" And I really REALLY wanted to say "It's when you have two lemmas," but I figured since he didn't have Mr. Wilson for a pre-calc teacher, he wouldn't get the joke.
There cannot be a difference between three things. There can be a differene between two things, or a difference among three things.

Please get this right. Especially if you are teaching Organic Chemistry. Because in that class, I need to be paying attention to what you're saying about carbon, not mentally correcting your grammar.
I am officially done with my sophomore year of college. Yikes.

 I have shopping with Abby tomorrow, and then I come home Thursday.

And I have to find a job. Anybody hiring?

God this is sad. I never thought I'd want to stay at college, but I do. Oy. 

See (most of) you all soon!



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