I'm not 100% sure it's accurate to say 'happy' Veterans Day, but thank you all for your service! I have many, many relatives who are currently in the armed forces, or veterans of various branches, so it's never been far from my life.

As I type, we're watching the best part of Lord of the Rings, aka the part with Galadriel. :D

First of all, I did not manage to post this before Castle, but I did manage to survive the episode in one piece. Still, IT WAS VERY STRESSFUL, OMG, THIS SHOW HAS REALLY EXCELLENT WRITERS.

30 Day Meme Day 4: )

So, this happened last week when my parents were here, but I keep forgetting to post it. Anyway...

During our travels around Durham, we were stopped at a stoplight in front of a lingere store. The following conversation ensued.

Dad: Oooh, let's go there.
Mom: Yeah, you'd look cute in that.
Dad: No. Black isn't my color.
Andrew: They probably have it in red.
Dad: Yeah, that's better.
Me: What is wrong with you people?

Also, Freddie Prinze Jr. is on WWE RAW, and DAMN. He looks like hell! His hair is going grey! People, this is the guy I swooned over in She's All That (despite his HORRIFIC acting therein). When and how did I get so old?

P.S. Don't ask why I am watching RAW. Just know that they made jokes about Freddie being married to the werewolf killer, laugh, and call it a day.

While watching the news just now:

Dad: Look at that guy! He looks like he's on drugs!
Mom: He is! That's Phish.
Barack Obama is the new president. And I helped. :)

I'm really pleased that the first presidental election I ever voted in is this one. Look at what we did.

I really hope Uncle Tommy is pissed.

Maybe Palin will go back to Alaska now, and I won't ever have to see her again. *crosses fingers*

But now, honestly, Mr. Obama, you need to do what you said you would. We held up our end, we elected you, so help us fix this country.

That's all. Obama rocks and life is good.

This is me, sitting in my living room, freezing, feeling...odd, and not wanting to go pick up the pink room, because then I'll have to remember that Andrew was here last night, and now he's gone. :( 

(Sidebar: if you aren't going to want to hear about how crazy I am about Andrew, you'd do well to stop reading this journal for the foreseeable future. He makes me so happy, and I'm going to talk about it.)

Anyways, in lieu of doing something useful, I'm going to babble!

So, there are two kinds of sledding. There's normal sledding, and then there's Denardo sledding.

In normal sledding, one, or sometimes two, people get on a sled, and go down a snowy hill, usually facing forward, until they lose momentum and stop. Then they walk back up. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Denardo sledding starts out basically the same, except the hill has frozen cow pies under the snow for extra bumpiness, and there's an electric fence and/or giant tree-filled pit at the bottom. It's best to stop before you get to these. These also may necessitate bailing out of the sled before it has come to a natural stop. Or throwing your feet down, which will slow you down, but also may make the sled careen out of control, and/or spray snow in your face.

Denardo sledding also involves going down the hill backwards, face-first, and any other odd way you can imagine. Then we even get bored with that, and we all race down the hill. Or hold hands while we're all on separate sleds. Or make a big chain of sleds. Or, my personal favorite, and the best and worst idea, pile five people on a sled that's big enough for three. Maybe. All of these things result in a giant pile of snow covered, slightly injured, hysterically laughing, completely entangled  people about ten feet down the hill, because that's pretty much as far as you can get before the sled turns sideways and dumps you all out on top of one another.

And then you say "Wow. My tailbone hurts, I have snow in my boobs, I can't see, I'm exhausted, my pants are soaked, and that didn't work at all. LETS DO IT AGAIN." And you trudge back up the hill, and try again.

It's so much fun.

Then Heather and Erin came over and we watched Mulan, because Heather and Emalee and I used to watch that movie every single time they came over when we were younger. Seriously, Heather and I were practically reciting it. It's such a good movie too. I laughed and laughed at it. Even though I've seen it hundreds of times, it's still funny.

You can tell I'm bored today, cause I keep updating.

I just watched Miley on Hannah Montana get an apple out of a vending machine. WTF? Since when do they have fruit vending machines in high schools?

Speaking of which, I love Hannah Montana. And I am not ashamed. This show is hilarious. I was listening to my new Hannah Montana sountrack yesterday while I glued dirty slashy fanfic quotes to a poster for Nora. And I thought "This is odd." It was like when I had to take my Eminem cd out to put in the Hannah Montana one. I am truly a person of wide and varied tastes.

Also, am I the only person who wonders who Mr. Krabs slept/spawned with to get Pearl? How does a crab get a whale for a daughter? Was he married? Is she adopted? Why am I thinking about this?

And finally, a story I heard about my six year old cousin Roahan. One day he went to the bathroom, and forgot to zip up his zipper. So he comes back and his teacher says "Roahan, your fly is open." Roahan has never heard it called that, so he's like "What?" and the teacher points. At which point Roahan says, "Oh, my man cave is open!" and the teacher is like "What?!?" and Roahan says "It's where I keep the beast."

I died when I heard that. OF THE HILARITY.
My Christmas Haul:

-A ruby claddaugh necklace
-Peanut m&m's
-Three of the Ariel's Sisters dolls (Now I only need Andrina)
-Hannah Montana Soundtrack
-It Won't Be Soon Before Long - Maroon 5
-Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
-Shrek the Third

-A Harry Potter Calendar
-A Far Side desk calendar
-Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers (A book by Louise Rennison)
-Music and Lyrics
-An Ariel sweatshirt
-An Ariel magic wand
-This year's Barbie ornament
-Jelly Belly jelly beans (which are actually Belly Flops, the Jelly Bellys that don't quite come out right. They're deformed jelly beans. Matthew gave them to me cause it looks like they're undergoing mitosis. They're AWESOME.)
-Cash money
And if you count what I got at school:
-Harry Potter 20 questions
-A Fullmetal Alchemist calendar
-And a 4' high colorable Cinderella.

Christmas was good, except the one part where several of my relatives went on a "the gays are going to hell and they're disgusting and immoral and shouldn't be waving it in my face and don't deserve any rights" spree, and I was trying vainly to make them see reason, and then I yelled at my aunt and went off and cried.

Disregarding that, I had a wonderful time. We played Life and Trivial Pursuit and ate a lot, and I like most of my family.
Dad and Eric and I went fishing today. That was an adventure.

See, fishing with my father involves a lot of food, and usually no fish. But today, among the three of us, we caught a grand total of 11 fish and one frog. (Yes, Eric caught a frog. Then he tried to re-cast his line, using the frog as bait, but it fell off mid-cast.)

Most of the fish we caught were little pumpkinseeds and bass, but I caught a 12" largemouth bass. Because I am awesome. (We let them all go. I shudder to think what Arthur would do if I brought home dead fish.) Pictures of me and my fantastic fish will probably be up on Facebook soon.

And that was my day!
My dad's family is so weird. I love them, but they're so weird.

It was my dad's birthday yesterday, and mom had his sister Carol, and his brothers Joey (and his wife Rose) and Leonard over, and we had cake, and it was so hopelessly random, and oh Heather and Emalee, I wish you guys had been there.

I almost killed Aunt Carol though. We do not agree on...well...anything. Homosexuality, premarital sex, abortion, the war in Iraq, all of those topics came up last night, and we argued about all of them. The only thing I admire about her is how fervently she believes in what she believes in. She's completely devoted to her beliefs, which is something not even I can claim. It's both amazing and extremely irritating, because it also means that she won't listen to any opinions not in complete accordance with hers. I finally left the room, and was extremely tempted to find some slashy Remus/Sirius stuff on my laptop and when anyone was like "what are you doing?" I'd have been like "looking at gay porn."

But I didn't. Cause it's just not worth it.

On the bright side, mom made artichoke dip, which is THE BEST THING EVER, and we had cake and Joey and Rose are great to listen to, and I took four pictures of my dog cause I could, and yeah. 

In conclusion, it was definately worth the drive home.
I feel like I should update about my Thanksgiving break, but so much happened that it would be hard to do it justice. So I'll just put down some key events and leave the gritty details to either your memories or your imaginations, depending on if you were there or not.

I went home Tuesday, and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING until Wednesday around 4:00. I didn't even get dressed Wednesday. I put on a bra and some warm clothes to go to Deer Camp. That was all. (Which turned out to be a good thing, because I ended up picking up 10 pizzas... Yeah)

Ah, and then that brings me to Deer Camp, which is always wonderful. There were so many freaking people there this year, but I think that made it even better. We played Taboo, and Cranium, and we talked Teh Girl Talk, and my mother got drunk and yet could still spell backwards, and it was great. Janeea's Matt is cool. Quiet, but cool. Just keep him away from knives and onions. (And he broke his glasses. Heh.)

Q. What's Beethoven's favorite fruit?
A. Ba-na-na-na!

Thanksgiving was the usual: lots of food, lots of pie, more games, lots of Heather and Emalee. (YAY!)Jean came this year, and Dylan and Shelby, and we all played dominoes, even Matthew! (Which means nothing to anyone not in my family, but still.) And ummm... Oh, we watched Wimbledon, and I still love that movie. And Paul Bettany. Shelby spent the night at my house, which was very odd cause he's not related to us, and I don't really know him that well.

Then Friday I spent the day doing homework and calling pretty much everyone I know to go bowling. Which we did. AND IT WAS AWESOME. Then we went to Denny's, which I have missed SO MUCH, but my Smothered Fries were...sketchy. Then a few of us went to Janeea's, and we played Trivial Pursuit and watched Secretary (for my first time from the beginning.) Oh my GOD, that movie makes me so happy. James Spader, how I love you.

Me: *about Matt* He talks!

In the moring we watched Mitch Hedberg. He makes me giggle.

Ummm... What day am I on? Oh, Saturday I went to some craft fairs with my mom and my aunt, and then my family went to see The Logger at The Paramount. He's still funny. "Bring back your empties!"

Today I had to get up ridiculously early to go to a mass for my Grandmother, and then I fought with my family for a few hours, before Mom and I watched The Lake House (Which movie I like, so SHUT UP,) and then I left for SMC, and now here I am. Updating instead of doing my homework. Oy. I better get on that.
It is now officially November, the month of Sesshomaru and plays. (By which I mean that Sesshomaru is on my Inuyasha calendar, and I'm going to see/be in a ton of plays this month.)

Let's see... I'm going to see Cat's Paw (the main stage this semester) tomorrow night, then Mom and I are going to see Man of La Mancha and Fiddler on the Roof next weekend, then the Monty Python show goes up the weekend after that... Oh, and then the Saturday after Thanksgiving we're going to see The Logger.

See? Plays. Lots of them.

This is also the month of Thanksgiving, and we all know what that means... DEER CAMP. WOOT!

And turkey, and other food, and family, and all that junk. :)

P.S. I got a 98 on my Chem test. I am SO AWESOME.
I guess I just don't have it in me to go on about my Fall Break and its extreme awesomeness, but let me just say I SAW BECKY AND JANEEA AND I LOVE THEM BOTH!

Oh, God, and apple picking with my family? Always an adventure. I love them all so very very much. For example:
Dad: *tries, and fails, to give directions*
Mom: Why are you such a fuckhead?

They've been married 30 years this May. That's all I'm saying.

Heh, and we went to see the geese (up near Middlebury somewhere), and it was one of Dad's Wild Goose Chases (TM) LITERALLY.*

What else's been up? Ummmm...

Oh, in Psych we learned about this researcher from JOHNS HOPKINS who lost his professorship-ness because he used unethical methods, and also because he left his wife for his research assistant who he later married. (What a legacy your school has Hannah, what a legacy.)

That's all I have the energy for right now. It's time for bed because I have a big philosophy test in the morning. Oh joy, oh rapture.

*I'm going to assume, since you all didn't grow up with my father, that none of you get this. So let me explain. All the time when we were younger, my dad would hear about a place/event/waterfall/building that he thought we should all go see. So we would plan, or sometimes improv, these car trips to wherever he had in mind. Only, my dad has pretty much no sense of direction, and is usually in the wrong lane, literally and metaphorically. So we would always end up driving around for hours, having no idea where we were or how to get to where we wanted to be, but we would somehow always end up there eventually/miraculously. And these outings came to be know as Dad's Wild Goose Chases. And we went to see geese. Get it now?
So we went out to dinner at Cafe Provence in Brandon tonight to celebrate Heather's birthday (August 30) and Eric's (September 1) and it was a classic Denardo get-together.

After arriving in shifts, Heather spilled her lemonade. Everywhere.

Then my mother asked my brother if he was playing the bagle this year. (She meant bugle, but that makes almost as little sense because he plays the saxophone. I blame the martinis.)

And they had the cutest little salt and pepper shakers there, so Heather and Emalee each stole a pair. Aided by my father. We are all insane.

But I had duck, and it was very very good. We joked, and we laughed, and we were extremely random, and I love my family.

And now, my house is full of young teenage boys, and they are all football players, and they are HUGE and I am not exaggerating.

In other news, the Dog Team Tavern burned to the ground the other night. How random is that?
Ok, so I just watched the deleted scenes on my RENT DVD, and one of them is an alternate ending.

It starts out the same as the ending in the movie, but then it cuts to all of them singing the finale in the spotlights, the way they sing "Seasons of Love", only Angel isn't in his spotlight.

And that gave me goosebumps.

But then he comes out, not looking like Angel, and he touches Collins and Collins laughs and Angel takes his spotlight and they all finish the song and it brought me to tears.

It was so fucking beautiful.

(Someone, probably Renee, told me that that's how they do it on Broadway, but since I've never seen it on Broadway...)

Oh, and last night I had to go wtih Emalee and Aunt Rose to the hospital because Emalee sprained her ankle. Again. I swear, I'm gonna lock that girl up in a padded room. (And Em? It was your right ankle last time. I looked at the picture on Facebook.)

P.S. I changed my icons again, mostly just because I want to show off some Firefly ones.
Reason number 569835 to not have frosted glass doors:

You can't see through the fucking things. Which leads you to push open the door and smack the poor water delivery guy in the wrist. (And then he sues you, and your company, and the idiot who decided to put frosted glass doors in too, if he's smart.)

Well, another year, another Party on the Hill. And it was AWESOME.

We played Volleyball for Theater Kids... In which people scream and duck instead of hitting the ball, and if you make contact, we all cheer. Even if the ball ends up in a tree.

The bugs weren't even all that bad, the fireworks were spectacular, we played poker and dominoes and the food was good and Kim and Sarah and Hannah and Janeea are awesome, and it really is a redneck party. And I love it.

Also, Sidney and Charlotte are just too fucking cute. ARGH. They came over last night and went swimming and then proceeded to trash my room, but I didn't really mind, because they're SO CUTE. (Sidney is almost 4 and Charlotte will be 2 on the 23rd, same as Emalee.)

Which reminds me, MY BIRTHDAY IS FRIDAY! YIPPEE!!! 19 years. They just flew by, really.

I had more stuff to say, but now I forget. Oh well.

P.S. Presents for Hannah! Clickie!
Look at all the pretties! )
Went to lunch at The Coffee Exchange with my mom, where we ran into and then joined Hannah and her dad. Heh. (Sidenote: My mother seemed to think that we would not be able to get lunch at 2:00 because everywhere would be closed. I was like, 'what planet do you live on?' Restaurants open in the morning, and they close at night, and they serve food in-between. They don't close at 1:30 and just stop serving. Usually.)

Then I went to the mall and Wal-Mart with Heather, Emalee, Jess, Eric, and Renee, and bought some clothes and some geeky things; by which I mean little packets that dissolve in water to reveal little plastic Disney Princesses.

And I want more of them, but mom has basically forbidden me to buy any more, so... my birthday is the 14th... They have a cute name too, zizzlingers or something like that. I'll see if I can find a link later.

It was a nice day. Calm. Maybe tomorrow I'll update with quotes from the Billy Connoly thing we watched tonight.
Happy June everyone!

Emalee and Heather and Heather's friend Jess and I all drove to West Leb to go to Taco Bell last night, and then we came back to my house and played Taboo.

Taco Bell + Heather and Emalee and Jess + Taboo + ice cream = OMG YAY!

And now I'm going to pick up my brother and then go to HANNAH'S!!!!!!!!


P.S. Erin, love, I'm busy tonight. Sorry.



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