For those of you new to my journal, lo these many years ago, before it was taken over by Monster High, this journal was pretty much all Harry Potter, all the time. A lot of that was concerned with fanfic (mostly Remus/Sirius): ranting about it, reading it, writing it, discussing it, etc. That waned as I went to college and had like, parties to go to on Friday nights, instead of my Friday Night Fanfic Binge (seriously, I did it so often I gave it a proper name)... But I've always got at least one epically long story going (right now I actually have three... oops), and inspiration for short ones strikes now and again.

So, without further ado, the fic I wrote in about half an hour tonight, unbetaed except by me.

When The Daylight Comes I'll Have To Go )
Sometimes, I get really discouraged with my fic writing. I still, for instance, haven't thought of some better way to lead up to the ending of the Rapunzel story, and the politics of part two are dragging me down. I just want to make everything work, to make it all make sense, to fill in all the holes and answer all the questions that I always have when I read stories. I want it to be good, so very good, which is why it's been nowhere but on my hard drive for the last several years while I tweak it in my brain.

And then I read things that have clearly not even been proofread, much less edited, that have very little time or care put into them, and I come across plot holes and typos in published fiction (seriously, Mercedes Lackey needs a MUCH BETTER EDITOR) and I think, "you know, maybe I don't have to work so hard or worry so much."

The question, I guess, is: if there's so much crap out there, and my story is already of a pretty decent quality, should I just post it and the minor quibbles that remain be damned?

Maybe someday you too can be worked into one of my stories.

As I write, sometimes (because I tend to skip around and write whatever scene comes to me at the time) I find that I have ideas from long ago that don't work anymore, or that i just don't want to use anymore. Usually, I just delete these scenes, maybe pasting a line of dialogue or a really good description into a different scene, and move on with my life. But sometimes, I feel like I don't want to lose what I wrote, even though it's just not going to fit into the narrative any longer. So, I present to you, a deleted scene from my Rapunzel fic. (Which I swear to GOD I am going to finish sometime in 2012.)

Cut for length, and a director's intro )

In addition to not really working, it's also not terribly well-written.  It's good that it's gone. The scene I wrote to replace it is much better :)
If I were to (assuming I ever finish the Rapunzel one) write a second epic, fairy tale inspired  AU about Remus and Sirius, based on The Little Mermaid, who would James and Peter be?

This would be based on the Disney version with the happy ending (obviously), where Remus lives with his fellow werewolves and saves Sirius' life and they fall in love and his father is displeased and Greyback is Ursula. It all works out so well in my head, but I'm having trouble casting James and Peter. It makes more sense for James to be with Sirius than Remus, but Eric's only friend is Grimsby (or Max, but let's not reduce James to that). So should I just age the Grumsby character down? I'm all right with changing details, I just don't know if he can fill that role. Grimsby is the responsible one.

That leaves Peter to be Flounder or Sebastian, probably Flounder, which leaves Sebastian uncast, if you will, and puts Peter is a very good light (which I'm all right with). Or, I can make Peter Flotsam/Jetsam, though a duo like the Carrows or the Malfoys would really work better for that. Totally the Malfoys. "Lucius my slippery friend..." It's perfect!

This also leaves out Lily, unless she is Remus' sister or Carlotta, neither of which is a very big part. And there's also Scuttle to consider. Maybe I should change genders? Though I must admit, I am digging her as Remus' sister...

So, thoughts?

Even though they've probably existed for as long as Sherlock Holmes has, I'm pretty sure that every time the movie Sherlock Holmes plays, 100 slash fics spontaneously come into being. They don't get written, they just suddenly exist.

In other words, it was awesome, and you should all see it. I love it when men love each other (platonically, I'm sure) but won't say so, because they are men. Also, Holmes and Watson are 12. Also also, I have a real thing for big reveals, when someone explains the whole elaborate plot, as well as the person doing the revealing. Because it's SCIENCE!

One gripe though: I knew, as soon as Rachel McAdams walked on the screen, that she was going to need saving at some point in the movie, despite the fact that she's a badass, and a successful theif, and carries a knife. And I was right. Because women, no matter how cool, always need saving eventually. Blech.

Finally, Janeea and I kept drawing parallels between this movie and Firefly. Right down to the music. This is not a bad thing.

Conclusion: I have the hots for Sherlock Holmes. Always have. Right back to my childhood, with Basil, the Great Mouse Detective. (Who isn't actually Sherlock Holmes, but is close enough). But I haven't really ever read one of his stories. I should get on that.



Elsewise, I'm trying to decide how often to post story bits. Any thoughts?

Happy Leap Day!!!

I dunno how long I've had this lj, but I don't think I've ever posted that before. Hm.

In other news, Abby's vow of silence lasted only until about 3:30 the other day, because her mother called. But it did inspire me to write something, which I will be typing up and posting probably today. Would anyone like to beta it before I do? It's Harry Potter, but shockingly not slash. (Or romance of any kind, for that matter. Yay genfic!) Just let me know if you're up for it.

Have a nice extra day!

Ship meme skanked from [profile] siriusly_sex:

Choose the couples without looking at the questions, and then answer accordingly.

Name six ships you like:
1. Remus/Sirius
2. Harry/Ginny
3. Harry/Ginny/Luna (Yes, this is different.)
4. Ron/Hermione
5. James/Lily
6. Remus/Sirius/James (Because I can't think of a sixth one.)

Three ships you used to like but don't like anymore:
7. Lupin/Tonks
8. Remus/Sirius/James/Peter (Don't ask.)
9. Sirius/Lily

Three ships in your various fandoms you don't ship:
10. Hermione/Ginny
11. Snape/Harry
12. Snape/Lupin

Two ships you are curious about but haven't actually started shipping:
13. Moody/Tonks
14. Lily/Snape

1. I concluded tonight that I need to stop watching the Disney Channel, because it's making me lose all respect for Zac Efron. Every time I see his "music video" a little piece of my love for him dies.

2. I don't know if anyone watched Criminal Minds tonight (Or, as I'm pretty sure it was a re-run, watched it the first time it was on) but it was SO GOOD. I only remember to watch it occasionally, but it's always fantastic. The guy who played Ranch Burgess in Heart of Gold was in it, and just...GAH.

When does it end?
Jack: Tomorrow. *shoots the guy who kidnapped his daughter and killed her friend*

And the daugher going "Kill him Daddy. He killed Katie. Kill him." That was horrible and yet awesome at the same time.

3. After watching Bizarre Foods, I've decided that I could never eat something that was killed in front of me. Not even if it was a snake. I don't want to have seen the thing that I'm about to be consuming moving around beforehand.

Bonus: I was looking up what kind of owl Draco has for a fic of mine that I'm editing, and I saw this on his profile page on the Lexicon and laughed: Draco's interests: Quidditch, the Dark Arts, himself.

Ron/ Hermione fanfiction writers of the world, take note. If Ron ever, EVER, called Hermione "Mione," she would hex him blind, deaf, and impotent (once she got done laughing). No, really. Her name is Hermione. Ron calls her Hermione. Please to be writing it that way.

Don't you remember Ron's hatred for nicknames? Lav-Lav? Won-Won? And Hermione's unaffected scorn for "Hermy?" Yes, Hermione is a long name, but Hermione is a fantastic, intelligent, and complex woman. She's worthy of a long name. Her name is kind of a canon in-joke (Herm-oh-ninny). Respect Hermione. Call her Hermione. It's not that hard.

P.S. The same goes for "Siri" and "Remy" (which is the name of my cat, but that's another story entirely, and completely unconnected to Harry Potter, oddly enough.) I'll admit that when I first got into fanfiction, I thought those names were cute. I was wrong. They're not. Try and keep that in mind. The boys have nicknames. They are Moony and Padfoot. (And I'm ok with "Pads.") Really, that should be enough for you. 

P.P.S. It's 4:30am and I'm still awake. I haven't stayed up reading fanfic this late in ages. It feels good... Nostalgic.
 Arrr mateys!

It be Talk Like A Pirate Day again, and I be deeply ashamed. I forgot about this piratical event until this afternoon. Arrrrrrr... That really makes me angry. I be needin' ta go drink some rum and watch some movin' pictures full o' swashin' and bucklin'.

Me roommate Blind Abby the Wool Wearin' Wench be completely off 'er rocker. She just said to me "Do you ever wish you could fart on command, so we could do our own version of the 1812 overture?" To which I responded "NO." (Pirates don't listen to overtures. We listen to songs with lots of 'yo-ho's' in them, sung by our crews. Or bawdy songs sung by busty tavern wenches. Aye. I likes me a good busty tavern wench.)

In honor of this year's TLAP Day, I be presentin' you scallywags with a link to a fic by the best damn pirate fanfic writin' wench floatin: [personal profile] sheafrotherdon. It be a story about Sirius wantin' to be a pirate, and it be short, so you best be readin' it, or I'll make ya walk the plank. I'm captain of this here journal, and my word is law! Read!

The Scurvy, As Was Prophesized.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrr! Happy TALP Day, ye bilgerats!
Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Salute Your Shorts and Aladdin.
The story should use terrorism as a plot device!

Generated by the Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator

What frightens me about this is that I could probably do it if I tried. And it wouldn't be too much of a stretch. Because we all know that Aladdin is a terrorist. He is from the Middle East after all.
A meme from [personal profile] schmoo999

1. My username is _____ because ____.
2. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
3. My subtitle is ____ because ____.
4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
5. My default userpic is ____ because ___

1. Ok. Waaaaaaaaay back when I started making up usernames on the internet, the first site I had to create one for was And I wanted to be Leia13, because I like Princess Leia (I like Han Solo better, but I wanted a girl name, seeing as I am a girl,) and I like the number 13. (It's a very underappreciated number. Unlucky, BAH.) But that name was taken, so randomly generated Leia131 for me. And I liked it, so I carried it with me over to LJ.

2. My title right now is "Lies and falsehoods, Padfoot!" which is a quote from Stealing Harry because that fic brings on the happy. It comes from a this conversation: 

"You weren't supposed to drink the whole flask."
"I didn't. You had at least half."
"A quarter, and I hold my liquor better."
"Lies and falsehoods, Padfoot!"

Basically, to name my journal I went through all the random fanfic quotes I had amassed and picked some short ones from fics that I liked. (And ones that were sort of applicable to a journal setting too.)

3. My subtitle is "I am attempting to find meaning over here. You are cramping my groove." which is another fanfic quote (see above). This one is Sirius talking to himself, when he's being introspective and trying to figure out what to do with his life after Hogwarts.

4. My friends page is called "Sirius is a carbohydrate addict." Yet another fanfic quote. I picked this one because I love carbs, and I love Sirius. 'Nuff said.

5. My default pic is Sebastian with the little figures of Ariel and Eric from atop their wedding cake. My default pic is always from The Little Mermaid, cause it is my favorite movie ever. I picked this one cause I have a ton of icons without Ariel in them, but I never use them cause I like her. This one was a nice compromise. :)

Of course, I change my titles and icons all the time, so you know.
Have just finished watching Dead Man's Chest for the second time.

In other news, FANDOM IS AMAZING. Do you all see what we did? Have you looked at the number of members in [profile] fandom_counts? Fandom has restored some of my faith in humanity. We fought for our rights (ok, I didn't fight, but others did, and I am in fandom) and we succeeded. 

I really don't want to get in the middle of this whole deleting journals thing, but it's making me sick with anxiety. I'm afraid to click on some of my old memories and find them gone. It breaks my heart every time I lose a fic, especially one I've read many times, or heavily quoted.

Anyways. what I do want to do is post a link to this community [profile] fandom_counts.

It's nothing more than a count of how many lj users are in fandom. If you are, and you haven't yet joined, go for it!
Do you ever find yourself reading a fic, and begin to suspect that it is a Bad Fic? Well, how can you be sure? When should you forget about wanting to know how it ends and just stop wasting your time? Never fear. Here's my handy guide on how to tell if the fic you're reading is Bad.

Bad Fics fall into three basic categories:

1. Good story, bad writing. This one isn't totally awful, because one can usually overlook the bad writing (especially if it's just some grammar or spelling) and concentrate on the compelling story and characterizations. A lack of imagery or an advanced vocabulary doesn't necessarily ruin a good plot. However, if the grammar/spelling/wording causes you to go "WTF?" and overpowers the story, I suggest you give up on it. If the plot is stupid and/or the characters are OOC*, it's not a good story, and doesn't belong in this category.

2. Bad story, good writing. This is where the characters do things they would probably not do, or the plot is just too far out there, or the fic is not something you'd usually read but you though you'd give it a shot, because it's by an author you like, or it has beautiful imagery. It's entirely possible for good authors with nice metaphors and perfect spelling/grammar to butcher certain characters or give in to sheltering plot bunnies that were better left out to starve. If you find yourself realizing that the words are lovely but you just don't buy it, it's time to let it go.

3. Bad story and bad writing. These are the worst of the lot. Fortunately, they are also the easiest to discover. These stories usually have incorrect spellings, sometimes even of character names or place names, and bad grammar, frequently in the form of random tense shifts. Along with this, the characters not only are OOC, but they say and do things that are beyond unlikely; they're downright ludicrous. This is all assuming that the plot makes sense, which it may not. Even in a PWP**, you need to start with a plausible situation. People don't merely walk up to one another and start shagging. Usually. If you have no idea what you're reading, either because you're thinking "That paragraph makes no sense, and I read it three times," or "Who the hell are these people, because they're not the characters I know!" stop reading and move on to better things.

Also: Never continue reading a fic with anything similar to the following dialogue in it:
“Do you want to sit on my face?”
“I thought you would never ask.”

I don't care if they are fictional, PEOPLE DO NOT SAY THINGS LIKE THAT.

That's all I have for tonight. I hope you've enjoyed this guide, and that it helps your time reading fics be well spent!

*Out of Character
**Plot? What Plot?
***Yes, I actually read this in a fic tonight. Someone really wrote that dialogue.
So, instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour last night, I stayed up watching Robot Chicken. I can't decide if that made me dumber or smarter. But the Harry Potter bit that they did was sooooooooo fan fiction, I couldn't stop laughing. Snape was hitting on Hermione, and her spell was "Pedophilious Repellous." Hahahahahaha.... oh man. And Dumbledore was black.

Anyways, in case you haven't heard, which means you haven't seen me since Christmas, I got two major presents: a digital camera and a fish tank.

Which brings me to my questions for the general public: where can I get a cheap and good memory card for the camera, and what sort of fish do you recommend for the tank? I don't think I'm going to go with a beta fish, because I can fit at least two in this bowl, and if I'm going to have/maintain this big tank, I'm getting more than one fish.

And um... That's all really. Nothing too exciting has been happening, other than hanging out with cool people. Oh, and I saw Little Miss Sunshine last night, which was a fantastic movie. Thank you Janeea!

Also, I saw the bunny! Yay bunny!

Well, this post was random. Huh.
The following is a patented Megan D Harry Potter Fanfiction Rant. Read at your own risk.

Ok. I read a lot of Wolfstar fanfiction. I mean, a lot. And I understand why Remus is usually the "I already know I'm gay" one. I understand why he usually doesn't trust Sirius' first advances. I understand their mutual attraction. I understand their keeping it hidden from each other and the world. Hell, I even understand why it makes sense and is good for the plot if neither of them is a virgin.

What I don't understand, is the attraction of the Prewetts.

I just read this fic, and it has to be at least the fifth one I've read, though I'm sure there are more, where Remus was/is involved with either Fabian or Gideon Prewett. Or both.

And my question is, why? Why do so many people pair Remus (never Sirius) with a Prewett? Is there something I missed where it even says that Remus and the Prewetts (who are twins I think) were friends? Or that they were even at Hogwarts at the same time? I know he knew them, cause they were in The Order, but knowing does not equal sex, or even attraction for that matter. (We won't go into the random pairings people write based on acquaintanceship, for the sake of everyone's sanity, but stick to Wolfstar for this argument.) Did I miss the "Remus is compatable with the Prewetts" memo? Or even the "The Prewetts have personalities, and here they are" one? Cause I don't think I did.

So why the Prewetts? Why with Remus? Why so frequently? They're below minor characters, they're given a passing mention in OotP, and never heard of again. I doubt many people even know that they're Molly's brothers. They don't have characterizations, and we know next to nothing about them, so why them (or one of them) and Remus? Like, all the time? Why? For the love of J.K. Rowling, why?

It's a mystery. The Great Wolfstar Mystery.

Any thoughts?
Oh my God.

I've got to share this fic.

Someone has got to read this, to feel it with me, to appreciate its beauty and its perfection.

Oh, God, the feeling.

I'm almost crying here.

I'd prefer if the someone is Hannah, she'll appreciate it in a different way than I do, and I like to know what she thinks, but everyone who knows Wolfstar and read HBP should read it.

Oh God.



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