(I try to stay out of politics on this journal, but we're going to put that policy on hold for just this one post.)

Feeling overwhelmed by the utter fuckery happening in the US right now? Join us in resisting! My co-worker Liz started this group, PostCard Resist, and we'd love to have you to join. (You don't literally have to join the FB group, just join the movement).

The plan is simple:

Step 1: We identify an issue in the US government. For instance, yesterday we focused on the potential repeal of the ACA. Focusing on just one issue helps to prevent us from feeling inundated.

Step 2: We identify who we can write to in the federal government who can help change the direction the above issue is heading. Liz/my coworkers have lists and addresses, so all you have to do is ask for them (no research required!)

Step 3: Write a postcard urging the above people to resist! Not a whole letter, no phone calls required (I hate calling even people I know unless it's my mother, so this is my favorte part) and postcard stamps are even cheaper than regular ones. We even found a simple script online to help with what to write.

Profit! You don't have to deal with all the issues at once, you don't have to feel like your single letter/call/postcard is inconsequential (we mailed a freaking STACK yesterday), but you also don't have to kill you hand writing dozens of things every day. Plus, it's something we can actually do, instead of just feeling depressed.

Spread the word! Join us! We will not go quietly into that good night!

(We will now return to your regular LJ experience. Face Off is back!)
So, as happens every year, I got crazy busy in December and neglected my LJ (and after I'd just promised to be better at it in November this year... oops) so I think I'm going to officially go on a break until Jan 1, and start fresh in the New Year.

Hope you all have wonderful holidays, and see you in 2017 (which has to be a better year than 2016, right? RIGHT?)
Sorry I missed a post yesterday. I stayed home from work in the morning because I wasn't feeling great, and then took the rest of the day to mourn (for obvious reasons).

But, it's a new day, the sun is up, and there are things to do and people to help.

I will love when people hate me
I won't hush, no you can't make me
I won't hush, no we will sing
I am terrible at Livejournal, and I apologize. But I have to write this down.

*this Uncle Kracker song comes on the radio*
Andrew, after two verses: Wait, is this song about a guy sleeping with a married woman?
Me: Yes. His only hit, and that is exactly what it's about. At least, I think it was his only hit. Can you name any other Uncle Kracker songs?
Andrew: Isn't that 'tear my life into pieces, this is my last resort' song by them?
Me: That's by Papa Roach. Totally different genre, style, etc.
Andrew: Well, they're both related to you.

Also, we went to lunch Saturday at this cute little diner that has tiny jukeboxes at each booth. We were seated at a table though, so all the music we heard was chosen by the group of four 10-12 year olds at the booth next to us. (Their parents were at another table nearby, supervising, and I definitely heard one kid go, "DON'T talk to me!" to them, lol). I am ashamed/pleased that I really bopped to all the music they picked. Apparently, my musical tastes are right in line with the youths.
1. Sorry not sorry, but I am not here for unarticulated Monster High dolls (the articulation is one of their strongest points!) and I don't much care for the new faces either. I have already started branching out my doll collection to other options, something I was previously avoiding mainly for budgetary reasons. I may be all right with this.

2. I bought a little porcelain Rapunzel doll at an antiques fair on Saturday (where I also got fantastically sunburned) and it reminded me how much I used to love porcelain dolls. Andrew, apparently, finds them unsettling. The one I got is ok by him though, because she's little and not super realistic. Here's pic from the internet; I'll take some of my own when I clean her up a bit. I find her so interesting because she's from 1986, and yet she looks so much like she was influenced by Tangled (purple dress, flowers in the hair, transparent sleeves). I wish mine had come with a stand, but what do you want for $8? Also, if anyone knows how to get mystery rust-looking stains out of doll clothes (which I can't remove, because they're sewn onto her) I'm open to suggestions.

3. I may be really getting into Funko Pops. They used to kind of creep me out, and I only bought one or two, but now, there are so many, and I totally bought both Joey & Chandler (they have a tiny chick and a tiny duck!) and will probably get the rest of the Friends eventually. Send help? (in the form of Pops!)

Day 26: Charity - I am thankful for Goodwill. This place is like an institution in the south, and in addition to all the good they do, they also provided a place for us to get rid of A LOT of our stuff before we moved. I am also thankful for the Goodwill outlet in Winston-Salem, where you can buy stuff by the pound. Got some great things there for insanely cheap.

Day 18: Quote - I really struggled with this one, because I love quotes, and how could I pick just one? Finally, I decided to go back to the very first entry on my LJ, because I knew I had started it as a place to record quotes. The very first quote I wrote down was, "I love you. I also love Buster Keaton. But he's dead." This was said by my friend Hannah, and I'm thankful for it because it inspired me to start this journal. And here we all are, 11 years later. :D

Day 19: Clothing - I am most thankful for my sweaters. I have a bunch of button-up sweaters, in various colors (and I'm hoping to get more in the near future) and I wear one every day from September through May. They're light, but they keep me warm, they're easy to get on and off, and I like the multitude of colors.

Day 14: Something New - My apartment. We are the first people to live in our unit, and I am thankful that it's got all new fixtures and appliances, that it's so well insulated and that it's ecofriendly (solar hot water and solar PV on the car canopy). It's the nicest place we've ever lived, even if it is a bit small.

Day 15: Experience - I've been blessed with so many great experiences in my life. Top three to be thankful for are my wedding, our trip to Scotland, and my time working at a house cleaning company in NC.

Day 16: Recipe - I have a good answer for this one, because I've been making it a lot lately. I am thankful for the artichoke dip recipe that my mother found... somewhere and taught to me. It has three ingredients, two steps (mix and bake), and I have never brought it anywhere and had any left to take home. It's quick, easy, always a big hit, and I love it because cooking is not my strong suit.
Apparently I can only remember to be thankful every other day or so...

Day 12: Gadget - Definitely laptops. The ability to be on a computer, wirelessly, anywhere, is amazing.

Day 13: Something Old - In the 5th or 6th grade, I went on a trip to The Great Escape with my BFF at the time, Amber, and her family. Her mother's boyfriend won all of us these stuffed mice, and I still have mine. His name is Binky, I've slept with him every night since I got him, and he's been all over the world with me. I am thankful both to have him, and that Andrew doesn't mind sharing the bed. :)

Day 6: Pair of Shoes - I have honestly never thought of being thankful for a particular pair of shoes... Ok. Even though they hurt my feet like you wouldn't believe after a few hours, I am grateful for my teal heels. They saved me from having to buy new shoes for my wedding, and they matched perfectly. Plus, they're cute as shit.

So, remember that time we kicked ass at Harry Potter Trivia? Well, the same bar had HP trivia again last night, and the same four of us went and did... not as well, but not terribly. We ended in a three-way tie for fourth place (though technically, since there was also a tie for second, and the loser of that ended up with third, we had the third highest score) and then the people running it decided not to make us all play Tetris at 11:30 (THANK YOU) and just gave all three teams gift certificates. It was kind of awesome.

This version was A LOT more difficult than the first, likely because this time they knew the caliber of players they were going to attract. Still, we only got six questions wrong out of 50, which is not too shabby. What killed us was round three, which was solely based on the movies. I haven't seen SS in at least 10 years, and I only saw HBP once (because it was SHIT) and so we got four questions wrong in that round alone.

Questions we missed under here! )

P.S. Thanks to Sporcle, I knew how to spell Scrimgeour and Grindelwald correctly. Thanks Sporcle!
So, today is the day that Queen Elizabeth becomes the longest reigning British monarch ever, surpassing my beloved Vicky. (Not that I bear her any ill will for that, obviously).

I don't know a lot about the Queen (or the royal family, or UK politics at all), but I feel weirdly close to her (in a totally insane way) having seen her crown jewels, coronation video, residence in Scotland (I stood in a room she routinely stands in!) and having been just outside Buckingham Palace while she was inside. That's closer than I've ever been to Obama, I can tell you that. So I wanted to mark the occasion.

Congrats Liz!

Please enjoy my favorite photo montage of the Queen: )
Possibly the more marriage-y-est thing we've ever said:

Me: Can we change the sheets tomorrow?
Andrew: Aw! I was going to do it without you asking and surprise you!
It is so weird to me that St. Patrick's Day is such a non-holiday for so many people. It has always been a really big deal in my family (mostly because of my mother) but also in school and life in general.

-When I was little, I used to take milk to school for lunch (in a Beauty and the Beast thermos that 1. matched my sweet BatB lunchbox and 2. leaked like a motherfucker) and every year on St. Patrick's Day my mother would sneakily dye my milk green, and then tell me the leprechauns had done it.

-We made leprechaun traps every year in school, and on St.Partick's Day morning our classrooms would be festooned with little green footprints (that looked suspiciously like fingerprints) and harmless pranks. And those damn leprechauns somehow managed to always get the bait (Rollos) out of the traps without getting caught. I think I believed in leprechanuns until like, high school.

-There is always ALWAYS corned beef and cabbage and soda bread, and no one in my family is ever not wearing green (I used to even have little shamrock decals for my nails). I always try to watch The Luck of the Irish on Disney (made a lot easier by my DVR) and I did manage to make it through one of the Leprechaun movies once (The second one? Maybe? It gave me nightmares regardless) because I am committed to this holiday.

Basically, St. Patrick's Day is a BIG DEAL and I don't know why everyone else doesn't think so.
Snow day from work, woo! And we did pretty much nothing, all day. :D

I love snow.
Ten days until the wedding, and I have to say that it cannot come soon enough. I am SO DONE with planning and schedules and logistics and changes and everything. I just want to get married and be done with it, which is a sad place for me to have reached.

Anyway, Face Off. Warning, this week's challenge was about snakes, and I've linked to reference pictures. So if you don't like snakes, don't click the links. :)

A Real American Hero )

Next week's challenge is scary clowns. I'm not afraid of clowns, but I'm giving those of you who might be advance warning.
I really hope you're all ready for the EXPLOSION of wedding related posts, because there's only 25 days until the big day and I still have SO MUCH TO DO.

So, of course, I'm going to post here instead of actually doing anything.

This past weekend I tried on my headpiece for the first time, had a hair trial, had my final dress fitting, made a seating chart (complicated by people not being sure if they can come yet, nor knowing how many of them are coming), ordered ribbon for the favors, made the favors (a hilarious endeavor, because Mom, Dad, Andrew and I were all in the kitchen, filling tiny maple syrup bottles with hot syrup. Somehow no one got burned.) and made a crucual centerpice decision.

The headpiece is beautiful and perfefct, which is amazing because we ordered it online, and from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (who knew they had headpieces? Ellen, that's who). My dress is pretty, but there's this weird wrinkle on the sides of it because I'm chubby and apparently have a short torso, and the seamstress has fixed it as much as she can. :( Mom's dress does the same thing, but in the back where it's not as noticiable. I'm hoping this won't show in the pictures.

The biggest thing we still have left to do is to decide on and then make reception decortions, because I only vaguely know what I want. Not sure when that's going to happen, but I did get some fancy paper at Michael's tonight.

Stay tuned for pictures! I'll post them as soon as Mom sends them to me.
So, Andrew and I went out to lunch at a local Mexican place this past weekend, and I thought I would share with you all the baffling experience we had.

We rolled into the place around 1:00, and there were a few people there but it wasn't crazy busy. We told the guy behind the counter (henceforth referred to as The Guy) that we'd never been there before, and he gave us a paper menu to look at so we didn't have to stare at the giant confusing chalkboard behind him. When we ordered, The Guy asked "inside or outside?" because they had three picnic tables outside. I assumed he asked us this so he would know where to look for us once our food was ready. We said inside, gave him Andrew's name, took our basket of chips (very notably given to us in a plastic basket with a ceramic dish of salsa), got drinks from the cooler, and went and sat down. After a few minutes, I decided I didn't like the table we'd picked (because it was directly underneath the air conditioning, and I was FREEZING) so we moved to the next table over.

We observed The Guy coming out of the kitchen several times, carrying food and calling out a name. We ate all our chips, and waited, patiently at first and then slightly more and more annoyed, as he brought food out to seemingly everyone in the restaurant but us. I thought, since the same guy was taking orders and delivering the food, that they were just a small, slow place. I couldn't see the whole restaurant at once, so I assumed everyone he was calling had come in before us, or ordered while we were deciding. I was patient.

Then a father and his two daughters came in and sat near us. I knew for a fact now that they had entered and ordered after us, and when The Guy brought them their food, I knew something wasn't right. Andrew went up to the counter to ask The Guy what was going on.

Andrew came back a few minutes later with a plastic bag containing our food, (including another order of chips) all wrapped up in to-go containers. Andrew said The Guy told him that he thought we had ordered our food to go (which is why we said 'inside', and you gave us chips in obvious dine-in containers) and then left (even though he walked past us to deliver other food at least six times, and we stared at him every time because we were hungry) and that people usually wait near the counter for their food (which is why he delivered it to everyone else at their tables, including the father and his girls not five minutes before). We were simply baffled by the whole thing. I thought maybe because we had moved tables he lost us (even though we were literally right next to our first table), but that doesn't explain why he thought we ordered to go, or gave us twice the chips. It was like he forgot everything about the conversation that he hadn't written down.

Anyway, we ate our food, which was delicious, but which I'm sure would have been a lot better if it hadn't been sitting around in boxes for who knows how long beforehand. (Seriously, why did none of the employees wonder whose food that was, and try calling out a name? Were they just going to let it sit there forever?) We might go back, because it was really good, but maybe next time we'll lurk by the counter. Or, since it's quite close to our apartment, maybe we'll order something to-go for real. :)
Hello everyone! I am posting this from my parents' living room, because they have internet and I still don't. I just wanted to say a few things.

1. Obviously I am wicked behind on reading and updating, so I think, for the foreseeable future, that the daily posting schedule is going out the window. I was kind of starting to feel burnt out with that anyway, and running out of things to say. Not that I'm abandoning y'all or anything, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of new work stories here shortly, but I just thought you should be aware of the schedule change.

2. I also think I'm going to stop with the song quote titles on a regular basis. This is honestly because I don't think anyone really cares anymore, including me. But, by all means, if anyone feels strongly that they want me to keep going I could probably manage.

3. I have learned SO MUCH at this job in just a week, and it's awesome. For instance, on Friday I learned that the head of my department is a gymnastics coach on the side, and he did a backflip in the office for us. I promise I've learned environmental stuff too though. :D

4. I'm not quite mature enough for this office environment. Someone said that multi-family housing was an area in which we needed 'deeper penetration' and I started to giggle, then realized that no one else was laughing. I guess 'that's what she said' isn't a popular joke around here. It's not a super serious place, but it's a lot more professional than where I worked in NC.

5. During HR orientation, when the guy was listing off all the things that could be considered sexual harassment, I had to concentrate really hard on not laughing because we used to do EVERY SINGLE ONE of them at my last job on a regular basis. Especially discussing people's sexual prowess.

Everyone hope that I get internet installed soon!
Too busy, no time for a real post.  :D

Answer to last Wednesday's song: Phony Calls, by Weird Al.



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