Day 25: Luxury - If you've been on my journal for a while, you will not be surprised to learn that my answer to this is my DVR. I do not know how I ever lived without the ability to pause, rewind, and fast forward through commercials. Is there an Are You Afraid of the Dark marathon on at 2am? DVR. Start watching a TV show and then have to go somewhere? DVR. Friends invite you out for a birthday party on the same night as the Project Runway Finale? DVR. Two things you want to watch on at the same time? DVR. Miss a great play in the baseball game? Rewind the DVR. You can even set it remotely with your phone, if you remember something you want to watch is on. You can program it to record all the occurrings of a show, so you don't have set it every week. It's amazing. TV FOR DAYS.

Let us end this post with a line from How I Met Your Mother, which is about TiVo, but the meaning is the same. "Almighty TiVo, we thank you for all the gifts you have given us. The power to freeze live TV to go take a leak is nothing short of godlike. Let's not forget fast forwarding through commercials."

And to celebrate, more babble!

Ok, I have to stop now, though I may come back to this topic later. Firefly is on, and it's terribly distracting. :)

Simon: This may come as a shock, but I'm not very good at talking to girls.
Zoe: Why, is there someone you are good at talking to?

Once again, I wish to declare my undying love for Drake and Josh.

Drake & Josh: *win contest*
Drake: I'm so excited! I have to kiss someone! *grabs random girl and kisses her*
Girl: What was that for?
Drake: I won a contest.
Girl: Yay. *grabs Drake and kisses him again*
Josh: *kisses random girl* I won a contest!
Girl: *in male voice* Congratulations man.

Employment man: What do you do?
Drake: I date girls and play guitar.

Also, my first babble:

Aye-Ayes )

That wasn't very long, but then again there was no babble length requirement. Oh well. Other ones will be longer, I promise. :)

1. I concluded tonight that I need to stop watching the Disney Channel, because it's making me lose all respect for Zac Efron. Every time I see his "music video" a little piece of my love for him dies.

2. I don't know if anyone watched Criminal Minds tonight (Or, as I'm pretty sure it was a re-run, watched it the first time it was on) but it was SO GOOD. I only remember to watch it occasionally, but it's always fantastic. The guy who played Ranch Burgess in Heart of Gold was in it, and just...GAH.

When does it end?
Jack: Tomorrow. *shoots the guy who kidnapped his daughter and killed her friend*

And the daugher going "Kill him Daddy. He killed Katie. Kill him." That was horrible and yet awesome at the same time.

3. After watching Bizarre Foods, I've decided that I could never eat something that was killed in front of me. Not even if it was a snake. I don't want to have seen the thing that I'm about to be consuming moving around beforehand.

Bonus: I was looking up what kind of owl Draco has for a fic of mine that I'm editing, and I saw this on his profile page on the Lexicon and laughed: Draco's interests: Quidditch, the Dark Arts, himself.

If you see this, post a quote from Firefly or Serenity in your journal with this message immediately.

You mean besides the one in my icon? :)

Kaylee: Wash, tell me I'm pretty.
Wash: Were I unwed, I would take you in a manly fashion.
Kaylee: 'Cause I'm pretty?
Wash: 'Cause you're pretty.

So, instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour last night, I stayed up watching Robot Chicken. I can't decide if that made me dumber or smarter. But the Harry Potter bit that they did was sooooooooo fan fiction, I couldn't stop laughing. Snape was hitting on Hermione, and her spell was "Pedophilious Repellous." Hahahahahaha.... oh man. And Dumbledore was black.

Anyways, in case you haven't heard, which means you haven't seen me since Christmas, I got two major presents: a digital camera and a fish tank.

Which brings me to my questions for the general public: where can I get a cheap and good memory card for the camera, and what sort of fish do you recommend for the tank? I don't think I'm going to go with a beta fish, because I can fit at least two in this bowl, and if I'm going to have/maintain this big tank, I'm getting more than one fish.

And um... That's all really. Nothing too exciting has been happening, other than hanging out with cool people. Oh, and I saw Little Miss Sunshine last night, which was a fantastic movie. Thank you Janeea!

Also, I saw the bunny! Yay bunny!

Well, this post was random. Huh.
Do you ever get the feeling that people only talk to you when they want something, and the rest of the time they can't be bothered to acknowledge your existance? I figure everyone must feel like that sometimes, but I seem to feel it rather often. I don't know if it's my obsessive need for attention, or if it's justified, but I don't like it.

It's the same feeling I had right around this time last year, that if I died in my room no one would notice for three days or so. Unless they wanted something from me. And it's not a nice feeling.

Also, I hate myself today because I didn't accomplish ANYTHING I had planned to. Ok, that's not entirely true, I did practice my clarinet and study Chem for about a million hours, but I didn't do any of my Ecology. Bah.

Now for the bi-polar bit (Heh... I am a bi-polar bi-sexual....Hahahahaha! Anyways,)


All hail Justin, the King of Babylon!!! Heh. Oh, he showed Brian, and he showed him good.

Justin: A walking wet dream. At the diner where he works, his ass gets more compliments than the hamburgers. (His buns are fresh.) Even straight girls want to sleep with him. (And do.)

Ah, Justin is our king.

(I did not just throw in a Harry Potter reference there... Oh, who am I kidding, yes I did. I need to go to bed now, before I am completely overwhelmed by my own dorkiness.)

G'night kids.
Mad cow... It's not kosher.

P.S. What show(s) is Encore doing this year? I'm so ashamed that I don't know...
Jack and Eric are gay together exhibit C:

Jack: Eric, I have to tell you something about me and Rachel.
Eric: You're not comfortable around her?
Jack: No, I'm comfortable around her.
Eric: She's not that good of a kisser?
Jack: No... She's a good kisser.
Eric: You don't like girls? You know, cause I thought...
Jack: No. I like girls.
Eric: You just think you like girls.
Jack: No, trust me, I like girls.

Did I mention that I win?
After watching Boy Meets World today, (like I do every day) I finally have to share my theory with you all.

Jack and Eric... are totally together. You know, sexually.


-Both date a lot of women
-Neither ever has a serious girlfriend
-Both try WAY TOO HARD to win Rachel's affections but once they have them, both ultimately lose her
-The only reason Jack would put up with Eric is because the sex is good
-They understand each other far better than any girl on the show ever did
-Opposites attract
-This conversation:
Jack: Rachel's gone.
Eric: I'm with ya, bud. Why are we still wearing pants?

All of this is my slash brain influenced opinion of course, except for the conversation which I quoted directly. (COME ON. How could you hear that and NOT think of slash?)

In short, Jack hearts Eric and Eric hearts Jack. (Although I don't think they'd ever say no to a threesome with Rachel.)

I also saw the "underpants" episode today. God I love that show.

And now, reason number 485728952456 to love my mother:

Mom: I'll always worry about you. Even when you're 50, I'll still worry about you. If I remember who you are.
First, some meaningless fun:

My pirate name is:

Red Morgan Bonney

Passion is a big part of your life, which makes sense for a pirate. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from

Second, some meaningless (but amusing) quotes from my long hard day of watching television:

From Boy Meets World

*Corey, Shawn, Eric, Jack, Alan, and Feeney are all gathered in the backyard of the Matthews' residence. They are all having problems with their respective women, and are trying to figure said problems out*
Eric: I have been silent long enough. I've been working on a theory.
The Assembled Men and The Audience *wait anxiously*
Eric: Men... are idiots.
All The Girls in The Audience: *clap and cheer*
The Assembled Men: *look at Eric skeptically*
Eric: No wait, there's more. Big idiots.
All The Girls in The Audience: *clap, cheer, hoot, and hollar*
The Assembled Men: *sigh, nod agreement*

Then, even though I haven't watched either show in months at least, I watched the season finales of CSI and Without A Trace. (Which were quite good, BTW.)

Cop: Who brings a gun to a knife fight?
Grisom: *with a delightful head cock* The winner?

(This won't make sense unless you saw the episode, but I want to remember it)
Grisom: What a waste/waist.

And after four tries I finally beat Ursula in Kingdom Hearts ALL BY MY SELF.

Go me!
1. Thank you everyone who responded to my plea for help in the icon shrinkage department, but when I got home from dinner Eric had made everything its proper size again. I don't know how, but that's not important. It's nice to know that you are all there for me though.

2. Heather made me dinner (Macaroni and Cheese and salad) and I hung out at her apartment with her, Emalee, Rachel, Dave, Kat, DJ, Jen, and Travis. All of the aforementioned are totally awesome people, except Jen who I did not like. She was just bitchy. Maybe she'd had a bad day? I dunno. We watched Baby Boom. Very very funny. Mmmmmmmmmm yup.

By the way, Heather, Travis is jacked. But I don't like his hair. But he's funny and he's adorable in that "I'm not scared of you crazy people, exactly, but wow." kind of way. And he teases you. Which means he likes you. Oh, and Dave is a winner because of his awesome Varitek shirt, complete with the little C for Captain. He seemed to hug you a lot. WTF?

3. I went grocery shopping with my mother today, and I laughed insanely at the bananas.(Accio Bananas!) Then I totally lost it because she bought Fresh Young Chicken. (I explained about the chicken, but not about the bananas.)

4. Do you guys ever listen to a song just to hear one line? Like you don't really care about the rest of the song, but one line just stands out to you? I do that. "Have a child for warmth, and a baker for bread, and a prince for...whenever."

5. James Spader makes my life.
Shirley: "Who among us could watch the presidential debates and deny that we came from monkeys?"

6. I haven't been this scared in a long time.

7. STELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who wouldn't want to spend all day watching this man run arouf half naked?

So that's what I did.

Look, Tao is pretty too!

For some reason the bad acting and overdone villians don't bother me.

I like the themes and storylines and such.

Besides, it was on Sci-Fi. They have the patent on bad acting.

And he can talk to animals! Whee!

"Life is a blessing, no matter what form it takes." - Eagle Guy. (He has a name, I just can't remember it. Shraka or something.)

Look! The cute!

No animals were harmed in the making of this livejournal update.

GMTI Carnival totally rocked! I am almost 18 years old and I have never been to that carnival before. And to quote Squidward "All the wasted years!" It was fun, and I wish I had gone when I was little. But, no use lamenting the past, so let's celebrate what happened today that was funny, shall we? (As if you have a chioce...mwahahahahaha!)

During set up, Jess and I were innocently trying to move soda from the boys dressing room to the selling table, and we opened a locker full of Diet Coke. This went ok. I then removed some of the Diet Cokes to bring them out to the table. This was not ok. One can fell from the locker and exploded on the ground. It spun around spurting soda EVERYWHERE, including on the floor, the lockers, the coffee pots, Jess, and me. It was exciting/terrifting. There was screaming. I've never seen soda explode before. I don't really want to be covered in it ever again.

Then Dustin and I were fake arguing, and someone goes "Fight!" so I went like I was gonna hit him and instead I threw my arms around him and gave him this huge hug. Chris goes "What kind of fighting is that?" and I flashed him the peace sign and said "Make love not war." Then Erin goes "I wanna fight!" and hugged me. It was good.

I made the decision to tell Renee I had the Once on this Island Soundtrack with me, in order to temporarily save all our ears from Chris's god-awful Spanish Techno music (Yes you read that right), and she put it on and then she and Bart proceeded to do all the dance moves to We Dance. A customer looked at them very strangely. Customer: *wha?* Me: It's lunch and a show!

Then Bart went to sit on top of the huge cooler, and the lid wasn't really on tight, and it slid back, and he very nearly fell into the mostly melted but still very cold ice. He made the most hysterical face, and some little kids laughed at him.

During clean up, there was this random trash can we had to put away.

Me: (Looking at trash can) Where did this come from?

Erin: Well, when a mommy trash can and a daddy trash can love each other very much...

In other totally unrelated news, as of today I officially love the song Fields of Gold on my A Live cd. OMG SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! If that guy who sings it was like "Hey have my geeky but still hot and talented babies" I'd be like "Sure, but you have to promise to sing to me before, after, and possibly during sex, and definately during my pregnancy." (If you saw him sing at school Friday, you totally know what I mean)

Today I love Jess and Erin

Today I hate people who try to order food by pointing, without ending their cell phone conversations, and then looking irritated when you tell them the price is more than they have given you. *Cough*WHITNEY MC NEIL* Cough*

So I have some interesting things to tell you, followed by a very small rant.

First, highlights from rehersal.

Me: What is it women want most?
Aaron: Gerry Cyr!

Then Chris's hat got pulled off and he tried to get the velcro gold to stick to his hair, which it almost did.

And Aaron's eyebrow ring got caught in his hat. That was entertaining.

Seth: I'll not argue with an angry man...(looks at Vaneesa, who is, in fact, a woman)...woman....(looks at rest of cast) angry...thing...
Vanessa: Am I a man or a woman?

Vanessa:(Who apparantly likes to make up songs) I get raped raped raped raped...Raped raped raped raped!

I watched Ellen the other day. I do not know why, so please do not ask. But it was quite funny. She had a contest.

Ellen: If they win, they get a prize. And if they don't...Let's not kid ourselves. They get it anyway. (This is how the world should be.)

And now the small rant.

Annie Gormley had her hands full with her science fair poster board, and other science fair paraphenelia, so I held the door open for her. And what did she do? She shifted all her stuff to one hand, and used her other hand to push a different door open, and went out that one. I am not even good enough to be her door (This is the way the world is, and why the more time I spend with people the more I like my cat.)


Jan. 20th, 2005 10:39 pm
Well my cast ROCKS! We are going to have TEH BEST time in Nebraska EVA!

Here are the highlights:

Spencer can no longer do the play, so Paul got his part of Chanticleer.
Paul: I'm the cock?
Gerry: You're one big cock.

Then Anna wasn't there and Ron had Dustin call Anna. Baker. Who is not in our cast.
Ron: WHay should Anna Baker be here?
Mrs. Archer: Annd Land.
Ron: Excuse me. (Scurries off to have Dustin call the right Anna)

Seth tried to pick the lock on Mrs. Hart's sound system with a plastic knife.

Ron: Some directors don't put in as much time and effort as Mrs. Archer
Aaron: Sick freaks!

Paul: (The line is the crowing of this cock) The growing of this cock.

Paul also wanted to replace the word shame with shizzle. "Shizzle on you!"

Me:(Showing my socks to Paul) Chickens!
Paul: Quack! (Yes, because chickens quack...)

(The line is wholly vicious man) Gerry: wooly vicious man.
Me: Like a sheep!

Typo: He pope instead of the pope.
Aaron: He-pope, She-pope!

Euphamism for rape by Seth: Burned her fields!

So that is that. I also watched I love the 90's Part Deux!

Hal Sparks: People watch Riverdance the way they watch a house fire. (Makes confused face, mouth agape) What is going on?

Guy: WNBA? Give me a stepladder and some Viagra and I'm good!


Now onto quotes! The last movie was indeed Gone With the Wind. Both Becky and Jean, erm, sort of got it right, so I giving them each a "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" point. Congratulations!

Here is the next quote: "All my life, I had a lump at the back of my neck. I went to the doctor, and had a...a...a bib...a bibopsy. And in the lump, they found teeth, and a spinal column. Yes. In the lump...was my twin."
(This quote is special, just for Kathryn)


Jan. 6th, 2005 11:48 pm
Sometimes I watch Jay Leno, and his jokes are

And then sometimes I watch him and I laugh like a fool. And a loon. And a loony fool. And a foolsih loon. You get the idea.


1. A school teacher slept with two of her 13 year old students. That's when we know our classrooms are really overcrowded. I mean, where's the individual attention? She is currently being held on 1 million dollars bail, which the two boys are trying to raise...

2. Amber Frey said she rated her first date with Scott Peterson a 10. Well, any date with a murderer that you survive is pretty good.

3. This is true. Michael Jackson nicknamed one of his boys blowhole. I have two words. Case Closed!

Now, as for the movie quote, Bart has come into this game and is kicking all your butts. He got the last one, which was A Bug's Life, correct.

Bart gets to never have to see either of my cats. Ever.

Ok...A really easy one for you all..."How many assholes do we have on this ship? (Whole crew raises hands) I knew it! I'm surrounded by assholes! Keep firing, assholes!"


Jan. 6th, 2005 01:27 pm

And I love Mr. Peterson. We watched this episode of Northern Exposure for the second half of our final, and that has to be the weirdest show ever.

Example of the strange writing on Northern Exposure: I've ruined like three pairs of underwear just dreaming about you!

And "Hawley has the key to my pants. And my heart." It should be noted that Hawley is at least 60 and the girl speaking is like 20.

So anyways, it was fun and now finals are done. YES!

Bartley is correct on the movie quote. It is X-men. The first one.

Bart's prize is that he gets to be exempted from me yelling at him for not showing up to our Anthro final. I will not even say Bad Bart, or that he didn't hand in his final project either. Not a word from me.

So let's try for an easier quote this time... "That's our lot in life. It's not a lot, but it's our life." ( I <3 this quote. I <3 bad puns.)
Ok, I just spent nigh onto two hours watching one of my favorite shows. A show so rediculously stupid and funny that my mind is now quite mushified. Can you guess the show?

"I had that dream again... where I do terrible things to penguins with croquet mallets."

"The lair of The Dark Lord Chuckles, The Silly Piggy, is located in...The Cliffs of Fabulous Shopping!"

"Am I bothering you?"
"No, I was just contemplating the dark and endless void that is my pathetic life."
"Soooooo need to get you a hobby."

"It's the Evil Princess Irmaplotts! She is employing the most evil weapon an teenage evil princess can! She whispers with her friend and points!"

"If you lose everyone will hate you!"
"I can live with that."
"But they'll all hate...macrame and maypole dancing!"
"There are many things I can stand, even that one piece of meatball you always find on a pizza, no matter what kind it is, AHHH MEATBALLS! But I CANNOT stand people hating macrame and maypole dancing!"


"The zombies were hogtied, like so many hogs...that are tied."

(Sigh. I love this show. Can you tell I have nothing to do?)

Ha ha ha

Nov. 12th, 2004 11:48 pm
I forgot to put this down.

Tuesday at the hospital we had a conversation about whether or not men choose food over women. Will goes "Well, food keeps you alive...while women slowly kill you." Hee hee hee. Is he single yet?

Then on Scrubs the guy goes, "I'm gagging and vomiting at the same time. I'm gavomiting!" I don't know why I find this so funny, but I do.

Leno: President Bush wants to make a constitutional amendment stating that marriage must be between a man and a woman. He calls it his mandate to prevent man-dates.

Oh, I have a silly sense of humor.



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