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Lies and falsehoods, Padfoot!

I am attempting to find meaning over here. You are cramping my groove.

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Birthdate:Jul 14
Location:United States of America
By the death of her fourteenth husband, authorities begun to become suspicious of Megan Denardo. The claw-marks on the body were similarly incriminating. She was never apprehended for her crimes, but she told the world that her last husband "just didn't know how to turn the mattress". The shortcomings of the previous thirteen included "didn't properly squeeze the orange juice", "couldn't shake the dust off the headboard", and "really, he simply was a terrible fuck". The police have not arrested her; rumor is, they're too scared. Now retired from the marrying life, Ms. Denardo lives in her opulent mansion with twelve youthful and exceedingly beautiful handmaidens. She has not complained of the lack of male company.

Heh. Fake bio by Hannahmylove, aka tea_and_snark

For real now...I still love my livejournal, but am less addicted to updating it than I used to be. I try to keep it funny and free of entries like "Today I got up and brushed my teeth and then went downstairs."...etc.

My greatest loves, after my friends and family of course, are The Little Mermaid, quotes, saving the planet, and Harry Potter. (Not necessarily in that order.)

I have a BS in Biology from Saint Michael's College, as well as a Master's Degree in Environmental Management from Duke University, and someday I want to save humanity from ourselves.

I like to write and read fanfic, and sometimes post fics here.

I am irritated by bad grammar and excessive drama, among other things.

I am married to revaar (aka Andrew), and we live in a tiny apartment with our cat.

Anyone is welcome to read my journal, though some entries are friends-locked.

Now, please enjoy my colorbar collection! Yes, I made it when I was about 15, but I still love it.

Ariel is Love
Made by_ofthesea

Image hosted by

Ariel is Undersea Love!

Image hosted by
Ursula and Vanessa are Evil Seawitch Love!

Captain Jack Sparrow is Love

Sam is Love

Roux is Love

Wade 'Cry-Baby' Walker is Love

Draco is love

Rupert Grint is love

Just so everyone knows, unless otherwise specifically stated, I didn't make any of the icons I am using here. I change them often, because I'm weird like that. All the icons are saved to my computer, so I'm not hotlinking. Nor am I claiming credit. I didn't make them.

I didn't make any of these gorgeous colorbars either, and have tried to credit those who did.

If I have used anything you made (icons, colorbars etc.) and you want to be credited, just comment and I will be happy to credit you. And apologize. See, a lot of what I have here I took ages ago, and now have no idea who to credit for it.

Also: My life contains mature content. I swear, I talk about scandals,(public and private), I verbally abuse stupid people who will never ever see this, I rant, I rave, I berate people in the name of grammar, I post dirty fanfic quotes on occasion, I state my opinions here, and more than once I've offended a real-life friend by typing things I shouldn't have.

The moral of this story/livejournal: While I try not to offend anyone anymore, this is my journal, and as such my opinions are going to be here, and my curse words and my rants and my everything else. Not that this actually pertains to anyone that I know of, (and not that I post real serious controversial things here very often) but if you can't handle the aforementioned then don't read.

On a happier note, Make Love, Not War. Let the sunshine in. Read on and enjoy.
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