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Yikes, I am so far behind with Face Off Posts... I also want to talk some Oscars fashion, but how late is too late to do that?

Anyway, here's Face Off from ages ago!

The Challenge: Dig a big plastic snowflake out the piles of real fake snow they somehow made in LA, and build a snow queen based on it. This was an elimination week, so the stakes were high.

Top Looks

Logan & Adam:

It's been too long since this episode aired, and I can't remember exactly what the judges liked about this one. She looks super badass, and I know they liked the armor the guys fabricated. I also find it refreshing to see a snow queen with a bow and arrow, which you don't see very often.

Tyler & Emily:

Their basic idea was to create an 'evergreen queen' based on a tree covered in snow, which is slowly melting and giving way to spring. The judges LOVED this, especially since it was different than everyone else, and opened up the available color palette. It was also superbly executed and painted, and they were the winners. (Yay Emily!)

Bottom Looks

Melissa & Keaghlan:

I remember that the problem with this was her forehead. The way they made the crystals growing out of her head looked terrible, and something about the facial prosthetics they chose to apply made her look much more masculine than they were going for. The judges were unimpressed, and if I recall correctly, the application was also starting to fall off her face by the time she got on stage (or maybe it just looked that way because it was so low...).

Niko & Cat:

There was something in their snowflake that reminded Cat of the Statue of Libery, and that was their inspiration. However, they then went WAY too literal with that. They also spent a ton of time molding hair for her, which you can't even see, and which isn't really a crucial part of the look. They were sent home for this look, which I think is fair, but man, the judges were really torn up about it. I think Ve even teared up.

Date: 2017-03-03 03:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] amyofaquitaine.livejournal.com
It's NEVER TOO LATE to talk about Oscar fashions. Just sayin' ;)

I was totally getting Statue of Liberty vibes from that last pic, even before I read your write-up under the pic. I really do like that look created by Tyler & Emily.



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