1. Sorry not sorry, but I am not here for unarticulated Monster High dolls (the articulation is one of their strongest points!) and I don't much care for the new faces either. I have already started branching out my doll collection to other options, something I was previously avoiding mainly for budgetary reasons. I may be all right with this.

2. I bought a little porcelain Rapunzel doll at an antiques fair on Saturday (where I also got fantastically sunburned) and it reminded me how much I used to love porcelain dolls. Andrew, apparently, finds them unsettling. The one I got is ok by him though, because she's little and not super realistic. Here's pic from the internet; I'll take some of my own when I clean her up a bit. I find her so interesting because she's from 1986, and yet she looks so much like she was influenced by Tangled (purple dress, flowers in the hair, transparent sleeves). I wish mine had come with a stand, but what do you want for $8? Also, if anyone knows how to get mystery rust-looking stains out of doll clothes (which I can't remove, because they're sewn onto her) I'm open to suggestions.

3. I may be really getting into Funko Pops. They used to kind of creep me out, and I only bought one or two, but now, there are so many, and I totally bought both Joey & Chandler (they have a tiny chick and a tiny duck!) and will probably get the rest of the Friends eventually. Send help? (in the form of Pops!)
Apparently I can only remember to be thankful every other day or so...

Day 12: Gadget - Definitely laptops. The ability to be on a computer, wirelessly, anywhere, is amazing.

Day 13: Something Old - In the 5th or 6th grade, I went on a trip to The Great Escape with my BFF at the time, Amber, and her family. Her mother's boyfriend won all of us these stuffed mice, and I still have mine. His name is Binky, I've slept with him every night since I got him, and he's been all over the world with me. I am thankful both to have him, and that Andrew doesn't mind sharing the bed. :)
So, remember that time we kicked ass at Harry Potter Trivia? Well, the same bar had HP trivia again last night, and the same four of us went and did... not as well, but not terribly. We ended in a three-way tie for fourth place (though technically, since there was also a tie for second, and the loser of that ended up with third, we had the third highest score) and then the people running it decided not to make us all play Tetris at 11:30 (THANK YOU) and just gave all three teams gift certificates. It was kind of awesome.

This version was A LOT more difficult than the first, likely because this time they knew the caliber of players they were going to attract. Still, we only got six questions wrong out of 50, which is not too shabby. What killed us was round three, which was solely based on the movies. I haven't seen SS in at least 10 years, and I only saw HBP once (because it was SHIT) and so we got four questions wrong in that round alone.

Questions we missed under here! )

P.S. Thanks to Sporcle, I knew how to spell Scrimgeour and Grindelwald correctly. Thanks Sporcle!
Friends is on Netflix, we've watched almost two whole seasons in the past two days, don't send help. :D

Answer to last Monday's song: Let It Snow. No one guessed this.

Hello new friends!

If anyone else is interested in making some new LJ friends, there's a fall friending meme going on over here:

Some sort of an intro post is here, in case you're more curious about me. And if you want to ask me questions, please feel free! Also, each post on my LJ here has a song quote as a title, and people guess what the song is. I reveal the answers a week later, so don't worry if you don't check back every single day. :D

On that note: The answer to last Thursday's song was A Professional Pirate, from Muppet Treasure Island. Janeea got this one right!
There was not nearly enough of Samantha Barks at The Oscars, even though her singing put everyone else in the Les Mis cast to shame. TO SHAME. I enjoyed the show otherwise though!

Real post tomorrow, I promise.

Answer to last Sunday's song: Into the Woods - Into the Woods. (Specifically Little Red Riding Hood). Coincidentally, I'm watching Friends right now, and this is one of the episodes with Joanna Gleason who played the Baker's Wife in the OBC of Into the Woods. Woot!
Hellz yeah, bitches and hoes! (Good GOD, it has been a long time since I've said that).

ANYWAY, big ole friending meme going on! Go play!

Friend-of-a-friend friending meme of doom! // Right this way!
In a complete departure from my post of last night/this morning, I bring you a completely random meme skanked from [personal profile] schmoo999.

a. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
b. Tag seven people to do the same.

1. I love super heroes, but I cannot read comic books. There is something about the formatting of comic books that I just can't handle, and all the alternate universes drive me crazy. But I love the backstories, and the cartoons I used to watch, and I own a bunch of random episodes of Batman Beyond and X-Men Evolution that I watch when I'm feeling down. And I love all the cheesy awful movies based off them too. Especially The Fantastic Four (1 and 2).

2. I have trouble throwing things away. I still own almost every single toy and book I've ever had, as well as clothes that I haven't worn since I was five. They certainly don't fit, but I can't bear to get rid of them. I form deep sentimental attachments to things, and then they stay around forever. Sometimes I even think of things I've thrown out, and get really sad.

3. I've never been stung by a bee, and I don't actually know if I'm allergic to them. I only think I might be because I'm allergic to lots of other things. Though I did get stung by a wasp once, picking up a fun noodle, so I don't think I am. I don't know quite how bee allergies work.

4. I've always wanted to be a drummer.

5. I read the ends of books before I read the beginnings, almost always. And I'm not ashamed of it. It's what do, it's how I like to read, and none of the people who've told me I'm awful have changed my behavior.

6. I want to be successful in life for many reasons, one of which is so I can lord it over the people who were nasty to me in middle school. When I'm rich and possibly famous, I want them all to see me, and feel bad about how awful they were to me, and look at their own dull uneducated lives and wish they were me.

7. I know next to nothing about British history, and I really want to.

I tag... Janeea, Erin, Matt, Carmen, Andrew, Abby, and Jess, but anyone's free to take or leave this.

To Do List for This Summer:

1. See Kelli, Erin, Janeea, Jess, Sarah, Renee, Heather, Emalee, and anyone else that I'm forgetting right now but who I want to see and said I would hang out with.
2. Get a job.
3. Re-read Deathly Hallows. And maybe Half Blood Prince too, just for good measure.
4. Work on, and preferably finish, epic fic of epic-ness.
5. Visit Ellen in Maine.
6. Visit Abby, if her work schedule allows.
7. See new Indiana Jones movie. Even if I have to come back to Burlington to do it.

To Do List for the Next Three Days:

1. Take Genetics final.
2. Finish Philosophy paper and hand in by 1:00 tomorrow.
3. Give Emily all her stuff back.
4. See college friends one more time.
5. Pack, clean, and go home.
6 Clean my car. PRIORITY.
7 Unpack and clean room.

In a related story, I'm pretty sure all my junk is not going to fit into my car. It's going to be interesting.

I can't be the only person on the planet who thought the first National Treasure was stupid, and has no desire whatsoever to see the second one, can I?

There, I said it. I didn't like National Treasure. I don't want to see the sequel. People keep inviting me and, no offense to them, I want to see it so little that I'm not even willing to pay the eight dollars just to get out of the house and hang with my friends. In fact, the only good thing about National Treasure in any way is Jenn's Ben Franklin impression. Which never gets old. If I never hear another word about the new one, that will be ok. 

I had to get that out. I feel so much better now.

P.S. The only episode of Futurama that I don't like is the one with Fry's dog. And I swear, that episode is on twice as often as all the other ones. I won't watch it. I refuse. It makes me cry, and I hate it.

And now, a meme from

[profile] siriusly_sex, because nothing has happened in the past day, and it looks like fun. Oh, but I have a health screening today for my job at the hospital, and we're going out for ice cream tonight, so maybe I'll have something to say later!

(Yes, yes, I'm upset about Dan, but only a little. Cause he wasn't an ass about it. But we agreed not to talk for a couple days, cause he said he needed some time to sort himself out. So I don't have anything to say, and I don't really want to talk about it until I know what to say. So, that's that.) 


Name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 11 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first.

1. Kristen
2. Sarah
3. Abby
4. Josh
5. Anna
6. Hannah L.
7. Hannah S.
8. Jess
9. Eric
10. Jenn
11. Becky

Why does everyone I ask what they want for Christmas say "Don't get me anything" and then justify that with "I don't have the time/money etc. to get you anything"? (Although someone did say "Just your company is enough of a gift, which was terribly sweet.)

I don't know how I can say this any more clearly: I am getting you something for Christmas. You can either make a request, or accept what I blindly pick out.

Christmas is about giving. I neither want nor expect anything in return. Giving people things makes me happy. JUST LET ME BE HAPPY, GODDAMN IT.

I have the time, and I have the money, and you can't stop me from my holiday shopping. Sheesh.

Since when did Christmas become about giving gifts only to get gifts? And how did I miss that memo?
Ok kids, I have an idea.

I need to make a list of all the people I need to get something for for Christmas, without going insane and/or broke.

So, I'm now going to be taking requests on this post. If there's anything specific you would like, speak now or be content with whatever I pick out for you. :)

Oh, and genres are a good idea if you can't be more exact. Like, if I were going to reply to this post, I would either say "I want a figure of C-3PO in his golden finish, because I don't have one" or if I didn't know a specific thing, I would say "I would like anything with Ariel on it."

Get it? Good! Let's have it then!
I feel like I should update about my Thanksgiving break, but so much happened that it would be hard to do it justice. So I'll just put down some key events and leave the gritty details to either your memories or your imaginations, depending on if you were there or not.

I went home Tuesday, and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING until Wednesday around 4:00. I didn't even get dressed Wednesday. I put on a bra and some warm clothes to go to Deer Camp. That was all. (Which turned out to be a good thing, because I ended up picking up 10 pizzas... Yeah)

Ah, and then that brings me to Deer Camp, which is always wonderful. There were so many freaking people there this year, but I think that made it even better. We played Taboo, and Cranium, and we talked Teh Girl Talk, and my mother got drunk and yet could still spell backwards, and it was great. Janeea's Matt is cool. Quiet, but cool. Just keep him away from knives and onions. (And he broke his glasses. Heh.)

Q. What's Beethoven's favorite fruit?
A. Ba-na-na-na!

Thanksgiving was the usual: lots of food, lots of pie, more games, lots of Heather and Emalee. (YAY!)Jean came this year, and Dylan and Shelby, and we all played dominoes, even Matthew! (Which means nothing to anyone not in my family, but still.) And ummm... Oh, we watched Wimbledon, and I still love that movie. And Paul Bettany. Shelby spent the night at my house, which was very odd cause he's not related to us, and I don't really know him that well.

Then Friday I spent the day doing homework and calling pretty much everyone I know to go bowling. Which we did. AND IT WAS AWESOME. Then we went to Denny's, which I have missed SO MUCH, but my Smothered Fries were...sketchy. Then a few of us went to Janeea's, and we played Trivial Pursuit and watched Secretary (for my first time from the beginning.) Oh my GOD, that movie makes me so happy. James Spader, how I love you.

Me: *about Matt* He talks!

In the moring we watched Mitch Hedberg. He makes me giggle.

Ummm... What day am I on? Oh, Saturday I went to some craft fairs with my mom and my aunt, and then my family went to see The Logger at The Paramount. He's still funny. "Bring back your empties!"

Today I had to get up ridiculously early to go to a mass for my Grandmother, and then I fought with my family for a few hours, before Mom and I watched The Lake House (Which movie I like, so SHUT UP,) and then I left for SMC, and now here I am. Updating instead of doing my homework. Oy. I better get on that.
Ok kids, bowling is on for tonight.

Rutland Bowerama
Meet in the lobbyish area.

Call me if you need a ride, or will be late, or something else.

Otherwise, I'd like to know who's planning on coming so I know to wait for you or not. (If I don't think you're coming, then we won't wait for you, see how that works?) You can leave me a comment here, ping me on AIM, or give me a call. I'm here and waiting!

See you there!
Janeea: *looking at picture on screen* It's an owl! An eagle! A bear! A barracuda! NO! IT'S A DINOSAUR!!!

It was, in fact, a horned frog. (Though it did look an awful lot like an ankleasaurus to me.)

And Jackie and I, DOMINATED. With Sheryl Crowe.

I heart game nights.
Reason number 569835 to not have frosted glass doors:

You can't see through the fucking things. Which leads you to push open the door and smack the poor water delivery guy in the wrist. (And then he sues you, and your company, and the idiot who decided to put frosted glass doors in too, if he's smart.)

Well, another year, another Party on the Hill. And it was AWESOME.

We played Volleyball for Theater Kids... In which people scream and duck instead of hitting the ball, and if you make contact, we all cheer. Even if the ball ends up in a tree.

The bugs weren't even all that bad, the fireworks were spectacular, we played poker and dominoes and the food was good and Kim and Sarah and Hannah and Janeea are awesome, and it really is a redneck party. And I love it.

Also, Sidney and Charlotte are just too fucking cute. ARGH. They came over last night and went swimming and then proceeded to trash my room, but I didn't really mind, because they're SO CUTE. (Sidney is almost 4 and Charlotte will be 2 on the 23rd, same as Emalee.)

Which reminds me, MY BIRTHDAY IS FRIDAY! YIPPEE!!! 19 years. They just flew by, really.

I had more stuff to say, but now I forget. Oh well.

P.S. Presents for Hannah! Clickie!
Look at all the pretties! )
My mom bought me two cacti the other day. I have no idea how to take care of them. How often does one water a cactus? Not very often, I'd imagine.

Other than that I had a lovely time at the mall today with Kristen, Kelli, and Anna, and then went to Kelli's house and saw the biggest puzzle EVER.

And in the midst of new couples, I am still alone.

Which reminds me... Phil and Hannah? WTF? I don't believe it. She's... HANNAH for God's sake!

I'll kill him. I will. Wooden stake, right through the heart.

I think he's more pathetic than me but I can't be sure.



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