I am terrible at Livejournal, and I apologize. But I have to write this down.

*this Uncle Kracker song comes on the radio*
Andrew, after two verses: Wait, is this song about a guy sleeping with a married woman?
Me: Yes. His only hit, and that is exactly what it's about. At least, I think it was his only hit. Can you name any other Uncle Kracker songs?
Andrew: Isn't that 'tear my life into pieces, this is my last resort' song by them?
Me: That's by Papa Roach. Totally different genre, style, etc.
Andrew: Well, they're both related to you.

Also, we went to lunch Saturday at this cute little diner that has tiny jukeboxes at each booth. We were seated at a table though, so all the music we heard was chosen by the group of four 10-12 year olds at the booth next to us. (Their parents were at another table nearby, supervising, and I definitely heard one kid go, "DON'T talk to me!" to them, lol). I am ashamed/pleased that I really bopped to all the music they picked. Apparently, my musical tastes are right in line with the youths.

Day 18: Quote - I really struggled with this one, because I love quotes, and how could I pick just one? Finally, I decided to go back to the very first entry on my LJ, because I knew I had started it as a place to record quotes. The very first quote I wrote down was, "I love you. I also love Buster Keaton. But he's dead." This was said by my friend Hannah, and I'm thankful for it because it inspired me to start this journal. And here we all are, 11 years later. :D

Day 19: Clothing - I am most thankful for my sweaters. I have a bunch of button-up sweaters, in various colors (and I'm hoping to get more in the near future) and I wear one every day from September through May. They're light, but they keep me warm, they're easy to get on and off, and I like the multitude of colors.
Possibly the more marriage-y-est thing we've ever said:

Me: Can we change the sheets tomorrow?
Andrew: Aw! I was going to do it without you asking and surprise you!
My dream job? I want a job where I feel like I'm making a difference, no matter how small, and helping people in some way. And it would be nice to teach/work with kids... but not as a full-time part of the job. I would like to make a little more money than I do now, and also benefits would be sweet. A job that has something to do with my degrees would obviously be a bonus as well. :)


And finally, this:
Me: Poor Smaug. He just wanted to sleep in his cave and be left alone, and then those stupid dwarves came and killed him.
Andrew: Yeah, the cave which he killed thousands of dwarves to get.
Me: Well, dragons have to have caves! Do you expect him to live on the street?
Andrew: He could have found another cave, that wasn't populated by dwarves!
Me: How do you know they didn't take that cave from a dragon in the first place?

It's been... somewhere around fifteen years since I read The Hobbit, but the part that stuck with me the most was that I was annoyed as FUCK by those stupid dwarves, and I really liked the dragon and just wanted him to barbeque and eat them all.

Answer to last Wednesday's song: My Unfortunate Erection, from 25th Annual Spelling Bee. No one guessed this, which is really a shame. How could I resist quoting a song about erections when we were discussing 50 Shades?
Me: I wonder who invented contacts?
Andrew:... William Contact.

It was actually Adolf Frick (among others) in 1888, but Andrew's answer made me laugh more.

I also learned today that the Peacock is the national bird of India. The more you know.
Some highlights from our phone conversation just now:

Me: You're getting ornery in your old age, Mom. You're going to be that old lady with the cane going, "get off my lawn!"
Mom: No, I'm going to be the old lady with a gun, going, "get off my lawn. Or die."
Me: Bwahahahahahaha! 
Mom: No, no, actually, "get off my lawn or mow it."

*talking about a neighbor in Vermont, who is about 80 years old and was getting scammed out of a lot of money*
Me: Why do people do that?
Mom: What? Scam old people?
Me: Yes.
Mom: Why do people do anything bad? Like kick puppies?

So, I missed last week because I was using the time to put the finishing touches on a wedding gift for a friend, but I am back!

Thoughts on last week: 1. Josh C. got gone for the second time, and no one cared, and 2. Thank God they didn't eliminate Anthony Ryan last week, because he rocked and won!

Another Team Challenge? )

So, this happened last week when my parents were here, but I keep forgetting to post it. Anyway...

During our travels around Durham, we were stopped at a stoplight in front of a lingere store. The following conversation ensued.

Dad: Oooh, let's go there.
Mom: Yeah, you'd look cute in that.
Dad: No. Black isn't my color.
Andrew: They probably have it in red.
Dad: Yeah, that's better.
Me: What is wrong with you people?

Also, Freddie Prinze Jr. is on WWE RAW, and DAMN. He looks like hell! His hair is going grey! People, this is the guy I swooned over in She's All That (despite his HORRIFIC acting therein). When and how did I get so old?

P.S. Don't ask why I am watching RAW. Just know that they made jokes about Freddie being married to the werewolf killer, laugh, and call it a day.

While watching the news just now:

Dad: Look at that guy! He looks like he's on drugs!
Mom: He is! That's Phish.
Today is National Punctuation Day. This was Abby's response: "It's like a holiday for me, exclaimation point."

And we've been narrating our punctuation ever since.

While walking to class yesterday...

Me: I used to take tennis lessons as a kid. I kind of miss tennis.
Andrew: Oh, you should play raquetball.
Abby: No. Raquetball is the devil!
Me: I don't want to play raquetball, I want to play tennis.
Abby: Seriously, raquetball is Satan's tennis.

I think I may have to make an icon that says that now.

Heather: There's charred wood in your hot dog.
Janeea: *eating hot dog* Now there's charred wood in my mouth.
It tastes like tomato juice, but it's like 20,000% of my daily sodium intake!

-Eric's girlfriend Libby (who basically lives at our house), about V8.

To all the people who told me to go see Iron Man, because I would like it:

You were right. It was SO GOOD.

Also, this:

Iron Man: *flies up really high and gets all icy, falls, recovers*
Me: Well, that was pointless.
Janeea: He just wanted to see how high he could get before he died. Like Jimmy Hendrix.

Quote of the Day: Ewan MacGregor has so many sex scenes... I am ok with that movie. It could only have been improved if we actually saw his penis. I bet it's sugar-coated. - Abby on Deception. (Which she just saw.)

Also, today is P-Day, and it is the best P-Day I have ever been to. Last year's was AWFUL (for many reasons) but this year Ellen and I bounced on things, and climbed rock walls, and rode a plastic bull, and did an obstacle course, and ate SO MUCH FOOD. And it was awesome and I had a Nutella filled crepe thing, and that was also awesome.

In conclusion, free food and inflatable things = ROCK!

A post of other people's posts!

1. A collection of quotes from Saturday, as recounted by Abby. Yes, that Abby. Here is a link to the post in her livejournal. Read, laugh, enjoy.

2. A bit of news stolen from the journal of

[profile] siriusly_sex that will make it clear why my love for Rupert Grint will never die. As I commented to her, I thought my love for him had peaked when he bought his own ice cream truck. I was wrong.

Grint Dislikes Bragging Lohan
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix star Rupert Grint has ruled out moving to Los Angeles to boost his movie career - in fear of meeting party girls Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. The 19-year-old actor isn't keen on moving to Hollywood after a fraught meeting with the Mean Girls star left him disappointed by her egotistical boasts. And the British star has no intention to hook up with Lohan's former party pal Paris Hilton either. He says, "I met Lindsay last summer and she talked about herself a lot. She said she was going to win an Oscar before she turns 25. I just kept thinking, 'But you can't act'. I haven't met Paris and don't want to either. She and Lindsay are the type of girls you need to stay away from."


Who wants to party all the time? Not Rupert Grint, and not me either. CLEARLY WE ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

*Please excuse my overuse of CAPS LOCK OF JOY in the post. :)
The following conversation just took place in my room:

Me: Abby, why is ATP crucial to the ligation reaction?
Abby: Because you're a whore.

I'm pretty sure it's because energy is needed for ligase to create the new phosphodiester bond between the 3 prime and 5 prime ends of the DNA backbone, but I'm not positive.
You know what really fucks with your head? Seagulls in the snow.

It's snowing right now, and there were about 20 seagulls cawing and fighting on the quad. It was so bizarre.

Then three guys walked by going, "Mine?" intermittently and it was kind of hilarious.

Anyways, now that I'm done with my Orgo test I can post all the random bits I've been meaning to.

First off: I'm on spring break starting Friday. I'm planning to go see Once on This Island Friday night, and possibly again on Saturday. And I'd rather not go alone...

Quotes from Peter Pan rehearsal last night:

Craig: *standing behind Phillip Noonan*  Now, Phillip is going to bend over and I'm going to pummel him...

Victoria: Ok. I'll just pummel Jon in the middle, and you can all pummel each other in a circle around us.

(We do this relaxation thing called "pummel and hum" and it's really very nice and relaxing, but also hilarious. And we all know it.)

Zach Pratt: *Leaps on Craig's back*
Someone: Zach, get off Craig. (It just sounded so bad.)

More Abby Quotes:

Abby: This movie was like golf golf, times golf.
Me: That's golf cubed!

Abby: Trust me, I know these things, I'm an English major.

Quotes from Philosophy of Religion:

Class: *discusses how Augustine slept with a lot of differet women*
Professor: So, why do men need to sleep with a lot of different women?
Zach: I don't know, I'm not good looking enough to sleep around.
Guy 1: There's more to us that just sex! I have a personality!
Professor: But why do men sleep with many different women?
Guy 2: Variety is the spice of life.
Zach: Hey! Women do it too!

And so on. It was the most interesting ten minutes of class yet, and that's including the digression about Star Wars that we had one day.

Finally, in genetics we keep talking about how Francis Crick solved almost every single genetic question that was raised, and he never did any experiments and he was almost always right. And apparantly that was greatly annoying to his contemporaries.


Random Abby Quotes:

On the Phone with her mother:
-*talking about some woman they know*  What a waste of Liposuction.

While Playing Rome: Total War:
-Don't mess with me. I've got fucking war elephants. With ROCKET LAUNCHERS. 

That's all.

Scenes from Megan's life:

In Genetics Lab:

Professor Lippert: This Taq Polymerase is very expensive, so be careful.
Chris (one of my lab partners): How expensive?
Professor Lippert: 50 dollars for just one of these little bottles.
Chris: (after Professor Lippert has walked away) 50 dollars? That's not expensive. That's less than crack costs!
Me: I do not even want to know how you know that.

In Bed:

Abby: I hope if aliens ever come and demand a sacrifice, we give them Melissa Joan Hart.
Me: (after several seconds of going BWAH?) ... Go to sleep, Abby.

Upon Returning From Class:

Abby: I missed you.
Me: I was gone for an hour!
Abby: Come on. I miss you when you leave to go pee.

Also, Nora and I took a practice GRE the other day, and the word 'jejune' was on it, and I had never heard that word before EVER, and then it was in one of the songs in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels last night. Therefore, watching musicals will get you a higher GRE score. Tru fax.

Finally, Abby has taken a vow of silence. I don't know why, (neither does she) and I don't know how long it will last, but there you go.



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