Day 14: Something New - My apartment. We are the first people to live in our unit, and I am thankful that it's got all new fixtures and appliances, that it's so well insulated and that it's ecofriendly (solar hot water and solar PV on the car canopy). It's the nicest place we've ever lived, even if it is a bit small.

Day 15: Experience - I've been blessed with so many great experiences in my life. Top three to be thankful for are my wedding, our trip to Scotland, and my time working at a house cleaning company in NC.

Day 16: Recipe - I have a good answer for this one, because I've been making it a lot lately. I am thankful for the artichoke dip recipe that my mother found... somewhere and taught to me. It has three ingredients, two steps (mix and bake), and I have never brought it anywhere and had any left to take home. It's quick, easy, always a big hit, and I love it because cooking is not my strong suit.
I really hope you're all ready for the EXPLOSION of wedding related posts, because there's only 25 days until the big day and I still have SO MUCH TO DO.

So, of course, I'm going to post here instead of actually doing anything.

This past weekend I tried on my headpiece for the first time, had a hair trial, had my final dress fitting, made a seating chart (complicated by people not being sure if they can come yet, nor knowing how many of them are coming), ordered ribbon for the favors, made the favors (a hilarious endeavor, because Mom, Dad, Andrew and I were all in the kitchen, filling tiny maple syrup bottles with hot syrup. Somehow no one got burned.) and made a crucual centerpice decision.

The headpiece is beautiful and perfefct, which is amazing because we ordered it online, and from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (who knew they had headpieces? Ellen, that's who). My dress is pretty, but there's this weird wrinkle on the sides of it because I'm chubby and apparently have a short torso, and the seamstress has fixed it as much as she can. :( Mom's dress does the same thing, but in the back where it's not as noticiable. I'm hoping this won't show in the pictures.

The biggest thing we still have left to do is to decide on and then make reception decortions, because I only vaguely know what I want. Not sure when that's going to happen, but I did get some fancy paper at Michael's tonight.

Stay tuned for pictures! I'll post them as soon as Mom sends them to me.
Guys, what is my life? I've been watching Duck Dynasty for the last two hours, and I just barely laughed at it so hard that I cried.

I blame my mother.

P.S. This is line that I laughed my ass off at, even though it's not nearly as funny out of context: "You are hoarding mustard, and you have an inordinate amount of socks."

Answer to last Sunday's song: Bye Bye Bye, by N'SYNC. I quoted this in honor of their VMA reunion, but no one guessed it.
Arr! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day, but I don't be havin' the time to make a lengthy post, as I be needin' ter pick me ole mother up from the airrrrrport soon!

But I hope ye all be havin' a great day, specially that lass Hermione Granger, whose birrrrrthday it be today! Tis a great day fer pirates an' Harry Potter, two of me greatest loves.

Fare thee well, lubbers!
And thus I ask you, what is the point of censoring song lyrics? I mean, we all know what they're saying, especially if the censor is poor, so why even bother? We're just filling in the appropriate 'fucks' and 'shits' in our head.

It is possibly born of the logic that children should never have heard those words, and therefore have nothing with which to fill in the blanks, but that seems ridiculously optimistic and possibly downright stupid in this day and age. Also, my mother taught me more about swearing (inadvertently) than Eminem ever could.

And finally, even if they've never heard the word fuck, and you censor it out, aren't they going to wonder what word goes there, and what caused it to be taken out, and ask someone? Or Google it? They're probably not just going to accept the blank space in the song as natural. It's clearly not meant to be there.

I ask again, what is the point?
Some highlights from our phone conversation just now:

Me: You're getting ornery in your old age, Mom. You're going to be that old lady with the cane going, "get off my lawn!"
Mom: No, I'm going to be the old lady with a gun, going, "get off my lawn. Or die."
Me: Bwahahahahahaha! 
Mom: No, no, actually, "get off my lawn or mow it."

*talking about a neighbor in Vermont, who is about 80 years old and was getting scammed out of a lot of money*
Me: Why do people do that?
Mom: What? Scam old people?
Me: Yes.
Mom: Why do people do anything bad? Like kick puppies?

So, my mother has Netflix. And on Netflix, there are some movies you can watch on your computer, for free, if you have a subscription, which we do. And Mom gave me her password long ago. This led to me, just now, browsing the movies I can watch in the near future. (First on the list is Interview with the Vampire, since Andrew's never seen it, but that's another story.)

Anyway, I just found this: Twist. Director Jacob Tierney takes inspiration from the Charles Dickens classic Oliver Twist in this modern-day drama about gay street life in Toronto. The innocent Oliver (Joshua Close) is drawn to the hustling Dodge (Nick Stahl), a savvy kid with whom he hooks up after running away from yet another foster home. Oliver joins Dodge and his pals, who sell their bodies to eager customers -- all under the watchful eyes of their pimp, Fagin (Gary Farmer).

So, dear f-list, (and especially Abby and Ellen) should I watch this at some point? I kind of want to, but I watched the trailer and now I'm also kind of scared.

Also, can you imagine the pitch for this? "Guys, guys, settle down, I have the best idea for a movie EVAR. It's based on Oliver Twist... Oh now, don't groan, listen, he's going to be gay, and in modern day Toronto, and Fagin is going to be his pimp. Yes, he's going to be a gay male prostitute, and Dodge, (that's my version of the Artful Dodger) is going to be a heroin addict and possibly his lover. Nancy? Oh, I don't know if I can fit her in. What do you think?"

So, this happened last week when my parents were here, but I keep forgetting to post it. Anyway...

During our travels around Durham, we were stopped at a stoplight in front of a lingere store. The following conversation ensued.

Dad: Oooh, let's go there.
Mom: Yeah, you'd look cute in that.
Dad: No. Black isn't my color.
Andrew: They probably have it in red.
Dad: Yeah, that's better.
Me: What is wrong with you people?

Also, Freddie Prinze Jr. is on WWE RAW, and DAMN. He looks like hell! His hair is going grey! People, this is the guy I swooned over in She's All That (despite his HORRIFIC acting therein). When and how did I get so old?

P.S. Don't ask why I am watching RAW. Just know that they made jokes about Freddie being married to the werewolf killer, laugh, and call it a day.

While watching the news just now:

Dad: Look at that guy! He looks like he's on drugs!
Mom: He is! That's Phish.

So, I'm going home to Rutland for Colombus Day break, and I would be there already if Professor Warren would have just cancelled Stats like I asked. I mean, Adolescent Development and Directing were both cancelled today, but no, I have to stick around for 2:30 Stats. Oh well.

We're apparantly having a garage sale this weekend, and I recruited Andrew to come help. It's going to be interesting, especially since Mom's not going to be there... Dad said if there was anything I wanted in the garage, I had to buy it. Fool. Also, does anyone else remember what happened the last time I tried to have a garage sale? With Hannah? No?

So, that's that. If you're in Rutland this weekend, or Monday or Tuesday, and you wanna chill with Andrew and me, give me a call!

This is me, sitting in my living room, freezing, feeling...odd, and not wanting to go pick up the pink room, because then I'll have to remember that Andrew was here last night, and now he's gone. :( 

(Sidebar: if you aren't going to want to hear about how crazy I am about Andrew, you'd do well to stop reading this journal for the foreseeable future. He makes me so happy, and I'm going to talk about it.)

Anyways, in lieu of doing something useful, I'm going to babble!

My mother just said to me, in response to me mentioning his name, "Who's Neville Longbottom?" and a piece of my soul died.

Mom and I just got back from our trip to Williston to see Sweeney Todd (because it's pretty much the only place that movie's playing in the state of Vermont) with Emily.

And I liked it. Did anyone really think I wasn't going to like it? I mean, I wasn't like blown away by anything, mostly because I knew everything that was going to happen, but I enjoyed watching the subtle changes from the stage show. They didn't change anything in the plot, and that is how it should be.

Now, as for the music, I will be the first person to tell you that the movie's singing was inferior to the Broadway singing, but who didn't expect that? Also, the little kid who played Toby was FANTASTIC. Seriously, he was so cute and his singing was so good. And the songs/verses of songs that they cut didn't bother me too much, except that they cut all the group singing in God That's Good, which is the majority of the song. But that was the only cut that really irritated me.

Other thoughts:
- Maybe someday Timothy Spall will get to play a character who is 1. clean and 2. not evil. (Though he plays dirty and nasty SO WELL.)
- Emily's reaction to the ending was exactly what I'd hoped for, and it was so worth driving up there to see it with her.
- Alan Rickman still has an awesome voice.
- I like Helena Bonham Carter, and I like her acting, but she doesn't have a career as a singer. And she's no Angela Lansbury. It's not that HBC was a bad Mrs. Lovett, but she wasn't as... lovable as Angela Lansbury. (Yes, I just called Mrs. Lovett lovable. Deal with it.)
- I LOVED the By The Sea sequence. I wish it was longer. They were even wearing the navy and striped bathing suits.
- When Sweeney was singing to his razors, it looked like he was going to start making out with one of them.
- I also liked the fake fake fake Tim Burton blood. And how Johnny Depp was COVERED in it.
- Anthony was weird. His eyes kind of scared me, and I was like, "Anthony, you're supposed to be the non-creepy person in this movie. STOP IT."
- Johanna seemed too young to me. But eh. It worked ok.

And Finally: I went to this movie expecting to see blood. Lots of blood. And I did. But the worst part was Mrs. Lovett's meat pies in the very beginning, with the bugs. That was the the only part I almost couldn't watch. Blood, murder cannibalism, all good. Bugs in the pies? Ugh.
 So, Mom and I were just watching Dr. 90201 (Mom watches these things, I never would otherwise) and this girl was having breast implants... Or, rather, she was having her old crappy implants replaced with nice new ones.

Anyways, I'm watching it and going "God, she really looks like a porn star... In fact, she looks like that girl from Pirates... No, really, she looks like the girl with the huge mouth... The one Jenn said could unhinge her jaw..."

I bet you can all see where this is going. It was. It was Jesse Jane, the infamous First Mate Jules in Pirates. The one with the huge mouth.

Then, when it was revealed that I was right, Mom goes: "It's scares me deeply that you knew that."
Because the Town's were cancelled, we went to the City's fireworks last night. We weren't going to go, but it's just not The Fourth of July without fireworks. I enjoyed them, even though the mayor called us sons of bitches.

Also, because of her diet my mom bought fake maple syrup. I am SO ASHAMED.

That's all the randomness I have for right now.
Item 1: Mom bought me a crap-load of new clothes today. Including new flip-flops. I really like getting new clothes.

Item 2: Abby now has a livejournal! So if you know her, friend her! Her journal is [profile] jurisfiction16

Item 3:

And that's all.
This is the conversation Mom and I just had, after Apollo Ohno won Dancing with the Stars.

Me: You know, he really is pretty. Can I have him?
Mom! Don't you want Apollo?
Mom: What would I do with him?
Me: Sex! Make him stand in the corner in tight pants and no shirt! You could make him dance! Dance monkey, dance! What wouldn't you do with him? Hello!?!

I mean it too. He is gorgeous and I want to keep him in my house to look at, while he either stands still or dances.

P.S. Joey Fatone and his partner did the tango to the Star Wars theme. And she was in an outfit close to Leia's gold bikini. And he had a lightsaber. WIN.
One moment please.


Why is everything due at the same time? Why do teachers think that group projects are a good idea? (And my groups this time aren't bad at all, I just HATE having to coordinate schedules.) Why do tests have to involve essays? What's wrong with straight up multiple choice? Matching? What am I going to do for THREE FUCKING HOURS in lab tomorrow while my solution dries?

It's all making my head hurt terribly.

Also, having a boyfriend is very very bad for my school work. Especially without my mother lurking over my shoulder, telling me that if my grades slip I can't see him any more. I spend waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time with him, and not with my lab report.

Ok, I'm done now. Just needed a quick stress release before Chem.
This evening, since half my suite is off at ACTF (and that's not an exaggeration 4 of the 8 of us went to that), and Abby went home for the night, Sara, Nora, and I, the last 3 remaining suitemates (not counting pets), went out to dinner. 

We went to The Rusty Scuffer (which is a great name) and I had lobster, and then we went to Hot Topic and I got Inuyasha pins (a chibi Sango and a regular-sized Kilala), and I am so very happy right now.

Eariler my mommy was here, and then Nora let me read Harry Potter out loud to her (and I love reading things out loud.... and Remus is fucking AWESOME as the DADA teacher) and it has just been such a good day. I even totally aced my chem quiz this morning.

My hands smell like lobster, and I so don't care. Cause it's snowing, and they still have all the lights on the trees on Church Street, and it was so beautiful, and I just feel all warm and happy inside.
I feel like I should update about my Thanksgiving break, but so much happened that it would be hard to do it justice. So I'll just put down some key events and leave the gritty details to either your memories or your imaginations, depending on if you were there or not.

I went home Tuesday, and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING until Wednesday around 4:00. I didn't even get dressed Wednesday. I put on a bra and some warm clothes to go to Deer Camp. That was all. (Which turned out to be a good thing, because I ended up picking up 10 pizzas... Yeah)

Ah, and then that brings me to Deer Camp, which is always wonderful. There were so many freaking people there this year, but I think that made it even better. We played Taboo, and Cranium, and we talked Teh Girl Talk, and my mother got drunk and yet could still spell backwards, and it was great. Janeea's Matt is cool. Quiet, but cool. Just keep him away from knives and onions. (And he broke his glasses. Heh.)

Q. What's Beethoven's favorite fruit?
A. Ba-na-na-na!

Thanksgiving was the usual: lots of food, lots of pie, more games, lots of Heather and Emalee. (YAY!)Jean came this year, and Dylan and Shelby, and we all played dominoes, even Matthew! (Which means nothing to anyone not in my family, but still.) And ummm... Oh, we watched Wimbledon, and I still love that movie. And Paul Bettany. Shelby spent the night at my house, which was very odd cause he's not related to us, and I don't really know him that well.

Then Friday I spent the day doing homework and calling pretty much everyone I know to go bowling. Which we did. AND IT WAS AWESOME. Then we went to Denny's, which I have missed SO MUCH, but my Smothered Fries were...sketchy. Then a few of us went to Janeea's, and we played Trivial Pursuit and watched Secretary (for my first time from the beginning.) Oh my GOD, that movie makes me so happy. James Spader, how I love you.

Me: *about Matt* He talks!

In the moring we watched Mitch Hedberg. He makes me giggle.

Ummm... What day am I on? Oh, Saturday I went to some craft fairs with my mom and my aunt, and then my family went to see The Logger at The Paramount. He's still funny. "Bring back your empties!"

Today I had to get up ridiculously early to go to a mass for my Grandmother, and then I fought with my family for a few hours, before Mom and I watched The Lake House (Which movie I like, so SHUT UP,) and then I left for SMC, and now here I am. Updating instead of doing my homework. Oy. I better get on that.



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