Secret Santa is truly God's gift to Christmas shopping.
Ahoy mateys! Please be enjoyin' the last little bit o' Talk Like A Pirate Day, while I do the least piratical thing o' all, foldin' laundry.

And o' course, it be the birrrthday o' Hermione. A pirate never forgets tha'.

Pokemon Update: Caught a Dugtrio and named it Cedric, to go wth my Diglett named Diggory.

MH Mermaid Update:
Howleen. Don't ask why she has clownfish friends, because I don't have a great answer. They just matched her color scheme. :)
Hey guys, hey, guess what? Guess what?!?!

Spoilers for last night's Castle )

Next wedding picture post coming soon, but I had to get this out of my system.
Happy birthday to JKR and Harry!!!

(And also Happy Yesterday Birthday to Neville!)
Happy summer!
Too busy, no time for a real post.  :D

Answer to last Wednesday's song: Phony Calls, by Weird Al.
Two funny things from the internets for your enjoyment:

:D :D :D

Answer to last Wednesday's song: All of Nothing, by O-Town. [ profile] kaitydid33087 got this one right!
Now that I'm out of Golden Globes fashion to talk about, I really have nothing to say. Hopefully something exciting will happen tomorrow!

Answer to last Wednesday's song: Counting Stars, by One Republic. [ profile] invsagoth got this one right!
I have nothing to say this evening. Please carry on with your lives, and tune back in tomorrow. :D

Answer to last Monday's song: Serious, from Legally Blonde. No one guessed this. 
I have nothing to say, but here's a post for today!

Answer to last Wednesday's song: Thriller, by Michael Jackson. No one guessed this.
So, I had plans for a second post today, which was a Halloween MH review, but I have a cold and I hit myself in the face while carving pumpkins, and what I'm saying is that you're all just going to have to wait until tomorrow.

But I do want to say: Happy Birthday, Molly Weasley!!!

Everyone please have a safe Cabbage Night. :D
It's hot and I have nothing of substance to say tonight. Please go about your business. :)

Answer to last Wednesday's song: Stereo Hearts, by Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine. Kelli got this one right!
PLACEHOLDER. Need to do a meme, but not sure if I'll get to it before Midnight (remember that night owl thing, and I have stuff to do tonight) so here is this to hold the spot for a meme that you should all check back for. :)

Edit: Yeah, so, I lied. I'll have to do the meme tomorrow, because it's really going to take more effort than I have left to give right now. See you all tomorrow!

Answer to last Tuesday's song: She's Like the Wind, by Patrick Swayze. This is the song that they use all romantically in Dirty Dancing, but he actually wrote it about his horse. [ profile] becofoz got this one right!
This is a post!

Answer to last Monday's song: So They Say, from Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. Abby got this one right!
Nothing to say tonight except an answer to last Wednesday's song, which was The Night that Goldman Spoke at Union Square, from Ragtime. Abby got this one right!

I do have exciting doll related news coming up soon though. :)
I'm always too tired on Fridays to do a real post, so please look forward to a much longer one tomorrow (hopefully).

I am going to go update last night's PR liveblog with pictures right now though, so you guys can get your click on over there. :D

Answer to last Friday's song: The Reason, by Hoobastank. I dislike this song for many reasons, not the least of which is how disgustingly sappy the lyrics are.
I don't really have anything to say tonight. But here's a post!

Answer to last Friday's song: I Love It, by Icona Pop. Kelli got this one right!
Completely gratuitous post just to have a post for today. :)

Answer to last Tuesday's song, and the first song after Lent: Just Give Me a Reason by Pink, featuring Nate Ruess from Fun. No one guessed this, which makes me really sad because Fun is awesome, and Pink is awesome, and this song is AMAZING and how have you guys not memorized it by now? GEEZE.

Here! Listen to it! Enjoy the official video, which features Pink making out with her actual husband, which means that they were probably really half naked and really making out, which makes this like, softcore porn... While Nate Ruess watches/serenades. Kinky. (Also, WHERE DO I SIGN UP FOR THAT?)

Do you think, some time, years down the road, that Hermione ever turned to Harry and said, "Remember that time you were convinced that Voldemort had captured Sirius, and I was like, 'Harry, this is almost certainly a trap' and you didn't listen to me, but I was totally right and then Sirius died? You probably should have listened to me." ?

She totally did.



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