It has been a few days since my last We shall begin with highlights from rehersal:

The Exercise Ball of Doom!

Out damn sheep!

Aaron had to do something impressive for Karla and he stood in front of her and pretended to undo his fly. You had to see the look on his face to truly appreciate the hilarity.

And now onto the cookie experiment. I made Pat cookies for his birthday tomorrow. I. Do. Not. Cook. I can barely boil water. But I made them, damn it. I managed to get flour on EVERYTHING and drop a half melted chocolate chip down my shirt, but Pat will have cookies. The first tray came out huge and brown, the second medium sized and undercooked, and the third tray was pretty perfect. So I have cookies of various and assorted shapes, sizes, and colors.

I hope he likes them. He really should appreciate how much I must like him to risk life and limb in baking. Sheesh.

Anyways, I have a textbook quote to add to the posts of funny textbook quotes.
"Dr. J Mayer's work was the first to really contain the notion of Conservation of Energy,(1842) but it generated little interest beyond ridicule. Mayer was overwhelmed by a deep depression, fed by derision and made more intense by the death of two of his children. Lost in despair, he leapt from a second story window (1849) in a painfully unsuccessful attempt at suicide. Within two years he was a straightjacketed inmate in an insane asylum."

Physics: Third Edition, Eugene Hecht (I especially like the inclusion of the year in which he failed to die)

Also, a random Hannah quote: I have the sudden urge to go back to bed. Only it's not sudden...and it's more of an aching need.

And finally, the movie quote! The last movie was indeed Carrie, which was around long before Adam Sandler. Janeea and Becky got it correct, and they each get a telekenesis point. Here is a new quote, which I like even though it goes agaoinst my general attitude toward the beverage "No! No tea! No tea!"
I watched Damien: Omen II today, and I learned some things.

1. The antichrist couldn't kill people if they weren't so incredibly stupid. This woman was attacked by one bird. One. Not a flock, like in The Birds, just one bird. And not even a big bird, like an eagle, just a crow. One crow. And she couldn't manage to beat off/escape from ONE CROW. By the time she stumbled in the path of a Mack truck I wanted her to die.

2. The antichrist is cute. And funny. And says "thank you" when you give him cake. And offers to do things for you, like open doors. Then he kills people, mercilessly. So beware cute, funny, polite boys, because they could be the antichrist.

3. If the antichrist says "I love you, you are like a brother to me, don't leave me, please don't make me beg you to go with me, please go with me" GO WITH HIM. Otherwise, he will make you have an anyurism, and then cry about it because even though he is the antichrist he has feelings too.

4. Little 5 year old kid that kills people mainly without knowing what he is doing = cool and creepy. 12 year old boy who kills people because they pose a threat to him and the powers he is coming into = sad and creepy. Adult who kills people and has a big scary dog = just weird. Especially when that adult is played by the guy from Jurassic park.

"Ha! Dinosaurs? I'm not afraid of dinosaurs! I'm the fucking antichrist! Bam! Anuyrism on your scaly ass, T-rex! Hey raptors, wanna come help me kill stupid people?"

Also had this thought, because I am reading Good Omens, in which Adam is the antichrist.

Damien: I'm the antichrist!
Adam: No! I'm the antichrist!
Damien: I kill people just by looking at them!
Adam: Well, I can make it rain fish!
Damien: I have a hellhound!
Adam: I have one too!
Damien: I have an evil name, and the creepy dark hair look, and 666 on my skull, and a billion dollar company, and dark suits, and lackeys, and the only way to kill me is with these 7 specific daggers! So there!
Adam: Yeah, well I have Crowley and Azriphale!
Damien: Ok, you win.

And the last quote was indeed Aladdin. Stephanie and Janeea got it right, and they each get a 3 Wishes point. Here is a new quote for you all "They're all gonna laugh at you!"


Jan. 29th, 2005 12:08 pm
Oh, Jesus Christ in Stilletos. I am going to see The Phantom again tonight with Hannah, and just listening to the soundtrack is making me cry. Sheesh.

"It's over now, the music of the night." That's the one that got me. Poor Phantom. Wahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Le Sigh.

The last movie was James and the Giant Peach. Only Janeea got it. She is seriously kicking all your butts in this game. Janeea gets a Miss Spider point, because that is my favorite character. Of course, she and the centipede will have little buggy babies someday. Spider/Centipede: Theirloveissosquirmy.

Here is a new quote "This is no time to panic!...Start panicking!!!"


Jan. 27th, 2005 09:36 pm

So chitlens, about the only thing that happened today, besides the crazy rehersal we had, was Brian Citro and his Amazing Disappearing Sweatshirt. But only I seem to find it amazing. (Alison, ask him sometime about this) He, being the only junior that was in Calculus today, went to YES plan sign ups with his sweatshirt on, and came back without it. Ta-da! I was, for some reason, baffled by this.

Also, Renee and I are laying down the meloncholy burden of sanity to sally forth and right all wrongs!

So there.

Alison, thank you for introducing me to this wonderful thing:
WillTurner is turning cartwheels for TinkyWinky

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

Death fangirls JeanValjean

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG


HanSolo wants to take it out back with Dumbledore

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

RemusLupin is voting for PeeWee

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

TheLegLamp wants to shag ChristineDaae

What's Your Ultimate Fandom OTP?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

Ok, sorry I am a little addicted and having waaaaaaayyyyyy too much fun.

Now, onto quotes! Janeea not only got the last movie right, it was Men In Black, earning her 1 Noisy Cricket Point, but she also knew that Jodi Benson was the voice or Ariel, earning herself 5 Trivia points. Yea Neea!

Here is the next quote "For dinner on my birthday, shall I tell you what I chose? Noodles made of poodles, on a slice or garden hose; with a very smelly jelly, made of armadillo's toes. The jelly is delicious, but you have to hold your nose!"
Here is just a snippet from rehersal which was fun but not especially productive...

Mrs. Archer: The directions were "everyone sit on the stage and don't talk," not "everyone sit on the stage and have a tea party!"
Kathryn: There's tea?
Me: I didn't get any tea!
Mrs. Archer (Realizing she should know better than to use metaphors with us) *Sigh* Whatever. Just be quiet.

Kathryn is in Aram's Harem!

I am Gee Gee, the French ex-Siamese twin of my sister Ci Ci!

And as for the movie, I really stumped you guys! The only one who got it right was Stephanie, who gets a "Marry the Mole!" point. I will give you the correct song lyrics, and let you all know that the voice of Thumbalina was Jodi Benson. Now can anyone tell me why I care that it was Jodi Benson? There is a reason... Still offereing 5 points... And maybe a cookie...

Anyways, here is the next quote "Y'all better ease up out my face 'fore somethin' bad happen to ya. Too late."

And here are the filled in lyrics :
Song 1:
Let me be your wings
Let me be your only love
Let me take you far beyond the stars
Let me be your wings
Let me lift you high above
Everything we're dreaming of
Will soon be ours
Anything that you desire
Anthing at all
Every day I'll take you higher
And I'll never let you fall

Song 2:
Romeo and Juliet
Were very much in love where they were wed
They honored every vow,
So where are they now?
They're dead, dead, very very dead!


Jan. 25th, 2005 08:18 pm
First, a thank you. Becky: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND A DAY, AND EVEN LONGER THAN THAT. THAT CD IS FUCKING AMAZING! THANK YOU! (also, I was listening to it in my car and I was on Music of the Night and I had it turned up really loud, and the next song starts with wicked loud and creepy organ music, which I did not know, and it scared me and I screamed and panicked and couldn't remember how to turn it down. So thank you again!)

Second, a rant: You know, if you walk down the hall, innocently, and someone innocently bumps into you, they usually apologize, especially if they know you, they may even use your name, or at the very least they look ashamed, or mumble something, or smile or giggle or SOMETHING to show that they are sorry. Some really nice innocent people do this even if it is not their fault.

And sometimes someone may innocently scratch you with their binder, or tread on your foot, and not notice, and that is ok because hallways are crowded places.

These two classes of people are nice, normal people who can go hang with Azriphale in Heaven.

Then there are some people who will carelessly and not innocently at all whip their hats around, and smack innocent passersby who are deep in thought and therefore looking at the floor, in the forehead, and then LAUGH ABOUT IT. These people should burn in Hell, not with Crowley, because even he, a minion of Hell, is too good for them.

These people are Zach Smith, the bloody wanker. (Can you all tell I am 1. Pissed, and 2. Have been reading Good Omens today?)

Thirdly, quotes! I am glad you all liked my easy quote, I made it easy on purpose, and I am glad many people commented ad all got it right. Those people will each get a Eunuch point, and they are Bart, Janeea, Alison, Kim, Sarah, and Hannah. Yeah!

Now for the next quote, you get one point if you get it, and 10 points if you can tell me the missing lines to the songs, from the same movie, which I will also post. AND, I will give 5 points to anyone who tells me the actress who is the main character.(This gives you all sort of a chance to catch up to Janeea, who is currently kicking all your butts with 16 points. The closest is Becky with 9 points.) "This isn't the Fairy Vale. It's only a weed patch."

Song 1:
Let me be your wings
Let me be your only love
Let me be your wings
Let me lift you high above
Everything we're dreaming of
Will soon be ours
Anything that you desire
Anthing at all
Every day I'll take you higher
And I'll never let you fall

Song 2:
Romeo and Juliet
Were very much in love where they were wed
So where are they now?
They're dead, dead, very very dead!
At rehersal tonight:

Ryan: I have bean bag balls, clubs, rings, and torches.
Me: Is there anything you don't have?
Becky: A tutu.

Ha ha ha!

So as for the movie, it was Lilo and Stitch. Janeea and Becky got it right. They each get a cute and fluffy point.

For the next quote, I am only going to give you all one word, but I guarntee that you will all know it. I want to see a big response here people! I am in a point giving out mood! Ready? Here it is: "Savvy?"
My mummy is sick, so I spent all day doing absolutely nothing but sitting with her and watching movies. And it was good. That is all.

The last movie, #2, was Shrek 2. Alison, Janeea, and Steph all got it right. They each get a Happily Ever After point. Jannea also knew that quote #1 was from Phantom of the Opera, and so she gets an Extra Special and Completely Invincible Point. So there.

The next quote is "Do we have a lobster door? NO! We have a dog door! We are getting a dog."

La la la!

Jan. 22nd, 2005 07:20 pm
So I wanted to let you all know that in Phantom of the Opera, Madame Giry is also the evil lady in Sleepy Hollow, Emmy Rossum (Christine) was in The Day After Tomorrow, The guy who was Roaul was in The Alamo, he was William Travis, and Gerard Butler (THE PHANTOM) was the uber-hot assassin boyfriend of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider 2, WHO HAS A BLOODY SCOTTISH ACCENT BECKY! BECAUSE HE WAS BLOODY BORN IN BLOODY GLASGOW SCOTLAND! (As if I didn't already love him)

Also, all the actors did their own singing, except Minnie Driver, and The Phantom's real name is Erik.

Just so you all know.

My last quote was from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Janeea, Heather, and Jean all got it right. They each get an Oompa-Loompa point, and Janeea and Heather each get a really special point, as promised, for telling me where that quote REALLY comes from. Thank you.

The next quote is really two quotes. If you get #1 you get a really special prize, because it is hard. #2 is the regular quote.

1."You have truly made my night!"

2."You have the right to remin silent. What you lack is the capacity."
So I watched Down with Love again...and now you all have to suffer with some quotes from it.

Vicky: I'm sorry they've been riding your tail so hard over there.
Guy: I'm not.

Peter: I have enough insecurities without having to worry about my socks falling down!

Peter: The only thing I have to offer a woman is the same thing you have to offer a woman. You!

Peter: Catch, you're the best friend a man with 20 diagnosed psychoseses could have.
Catch: Well, we've been friends a long time. I knew you when you only had 12.

Catch: You said she was a spinster!
Peter: I did not! I have never used the word spinster in my life! Well, except when I told my mother it was technically incorrect for her to call her son a spinster.
Catch: Do you still want to go out with Vicky?
Peter: Of course! Do you think I want to end up a spinster?

Vicky: The men who resent me won't give me the time of day, and the men who respect me won't give me the time of night.
Peter: If I had the chance, I'd resent and respect you, day and night and night and day!

(Upon careful consideration, Becky, I have decided that it would indeed be funnier if Catch poured the ice water down his pants)


Vicky: For being so man crazy all my life, I sure can't stand 'em.

Peter: I feel like I'm going to explode!
Catch: Finally.

10 minutes?
10 minutes.

Peter: HOMOSEXUAL! I'm not HOMOsexual!

Vicky: Barbra!
Peter: Vicky!
Catch: Nancy!
Peter: Who are you calling Nancy?

Vicky: You're just like every other man!
Peter: I'm just like every other man!

Peter: You have to rip her apart, if not for the good of civilization then just for me!

Ok, I am done. Sorry. I can't help it. Becky got me hooked. And I love her for it.

So also today:

Mr. Sinclair: Tupack (Is how he pronounced it)
Class: Snicker Giggle Giggle
Mr. Sinclair: What?
Class: It's Tupac.
Mr Sinclair: I'm 57! What the Hell do you want?

Mr. Whitman gave me two very very bad mental images:
1. "Don't mind my clashing clothes. I got dressed in the dark today. (Now why would he do that? I don't really want to know.)
2. If I do have to resort to punishing you for not practicing, I'm not going to like, crack a whip over your heads. (Now THAT'S an image I do not need, but my dirty mind supplied me with. Them Kayla Steen felt the need to come up behind me and whisper "Whip me!")

So finally, the only part of this you will all read, the quote. The last quote was My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Janeea, Kim, Jean, Hannah, and Kelli all got it right. They all get one "Boont Cake" point.

The next quote is "We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of dreams." (This may be from a song as well, but I do not know. It's from a movie, as far as I know. Anyone who can tell me the song, if there is one, gets a really special point.)


Jan. 20th, 2005 10:39 pm
Well my cast ROCKS! We are going to have TEH BEST time in Nebraska EVA!

Here are the highlights:

Spencer can no longer do the play, so Paul got his part of Chanticleer.
Paul: I'm the cock?
Gerry: You're one big cock.

Then Anna wasn't there and Ron had Dustin call Anna. Baker. Who is not in our cast.
Ron: WHay should Anna Baker be here?
Mrs. Archer: Annd Land.
Ron: Excuse me. (Scurries off to have Dustin call the right Anna)

Seth tried to pick the lock on Mrs. Hart's sound system with a plastic knife.

Ron: Some directors don't put in as much time and effort as Mrs. Archer
Aaron: Sick freaks!

Paul: (The line is the crowing of this cock) The growing of this cock.

Paul also wanted to replace the word shame with shizzle. "Shizzle on you!"

Me:(Showing my socks to Paul) Chickens!
Paul: Quack! (Yes, because chickens quack...)

(The line is wholly vicious man) Gerry: wooly vicious man.
Me: Like a sheep!

Typo: He pope instead of the pope.
Aaron: He-pope, She-pope!

Euphamism for rape by Seth: Burned her fields!

So that is that. I also watched I love the 90's Part Deux!

Hal Sparks: People watch Riverdance the way they watch a house fire. (Makes confused face, mouth agape) What is going on?

Guy: WNBA? Give me a stepladder and some Viagra and I'm good!


Now onto quotes! The last movie was indeed Gone With the Wind. Both Becky and Jean, erm, sort of got it right, so I giving them each a "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" point. Congratulations!

Here is the next quote: "All my life, I had a lump at the back of my neck. I went to the doctor, and had a...a...a bib...a bibopsy. And in the lump, they found teeth, and a spinal column. Yes. In the lump...was my twin."
(This quote is special, just for Kathryn)

Ok Friends

Jan. 19th, 2005 10:16 pm
We shall begin with my day and the funny things therein:

Mrs. Alonso is going to give Mr. Lalibierte un punetazo, which is a punch...

Ari thinks Leonard Dicaprio is fat, and thinks that Genovia is a real place...

Mr. Sinclair is going to sell a perfume called "Scent of an Egyptian"...

Or maybe he is going to change his 10" perfume bottle to a 10" bottle of bourbon...

Reallllllllllllly want school to be cancelled tomorrow...

And now for some exciting news! I have made a list of all the points you all have gotten in my quote game, which is an idea I stole from Kim and erm...tweaked. So here goes, in alphabetical order, I think.

Alison - 1 Ariel point
Bart - 1 X-point, 1 Disney point, 1 Spoofy point, 1 Chicken point, and one "I do believe in fairies" point.
Becky - 1 Harry Potter point, 1 Ariel point, 1 Spoofy point, 1 "I do believe in fairies" point, 1 Disney point, 1 Ashamed point, and 1 YAY POTATOES point.
Chad - 1 Fix my computer point
Emalee - 1 Chicken point, and 1 "His name is Belloq" point
Hannah - 1 Harry Potter point
Heather - 1 Mummified point, 1 Spoofy point, 1 Chicken point, 2 Disney points, and 1 Woocha! (That is the sound of Indy's whip) point
Jackie - 1 Ariel point, and 1 Spoofy point
Janeea - 1 Ariel point, 1 Muppet point, 2 Disney points, 1 Spoofy point, 1 Ashamed point, 1 Paul Bettany point, 1 Corrected point, and 1 Harry Potter point.
Jean - 1/2 a Star Wars point, 1 Disney point, and 1 "I do believe in fairies" point.
Kelli - 1 Ariel point, and 1 Chicken point
Kim - 1 Trivia point, and 1 Paul Bettany point
Sarah - 1 Ariel point, 1 Muppet point, and 2 Disney points.
Steph - 1 chicken point

I will post your scores maybe once a week so you can see how you are doing.

Janeea, Emalee, Hannah, and Becky all got the last quote right, and have duly each been given a Harry Potter point, except Em who answered her quote and got a different point. Emalee's movie was Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the other movie was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Here is the next quote: "Why if I wasn't a lady, just what wouldn't I say to him!"


Jan. 18th, 2005 10:00 pm

Many vair vair amusant (to borrow a phrase from Georgia) things happened today.

And they all began in physics, oddly enough.

Mr Welch, in order to demonstrate that different substances have different specific heats...baked us chocolate chip cookies. In class. In a little oven. Definately one of the best physics classes ever.

Then we discussed what makes a refrigerator work, and learned that it is no longer freon because freon is bad for the environment. (Boo Freon!) So Mr. Welch dubbed the substance inside fridges "freonesque" and Ryan called it "quasifreon." This amused me almost as much as the cookies.

Now, something for Becky: I delivered a tray at the hospital and for dinner the patient was having peas. All I could think was "He can have my peas too..."

Now, something for Hannahmylove: I was watching Jeopardy! (Why the exclaimation point? Well Jeopardy! is exciting! Damn it!) and the answer to one of the questions was Horatio Hornblower. And I knew it, thanks to you. (Yeah Hannah and her obsessions!)

Lastly, Willy G. passed me on the way home and took the moment to nod at me as he did so. So I would just like to say to you all that the smallest gestures, the slightest bit of time given to another, can make a ton of difference.

Now, as for the movie, since no one but Heather got it, but Emalee has not yet responded, I will still have this quote for her: "Ha ha ha....Son of a bitch!" But I will also graciously give you all another one to try. Feel free to guess both. Here is the next quote: "Can we panic now?"

P.S. Heather and Jean, rest assured you will be the first to know when I perform both plays I am currently in, as well as any other dates. (Heather that is your prize) And Jean I am glad you liked SH. Which sequel did you read? I really like Tales from the River House, and I never read the other one.

Now it's off to bed, off to bed! (And extra special points to anyone who guesses the End Quote, as we will call it.)

(Ohh Ohh thought! I will give you points like Kimmy does, only my way. Mwahahahahahahaha!)


Jan. 17th, 2005 10:29 pm
Ok, chickies!

Here are some funny things that happened at rehersal tonight.

Mrs. Archer: Each of you boys will do something impressive to try to win her favor.
Chris: (Begins to lift shirt)
Mrs. A: NO! Do a trick!
Gerry: (Begins to lift shirt)
Paul: No Gerry, it has to be something IMPRESSIVE.
Me: Ohhhhhh. Burn. (Footnote: Gerry has impressive abs for such a little kid)

Then Aaron "died" and the other boys had to lift him like he was in a coffin, and they go "Aaron! You're supposed to be stiff as a board!" Which was very very funny.

And Paul, much as I love him, just does not have a flair for onstage romance. We were supposed to be in love and "feed each other grapes," at which direction Paul dissolved completely into gales of embarassed laughter.

But we tangoed pretty well.

However, this lack of comfort with onstage romance worries me just a little because he is the Lysander to my Hermia in the next play... Oh well.

He is ok with contact onstage though. And he is quite warm. And tall. And handsome. And don't worry Karla, I know he is yours. Ha ha ha!

Anyways. I am shocked and disturbed that only 2 people even tried my last quote. Janeea, you were right, I was quoting Man of La Mancha, the movie. I thought that was the right quote. Hmm.

And Jean, I lost the quote that I posted right after the sentence "I bloody found it." It's the quote about mashed potatoes from Stealing Harry. I had to search the whole freaking story to find it, and then I did and I was excited. Got it? Heh.

So for a prize Janeea gets her own priate Stealing Harry quote: whichever one she wants it to be. Just let me know.

The next quote is just for Emalee, because Heather got one, and I am an equal opportunity quoter. But you may all feel free to answer. BE SPECIFIC!
"Ha ha ha...Son of a bitch!"


Jan. 16th, 2005 12:44 am
Wow I am such a dork. Livejournal was down for like maybe 24 hours and I did not know what to do with myself heh.

So here is what you missed:

Eric broke his finger playing basketball.

My dad fell asleep while holding his half full wine glass, and dropped it, spilling red wine all over the carpet, chouch, and his pants. Damn senile old drunk. Heh.

And I bloody found it!

"Yay potatoes!" Harry said, climbing into one of the dining-room chairs. Both of them looked at him.
"Did you like mashed potatoes when you were eight?" Remus asked.
"Hated them."
"Me too."
Sirius shrugged, and pushed Remus gently towards the table. "He can have my peas, too..." Remus called after him.

Hee hee hee. I love Becky.

So. As for the movie, the last quote was indeed from A Knight's Tale, and Paul Bettany rocks my world! Janeea and Kim got it correct, and for a prize they get to be the first to know that I got a new ligature today! Yippiee!

Here is the next quote: "You are a fat pudding, stuffed with proverbs."

Good Luck!


Jan. 13th, 2005 08:55 pm
We had a band concert tonight. I started band exactly 3 days ago, and had exactly 2 rehersals. Then we had a concert. Yup. I think I played about half the notes I was supposed to, which, all things considered, is not bad.

About the concert all I have to say is:
1. Marissa is cool.
2. Poor Paul.

So, the last movie quote was Spice World. I really like that movie. Janeea, Jean, and Becky all got it correct, and for a prize they get a list of all the Spice Girls things I own. Spice World, a tape, a cd, a poster, a T-shirt, four of the five barbies, (because everyone bought the Ginger one thinking it would be valuable because she quit), and a calendar. So there.

On to the next quote! "Guinevere goes to Lancelot. Bed him well, milady."

(Note: This movie IN NO WAY involves a man named Arthur. That is all.)


Jan. 12th, 2005 09:20 pm
I have decided today that the person I am going to miss the most, who I have talked to the least, next year, is Steve Shortle.

Today we had to actually use our calc book in class, and he didn't have his. Mr. Sinclair told him to share.

So Steve pushed his desk back until it was between Meg's and Amanda's desks, and put his arms out, and glanced at the two girls suspiciously like he owned their books.

He was Steve the book pimp.

Now, on to quotes. Sarah, Heather, and Becky identified the movie, but I am awarding credit to Janeea and Kim too for the random trivia. My prize for you all is something you probably already know, but I am running out of prize to do it anyway. The male gargoyles are named Victor and Hugo, after the author of the original story. So there you go.

The next quote is: "Do godmothers, get stretchmarks?" (I will be very proud of you and glad to share my shame with you if you have seen/own this movie like I have.)

And yes, that random comma is supposed to be there.


Jan. 11th, 2005 09:28 am
So, I'm starting to think that we need to seriously reconsider this whole "tumbling" thing. Pat almost had his nose broken by David last night.
(By the way, found out tonight that David is dating someone. Eww. Who would date David? Someone who doen't know him very well, and did not see him in his neon spandex outfit last night, obviously.)

On the other hand, you have different fingers.

And I really want to do cartwheels with little lights on my feet, which will look way cool.

And, I wanted to mention, that there is this song on my Maroon 5 cd, called Shameful, where I swear the guy has an orgasm in the the middle. He goes from low moaning to full on loud "Yeah oh yeah". It is very amusing.

So. On to my responses. I LOVE Mulan, which was indeed the correct answer to the last quote. Janeea, Heather, Jean, and Sarah all got it right. Thank you all, including Becky, for the other awesome lines. There are hundreds. (And Becky, I can sing all the songs too. Heh.)

I am going to go to St. Michael's College next year, Jean my dear.

For a prize, you all get this completely unrealted but still spiffy link:

So here is the next quote: "Do you mind? I would like to have a moment with the boy, if it's all right with you!?!"
So yeah well this semester is off to a good start. I don't have any homework other than physics, and I get to go home every other day. Yeah for being a senior!

Also, funny thing to write about again! Yes!

Mrs. Alonso gave Ari a Spanish SAT II book "to have and to hold" and then Ari goes "Till death do us part!"

Then in physics Mr. Welch was trying to explain...umm...well I wasn't paying attention to what principle it was, it might have been Bernoulli's...ANYWAYS he was tryong to illustrate a princlple.

Mr. Welch: When you have a garden hose, and you don't have a nozzle you put your thumb over the spout, and what happens?
Steve: Your thumb gets cold. (I love Steve)

And now, the movie. The answer to the last quote was Finding Neverland. Bart and Jean got it right. For a prize, they get this link to a biographical site about J. M. Barrie.

The next quote is "The flower that blooms in adversity, is the most rare and beautiful of all."


Jan. 9th, 2005 01:00 pm
Hey can someone let me know if we have band on odd or even days, and then I can figure out if I need to bring my clarinet to school tomorrow or not?

I start Band! I am so excited!

Of course I also have to start gym...And frankly I would rather go back to English class than go to gym. That should tell you something. I hear Mrs. Frost is as crazy as they come, so really I have only traded one psycho woman for another.

Oh well.

At least it is only for a quarter.

Now, on to the movie. Bart, Kelli, Emalee, and Steph are all correct. It was Chicken Run. And Em, that thing about Heather being the knitting chicken is really really really funny. By the way, the knitting chicken is named Babs, and she was indeed the speaker in the quote.

For a prize, you all get to know that the voice of one of the rats in Chicken Run also played Peter Pettigrew in The Prisnor of Azkaban movie, who we all know can turn into a rat.

Here is the next quote: "You have to forgive them for being late. It's a long walk from the orphanage. Short legs."



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