Merry Christmas All!!!

(I posed this on FB too, but I just love it so)

So, as happens every year, I got crazy busy in December and neglected my LJ (and after I'd just promised to be better at it in November this year... oops) so I think I'm going to officially go on a break until Jan 1, and start fresh in the New Year.

Hope you all have wonderful holidays, and see you in 2017 (which has to be a better year than 2016, right? RIGHT?)
Secret Santa is truly God's gift to Christmas shopping.

I'm working on that MH review guys, I swear! But my camera battery needs to charge, and I need to stop going off on three paragraph tangents while writing it...

Anywho, I'm still in love with Frozen. I changed my computer desktop to a picture of the sisters, and I'm desperately seeking some LJ icons from it, if anyone knows where I can dig any up. And by all means, if you've seen the movie I would love to talk about it! (Also, it should be a testament to the strength of this movie that it being computer animated didn't even bother me in the slightest.)

If anyone in Vermont wants to go see it while I'm home for Christmas, I would not be opposed to that. :D

Answer to last Tuesday's song: Deck the Halls. [ profile] becofoz got this one right! And here is my favorite version, by John Denver... And the Muppets. :D

Guys, I cannot stop laughing at these. You all need to see them, but please be warned that I am crying from laughing so hard.

Dog shaming!

Here's a festive one for you all to enjoy, even if you don't feel like clicking the link.

If I feel motivated, there may be a brand new Monster High doll review tomorrow!

Answer to last Saturday's song: Journey to the Past, from Anastasia. Janeea got this one right!
Semi-liveblog of the Rockefeller Tree Lighting (aka, my random thoughts while watching it)

-I want Mariah Carey's dress, not that I could fit into it.

-Mary J. Blige looks cold.

-Johnny Rzeznik really cannot sing that song. REALLY NOT. Also, why was he prancing around with that guitar if he had no intention of playing it? It was like a really obtrusive tie. At least he got to wear a scarf and a coat.

-How old is Ariana Grande? She looks about 12 in that outfit, which may not be too far from the truth. She sure is adorable, though.

-Jewel, honey, you must be FREEZING in that get-up. No one will judge you if you wear a coat. Ariana did. P.S. Jewel still sounds exactly the same as she did in the 90's. And looks the same too. So, you know, good for her.

-Everyone has sounded flat to me, except Ariana (who had on a coat and scarf) and Mariah Carey, obvi. Does freezing your ass boobs off make your singing flat?

-Kelly Clarkson is wearing a fucking gorgeous coat, and a scarf, and even little gloves. Because she is smart. And also, pregnant. She does not sound flat, so maybe wearing a scarf is the secret, unless you're Mariah.

-It may or may not be snowing, I can't tell.

-The ring in this Kay Jeweler's ad is butt ugly, and the guy looks not unlike a serial killer. DON'T DO IT, ICE SKATING WOMAN.

-Toni Braxton (in a coat) is singing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas with some guy I've never heard of (Kenny 'Babyface' Edmonds, apparently). He's got a coat on too, but he sounds like crap to me. Toni is singing this song about an octave too low, and it's irritating me, because this is one of my favorite Christmas songs. Did they pair these two up because he sings high like a woman and she sings low like a man? I think they did.

-I almost know who Leona Lewis is. She's wearing a very glittery shirt, but at least it's long sleeved.

-It must be getting colder, because I can see Audra McDonald's breath. And it's definitely showing, which is probably why she's wearing a big heavy coat over her dress. She's giving possibly the best performance of the night so far.

-If The Rockettes are cold, you'll never know it. At least they're moving around? Aaaaaaand kickline!

-And we're back to Mariah. She has changed into an equally gorgeous red dress, with a fur ruff that I doubt is keeping her very warm. The little girl behind her is like, silently arguing with someone (probably a parent) off-camera, and kind of looks like she might bolt off stage at any moment. Ok, she got it together when they started dancing. I wish I could say the same for the kid next to her, who looks terribly unenthused and was bopping the wrong way for a while there.

-Those are some really talented elves/children, let me tell you what.

-Al Roker's hands look too big for his body. Does anyone else notice that?

-A bunch of old white guys are here to light the tree. It's a lot prettier than they are. :P

-Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Answer to last Wednesday's song: Out Tonight, from Rent. Abby... kind of got this one right.
I seriously meant to post this... at least a month ago, but whatever.

Click to see how dorky I am. )

I'll probably upload the rest of the Christmas MH pictures to my Flickr at some point, just in case anyone is interested. :)

I basically got a million DVD's for Christmas, and The Casual Vacancy. Can't want to start reading that as we drive back down to NC!


I really like Christmas. Just in case anyone was wondering. I'm sad that it's almost over.

Happy Christmas Eve!!! I can't wait to start watching A Christmas Story.
So, you may have noticed that I stopped that whole writing for 10 minutes a day thing. Yeah, I fail. Real life and writing papers and driving home for Thanksgiving and then Thanksgiving itself all got in the way.

But, today I went Christmas shopping, and they had a buy one get one free sale at the Disney store, and look! I have a seasonally appropriate icon!

Also, I love Christmas. I love buying people things, and wrapping them, and making people happy. In conclusion, yay Christmas!


How, exactly, is Cars a Christmas movie? I mean, yes, it's a lovely movie and I enjoy it, but it has nothing to do with Christmas.
My Christmas Haul:

-A ruby claddaugh necklace
-Peanut m&m's
-Three of the Ariel's Sisters dolls (Now I only need Andrina)
-Hannah Montana Soundtrack
-It Won't Be Soon Before Long - Maroon 5
-Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
-Shrek the Third

-A Harry Potter Calendar
-A Far Side desk calendar
-Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers (A book by Louise Rennison)
-Music and Lyrics
-An Ariel sweatshirt
-An Ariel magic wand
-This year's Barbie ornament
-Jelly Belly jelly beans (which are actually Belly Flops, the Jelly Bellys that don't quite come out right. They're deformed jelly beans. Matthew gave them to me cause it looks like they're undergoing mitosis. They're AWESOME.)
-Cash money
And if you count what I got at school:
-Harry Potter 20 questions
-A Fullmetal Alchemist calendar
-And a 4' high colorable Cinderella.

Christmas was good, except the one part where several of my relatives went on a "the gays are going to hell and they're disgusting and immoral and shouldn't be waving it in my face and don't deserve any rights" spree, and I was trying vainly to make them see reason, and then I yelled at my aunt and went off and cried.

Disregarding that, I had a wonderful time. We played Life and Trivial Pursuit and ate a lot, and I like most of my family.


And God bless us, everyone!

Alton Brown is my hero

Any man who uses the words "rhizome" and "cotyledons " in a discussion of fruitcakes, and knows that a pecan is not actually a nut (it's a drupe), gets my love.

And that's all I have to say about that.



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