Day 18: Quote - I really struggled with this one, because I love quotes, and how could I pick just one? Finally, I decided to go back to the very first entry on my LJ, because I knew I had started it as a place to record quotes. The very first quote I wrote down was, "I love you. I also love Buster Keaton. But he's dead." This was said by my friend Hannah, and I'm thankful for it because it inspired me to start this journal. And here we all are, 11 years later. :D

Day 19: Clothing - I am most thankful for my sweaters. I have a bunch of button-up sweaters, in various colors (and I'm hoping to get more in the near future) and I wear one every day from September through May. They're light, but they keep me warm, they're easy to get on and off, and I like the multitude of colors.

So, I'm going home to Rutland for Colombus Day break, and I would be there already if Professor Warren would have just cancelled Stats like I asked. I mean, Adolescent Development and Directing were both cancelled today, but no, I have to stick around for 2:30 Stats. Oh well.

We're apparantly having a garage sale this weekend, and I recruited Andrew to come help. It's going to be interesting, especially since Mom's not going to be there... Dad said if there was anything I wanted in the garage, I had to buy it. Fool. Also, does anyone else remember what happened the last time I tried to have a garage sale? With Hannah? No?

So, that's that. If you're in Rutland this weekend, or Monday or Tuesday, and you wanna chill with Andrew and me, give me a call!

Just a heads up:

I'm not going to be around for the next few days. The ever lovely and talented Janeea and I are leaving for Pennsylvania in... 24 minutes to visit the crazy and lovable Hannah Sternberg. We'll be back Tuesday.

So don't look for us, ok?


Hannah Sternberg, if you're reading this, I am a complete and utter MORON.

Once upon a time, before I had 75 things all due the same day, (See: last week) I bought you a birthday card. And now it's two days after your birthday, and it's stting here on my desk and I suck.

But I'm mailing it out today, I swear, and I'm really sorry it's so late.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Better late than never?)
I am now the proud owner of But I'm A Cheerleader.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Hannah for making me watch this movie in the first place. Cause she has excellent taste in movies. Yay Hannah!!
This is just an uber-quick update, while this evil desktop decides to cooperate with me, to apologize to anyone and everyone who wanted to see Hannah S. and didn't get to.

See, Hannah and I were planning a big party thing for the 5th (at least I think it was the 5th), where everyone could see her and we could all have food and fun, but we both woke up that morning puking, and extremely sick with whatever awful virus we caught from my brother. 

So Hannah called David that morning and went home, (and last I knew was home and still sick, but that was days ago so I hope she's better now), and I ate my first solid food today, and ugh.

Once again, I'm awfully awfully sorry that my house got Hannah sick, and you guys didn't get to see her.

And I'm sorry I didn't get to see Sarah and Renee and Jackie and everyone one more time before they all went off to school, but I was too busy moaning on my couch. Bleh.

Hope to see and/or hear from you all soon!

P.S. If you're still in Rutland, I don't go back for another week, and although I have 500 things to do, and am still not 100%, we could theoretically hang out and do easy-going things.
Ok kids, here's the deal.

The hinge on my computer has been broken for months and months, and I'm finally sending it in to be fixed. What that means is, except for when I can wrestle the desktop away from my brother, and fight with it because it HATES ME, I'm not going to be on the internet much, if at all, for the next week or so. So don't expect me to see what you're writing, or be on AIM, or any of that jazz.

Hopefully I'll get my computer back soon, and, God willing, before I go back to school, and I'll let you know when I'll be back on 24/7. :)

Till then, Adios!

I really really REALLY need to get a life.

Thank God Hannah is coming tomorrow, because I actually went to Home Depot with my father tonight, just so I could get out of  the house. (And if you know my father, the construction worker, you know that a 5 minute trip to Home Depot can easily become a 3 hour trip. Yeah)

Fortunately, (for me, not for other people) there was a fire that he had to rush off to, so we were only there for like 10 minutes.

And I changed my icons, yet again, because I AM SO BORED.
I need my home friends.

Not that the ones here aren't wonderful, because they are, (Jenn, especially you) but I need people that I don't have to explain Encore and all my issues to before we can work through this new shit.

I want Neea. And Hannah. And Sarah. And lots of other people, but if I put all your names in here, I'll never stop crying.

I don't want to be me anymore.
You know, I constantly think of/experience things that I want to put in here, and then when I sit down to type I can't remember any of them. WTF?

Random Events of My Life

- The only reason I got dressed today was becasue it's Kirstin's birthday and we had a little party for her. That means I got dressed at about 6:00pm.

- Emily made us key lime pie for Kirstin's party, and I've never had that before, but it was DELICIOUS.

- My Catholic college is currently showing The Birdcage on the movie channel, and we now also get LOGO, the gay channel. (Both of which I consider good things, just weird given the context.) And I was channel surfing at 3:00am (don't even ask) and Queer as Folk was on it and I watched it and it was SO FUCKING GOOD. God I love Hal Sparks. It's an amazing show. GAH.

- My philosophy professor wore a purple and yellow striped tie the other day, and when he walked into wheeled into entered the room, in my head I went HUFFLEPUFF TIE! YOU ARE A HUFFLEPUFF! AWWWWWWWWWWW! I think Hufflepuffs would be philosophy majors, don't you?

- I am a huge dork.

- I tried out for the directing scenes, and the cast list goes up tomorrow. AHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm so freaking nervous. I really need to be on a stage again. It's not that I don't like stage managing, because I do, but I'm also an attention whore and I need to be SEEN.

- Blackfriars came and did A Midsummer Night's Dream and it was SO AMAZING. And Puck was a satyr. How cool is that? But they cut the character of Snout, and I don't know why. Oh, and the other show they're doing this season? Cyrano.

- The Monty Python show goes off book tomorrow night... That's all I'm going to say about that.

- We watched Sleepy Hollow tonight. I don't know how, but I'd forgotten just how beautiful Johnny Depp is. Yes, I have 3 posters of him on my walls, but he's so much better in motion.

- That movie always reminds me of Hannah. I LOVE MY HANNAH! I MISS MY HANNAH!

I'll be back tomorrow if I think of anything else. Peace!

ETA: Somehow I forgot the part where we, as a suite, with boys, watched Alice In Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy. That's right kids, we watched Alice in Wonderland porn. From the 70's. And it was actually sort of good, like with a followable plot. I'd watch it again, in fact. But there were musical numbers! With choreography! And only one of them was about a penis!

Oh, I love my suite.
Skanked from Hannahmylove, aka [ profile] tea_and_snark

Tell me the fictional character I remind you of, and tell me why you think that. Later, I'll tell you all which fictional character I identify with most. Have fun!

I think this looks like a fun thing to read...
I guess I just don't have it in me to go on about my Fall Break and its extreme awesomeness, but let me just say I SAW BECKY AND JANEEA AND I LOVE THEM BOTH!

Oh, God, and apple picking with my family? Always an adventure. I love them all so very very much. For example:
Dad: *tries, and fails, to give directions*
Mom: Why are you such a fuckhead?

They've been married 30 years this May. That's all I'm saying.

Heh, and we went to see the geese (up near Middlebury somewhere), and it was one of Dad's Wild Goose Chases (TM) LITERALLY.*

What else's been up? Ummmm...

Oh, in Psych we learned about this researcher from JOHNS HOPKINS who lost his professorship-ness because he used unethical methods, and also because he left his wife for his research assistant who he later married. (What a legacy your school has Hannah, what a legacy.)

That's all I have the energy for right now. It's time for bed because I have a big philosophy test in the morning. Oh joy, oh rapture.

*I'm going to assume, since you all didn't grow up with my father, that none of you get this. So let me explain. All the time when we were younger, my dad would hear about a place/event/waterfall/building that he thought we should all go see. So we would plan, or sometimes improv, these car trips to wherever he had in mind. Only, my dad has pretty much no sense of direction, and is usually in the wrong lane, literally and metaphorically. So we would always end up driving around for hours, having no idea where we were or how to get to where we wanted to be, but we would somehow always end up there eventually/miraculously. And these outings came to be know as Dad's Wild Goose Chases. And we went to see geese. Get it now?
Today I was a neuron. And I got to squeeze a cute boy. Therefore, I like neurons.

Hannah, I got a book from the library on America's Public Schools, and on the back it says "The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore." And yay, cause Johns Hopkins = Hannah and Hannah = love.

Oh, and my Psych TA, who teaches our "lab" must have been cold today, if you know what I mean. And I got to thinking, she's not that much older than us, what do the boys think of it? And what do I think of it? Cause she's hot you know. And much easier to understand than my real Psych teacher

Other than that, I actually like Philosophy, my Chem teacher tends to piss me off because he makes everything WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more complicated than it needs to be, (I miss Mr. Lopes!) and my love life is still non-existant. Boo.
Oh my God.

I've got to share this fic.

Someone has got to read this, to feel it with me, to appreciate its beauty and its perfection.

Oh, God, the feeling.

I'm almost crying here.

I'd prefer if the someone is Hannah, she'll appreciate it in a different way than I do, and I like to know what she thinks, but everyone who knows Wolfstar and read HBP should read it.

Oh God.
Megan's random thought of the day:

I think they should give Trace Atkins a grammy purely for inventing and using in context the word "badonkadonk." (Geeze, how do you even SPELL that?)

Because you can't hear that word and not giggle.

P.S. How do you make words into links? I know Hannah knows how to do it... Help?
Reason number 569835 to not have frosted glass doors:

You can't see through the fucking things. Which leads you to push open the door and smack the poor water delivery guy in the wrist. (And then he sues you, and your company, and the idiot who decided to put frosted glass doors in too, if he's smart.)

Well, another year, another Party on the Hill. And it was AWESOME.

We played Volleyball for Theater Kids... In which people scream and duck instead of hitting the ball, and if you make contact, we all cheer. Even if the ball ends up in a tree.

The bugs weren't even all that bad, the fireworks were spectacular, we played poker and dominoes and the food was good and Kim and Sarah and Hannah and Janeea are awesome, and it really is a redneck party. And I love it.

Also, Sidney and Charlotte are just too fucking cute. ARGH. They came over last night and went swimming and then proceeded to trash my room, but I didn't really mind, because they're SO CUTE. (Sidney is almost 4 and Charlotte will be 2 on the 23rd, same as Emalee.)

Which reminds me, MY BIRTHDAY IS FRIDAY! YIPPEE!!! 19 years. They just flew by, really.

I had more stuff to say, but now I forget. Oh well.

P.S. Presents for Hannah! Clickie!
Look at all the pretties! )
I meant to do this earlier, but my internet spazzed out, so here it is now:


I love you and I miss you and I fully intend to harass you over the internet. Good luck with your applications, and for that matter, your life, down in Amish country.

And I would like to open this post up for anyone and everyone to say things to Hannah. Tell her whatever you want to, wish her well, have fun.

(Hannah, hopefully you have internet access and can see this. *MUAH*)
Went to lunch at The Coffee Exchange with my mom, where we ran into and then joined Hannah and her dad. Heh. (Sidenote: My mother seemed to think that we would not be able to get lunch at 2:00 because everywhere would be closed. I was like, 'what planet do you live on?' Restaurants open in the morning, and they close at night, and they serve food in-between. They don't close at 1:30 and just stop serving. Usually.)

Then I went to the mall and Wal-Mart with Heather, Emalee, Jess, Eric, and Renee, and bought some clothes and some geeky things; by which I mean little packets that dissolve in water to reveal little plastic Disney Princesses.

And I want more of them, but mom has basically forbidden me to buy any more, so... my birthday is the 14th... They have a cute name too, zizzlingers or something like that. I'll see if I can find a link later.

It was a nice day. Calm. Maybe tomorrow I'll update with quotes from the Billy Connoly thing we watched tonight.
Life Conclusions:

-Firefly is AWESOME. I mean, I always knew it would be, but now I've CONCLUDED it.

-I need some Firefly icons.

-Guilt is a very powerful motivator. (I came to this conclusion after watching American Justice. Just don't ask me why I was watching that.

-Cooper Neilson from Center Stage IS Chris Archer. Don't even try to argue, because you won't convince me.

-Hannah needs to pick a time for dinner tomorrow. :)

-This entry is over.



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