Just finished watching Zootopia. I had heard that it was good, but it was so much better than I anticipated! I loved all the little references and allusions to other movies (both Disney and non) and it's also so, SO appropriate for our current situation.

I really can't wait to see Moana now! I mean, I was excited before, because Lin and The Rock, but now even more so. Disney is the best. 
1. Sorry not sorry, but I am not here for unarticulated Monster High dolls (the articulation is one of their strongest points!) and I don't much care for the new faces either. I have already started branching out my doll collection to other options, something I was previously avoiding mainly for budgetary reasons. I may be all right with this.

2. I bought a little porcelain Rapunzel doll at an antiques fair on Saturday (where I also got fantastically sunburned) and it reminded me how much I used to love porcelain dolls. Andrew, apparently, finds them unsettling. The one I got is ok by him though, because she's little and not super realistic. Here's pic from the internet; I'll take some of my own when I clean her up a bit. I find her so interesting because she's from 1986, and yet she looks so much like she was influenced by Tangled (purple dress, flowers in the hair, transparent sleeves). I wish mine had come with a stand, but what do you want for $8? Also, if anyone knows how to get mystery rust-looking stains out of doll clothes (which I can't remove, because they're sewn onto her) I'm open to suggestions.

3. I may be really getting into Funko Pops. They used to kind of creep me out, and I only bought one or two, but now, there are so many, and I totally bought both Joey & Chandler (they have a tiny chick and a tiny duck!) and will probably get the rest of the Friends eventually. Send help? (in the form of Pops!)
Well, I'm sad that we're not going to get any snow here (WHERE IS MY WINTER, MASSACHUSETTS?) so here are some funny pictures from my Pinterest. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: There is some interesting language under here. And I fucking love Thranduil.

I'm in a very LotR mood lately... )
So, this post is about three days later than I intended to make it, because I had it almost finished and accidentally closed the window and LJ for some reason decided not to autosave it...

Anyway, once upon a time, Disney decided to jump on the ‘teenage versions of the fairy tale characters you know and love’ bandwagon about two years too late, and made a move called Descendants. The premise of this movie is that the Disney villains were defeated and banished to an island called the Isle of the Lost, which has a barrier around it to keep them in and magic out. The Disney heroes live on the mainland, in a single unified kingdom ruled by Belle and the Beast.

Now it’s 20 years later, and the teenage son of Belle and the Beast, Ben, has decided, for no apparent reason, as it’s the first scene in the movie and he’s given no motivation, to invite four of the teenaged children of these villains to go to his fancy prep school with him and his friends and have a shot at a normal life.

This movie is not big on explanations, like why Belle and Beast get to be the grand high king and queen, or why Ben chose these four villain kids to come, but it really doesn’t matter. I was super excited to watch it, not least of all because they somehow got Kristin Chenoweth to play Maleficent.

Thus, I present to you the notes I took while watching this crack-tacular movie, updated with small, very spoilery, plot summaries so you can follow along. Though I must say, if you like Disney at all, it’s totally worth your time to watch this.
They're rotten to the core. Kind of. )

So, that's that. Someone please tell me they also watched this. Or at least watch Chenolificent's dance so we can talk about it.
Andrew and I finally went to see Cinderella last night, and I absolutely loved it.

Before seeing it, I was torn between being really excited for a Disney fairy tale movie, and feeling like yet another Cinderella adaptation was a bit unnecessary. Fortunately, it was different enough to interest me, and yet totally true to the story and the Disney version of said story (with adorable, appropriate, and not obnoxious call backs to the Disney version, like a cat named Lucifer, and Sing Sweet Nightingale.) I also think there are references to Ever After (or possibly just coincidences) and the Rodgers & Hammerstein version (the prince's name is Kit, which I believe is traditionally a nickname for Christopher Rupert Windemere Vladimir Karl Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot Herman Gregory James.

I teared up more than once, including when Cinderella arrived at the ball and everyone stared at her, which is ridiculous because 1. That scene is in every Cinderella movie and has never affected me like that, 2. I was expecting it, and 3. I never tear up at happy things. This movie is just that good.

My only minor quibble is that they went to the trouble of giving Lady Tremaine a motive and some backstory, and then wrote her off at the end in a single line almost as an afterthought. That was sloppy, but it's how the story goes, so I was willing to let it go and just revel in everything else. Her Cateness was phenomenal (obviously) the stepsisters were perfect, the costumes were to die for, they gave everyone (including the prince and the king) more characterization than usual, filled in some plot holes, and that weird CGI thing they were doing to Madden's eyes must have been just in the trailers, because they were a perfectly acceptable, human shade of blue in the movie.

I just loved it. I already want to see it again. (And Frozen Fever was amazing too. I need more Frozen.)
Today is the day that The Little Mermaid was released in theaters 25 years ago! It was the first movie I ever saw in a theater, at the tender age of two, it inspired my brother's name, and it has been my favorite movie since I was old enough to know what it meant to have a favorite movie. My collection of TLM stuff is massive, and I'm not ashamed.

To celebrate this anniversary, I thought we'd have a little TLM picspam, culled from my Pinterest. If I were at home, I could also use the bajillion pictures I have saved on my laptop, but then again at home I probably wouldn't have the motivation to work on a post like this (motivation: see also, killing time until my meeting).

Humans used to sit around and stare at each other all day. That's very boring. )

Happy Anniversary!
So, I'm not exactly a gamer, and I'm surely not a video game expert, but please indulge my comments on this list of "Ten Video Games that Leave the Violence Behind" (NB: I am 100% all right with violent video games, I was just curious to see what was on the list.)

Number three is Kingdom Hearts, one of the very few (actually, maybe the ONLY) video game I have ever played from start to finish. It is, quite literally, all about violence. Except for the very first level where you go around collecting coconuts and fish, 95% of what you do in Kingdom Hearts is beat the bad guys with your keyblade until they die. The other five percent is gain experience so you can beat them to death more effectively and/or upgrade your weapons for the same reason. Well, there is a story to follow and some things to collect along the way, but it is almost all hitting progressively bigger things until they die and give you all their munny, XP and MP. Who the hell played this and thought it was non-violent? Did they only play the Winnie-the-Pooh part? Just because it's got Disney characters doesn't make it all sunshine and rainbows; my strategy for beating Maleficent was to let Goofy and Donald beat the crap out of her until she was almost dead, while I hid on a high ledge and healed them, then swoop in for the finishing blow. How is this leaving the violence behind?

The next game on their list is Mario Kart Wii. On the one hand, at least the goal here isn't to beat people to death. On the other hand, between blowing people up, being run over, running people off the track, things trying to hit and bite you, and the inevitable swearing and throwing of things that happens in real life when you play Mario Kart (you never really learn to swear until you learn to play Mario Kart) I hesitate to call this one non-violent either. Plus, it allows you to ruin the dreams of your friends and family members, not just pixels.

Further down the list, they have Pirate 101. I've got exactly zero experience with this, but I have a hard time believing that a game about pirates doesn't have any violence in it. Then they have Portal, which I haven't played either, but isn't it about a killer AI? I feel like there's going to be some violence in there at some point.

At least I can vouch that Just Dance is non-violent, unless you're me and are constantly kicking furniture and whacking your hand into the fan pull while you're dancing.

Answer to last Wednesday's song: Science Fiction Double Feature, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. [livejournal.com profile] becofoz got this one right!
Don't ask me why I forgot to post last night, because I don't have a good answer.

Anyway, I haven't got too much that I want to post about at the moment, but we did just watch Frozen for the second time. Did you guys know that there's a scene after the credits? If you haven't watched it, you definitely should. :D

Please also enjoy this other thing we noticed for the first time during this viewing:

Answer to last Tuesday's song: Story of My Life, by One Direction. No one guessed this.
Answer to last Wednesday's song: Your Song, by Elton John. [livejournal.com profile] kaitydid33087 got this one right!
That is all.

Answer to last Thursday's song: These Words, by Natasha Bedingfield. No one guessed this.

At this point, I'm pretty sure that The Knot is trolling me. This was the subject line in their e-mail to me today: Countless Ways To Incorporate The Hottest Favor of the Year Into Your Wedding! and this is what was in the e-mail:

It's like they know that I hate mason jars and burlap at weddings, and they made this e-mail just to irritate me. I'm also pretty much over mustaches too.

On the other hand, Pinterest is my new best friend. I was using it for wedding ideas only, but I got bored with that and started looking for fun Disney stuff over there. Here's a sampling of my favorite finds:

Frozen spoilers, swearing, and totally inappropriate jokes under here )

Answer to last Tuesday's song: Girl Anachronism, by The Dresden Dolls. Janeea got this one right!

I'm working on that MH review guys, I swear! But my camera battery needs to charge, and I need to stop going off on three paragraph tangents while writing it...

Anywho, I'm still in love with Frozen. I changed my computer desktop to a picture of the sisters, and I'm desperately seeking some LJ icons from it, if anyone knows where I can dig any up. And by all means, if you've seen the movie I would love to talk about it! (Also, it should be a testament to the strength of this movie that it being computer animated didn't even bother me in the slightest.)

If anyone in Vermont wants to go see it while I'm home for Christmas, I would not be opposed to that. :D

Answer to last Tuesday's song: Deck the Halls. [livejournal.com profile] becofoz got this one right! And here is my favorite version, by John Denver... And the Muppets. :D

Sorry y'all, I don't have the energy for a MH review tonight, because I didn't have as much time at home today. And why was that? Because we went to see Frozen! (And had to sit in the second row because the theater was so packed!)

I don't want to do a spoilery review, since the movie's only been out for like a week, but here are some non-spoilery reasons you should go see Frozen!

-Realistic snow! People out in it get cold, it sticks to clothes, it's hard to walk through, and it's both beautiful and dangerous. I <3 snow, and I loved seeing it so well done!

-Idina Menzel. I literally got goosebumps during her first big song.

-All the music, really. I'm totally getting the soundtrack for Christmas.

-First Disney movie directed by a woman!

The whole movie is great. I laughed, I cried (only a little), it's beautifully animated, the characters are likable, and did I mention Idina? Girl can SANG. Oh, and the costumes were super gorgeous too. I already want to go see it again. :D

Answer to last Sunday's song: The Christmas Song. [livejournal.com profile] becofoz got this one right!

Here's a video of Nat King Cole doing his (probably most famous) version:
I know you're all DYING to know what I think of Ariel on Once Upon A Time, so here are some assorted thoughts! I started writing this halfway through the episode, so about half of these were happening in real time, lol.

Look at this stuff! )

Answer to last Sunday's song: Candy, by Mandy Moore. See, because last Sunday's post was about Halloween candy? No? I guess not, since no one got this.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] letsgokomets!!! As a birthday present, and as mentioned on your LJ, here are my answers to the letter meme that I agreed to do... In January. Oh well, better late than never.

Comment saying you want a letter, and then after I give you one, write about ten things you like which start with that letter.

I was given the letter H! )

Answer to last Monday's song: Because of You, by 98 Degrees. Appropriately enough, [livejournal.com profile] letsgokomets got this one right!
We watched Nik Wallenda walk across the Grand Canyon tonight... I can't decide if he's brave, crazy, stupid, or some combination of the three, but it sure was an interesting event to witness.

The best part was that they had paramedics stationed at the bottom of the canyon, just in case. You may as well have had a hearse down there, because I don't think you can survive a fall of 1500 feet.

Answer to last Sunday's song: Breakfast at Tiffany's, by Deep Blue Something. No one guessed this.

P.S. [livejournal.com profile] letsgokomets is hosting Disney week on her LJ this week, so I'm going to do another round of Disney song quotes here to go along with that. :D
Some very pressing Disney questions I've been pondering lately:

1. If Maurice had changed his story in the tavern from "Belle is being held in a dungeon by a horrible monstrous beast!" to "Belle is being held in a dungeon by a madman/bandits!" do you this Gaston etc. would have come with him to help? I mean, nothing gets a girl to want to bang and/or marry you like saving her from imprisonment.

2. Don't you think Quasimodo and Rapunzel would have had a lot to talk about? And maybe Frollo and Mother Gothel could trade "keeping your stolen/adopted child securely imprisoned in their lofty abode" tips.

Answer to last Friday's song: Walking in Memphis, by Marc Cohn. Kelli got this one right!
Guys, I finally broke down.

For like, weeks, maybe even months, every time I've gone to Wal-Mart I have resisted buying this doll. I just didn't like the look of her, the color palette of her makeup wasn't my thing, I didn't need another cat... And yet, every time I would go and stare at her and think, "Someday, she's going to be impossible to find, and I'm going to suddenly change my mind about her and want her (like I did with Spectra) and not be able to find her and regret not buying her when she was plentiful and ARGH." So I finally just said fuck it and bought her.

Please enjoy my two Disney Animator dolls propping up my latest MH addition, Caterine DeMew.

I don't know, I guess I just couldn't talk myself out of her anymore. She's a new character! New characters are exciting! She is pretty, her art is gorgeous, and I really REALLY like her shoes (yeah, all right, so the shoes are totally what got me. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be). The colors have grown on me, and my family used to have an all white cat, so it was really just a matter of time.

I haven't opened her yet, but I wanted to ask: Do any of you have Caterine? What do you think? Do you like her? The one I got spoke to me, because she seems to have a softer look around her eyes than others I've seen. I think it's because of how her eyebrows are screened. (Andrew thinks I'm crazy, but I swear they're at a less severe angle than those of the other Caterines I've looked at.) Has anyone else noticed this, or am I actually, in fact, crazy?

Answer to last Tuesday's song: Boys of Summer, and the version I have is by the Ataris.
Spoilers for tonight's Once Upon A Time )

Answer to last Sunday's song: Be Prepared from The Lion King, sung by Jeremy Irons.

And this concludes Disney week! Back to non-Disney songs (at least mostly) tomorrow.
I just want to record this here now, so I can look back on it later and see if I was right or not: I predicted last week that the direction Once Upon A Time is headed is Regina doing a heel face turn and joining forces with the good guys to fight a larger evil. Of course, that larger evil is her mother (Andrew said Rumplestiltskin, but I shot that down) and after this week's episode I defnitely think that's where we're going.

I have to say that I dig this direction (as long as we all keep in mind that Regina did kill people, people I Emma loved) but she's definitely more of a sympathetic evil than her mom. Also, Reggie being the villain is so last season. ;)

And I didn't tear up towards the end of this episode, swear.

P.S. I am not sold on Mulan. I don't know what it is, but I just don't like this version of her (which is weird, since if you know me, you know I can RECITE Mulan backwards and forwards. LOVE that movie.)

As the title indicates, this is the last installment in my In Defense of Disney Series. All the other essays can be read by clicking on the 'in defense of disney' tag, and I hope everyone has enjoyed reading them!

Character: Jasmine, from Aladdin

Criticism: “This princess must get married to satisfy the requirements of the law. Her reluctance to do so causes her powerful father no end of trouble. She is enslaved by a powerful man and is only saved by the wit of a street rat.”

Cut for length and TW for enslavement (is that a trigger? I'm not sure, so I'm warning for it) )

Next up: I'm considering a passionate treatise on how much I fucking love The Princess and the Frog, but I'm not really sure I will. Tiana is a beautiful example of a more modern Disney princess/heroine, but I don't have the experience necessary to discuss the race issue in any detail, and it might be doing everyone a disservice to leave it out. On the other hand, I love Tiana, and as the movie makes her race a non-issue, perhaps I could too. I'm torn.



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