September 6th, 2004: God I was embarrassing when I was younger. I don't even remember where the limericks were posted, or what they said... Though I'm pretty sure the 'werewolf from Nantucket' crack was my idea of a very funny joke.

September 6th, 2007: Oh, Seshomaru. I still love him, and he grows to murder fewer people as the series goes on. He's just the fluffiest killer ever. As for the second part of that post, I really did not like that class. Father Mac was supposed to be the best priest/teacher ever, but he just annoyed the CRAP out of me. So I was pretty much making my own fun every time I had that class.

Answer to last Friday's song: Real World, by Matchbox 20. No one guessed this. Also, looking at that post, I noticed that I didn't give the answer last Friday to the song the week before that... So, the answer to the song on August 23rd was Hey Jealousy, by the Gin Blossoms. No one guessed this one either.

Does anyone else find Kaede's way of talking extremely annoying? No one else in the feudal era talks like that, and Kikyo (her sister, who I assume was raised by the same people in the same place and the same time as Kaede) doesn't talk like that (and I mean in flashbacks, not after she was resurrected from her ashes) so why the hell does Kaede?

P.S. Since it's summer, I'm free to stay up and watch Inuyasha again. And, since it's also on Saturdays at 11:00 again, which makes it very easy to view, expect more rhetorical musings about it in the near future. I'm pretty sure I did this last summer too. 

In fact, I just watched the episodes with Yura again, and I know I did a post about that before. Also, I still love her, and she's still bat-shit crazy.

Oy. My mom made corned beef and cabbage, and potatoes, and Irish sodabread, and shamrock shaped chocolate chip cookies for dinner, and I ate waaaaay too much and I love St. Patrick's Day.

And now,

I swear I'm going to do the Harry Potter ones, just... In yet another post. Because I'm watching The Luck of the Irish on Disney, and I want to pay more attention to it now that the mom's a leprechaun. It gets more interesting from this point on.
Yet another meme skanked form [profile] siriusly_sex.

Pick a character and I will answer the following:
1) What is your opinion of this character? If you like, explain why you like him/her. Likewise if you dislike the character.
2) Is he/she important to the general plot?
3) Can you relate to this character at all? Do they grip you emotionally?
4) How much do you like the fandom that this character comes from?
5) Do you ship this character with any other character? Or, are you particularly intrigued by their relationship with any other character(s)? (romance or platonic)
6) Is there anything about the character you would change?
7) If you were in the fandom with this character or knew this character in real life, how do you see yourself interacting with him/her? (Would you get along well? Fall in love with? Dislike? Friendly rivalry? etc etc)
8) Does this character make the cut as one of your all time favorites (if you like) or least favorites?
9) Would you hype up this character (if you like) or warn about (if you dislike) to someone whose new to the fandom?
10) Is this character popular with the fanbase?

Fandoms are Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Star Wars, and primarily Harry Potter. (That is, I'm most into Harry Potter fandom on the internet.) 

ETA: As pointed out by [profile] siriusly_sex, I'm in Firefly fandom too.

Points for obscure-ish characters. (But not TOO obscure. I have to be able to answer the questions, after all.)

Since I was randomly awake at 5:00 this morning, I watched Inuyasha.

And I have to say that Jakken's Plan to Steal the Tetsusaiga is one of the best episodes. Jakken as a sword sharpening monk? Priceless. And Rin is so cute. And Kagome sees Inuyasha naked. (Also, I do not object to them showing Inuyasha and Miroku shirtless in the hot springs. No, I do not object AT ALL. Yes, I think anime characters are hot. Deal with it.) Oh, and Jakken gets Kagome's jewel shards, and totally does not realize what they are. It made me facepalm on his behalf.

What really kills me though, is that Jakken freaking succeeds in stealing the Tetsusaiga, (eventually, after two plans that fail in hilarious ways), by making a hot spring for them to bathe in. And then Rin drops it to save him. Because she is adorable. And Sesshomaru knows nothing about any of it.

I like them playing Rock, Paper, Scissors too. The thought of the seasoned/jaded warriors Inuyasha, Miroku, and Sango playing that game, and being upset over losing, is just hilarious to me.


Inuyasha: (naked, and in the hot springs) No peeking now!
Jakken: (not realizing Inuyasha doesn't even know he's there, averting his eyes) Sorry! I didn't realize!
Kagome: Who'd want to look at you?
Me: *raises hand*

Sesshomaru: *saves Jakken's life, doesn't even notice, walks away*
Jakken: Oh, he's so dashing! (I laughed SO HARD at this. Jakken/Sesshomaru FTW.)

Miroku: *grabs Sango's ass for the umpteenth time, with his wind tunnel hand* This hand is more cursed than I thought!
Sango: It's your personality that's cursed.

Finally, on a non-Inuyasha related note, I'm leaving for NYC tonight to see Spring Awakening tomorrow with the drama club. Be back Sunday!

1. There are not words enough to describe how much I love snow.

2. I hate hormones. I've wanted to cry at the least provocation for the past three days. I should just watch Pan's Labyrinth again and get it out. (Seriously, I was reading on Wikipedia about Kagura dying in the Inuyasha manga and I got teary. It's ridiculous.)

3. Anyone who really wants to know me should look at my collection of Livejournal icons. They represent all of my interests, as well as my OCD, and their relative numbers are also telling. I have the most Harry Potter and Little Mermaid ones. In those, I have a shit-ton of Ariel and Ron icons. In those, I have the most from the penultimate scene in TLM, and A LOT of quotes by Ron. 
My icon collection is the best representation of myself that I have, and I'm petrified of losing it.

The following is really just for my future reference, and is in no way a request for the items listed below. I decided to put it in my LJ because this way I won't lose it.

What Megan Wants for Christmas:
-The Inuyasha and/or FMA calendars I saw in Borders today
-Chocolate Frogs
-The rest of the FMA DVD's that I don't own
-Music and Lyrics (movie and/or soundtrack)
-Maroon 5's new cd
-Hannah Montana Soundtrack
-Little Mermaid Sweatshirt
-The Scorpion King
-Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
-Georgia Nicholson book #6
-Two tickets to see TLM on Broadway. Seriously, I'm thinking of just asking mom to have all the relatives contribute money to this instead of buying me Christmas presents. Because I REALLY want to go, and it's too expensive for just my mom to do. 
Meme skanked from [profile] siriusly_sex.

Name your top six TV shows right now, before reading the questions.
1. Boston Legal
2. Pushing Daisies
3. Firefly
4. Criminal Minds
5. Sex and the City
6. Inuyasha

 You know what? I like Jennifer Lopez. And I like Avril Lavigne. I like songs by Toby Keith, but he's kind of an asshole. I don't like Vince Vaughn. I don't ever want to see Anchorman, because I'm not overly find of Will Ferrell. I like the Owen brothers. I like Hayden Christensen. I like Claire Danes. I don't like Fergie. I love Fullmetal Alchemist and Inuyasha. I don't find Sarah Silverman particularly funny. There's lots of stuff/people I like and don't like.

But mostly, I hate feeling like I have to apologize for these opinions.

It must be exhausting being Sesshomaru. The number of people/demons he's had to kill simply because they wouldn't get out of his way is enormous. You'd think they'd learn. And that's not even accounting for all the people/demons he kills for other reasons. Oh, how I love him. (Yes, I do know how that makes me sound. Don't care.)

On a completely different note entirely, we were talking about lies in Christian Ethics today, and Father Mac was telling us about organizations that require their members to lie and hide their membership. It was at that point that I started laughing uncontrollably, because all I could think was "The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club."

I bet people in that class wonder about my sanity.

Two notes on Megan's dorkiness when it comes to fictional relationships:

MIROKU ASKED SANGO TO BEAR HIS CHILDREN!!! NO, IN A GOOD WAY. (I mean it. Like, he asked her in a serious "If we survive this whole hunting down Naraku thing, will you live with me and bear my children?" way. Which is as close to a marriage proposal as either of them is ever going to get.) YAY MIROKU!!!

I was listening to the radio, and the DJ was reading the top complaints wives have about their husbands, and vice versa. One of them was that men don't like it when their wives roll their eyes at them. It's condescending, and doesn't lead to a lasting/good relationship. I have two words on this subject. Hermione Granger.

Now I really want to re-read all seven books agian, and count how many times she rolls her eyes at Ron. Not even at Ron or Harry, or in general, but specifically AT RON. I bet the number's in the thousands. 

So... Bankotsu has a really big sword. And I mean that. It's ludicrously large. Also, he refers to it as "my companion."


1. Lord Sesshomaru does not take orders from anyone. Even Naraku. Example quote: "It was Naraku's doing, and I refuse to play by his rules."

2. Sesshomaru is not going to admit that he cares about Rin (even though he totally does). Ever. If you kidnap her, he might come to save her. Maybe. If he doesn't have anything better to do. And if he's in the mood.

3. Sesshomaru is regarded by some, including Kagura, as the only demon capable of killing Naraku. I'm not completely sure I agree with that (see my next point), but it does speak volumes about his ability.

4. Despite trying on many many MANY occasions, Sesshomaru has never been able to kill Inuyasha. And Inuyasha is the only person/demon thus far to have seriously injured Sesshomaru. Twice. So what makes Naraku think he'll be able to succeed this time? Especially since the brothers seem to be on friendlier terms now that they worked together to defeat the panther demon, and since Inuyasha's red Tetsusaiga is really freakin' super-special-awesome strong.

5. Sesshomaru has been known to kill demons simply for not moving out of his way fast enough. If you dare to mess with anything of his, including Rin, he's probably going to kill you.

6. Lord Sesshomaru regards himself as the greatest demon in the history of ever who deigned to grace the earth with his presence. He sees everyone else as nothing more than dirt on the bottom of his shoe. This is both his greatest strength (it allows him to fight without fear or trepidation) and his greatest weakness (he frequently underestimates his opponents). It also means that he's not going to explain himself to anyone. Especially not Inuyasha.

7. Sesshomaru rarely shows any emotions, positive, negative, or otherwise. So if he looks angry or upset, watch out, And if he smiles, RUN.

8. Sesshomaru has never been truly defeated. He's even managed to get away from Inuyasha's attacks, including the Wind Scar, more than once. On top of his inherent awesome-ness, he also has Tokajin and the Tessaiga. So you'd be a fool to believe that you've killed him without actually seeing his dead body. And possible dismembering it for good measure.

9. Sesshomaru is not doomed, he is not weak and no matter what you may think, Naraku, you have not absorbed him into yourself. Please. Read the other facts and learn why this is so.

10. Sesshomaru's sword, Tessaiga, brings people back from the dead. So even if you kill Rin, that's not going to accomplish much.

If Inuyasha and Sesshomaru could ever stop being male long enough to work together, they could totally take out Naraku.

P.S. Rin/Kohaku = Tru Luv!!!  (Seriously though, they are ADORABLE together.)

This has been bothering me forever. I'm such a dork.
Ok. The Inuyasha episode "Farewell Days of My Youth" is officially the best episode EVER. 

This is true, if for no other reason than the part where Kagome talks about "family unions" being a time when "parents, grandparents, and siblings get together to eat, talk and enjoy each other's company." Which is immediately followed by Inuyasha picturing himself and Sesshomaru sitting across from each other over a plate of food, with lightening crackling between them. I laughed my ass off.

There's also the part where Miroku almost gets peed on, invites Sango into his bed, and then gets attacked by her. And the part where very old lady agrees to have his children. And the part where Inuyasha hits on Shippo. (If you think I'm making that last one up, I'm totally not.)

Final thought: Anyone else think that Inuyasha's turning into a human once a month on the night of the new moon is like his version of a period? He even said "Of all the times!"

Question: How does Inuyasha get all the bloodstains out of his clothes?

Quote by Shippo: (In regards to Miroku) Please don't let me grow up to be like him.

 Reason number 5246 to love Inuyasha: Even with the threat of imminent death/liquidation looming overhead, our heroes still find time for Inuyasha to walk in on naked!Kagome and hilarity to ensue as he sees her OMG BOOBIEZ!

Reason number 5247: Itty-bitty Miroku and Shippo popping up out of Inuyasha's hair seconds thereafter.

Also, lets make some lists...

List of Kagome's powers:
- Being the reincarnation of Kikyo
- Ability to see sacred jewel shards
- Ability to make ordinary arrows into super-special-awesome sacred arrows
- Almost never misses her target
- Can always save Inuyasha's ass when he needs it
- Control over Inuyasha, in the form of sending him smashing face first into the ground whenever he annoys her
- Ability to fashion Inuyasha's outer robe-thing into a stylish kimono, complete with giant bow in back
- Ability to make sleeves on said robe-thing turn from long, wide, and billowy to short and tight

List of people who know Inuyasha is totally in love with Kagome:
- Kagome
- Shippo
- Miroku
- Sango
- Kilala
- Tokajin
- Kikyo
- Naraku
- Kagura
- Kanna
- Goshinki
- Koga
- Kaede
- Myoga
- Sesshomaru (as much as he can understand love)
- Every demon Inuyasha's ever protected Kagome from
- Hell, even Kohaku's probably figured it out, and he can't even remember who HE is

You know who's not on this list? Inuyasha.

This is my last post for today. Probably.

Inuyasha: "I am prepared to leap into Hell with Kikyo, if that is her wish." (Oddly enough, that's the most romantic thing I've heard in a long time. I suppose devotion like that died along with the Feudal era...)

"I wish Kikyo would just disappear from our lives forever." (Me too honey, me too.)

Oh, and I think I should add that those lines weren't said back to back like that. Inuyasha's line was said when Kagome wasn't even in his era, and Kagome's was in a flashback.
Why why WHY isn't Fantastic Four playing in Rutland? It's not like it's an obscure movie. I think I have a reasonable right to expect to be able to see it.

Also, and completely unrelated-ly, I enjoy the interaction between Inuyasha and Koga. It's like a mutual: "I really REALLY don't like you, and I kind of want to kill you, but I suppose we should work together. Because we're stronger that way. And especially because Kagome wants us to."

Oh, and in this other episode I watched, Inuyasha and Sango were both injured and lying in a hut, recovering. Only Sango was on a nice reed mat, all held together and neat, and Inuyasha was on a pile of hay.

Finally, Juromaru and Kageromaru are the freakest things EVER.

And that ends my random thoughts for the night.

Some of the birdies in the nest outside have hatched! And they are hideous! (But what do you expect? They'll be cuter when they grow some more feathers.)

I can't remember if I posted this in here already... These birds (that I think are finches) built a nest in my mom's wreath by our front porch and laid five eggs in it. It's low enough that if I stand on one of our porch chairs I can see in the nest, and so I've been documenting the bird events as they unfold. The mom-bird was laying one egg a day, and now they're hatching!!!

It's a terrible place for a nest though, cause that wreath's been known to blow down. (Thankfully it hasn't since they've been in it, but still.) Also, it's right next to our garage door, so every time anyone goes in the garage the mom-bird takes off from her nest at 90mph and gives the person a heart attack. (Which is really an odd survival strategy if you think about it. Fly away and let the big thing/predator have your babies? Nice parenting.)

Anywho, that's that. I think I'll keep updating with their progess. For Biology's sake. Cause I'm like that. Oh, and there're pictures of the nest and one of the eggs up on Facebook too, in my album Nature. I'll have to see if I can get a picture of the ugly babies. :)

P.S. My Inuyasha thought for the night: If Sango's backstory isn't the most heartbreaking thing ever, then I don't know what is.

Does anyone else feel a close personal connection to the first episode of a TV series they ever saw?

Like, the first episode of The Powerpuff Girls I saw was the one where Princess is introduced, the first Kim Possible was the one where they end up at Ron's old summer camp, the firt Inuyasha the one where Kagome accidentally shoots the Shikon jewel and breaks it into a million thousand pieces. My first episode of Firefly was Ariel, my first South Park the Halloween episode with the killer fish, my first Futurama the one where Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee. And let's not forget my first episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? (the one with the typewriter that makes stories written on it come true.)

And every time you see these episodes again, you get this warm fuzzy feeling inside. Cause they belong to you. It was these episodes that made you go "I have no idea what this is, but it looks like an awesome show. And I'd like to watch it again." They're the episodes that introduce you to, and hook you on, a new show.

No? It's just me? Oh well then.



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