A difficult time in my life... Without doubt, the most difficult time I've ever had was when I first went away to college. Despite being in the same state I'd grown up in, a mere hour and a half away from my parents, I did not have an easy time adjusting to college. I felt like I had no friends (which wasn't true) I hated the complete change from high school, and all my issues culminated in such a severe anxiety episode that I spent finals week at home with my parents, after they had to be called to pick me up late one night, only going up to college to take my two or three finals. I got better after Christmas break, joined theater, and got on with my life. The anti-anxiety medication helped too. :P

Also, the Literary Lads festival is now live, so go check it out! And spread the word!

Answer to last Sunday's song: I Wonder, from Sleeping Beauty. This was a tribute to the Aurora/Mulan moment last week on OuaT, but no one guessed it.
September 6th, 2004: God I was embarrassing when I was younger. I don't even remember where the limericks were posted, or what they said... Though I'm pretty sure the 'werewolf from Nantucket' crack was my idea of a very funny joke.

September 6th, 2007: Oh, Seshomaru. I still love him, and he grows to murder fewer people as the series goes on. He's just the fluffiest killer ever. As for the second part of that post, I really did not like that class. Father Mac was supposed to be the best priest/teacher ever, but he just annoyed the CRAP out of me. So I was pretty much making my own fun every time I had that class.

Answer to last Friday's song: Real World, by Matchbox 20. No one guessed this. Also, looking at that post, I noticed that I didn't give the answer last Friday to the song the week before that... So, the answer to the song on August 23rd was Hey Jealousy, by the Gin Blossoms. No one guessed this one either.
Today in Stats while Professor Warren was handing back our tests, he said that he still didn't know anyone's name, so he was calling out names and waiting for people to indicate that it was their test.

Then he got to my test, called my name, and put it down in front of me, saying, "you're the only person in this class who's name I know. Congratulations."

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Does he know my name because of how smart I've been, or what a smart ass I've been? My last homework had some pretty snarky answers on it. But I do sit right in the front, and I'm not shy about asking questions. Though Becky is just as smart, and in fact got a higher grade on the test. Hmm. It's a puzzle.

Either way, I'm notable. Hurray!
Just so we're all on the same page, 5am is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early to be awake.

And I can no long glorify in having no classes before 10, because I'm now taking Adolescent Development at 9:30. (Which is only a half hour earlier, so it's not a huge deal, but still.) 

Why am I taking Adolescent Development, you ask? Well, because Evolution got cancelled, due to the professor getting tonsil cancer. (I didn't even know there was such a thing.) I didn't actually need to pick up another class, I mean, I'm good as far as graduating credits go, and I was taking 12 credits (the number you need to be a full time student) for the semester, but I felt like such a slacker, taking only three classes. So I scoured the class list and signed up for a psych class that I hope will be fun. We'll see how that goes.

The good news is, I don't have to be in this class, so I can totally drop it if it's boring or hard or I don't like the teacher.

Just updating on my life. School starts on Monday. I actually want to start school. It's a strange feeling.

Quote of the Day: Ewan MacGregor has so many sex scenes... I am ok with that movie. It could only have been improved if we actually saw his penis. I bet it's sugar-coated. - Abby on Deception. (Which she just saw.)

Also, today is P-Day, and it is the best P-Day I have ever been to. Last year's was AWFUL (for many reasons) but this year Ellen and I bounced on things, and climbed rock walls, and rode a plastic bull, and did an obstacle course, and ate SO MUCH FOOD. And it was awesome and I had a Nutella filled crepe thing, and that was also awesome.

In conclusion, free food and inflatable things = ROCK!

I think it says something really good about my college that today, despite the fact that Genetics is fully the most boring science class I've yet to take, when Professor Lippert didn't show up, even though we all left after 15 minutes, we all not only turned in our lab reports that were due today, but a bunch of us went up to his office to see if any of the other professors knew if he was all right.

I mean, I was glad not to have Genetics, but I was still worried about him. He's not the best lecturer ever, but he's a good guy, and he really cares about his students.

Also, the professor whose office is next to Lippert's collected our lab reports, and told us that Lippert is really sick. So sick that he couldn't even get out of bed this morning to call. So at least we know that he's alive. Not quite all right, but at least he's not dead in a ditch somwhere.

You know what really fucks with your head? Seagulls in the snow.

It's snowing right now, and there were about 20 seagulls cawing and fighting on the quad. It was so bizarre.

Then three guys walked by going, "Mine?" intermittently and it was kind of hilarious.

Anyways, now that I'm done with my Orgo test I can post all the random bits I've been meaning to.

First off: I'm on spring break starting Friday. I'm planning to go see Once on This Island Friday night, and possibly again on Saturday. And I'd rather not go alone...

Quotes from Peter Pan rehearsal last night:

Craig: *standing behind Phillip Noonan*  Now, Phillip is going to bend over and I'm going to pummel him...

Victoria: Ok. I'll just pummel Jon in the middle, and you can all pummel each other in a circle around us.

(We do this relaxation thing called "pummel and hum" and it's really very nice and relaxing, but also hilarious. And we all know it.)

Zach Pratt: *Leaps on Craig's back*
Someone: Zach, get off Craig. (It just sounded so bad.)

More Abby Quotes:

Abby: This movie was like golf golf, times golf.
Me: That's golf cubed!

Abby: Trust me, I know these things, I'm an English major.

Quotes from Philosophy of Religion:

Class: *discusses how Augustine slept with a lot of differet women*
Professor: So, why do men need to sleep with a lot of different women?
Zach: I don't know, I'm not good looking enough to sleep around.
Guy 1: There's more to us that just sex! I have a personality!
Professor: But why do men sleep with many different women?
Guy 2: Variety is the spice of life.
Zach: Hey! Women do it too!

And so on. It was the most interesting ten minutes of class yet, and that's including the digression about Star Wars that we had one day.

Finally, in genetics we keep talking about how Francis Crick solved almost every single genetic question that was raised, and he never did any experiments and he was almost always right. And apparantly that was greatly annoying to his contemporaries.


May I just say:

1. God bless Saint Michael's College crews that shovel/plow/salt walkways not only early enough for me to get to my 8:30 class relatively unhindered, but all day as it keeps snowing.

2. You should really all come see Peter Pan, cause we officially have enough money to have a real flying system. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Peter & co. are going to be flying (via wires, obviously). And it is going to be awesome. AWESOME.

So, in a completely different mood from my last post, Doc said the most hilarious thing in wind ensemble tonight.

Doc: *conducts a measure wrong* Oh, I made a mistake. Now I'll have to go home and kill the neighbors' dog.
Us: Bwah?
Doc: It's an awful dog. Every night I say a rosary for its demise. If anyone in the neighborhood sneezes, it barks for the next four hours. It's nipped at my wife, and it chases teenagers down the street.
Us: *laugh hysterically*
Doc: I want to kill it. With a shotgun.
Us: *roll on floor laughing*
Doc: It's a poodle, and they just got it shaved, you know, like poodles get shaved, and then they put it out in the 10 degree weather, and I'm a bad person cause I was going "die, die!"
Us: *die of laughter*
A highlight from the party I went to last night, which was actually quite fantastic.

Brendan and Someone: *Are talking, on the opposite side of the room from me*
The Music: *is loud*
The Drunks: *are louder*
Brendan: *is, for a moment, clearly audible, even though I'm still far away* Can we NOT talk about me having sex?
Me: You had sex? Who did you have sex with?
Brendan: Oh my God...
Me: You had sex with God?
Everyone within earshot: *laughs*
Jenn: Well, Shawn did play Jesus.

I fully realize that none of my non-SMC friends are going to know why this is funny, but I want to remember it, so here it is.
Listen to these quotes from my Bio Readings and Writings textbook:

"Cite authors only by their last names, unless you include two authors sharing a last name, e.g. Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins."

"Why do citation formats differ so much among journals? I don't know, and I wish they wouldn't. But they do."

I love that class. Seriously.

Also, Nora made this astute observation yesterday: There are more squirrels on SMC's campus than minorities. 

It's funny cause it's true.
I feel like I should update about my Thanksgiving break, but so much happened that it would be hard to do it justice. So I'll just put down some key events and leave the gritty details to either your memories or your imaginations, depending on if you were there or not.

I went home Tuesday, and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING until Wednesday around 4:00. I didn't even get dressed Wednesday. I put on a bra and some warm clothes to go to Deer Camp. That was all. (Which turned out to be a good thing, because I ended up picking up 10 pizzas... Yeah)

Ah, and then that brings me to Deer Camp, which is always wonderful. There were so many freaking people there this year, but I think that made it even better. We played Taboo, and Cranium, and we talked Teh Girl Talk, and my mother got drunk and yet could still spell backwards, and it was great. Janeea's Matt is cool. Quiet, but cool. Just keep him away from knives and onions. (And he broke his glasses. Heh.)

Q. What's Beethoven's favorite fruit?
A. Ba-na-na-na!

Thanksgiving was the usual: lots of food, lots of pie, more games, lots of Heather and Emalee. (YAY!)Jean came this year, and Dylan and Shelby, and we all played dominoes, even Matthew! (Which means nothing to anyone not in my family, but still.) And ummm... Oh, we watched Wimbledon, and I still love that movie. And Paul Bettany. Shelby spent the night at my house, which was very odd cause he's not related to us, and I don't really know him that well.

Then Friday I spent the day doing homework and calling pretty much everyone I know to go bowling. Which we did. AND IT WAS AWESOME. Then we went to Denny's, which I have missed SO MUCH, but my Smothered Fries were...sketchy. Then a few of us went to Janeea's, and we played Trivial Pursuit and watched Secretary (for my first time from the beginning.) Oh my GOD, that movie makes me so happy. James Spader, how I love you.

Me: *about Matt* He talks!

In the moring we watched Mitch Hedberg. He makes me giggle.

Ummm... What day am I on? Oh, Saturday I went to some craft fairs with my mom and my aunt, and then my family went to see The Logger at The Paramount. He's still funny. "Bring back your empties!"

Today I had to get up ridiculously early to go to a mass for my Grandmother, and then I fought with my family for a few hours, before Mom and I watched The Lake House (Which movie I like, so SHUT UP,) and then I left for SMC, and now here I am. Updating instead of doing my homework. Oy. I better get on that.
I hate KnightVision. (The program that we use to register for classes.)

It took me a full hour to register for my classes this morning. It should have taken me less than five minutes. Fucking KnightVision.

Also, I spent this weekend watching Man of La Mancha at Castleton and Fiddler on the Roof at the Flynn. And honestly, Castleton's show was better. They just have this intensity that I rarely see anywhere else. And Kevin? Oh, I heart Kevin. And Julian. And of course, HEATHER THE HORSE! Awwww... She was so good. (Also, Heather Barnes was a donkey. Again. I almost died giggling at that.)

Moral of the story: Castelton rocks, and Lyric theater was just meh. (AND I LOVE MY CASTLETON PEEPS!)

In other news, I have about 5 different projects that I need to get done before THANKSGIVING BREAK!!! WOOOOO! DEER CAMP IN A WEEK AND 2 DAYS!!!!!!!

So I'm gonna go get started on that!
You know, I constantly think of/experience things that I want to put in here, and then when I sit down to type I can't remember any of them. WTF?

Random Events of My Life

- The only reason I got dressed today was becasue it's Kirstin's birthday and we had a little party for her. That means I got dressed at about 6:00pm.

- Emily made us key lime pie for Kirstin's party, and I've never had that before, but it was DELICIOUS.

- My Catholic college is currently showing The Birdcage on the movie channel, and we now also get LOGO, the gay channel. (Both of which I consider good things, just weird given the context.) And I was channel surfing at 3:00am (don't even ask) and Queer as Folk was on it and I watched it and it was SO FUCKING GOOD. God I love Hal Sparks. It's an amazing show. GAH.

- My philosophy professor wore a purple and yellow striped tie the other day, and when he walked into wheeled into entered the room, in my head I went HUFFLEPUFF TIE! YOU ARE A HUFFLEPUFF! AWWWWWWWWWWW! I think Hufflepuffs would be philosophy majors, don't you?

- I am a huge dork.

- I tried out for the directing scenes, and the cast list goes up tomorrow. AHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm so freaking nervous. I really need to be on a stage again. It's not that I don't like stage managing, because I do, but I'm also an attention whore and I need to be SEEN.

- Blackfriars came and did A Midsummer Night's Dream and it was SO AMAZING. And Puck was a satyr. How cool is that? But they cut the character of Snout, and I don't know why. Oh, and the other show they're doing this season? Cyrano.

- The Monty Python show goes off book tomorrow night... That's all I'm going to say about that.

- We watched Sleepy Hollow tonight. I don't know how, but I'd forgotten just how beautiful Johnny Depp is. Yes, I have 3 posters of him on my walls, but he's so much better in motion.

- That movie always reminds me of Hannah. I LOVE MY HANNAH! I MISS MY HANNAH!

I'll be back tomorrow if I think of anything else. Peace!

ETA: Somehow I forgot the part where we, as a suite, with boys, watched Alice In Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy. That's right kids, we watched Alice in Wonderland porn. From the 70's. And it was actually sort of good, like with a followable plot. I'd watch it again, in fact. But there were musical numbers! With choreography! And only one of them was about a penis!

Oh, I love my suite.
Disclaimer: I am probably going to sound like an idiot here, because I don't really follow the news or political issues, and I don't fully know what I'm talking about, but this is bothering me and I need to say something. I beg your patience, especially if you feel differently.

There are these posters all over campus advertising for the immigrant rally today. That's not what bothers me. Yay rallies. What bothers me is that they say "No one is illegal" on them. Yeah, ok. No one is illegal. Except for the part where they totally are.

If you come into this country illegally, you are illegal. You are not a citizen, and you don't have rights. In fact, you don't even technically have the right to ask for rights, because you ARE NOT A CITIEN and therefore are not subject to the constitution, and the right to assemble and protest and such.

And should people be arrested at the rally today? Absolutely. If they're here illegally. Not for protesting, but for BEING ILLEGAL. You break the law, you get arrested. It's a simple concept.

Now, I fully understand the hardships these people may have endured, the sob stories about poverty and America: the Land of Opportunity and all that jazz, but no amount of sympathy or liberal ideas that I hold changes the fact that THESE PEOPLE ARE ILLEGAL. They are BREAKING THE LAW.

And the little news bubble on CNN says they're protesting a proposed crackdown law on illegal immigrants. Assuming that's correct, what's to stop drug dealers from protesting new anti-drug laws? I'm sure they have touching sob stories about poverty of their own. If the illegal immigrants are not, in fact, illegal, then why is selling drugs? Do you see my point here? We have laws for a reason. Saying no one is illegal is akin to saying that nothing is illegal, and that's just not true.

Now, as I've stated, I don't really fully understand all the issues here, and I have no clue what this proposed law states, but we, as a country, have the right to tell the people who are here illegally to either get their act together and become citizens, or get the hell out. And we, as citizens of this country, also have the right to protest these measures.

But illegal immigrants ARE NOT CITIZENS and as such DO NOT have the right to ask for rights. Do we grant American rights to people in France? To Spanish citizens? No. Because they're NOT AMERICAN. If you want to become American, be my guest. Once you're a citizen, protest 'till you can't protest no more. But if you want American rights, including the right to protest, you first have to BE AN AMERICAN.

Of course, all of this is completely my opinion, (and because this is my livejournal I have the right to state it here) except for the fact that the posters are wrong. These people are breaking the law, and They. Are. ILLEGAL.

Goddamn but my mother would be proud of me right now.

EDIT Ok, so Ashley told me that the problem is that the government wants to not let immigrants become citizens, and that's anti-immigration not anti-ILLEGAL immigration, and that's not cool, government, not cool. And so yet again I say, rally till you can't rally no more, but I still stand behind the fact that you are illegal and will probably therefore be arrested. (Which is ok really, because all the good protesters get arrested before they win. Susan B. Anthony. I rest my case.) My point here anyways is that no matter what the issue is, the goddamn posters are wrong. These people are illegal, whether they're protesting to have rights as illegal immigrants or for the right to become an American, they are still illegal immigrants as of right now, so fuck you posters. Fuck you.

If anyone, for any odd reason, desires something for Christmas that says 'St. Michael's College' on it, comment now or forever hold your peace.

Yesterday I went to Church St. with Shannon, Meg, and Melissa. It was a day of firsts.

First time I ever held a girl's hand while she got her ears pierced. (Shannon. And then she thanked me for my excellent advice to get both done at the same time.)

First time I ever went in American Eagle. (And hopefully the last. I know some people like that kind of thing, and I respect that, but I am not one of them. And $40 is way too much for one shirt.)

First time I went to Bruggers Bagels in Vermont. (They accept my Knight Card, which is like a debit card that they give us here at St. Mike's.) So that was cool. BEST BAGELS EVER.

First time I went to Downtown Discs, a lovely place that sells used cd's cheap. Must go back when I have more money and buy.

First time I went to Borders without my gift certificates and had to leave without buying anything, even though I have about $50 to spend there. RAWR! I will not do that again.

Then I had this thought while I was falling asleep last night/this morning: People always say 'dance like no one is watching. Fuck that! Dance like the whole WORLD is watching, and you want then all to see how amazing you are. And how good you dance.
Nothing stops a girl's heart like a red convertable beetle, just sitting there, gleaming in the sun.

With a flower in the bud vase.

And a St. Michael's sticker in the back window.


Which means that
1. I went and friended everyone I know.
2. I have yet another thing to distract me from my homework
3. Half our high school is on there! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!




Yes I say it every time I see one on campus. And yes I'm going to continue to say it every time I see one on campus. And yes I see them quite frequently.


I refuse to stop being weird. I refuse to repress my idosyncrisies.

If people keep commenting/giving me looks I'm going to start saying it with two syllables the way Veruka does in Charlie and the Chcocolate Factory. If you're going to be regarded as weird you might as well give them something to really be freaked out by.

And if that gets old (which it probably never will) I'll comment on the chipmunks too.

The thing is it reminds me of being in Boston with Vanessa and the severe ADD we had and the Freedom Trail(Fight The Power) and the squirrel in the park with Hannah and frightening the pigeons and Gerry (Do you love it?) and that whole trip where I was completely my weird self and comepletely happy.

Whereas here I can't be completely myself because IT VIOLATES THE SCENE (way to incorporate class into everyday life) and I can't be weird and I don't like it. I miss my friends where I felt like they'd love me no matter how crazy I acted. I don't seem to have made any friends of that sort here. I feel like if I act too bizarre they'll alienate me.



P.S. That reminds me of Spanish class...Squirrely verbs, and ardilla (squirrel) is slang for smart...
Me and Renee: Since when are squirrels smart?

I miss inside jokes too.



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