Physics Day at The Great Escape! Yays!

Mr. Welch is a really cool guy when he's not teaching. He bought our tickets, and he bought us dinner at the Roma. Thank you Mr. Welch.

It was a lot of fun. I went on the Comet. That was 1min and 22secs of pure terror. I know. We timed it.

There were these little caterpillar things that hung from by invisible strings from the trees, and Ryan would go up to them and pretend like he was making them levitate.

Ryan:*Holding caterpillar* I shall call him...Clem. *Proceedes to chase Kathryn with caterpillar*

Mr. Welch went on an awful lot of rides for an old guy. And we went on so many because there was NO ONE THERE. I waited like 10 seconds to get on the Comet, and it took us longer to walk to the bobseld than the ride was, but there were NO LINES ANYWHERE!!!

MEMO TO US: Go to The Great Escape in late May...

I love the Rainbow. Did I mention that?

Me: If Ryan tries to put Clem on us, we'll have to beat him with sticks...
Kathryn: Did you say we'll have to eat him?
Me: No. Beat him. (I love Kathryn because she has no idea that the phrase "Eat him" is very very dirty. Her mind does not work like mine.)

And then it was very scary because all of a sudden after dessert I felt really sick, and on my way to the bathroom everything got all spotty and I got really hot and broke out in a sweat and it was bad. Then I sat down for a second, and it all went away. It was really freaky.

But it was a good day.

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I'm experimenting...But let me make it worth your while to read...

Mr. Sinclair: You go to college to experience things. And some of you will experience different things than others. I, for example, went to college to drink beer and smoke dope. Which was something I did very well at.

And Mr. Welch is taking my Physics class to The Great Escape Friday...How cool is that? Apparantly they have Physics Day...

That's all.

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So the show was last night. I thought it went very well. What happened...

Becky said "My sex" instead of "Our sex" and it took all my power not to ask her what sex I am.

Paul did very well, even though he still didn't say his bloody line, but he is so focused on his mistakes that I may have to kill him if he keeps it up.

And Renee was funny. "Ooooooookaaaaayyyy...I go. I go. I....go." And she had the yellow flower not the purple one...

During relaxation Karla and Ari were sitting behind Paul, and he couldn't see them. Karla reached down and like rubbed his leg. Paul, thinking it was Ari, hit her hand away. Karla: That was me! Paul: Sorry. So then he turned back around and Ari started rubbing his leg, and he let her because he thought it was Karla. Karla: That's not me. You can hit her.

Besides that, we spent most of Spanish class discussing Il Divo, this very hot boy band thing. I Heart Urs. He's Swiss.

Then instead of taking our test in Physics, we went out and played wiffle ball against the AP Environmental class. All eight if us, including Nathaniel, lost very badly to the like 15 of them.

And now I feel a bit calmer.

Today I love that it's Friday the 13th and THE SECOND NIGHT!

Today I hate Zach Smith. No reason.

Ha ha ha

May. 9th, 2005 03:57 pm

Yesterday I went to Burlington shopping. It was exciting to do, not so exciting to read about it, so I'll spare you.

And it was Mother's Day, so we took mom to the Dog Team Tavern. I must say that they give you an exceptionally large amount of food before the entree even comes...And OMFG the sticky buns are like a sticky little heaven on a plate. Mom liked it.

But I got the soundtrack to West Side Story, so I'll be torturing you all with that now. Mwahahahaha!

And I think the guy in Hot Topic was gay. He was awfully nice though.

Jean! I boughted you a present! Hee hee hee. I think I'll hold it hostage until I get Good Omens back...

Let's see...Oh yes...


Took the test today, and I am done! Done like a done thing! Yay!

Today I love being done with Physics

Today I hate Vectors


May. 7th, 2005 12:28 pm

OMFG Jess and I went to the mall last night to go Mother's Day shopping, and then she came over and spent the night and we watched my newly acquired Phantom of the Opera DVD and it was good. My God that girl has a lot of energy.

And The Phantom was as good and as sexy as ever, and I totally got Jess on my side. She thinks the Phantom is hot and Raoul is a loser. Yay Jess!

And not much else is up, besides that I HAD MY LAST PHYSICS CLASS!!! Yays again.

And and and ummm Oh yeah, we learned that Lindsay Dick's mother's maiden name was Devine. That means she's Devine Dick. Oh how my Spanish class laughed.

Today I love Madame Giry

Today I hate the bitchy ladies in JC Penny's

The other day in band Mr. Whitman goes "Now you're all looking at me like I have six heads. Well, I do. The other five are at home in a closet."

And in Physics that day I brought Mr. Welch back his really expensive parabolic mirror, and as I handed it to him he goes "Ah! Mah baby!" So I went back to my seat and said to Kathryn "I really hope he was talking about the mirror and not me..." To which Brian said "You could sue him for sexual abuse." He meant sexual harassment, I'm sure, because the thought of Mr. Welch sexually abusing anyone or anything is just very very very very very wrong. In fact, sex and Mr. Welch should never be used in the same sentence, except "Mr. Welch has never had sex."

Then yesterday we played with fire in Physics. I like fire, but I can't light matches, because they scare me and I freak out. So I said to Ryan "You'll have to light my candle" which was very dirty but he didn't know that. But after a bit I decided to be brave and light my own candle. Which is also dirty.

And today Kathryn and I were discussing how it's waaaaaaaay too cold for anyone to be wearing a skirt that violates the dress code, and just as we asked "Who would do that?" Maria walked in with a very very short skirt. So there you go.


Today I hate making eye contact with someone on the opposite side of a bathroom stall door than you.

I definately should be doing Physics homework right now...But this is just so terrifyingly accurate!

Your True Birth Month Is March






Loves traveling

Loves attention

Shy and reserved

Musically talented

Loves home decor

Not easily angered

Sensitive to others

Loves special things

Attractive personality

Loves to serve others

Loves peace and serenity

Observant and assess others

Loves to dream and fantasize

Appreciative and returns kindness

Hasty decisions in choosing partners

Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic

In Physics today Mr. Welch was beginning to get rather frusterated with the lack of attention paying, and Steve goes "Oh, you really pissed him off now." So Mr. Welch turns around and goes, laughing, "Who said that?" And without missing a beat, Steve points at Amanda, in classic cartoon fashion, with the best "It wasn't me!" look on his face. Oh it was priceless. (Side note: Mr. Welch didn't actually know who had said it...Senile old fool.)

Then at rehersal lines were due...And Paul's line was "I see your heart through your bosom." What he said was "I see your bosom!" Heh.

And the funniest thing EVER happened at the Paramount show the other night...There was a huge, cast-wide discussion about how Paul is not gay, and how stupid people call him thus, and what he should do about it, and this snowballed into a discussion about the double standard and how everyone loves lesbians, and how girls can flirt with each other and it's ok but boys can't, Paul all the while asserting his heterosexuality.

Then during the show he got kicked in the elbowish area, and he could barely move one of his arms. So Aaron buttoned his shirt up for him. Oh my God! It was so incredibly funny, given the context. And it reminded my slashy mind of Stealing Harry. I'm still giggling.

Today I love Lesbians...

Today I hate when lines are due...

Rehersal last night:

(Emalee is plying Aaron's part) Chris: Ok, now jump over Paul!

Emalee: WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAT!?! (Oh the hilarity)

Also, as a side note, Mr. Welch informed us yesterday that when he and Ryan went to Oregon, they drove around Albany lost for an hour, trying to find the parking lot, BECAUSE MR. WELCH HAD THE MAP UPSIDE DOWN. And this is the man who I trust to teach me AP Physics?

Today I love my hot tub

Today I hate Calculus Quizzes

Today I am baffled by Reeses Peanut Butter Cups that have two little brown wrappers.

Oh man, in Spanish today we played this really random 'Go-Fish' like game....But one of the cards had a picture of two men and a bicycle on it, and all I could think was "Two consenting cycle repairmen." If only Hannahmylove had been there...

Then we watched this movie, and at the beginning they played "The Man I Love" and as soon as we figured out why we knew that melody Eliza, Renee, Ari, and I all freaked out. I think we scared Mrs. Alonso.

Mr. Welch: We're going to get some physical contact with electricity. ( I don't really think that's a very good idea...)

Today I hate angst. Guns don't kill people, angst kills people.

Today I love the song Basketcase.

Ha ha.

I thought I had rehersal tonight, but apparantly not. So here I am home killing time until I go to Hannah's. I anticipate a fantastic evening, and many quotes to share with you all tomorrow. Aren't you all excited? I know I am.

School was a colossal watse of time today, because I had one 40 minute class, and it was physics. Blech.

Can you all tell that I have nothing to say, but am trying to occupy my time?

Anyways, here's a thought: my eternal respect to anyone who can give me the next lyric...AND NO CHEATING!  I have Jedi mind powers. I will know.

"I'm so lost, I'm barely here..."

Today I love Seaseme Street. Which I watched this morning. I love it for three reasons. 1. Oscar had a smell phone. 2. There was a talk show woth Dr. Feel. (Think about that.) 3. JOURNEY TO ERNIE!

Today I hate waking up with a massive headache.


Mar. 4th, 2005 07:51 pm

Ok, Mr. Welch seriously is going senile. We were nicely going along, working on problem 29, and he gave us a few moments to work through the next step.

Then he moved on to problem 30. We were all like "WTF?" and so Amanda asked him if he could please finish problem 29, because we wanted to know the answer, and he goes "We didn't finish problem 29? I thought we were all done with it..." and then he finished it.

This is the man who is teaching AP Physics. I like him well enough, but honestly. Maybe it's getting to be time to retire...?

And then after school I brought Gerry Cyr home, who I also love to death, and I was talking about April vacation, and he goes "Oh yeah, my family used to go away every year too, but Scotland and Spain just got so old..." At which point I stopped him and asked if he realized what he'd just said. 

I wish I had the kind of life where going to Scotland and Spain would be boring.


Feb. 21st, 2005 03:57 pm
Janeea and Jamie and Kelli came over last night, but due to tiredness beyond our control, only Kelli ended up staying over.

We woke up around 9, but we stayed pretty much in bed until 2 because we kept dozing off.

I love vacation. On a normal Monday I'd be in Physics at 2. Today I wasn't even dressed. YES!

Kelli: It's the junk shop by my house. Only it's not a junk shop, and it's not by my house.

I'm going to Boston tomorrow! Yippiee! I anticipate much funness and money spending.

Anyone know any good games to play on a bus? I do. *evil laughter Muahahahahahahahahahaha!* Who's up for a rousing game of pass the ice pack?

I wish. I am willing to bed A LOT of money that there is too much drama for that to happen. Bugger.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you were not in Summer Encore last year, and I feel bad for you.

P.S. I am listening to the second act of Phantom. The beginning was eh...but this end bit....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


Feb. 15th, 2005 09:52 pm

A. Janeea is coming home
B. She is bringing a cool new friend for me to meet
C. Stephanie is coming home
D. She rocks hardcore
E. We are going to Boston to see Blue Man Group
F. We are going to Boston!
G. There is a volunteer inservice, which means more quality Will time
H. I have a boy to dream about

That good enough for ya?

Sam is staying with me for a few days. It is great. I always wanted a sister. We discovered tonight that in base 11, 5 and 6 DO EQUAL 10! HA!

Now, onto My Funny Life.

For Spanish we had to make posters about broken down cars, and use the vocab words. Carolyn's group drew a distressed looking person into their picture, but he was yellow.

Me: Why is he yellow?
Renee: He's yellow with despair.

Mr. Whitman tried EVERYTHING to get us tp be quiet in band tpday, and failed miserably. So finally he said "Quiet! I have vast amounts of wisdom to share with you all!" And we got fairly quiet. Then he said "Well, that's a lie, but it got your attention."

And to top it all off, Mr Welch informed us all today that he cannot "chew and walk gum at the same time" which I think is self-explanitory.

Oh, yes, and I was listening to this Maroon 5 song, and it has the lyric "The battle's almost won, and we're only several miles from the sun" which I think is really cool.
It has been a few days since my last We shall begin with highlights from rehersal:

The Exercise Ball of Doom!

Out damn sheep!

Aaron had to do something impressive for Karla and he stood in front of her and pretended to undo his fly. You had to see the look on his face to truly appreciate the hilarity.

And now onto the cookie experiment. I made Pat cookies for his birthday tomorrow. I. Do. Not. Cook. I can barely boil water. But I made them, damn it. I managed to get flour on EVERYTHING and drop a half melted chocolate chip down my shirt, but Pat will have cookies. The first tray came out huge and brown, the second medium sized and undercooked, and the third tray was pretty perfect. So I have cookies of various and assorted shapes, sizes, and colors.

I hope he likes them. He really should appreciate how much I must like him to risk life and limb in baking. Sheesh.

Anyways, I have a textbook quote to add to the posts of funny textbook quotes.
"Dr. J Mayer's work was the first to really contain the notion of Conservation of Energy,(1842) but it generated little interest beyond ridicule. Mayer was overwhelmed by a deep depression, fed by derision and made more intense by the death of two of his children. Lost in despair, he leapt from a second story window (1849) in a painfully unsuccessful attempt at suicide. Within two years he was a straightjacketed inmate in an insane asylum."

Physics: Third Edition, Eugene Hecht (I especially like the inclusion of the year in which he failed to die)

Also, a random Hannah quote: I have the sudden urge to go back to bed. Only it's not sudden...and it's more of an aching need.

And finally, the movie quote! The last movie was indeed Carrie, which was around long before Adam Sandler. Janeea and Becky got it correct, and they each get a telekenesis point. Here is a new quote, which I like even though it goes agaoinst my general attitude toward the beverage "No! No tea! No tea!"


Jan. 18th, 2005 10:00 pm

Many vair vair amusant (to borrow a phrase from Georgia) things happened today.

And they all began in physics, oddly enough.

Mr Welch, in order to demonstrate that different substances have different specific heats...baked us chocolate chip cookies. In class. In a little oven. Definately one of the best physics classes ever.

Then we discussed what makes a refrigerator work, and learned that it is no longer freon because freon is bad for the environment. (Boo Freon!) So Mr. Welch dubbed the substance inside fridges "freonesque" and Ryan called it "quasifreon." This amused me almost as much as the cookies.

Now, something for Becky: I delivered a tray at the hospital and for dinner the patient was having peas. All I could think was "He can have my peas too..."

Now, something for Hannahmylove: I was watching Jeopardy! (Why the exclaimation point? Well Jeopardy! is exciting! Damn it!) and the answer to one of the questions was Horatio Hornblower. And I knew it, thanks to you. (Yeah Hannah and her obsessions!)

Lastly, Willy G. passed me on the way home and took the moment to nod at me as he did so. So I would just like to say to you all that the smallest gestures, the slightest bit of time given to another, can make a ton of difference.

Now, as for the movie, since no one but Heather got it, but Emalee has not yet responded, I will still have this quote for her: "Ha ha ha....Son of a bitch!" But I will also graciously give you all another one to try. Feel free to guess both. Here is the next quote: "Can we panic now?"

P.S. Heather and Jean, rest assured you will be the first to know when I perform both plays I am currently in, as well as any other dates. (Heather that is your prize) And Jean I am glad you liked SH. Which sequel did you read? I really like Tales from the River House, and I never read the other one.

Now it's off to bed, off to bed! (And extra special points to anyone who guesses the End Quote, as we will call it.)

(Ohh Ohh thought! I will give you points like Kimmy does, only my way. Mwahahahahahahaha!)
So yeah well this semester is off to a good start. I don't have any homework other than physics, and I get to go home every other day. Yeah for being a senior!

Also, funny thing to write about again! Yes!

Mrs. Alonso gave Ari a Spanish SAT II book "to have and to hold" and then Ari goes "Till death do us part!"

Then in physics Mr. Welch was trying to explain...umm...well I wasn't paying attention to what principle it was, it might have been Bernoulli's...ANYWAYS he was tryong to illustrate a princlple.

Mr. Welch: When you have a garden hose, and you don't have a nozzle you put your thumb over the spout, and what happens?
Steve: Your thumb gets cold. (I love Steve)

And now, the movie. The answer to the last quote was Finding Neverland. Bart and Jean got it right. For a prize, they get this link to a biographical site about J. M. Barrie.

The next quote is "The flower that blooms in adversity, is the most rare and beautiful of all."


Dec. 23rd, 2004 02:07 pm
I am very pissed off like woah at whoever commented on my last entry saying that they know that the person I love knows I love them. I am very pissed indeed. They did not even have the guts to leave their name. I hate anonymous people. If you have not read the comment on last night's entry, please do so. And if you posted it, tell me who you are or face my wrath.

Anywho, time to catch you all up with the past week of my life.

Me: The question is this: Which do I hate more? Going to the dentist or physics?
Kathryn: Physics. It's loooooger.
Me: Yeah, but the dentist is more painful.
Kathryn: I beg to differ.

Kid in hallway: Brittany Geobault is looking for you.
Me, in my head: Run. As fast as possible. In the other direction.
(RTS people will get this)

Kathryn: I was in the Guidance Office and it took FOREVER because everyone and their goat had an application.

Marriage: Something Zach Smith will never experience. (Thank God. Kill it quick, before it breeds!)

Mr. Peterson's brother's ex-wife is apparantly the biggest whore in New Jersey...

And now some highlights from the conversation I am having with Chad:
CMLoseby: yeah, i'd bet the reason they're anonymous is because they don't want you to know who they are
CMLoseby: shiny red things are fun to press... especially when the SWAT team comes

I love Chad. And I am still pissed.

P.S. If you are the person I love, and you know I love you FOR GOD'S SAKE TELL ME! It will make my life SOOOOOOOOOOO much easier because I am chicken and can't get my courage up enough to tell you.

P.P.S. Just wondering...Hannahmylove, do you still read this?

Same Stuff

Dec. 14th, 2004 07:10 pm
Just some things I wanted to mention.

On the way home from New York I saw Super Troopers for the first time. I was amused, to say the least.

My favorite part:
(Guy wearing a bullet proof cup, and nothing else, gets shot in his cup, flies backwards):Whooooo!
Guy who shot him: How you feeling?
Guy in cup: Good fuck your mom!

Yesterday in Anthro we learned that the Vikings raped and pillaged, but they also had to raise cattle and trade, because you can't eat everything you rape and pillage. Especially if you've already raped it.

Today in Calc Mr. Sinclair held up the WSYB Christmas fund cup and said to the class: "Ok, let's see some change, you cheap sons of bitches!" We were shocked and amused.

Renee said this at lunch: I am going to add men to my list of pet peeves.

Steve informed our Physics class today that he wants to become a rocket scientist so that when people say "You don't have to be a rocket scientist" he can say that he is. That is the only reason he would choose that profession.

I also got a 100 on my English Vocab quiz that Amanda Dagg got a 75 on, and many others got 20s. Yeah Me!


Dec. 7th, 2004 09:33 pm
Ok folks!

Anthro was infinately amusing today...

Mr. Peterson threw his little half-podium at Seth today and I thought the poor kid had gone into shock... (He didn't hit him)

Then we learned that the Maya men cut the skin of their penises into four pieces and then peeled it back to resemble a squash flower, which they worshipped, and let it heal like that. Mr. Peterson drew us a diagram. The boys were all cringing and crossing their legs and groaning in unison...I laughed and laughed and laughed.

The Maya also believed that during the time when women had their periods they had enough magic in them that the could kill a man just by looking at him...This is not a wholly unfounded notion...

And to round it all off, in physics Mr. Welch asked how many hertz were in a gigahertz, and Nick said "A lot of hertz." Which is true, but not exactly what Mr. W was going for...



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