Answer to last Saturday's song: Pandemonium, from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. No one guessed this.
Well, I'm all messed up with posting (missed yesterday, oops) so here's a quick post just to say that the answers to last weeks songs for Wednesday and Thursday. Then there will be a Project Runway liveblog later tonight.

Wednesday - Some Nights, by Fun (which Kelli did get right!)
Thursday - Through With You, by Maroon 5

I would have done it sooner, but I haven't been home since about 11:00 because of Peter Pan.

And on that note, Peter Pan is over now, and I'm really depressed about it. A lot of people were so ready for it to be over, and didn't like the script and/or all the stress, but I was having a great time. I mean, I really love the play, and I know it makes no sense, but I like it anyways. 

It was so much fun to do, and it was the only real play I've done all year, and I just love being on stage. I love making people laugh, and running around, and being part of a cast of people who all love and support each other. I love the inside jokes, and the sense of belonging and love, and that feeling that even if you screw up, someone will help you out. 

Nothing is ever done quite the same twice, and the ad libbing is different every night, and the jokes that go on backstage, and just... I'm really going to miss it. I really REALLY love theater. It's not what I want to do for my living, but it's something I want to do for the rest of my life.

There's nothing in the world quite like the feeling you get in your stomach the split second before you go onstage, the feeling that you're going to throw up, or pass out, but you don't. You go on, and you do your thing, and it is amazing. And no matter how many times you go on, or how many shows you do, that feeling is always there. Every single time.

Ok, I have to stop now before I cry. I'm really going to miss this show. It's been eating my life for the past two weeks, and I've loved it.

To live will be an awfully big adventure.

And now, the first characters for the character meme. Feel free to suggest more! 

Ok, that's all I have the energy for right now. More to come later!
You know, I wanted to do a post about my trip to The Great Escape with the fabulous Janeea, Kelli, and Erin, but there's no way I can remember all the fantastic things we laughed about.

Though I do have to post this from the night before...

Janeea: Ow. Ow. OW!
Me: What?
Janeea: I dropped a can of soda on my toe yesterday, and I just hit it.
Me: What kind of soda was it?
Janeea: Root beer. And not even the good kind, the Price Chopper kind!

Other than that... It was fantastic. We seemed to hit all the rides before the lines got too long, I went on the Boomerang for the first time, and we learned some valuable lessons; namely not to sit in the very back of the Comet, and not to go on the Alpine Bobsled three times in a row. Kelli: "Why did we say ok? Why?" There are bruises.

Oh and Erin got soaked during the dive show. By pirates. YAY PIRATES!!!

Feel free to add stuff guys.
God, I'm such a sap. I've seen that movie like 500 times, and I still love it.

So Renee and I had a wonderful lunch at Applebee's today. We saw Kelli and Jim, Jess and Justin, and like the entire Peterson clan. Aren't there any other restaurants in Rutland?

Anywho, I love Matt because I can now listen to Honky Tonk Badonadonk over and over and over again. HA!

But the real purpose of this entry is to tell whoever wants to come that we're going to see X-3 tomorrow night. I don't know what time it's playing yet or what time we're meeting, but I will find out as soon as I can and post a final schedule. It'll be the earlier showing, and we'll probably meet like half an hour before it starts because it's a Friday, and opening night. Just you can all plan.


P.S. Oh, and I added some pretty stuff to my user info too.
OMG. I just looked at Anna's facebook pictures from prom... You all looked so fucking gorgeous! I'm jealous.

Anna, Kelli, Renee, and Kristen, your dresses were all so incredibly beautiful. Like, GAH.

Ty, nice hat.

Kristen, I liked your hair in the later pictures when it had sort of uncurled a little. I think it looked even better that way.

Kelli, you looked perfect as always. And the way you stand so regally in heels kills me.

Anna, that dress was perfect for you. Love the ruffles.

Renee, God. You looked so mature and hot. Heh.

I wanna see more pics! I looked at Em's but the colors... I wanna see what Vanessa's dress looked like!!!

Love to you all!
Item 1: Lifehouse is playing at Higher Ground Tuesday the 25th. I was kind of hoping to go, but I'm not going alone. Kelli expressed interest, but no plans were made. Anyone free?

Item 2: This one is more plausible because it's a weekend. Saturday the 29th there's this huge all day long carnival thing on my campus, with laser tag and inflatable jumpy things and Chinese food and a midnight breakfast and Dave Attell (that's the guy from Insomniac on Comedy Central) is going to do a comedy show, and a bunch of other things I can't remember. It's also the day that everyone gets drunk. I do not plan on getting drunk, but I would still like to have fun. So does anyone want to come up and go with me? I have to register any guests, so I have to know within a few days, and it costs $20, but if you think about it you pay about half that just for Chinese food, and there's a ton more things going on than just what I remembered to put down here. So, who's free?

Item 3: You're all also welcome to come see the improv show this Sunday at 7, and/or the RENT showcase May 5th at 7.

If anyone ever feels like a road trip up here, that's three opportunities... And my classes end May 5th, so come see me while you still can!
Ok so I have to tell the story of the movies on Friday.

I was supposed to go see V for Vendetta with Anna and Erin, but that didn't happen. And I had called Kelli earlier to invite her, but she couldn't make 6:30.

So at like 6:15 I realize that I'm all alone, and so I call Kelli back, and we decide to go see Aquamariene at 6:50. (This is Kelli saving my sorry butt for staying home all night) We both looked this movie up, now.

We get there, and Kelli has brought her mom, which is cool cause Kelli'a mom rocks. And Aquamariene is not playing. WTF? No one knows.

I ended up seeing Failure to Launch because that was what Kelli's mom wanted to see and she paid for us all, and did I mention she was awesome?

It was very very very funny. I was happy.


But I still want to see V and Aqua.

Now I'm back at school, and I have to go to class and stuff. Yuck.
My mom bought me two cacti the other day. I have no idea how to take care of them. How often does one water a cactus? Not very often, I'd imagine.

Other than that I had a lovely time at the mall today with Kristen, Kelli, and Anna, and then went to Kelli's house and saw the biggest puzzle EVER.

And in the midst of new couples, I am still alone.

Which reminds me... Phil and Hannah? WTF? I don't believe it. She's... HANNAH for God's sake!

I'll kill him. I will. Wooden stake, right through the heart.

I think he's more pathetic than me but I can't be sure.
Shopping in Burlington today with Hannah, Anna, Kristen, Kelli, and briefly, Ethan.

I bought a lot of things that I don't really need, but hey. I wanted a goth skirt with sequins and big shiny necklaces and dangly earrings.

I was totally freaking out in Urban Outfitters cause they sell such crap stuff for such outrageous prices... I was seriously way too upset by that. It put me wicked off balance and I kept bumping into things and almost knocking things over.

Then we went to the jewelry place (name = ?) which was full of reasonably priced SHINY THINGS! That cured me.

Anna tried on corsets... That was amusing. Kelli contemplated handcuffs in Spencer's, into which I dragged everybody cause Hannah was there and it was nostalgic. Sort of.

Oh, and Kelli found me a pin in Hot Topic that says "It's better to have loved and lost than to be with a psycho forever." Yeah, that's pretty much perfect. Thank you Kelli!

Hannah practically had a squeegasm in Phoenix, but I expected that.

It was a good day. A very good day. I love my friends.
I forgot to mention that I went bowling and saw like half of Rutland. (Kathryn and Ryan...OMG) It was so incredibly amazing. Thank you Kelli, and I love all the people who were there. Except Ben. Because his hair looks dumb.

And then I went to Janeea's and watched The Two Towers, which only reaffirmed my belief that SAM WANTS FRODO, and also invested me with the belief that Legolas wants Aragorn, and vice versa. Feel the slash. Embrace the slash.

Love you all!
Megan wants to play the song + picture guessing game, but she doesn't know how to put the pictures up.


Yeah. So this weekend I'll be home again.

Friday night = probably with mom.
Saturday is open.
Saturday night = Voices Project? Yes? Kelli?
Sunday = movies with Becky if at all possible.
Monday is open.
Monday night = tentative Janeea plans.
Tuesday = return to St. Mikes, but God only knows what time.

Hope to work some more people into that. Any takers?
Artie: What'd you get on that test?
Me: 98. You?
Him: Only an 89. *makes disappointed face*
Me: *dies at look on face* That's still good though.
Him: Yeah. But I really wanted to get an A.
Me: *dies again*
Him: I made a lot of stupid mistakes. If I had looked it over before I handed it in...
Me: Well it's only the first test. *is thinkning that he CARES that he got an 89, which is still a pretty good grade, when most people she has encountered would have been happy with a 70.*

Yeah. And then our hands brushed when we were passing the quizzes. *Is such a pathetic fangirl, deep, deep inside*

Heather, it's all good if Casey comes. Invite her!

Kelli, I don't suppose you'd want to come over Saturday night and watch Halloweentown? (Still have to ask Dad, but don't think it'll be a problem.)

Everyone else, Heather, Vanessa, and I are still the only confirmed movie goers for Sunday. Hoping for Jess, Kelli, Casey, and others I haven't called yet. The more the merrier!

You know you want to meet us at 12:30 and see The Corpse Bride. Don't deny it.



like woah.
Tonight I went to "Reggae on the Lawn: Free Steak and Shrimp!"

Only it wasn't on the lawn. And they weren't playing Reggae. And I missed the memo that said you had to have a little ticket to get the good food.

So I went to the dining hall and listened to bad dance music while I ate chicken and mused about the irony of my situation.

(In all fairness, they had to move it inside because it was raining. And I think they did play Reggae eventually. And the chicken was good.)

ETA: Anna, Kristen, Kelli and Erin just called me from Denny's. It was partly terrifying and mostly exciting. They love me. I miss my friends. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

I'm sort of afraid to listen to the messages they left me.

Current Mood: loved
Absolutely fantabulous party at Kelli's tonight... Food, Harry Potter group discussion, signings, Taboo...Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

SAW BECKY!!!!!!!!!!!!YAYS!!!!!!!!!!

And Renee. I do love Renee.

Renee: *Puts both hands firmly and unashamedly on her breasts* Hey! My boobs are getting bigger!

I love theater kids. God help me but I do. And I always will.

Kisses for everyone!


Current Mood:


I like the fact that I'm in it several times, and that my senior picture came out well, and that they included me in all the appropriate clubs and spelled my name right.

However, according to this yearbook:

Hannah is a junior who has not yet graduated.

This girl's name is either Kathryn Ogorzalek, Katherine Ogorzalek, or Kathryn Orgazolek. (The first one is the correct spelling)

Kathryn is not a member of Encore Theater, even though she's the the picture and was the Treasurer.

Anna's last name is Laird.

Kelli may actually spell her name with a Y.

Hannah may actually spell Sternberg "Sternburg"

And I think the cover is ugly.
Hannahmylove, Kelli, and I just went to see The Fantastic Four.

And it was fantastic. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

No, seriously, I liked it. I used to watch the TV show when I was younger, and this was just as good. Sure there were some cheesy lines and it was pretty predicatable, but I laughed a lot and Johnny Storm is hot.

(And I KNOW there'll be a sequel.)

Anyways, the difference between good superhero movies, like this one and X-Men and Spiderman, and bad superhero movies, like Daredevil and The Hulk, is liking them in spite of their flaws.

And hot guys.

ETA: Kelli reminded me that Mr. Fantastic can "expand any part of his anatomy" and "all of him is hard" on The Thing. It was a reeeeeeeeeeeally suggestive movie.

This is my eager face.

I just watched the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation to George Lucas. It was amazing. It was nostalgic and poignant and freaking hysterical. Mommy taped it for me, as it was on last Monday, so I fast forwarded through all the stupid commercials and I can watch it again and again! 

Anyone care to join me?

In a completely unrelated story, Kelli took me to lunch at The Coffee Exchage today, and I saw Lauren Breen. No joke, I have not seen that girl since our eighth grade graduation. She looked really different, and yet at the same time exactly the same. (Hey, that's good. Maybe I can use that in a fic?)

Anyways lunch was wonderful, I highly recommend TCE, and Kelli is awesome. She missed me! I feel special. And, Kelliann dear, I'm really truly glad that you and Jim found each other. You both deserve a nice healthy relationship. I love you.

Lastly, here's some more Nebraska stuff.

Do you all know how bad teenagers who have neither showered nor changed their clothes in three days smell after they've just spent half a day walking around a zoo in 90+ degree heat and the other half stagnating inside a train? Really bad. Really really bad, that's how bad.

The hugs I gave them all after the trip were equally smelly. Smelltastic, according to Hannahmylove.

Speaking of zoos, did I mention that the zoo was the Lincoln Park Zoo? We left Lincoln Nebraska for the Lincoln Park Zoo. Ironic, no? (Has Linkin Park ever played in Lincoln Park? The world may never know.)

And and and...PAUL DOES NOT LIKE ANIMLAS! Who doesn't like animals? Honestly. Who? Paul apparantly. Of course he might have mentioned this BEFORE we went to the zoo, and not halfway through our visit. I love him, but really.

I also forgot to mention that we went to the Lincoln Children's Museum three times. There is nothing funnier in the world than Encore students and a children's museum. Dustin and Renee took a nap on the reading rug after I read them stories, Chad built a house out of legos, Gerry played in the prarie dog holes, Paul built a whole city out of wooden blocks, Chris had fun with the water, I made a zoo out of big legos, Aaron posed with the imitation Mack truck, and Vanessa played with the stuffed chickens on the fake farm. Heh.

I have pictures. Lots of them.

If, as you live your life, you find yourself mentally composing LJ entries about it, post this exact same sentence in your Livejournal.

(I TOOK NOTES on my Nebraska trip specifically for the purpose of putting it in my LJ.)

Yay for not feeling train sensations anymore, and for chillin' like a gorilla!



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