So, I've been at work all day, where the internet was down, but now that I'm home and our internet is working just fine:


And Daniel Radcliffe and Nomar Garciaparra too. But they're not quite as important. Apparantly it's a good day for being born.
This is just an uber-quick update, while this evil desktop decides to cooperate with me, to apologize to anyone and everyone who wanted to see Hannah S. and didn't get to.

See, Hannah and I were planning a big party thing for the 5th (at least I think it was the 5th), where everyone could see her and we could all have food and fun, but we both woke up that morning puking, and extremely sick with whatever awful virus we caught from my brother. 

So Hannah called David that morning and went home, (and last I knew was home and still sick, but that was days ago so I hope she's better now), and I ate my first solid food today, and ugh.

Once again, I'm awfully awfully sorry that my house got Hannah sick, and you guys didn't get to see her.

And I'm sorry I didn't get to see Sarah and Renee and Jackie and everyone one more time before they all went off to school, but I was too busy moaning on my couch. Bleh.

Hope to see and/or hear from you all soon!

P.S. If you're still in Rutland, I don't go back for another week, and although I have 500 things to do, and am still not 100%, we could theoretically hang out and do easy-going things.
Just a quick PSA:

I used to have an e-mail account at Adelphia. When Comcast bought Adelphia, my e-mail account got eaten by the Great Cyberspace Dragon, and it no longer exists. This has been the situation for a good couple of months now, but I've been lazy and awful and neglected to tell anyone that.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that if you want to e-mail me now, you'll have to send it to, as this is my only working e-mail address currently. Also, if you've sent me anything via e-mail in the past couple months, I didn't get it.

That's all for that.

In other news, we got a Christmas tree, we decorated the house, my foot still hurts, (but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow) and I am bored out of my mind. So if anyone ever wants to do anything... I've seen Neea, Erin, and Renee already, but no one else, so CALL ME.

Only not Wednesday, cause that's Christmas cookie making day. (Though if you want to come over Wednesday night, there will be oodles of freshly baked cookies on hand...)

Anyhoodle, it's time for dinner now, so Adios!
Ok, so I just watched the deleted scenes on my RENT DVD, and one of them is an alternate ending.

It starts out the same as the ending in the movie, but then it cuts to all of them singing the finale in the spotlights, the way they sing "Seasons of Love", only Angel isn't in his spotlight.

And that gave me goosebumps.

But then he comes out, not looking like Angel, and he touches Collins and Collins laughs and Angel takes his spotlight and they all finish the song and it brought me to tears.

It was so fucking beautiful.

(Someone, probably Renee, told me that that's how they do it on Broadway, but since I've never seen it on Broadway...)

Oh, and last night I had to go wtih Emalee and Aunt Rose to the hospital because Emalee sprained her ankle. Again. I swear, I'm gonna lock that girl up in a padded room. (And Em? It was your right ankle last time. I looked at the picture on Facebook.)

P.S. I changed my icons again, mostly just because I want to show off some Firefly ones.
You know what?

I like Good Charlotte. And I like Simple Plan, and The All American Rejects, and Avril Lavigne, and The Milkshake Song, and "I Don't Wanna Be," and especially Bowling for Soup. I like that one song by Yellowcard, "Ocean Avenue," and the one song by Dashboard Confessionals that I can't remember how it goes, but I know I like it, and a couple songs by Fall Out Boy and I refuse to be ashamed of any of that.

And the more people keep saying "Ugh, why do you like them?" The more I'm going to listen to them and like them, and talk about how much I like them, just to piss those people off. I don't criticize your musical tastes, and I'll thank you not to criticize mine.

Paul likes Snoop Dogg, and Chris listens to Spanish Techno and Renee only knows musicals and Emalee listens to bands I've never even heard of. Erin is Green Day obsessed and Kelley only listens to oldies, and all of that is ok. I don't care. More power to them. Listen to what makes you happy, and I wish you well.

But world? Shut the fuck up about what I listen to, and stop trying to foist your music on me. Forcing me to listen to what you like will not make me like it, and, in fact, will probably have the opposite effect.

Thank you.

P.S. But I don't listen to Ashley Simpson.

ETA It's "Vindicated." The song by Dashboard Confessional, I mean.
Ok kids, I think we need a weekend recap.

Went to see The Lake House with Janeea, Sarah, Hannah, Liz, Jackie, and Erin. LOVED it. Sarah and I tried really hard to break each others' hands because we didn't know how it was going to end and OMG it was great. I laughed, I cried, I chewed my knuckles (which is the mark of truly good movie) and I still like Keanu Reeves.

Went to Renee's party. Tripped over her stairs and broke my shoe and scraped the shit out of my knee, all in one fell swoop. (Honestly, I shouldn't be allowed to walk.)

Ate. A lot. God her mom makes good food. Renee, I love you, and your mother, and all the food in your house. In that order.

Played with adorable dogs and sat and chilled with awesome people like Anna and Aaron and Vanessa and others. Met a girl named Cassie, and one named Nicole, who played Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods.

And then I ate some more.

Hope Renee liked her presents!


Ok. I didn't want to go camping. I don't camp. I'm not terribly fond of canoes, it was dark, I hate bugs, I was told I was going to get eaten by a bear or attacked by a weirdo, and peeing in the woods...Yeah.

Well, I think my friends (or at the very least, Janeea) have figured out that if you reassure me enough I will do a lot of the things that I don't do. And I would like to deeply and sincerely thank Janeea, because CAMPING WAS AWESOME.

Seven teenaged girls canoed out to a campsite, in the mostly dark, with a shit load of stuff, set up a tent, built a fire, cooked hot dogs and s'mores and whatever else we wanted, spent the night, did not get eaten by a bear or attacked by anything, peed in the woods, (I) did not get bit by ANYTHING, and then cleaned it all up and canoed back. (And we didn't tip the canoe either, no matter how much I was panicking about it.)

So there.

We are women, hear us kick ass.

I also caught a tadpole in a water bottle, and named him Ted. Ted the Tadpole. He's bi-lingual and has little legs and a little mouth and little eyes and someday he's going to turn into Fred the Frog.

Chittenden Dam is GORGEOUS in the morning. (There are big fucking rocks and sun and sky and water and mountains and GAH.) Really and truly gorgeous. I felt like Peter Pan. Don't ask why, but I felt so much like him that I crowed.

It was great.

Made it back from camping in one piece, hung with Renee for a little while, watched A Knight's Tale and then took a nap. Heh.

Ok. For some reason, my parents went out and bought a net and a volleyball and a badminton set. So if anyone wants to play... (Why? Why do they buy these things? The telescope that we've never used, the piano that no one in my house can play...Why?)

And last but not least, I finally saw Tristan and Isolde. It was ok. I mean, it wasn't bad, but it was pretty predictable and all I really cared about was that he was very very very pretty. (But since I am a total sap, I believed the whole "love conquers all and is stronger than death" bit. So I liked it, is my point)

And that's the end of this long ass entry.
1. Remember the Vertigo pin? It was Hannah's, and is now back in her possesion.

2. Graduation was quite a bit less boring than mine, mostly because Nora's and Brian's speeches were funny and not overly long. Emalee's party at my house was lovely, and chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting is AMAZING.

3. Never eat undercooked yak meat.

4. Project Grad, for some reason I can't quite place, was a lot better than mine. It seemed to fly by, whereas mine dragged on and on and on. Jim and Kelli spent the whole night on the bean bags again, and it was like "Awww, that's where they met!" The hypnotist was still good, but I was more impressed with his before-show sleight of hand.

I stole the box of Sour Patch Kids, and we ate the red ones and threw the yellow ones at people (mostly Aaron Mack.)

Fucking Latanzie threw away my cinnamon bagel, because he is an ass. I really wanted to do something bad in front of him, like make out with Renee or swear or take my shirt off or kick him in the balls or something. But I didn't.

5. Renee is still awesome.

6. Work is still unbelievably boring, but on the bright side I'm using the time to write fic.

7. And Jo goes over to Ben & Jerry's and picks up ice cream for us almost every day.

8. My Ron desktop wants to know why I don't write any Ron!fic, and I don't have an answer for it.

9. Went to Hannahmylove's last night and watched But I'm a Cheerleader again. Now I want both the movie and the soundtrack. And she fed me! Food she'd cooked herself! I was so impressed! Yay Hannah!

10. And speaking of Hannahs, last, but certainly not least, HANNAH BROKE UP WITH PHIL.

Our conversation went like this:
Hannah: I broke up with Phil because I realized that he didn't want my for the intellectual side, or to talk, he just wanted me for the physical.
Me: *taking her face in my hands* Honey, I love you. But DUH!

And so now the world is a little bit more right, because that nonsense is over.
I just watched half the people I know graduate. And it was weird.

But now I get to go to Project Grad because Renee is awesome.

God, I'm such a sap. I've seen that movie like 500 times, and I still love it.

So Renee and I had a wonderful lunch at Applebee's today. We saw Kelli and Jim, Jess and Justin, and like the entire Peterson clan. Aren't there any other restaurants in Rutland?

Anywho, I love Matt because I can now listen to Honky Tonk Badonadonk over and over and over again. HA!

But the real purpose of this entry is to tell whoever wants to come that we're going to see X-3 tomorrow night. I don't know what time it's playing yet or what time we're meeting, but I will find out as soon as I can and post a final schedule. It'll be the earlier showing, and we'll probably meet like half an hour before it starts because it's a Friday, and opening night. Just you can all plan.


P.S. Oh, and I added some pretty stuff to my user info too.
Hey Seniors: Does anyone have a spare ticket to graduation for me? I'd really like to go, but I can't unless I have a ticket... Em, I figured yours would all be spoken for, but if not...

In any case, Renee invited me to project grad, so I can see you all there if all else fails. I'd really like to go to the actual ceremony however. I know more people in this class than I did in my own.

In other news, after a lovely afternoon of chilling and watching Into the Woods, Janeea and I went to the Stafford concert tonight. Why? To watch Aaron Mack.

Aaron is absolutely captivating. He's the most interesting thing on a stage. And it's because when you watch him, you can see how throughly he's enjoying what he's doing. Every fiber of his being is completely involved in it, and he never runs out of energy. Every hair in that mop on his head moves in time to the beat. It seems that every article he's wearing has been carefully chosen to create whatever look he's striving for. When he plays, he doesn't play the music. He IS the music. He gets so INTO it, every muscle vibrating with the sound, every motion spontaneous and moving with the noises his instrument is making. The word self-concious is not in his vocabulary. (And is there anything he doesn't play?)

The feeling I get when watching him play is similar to the one I get while watching him act. Every minute movement he makes fits into his character. If his nose twitches, it's because it's supposed to. If he plays the bass vertically or shakes his trombone violently or wears a curly wig, it's because it was meant to be.

Aaron Mack makes you believe.

Aaron, I know you read this sometimes, so don't let this go to your head, but you are one of the few people I know who has talent and who's head is not so far up your ass that you won't ever do anything with it. In short, you are one of the few people I know that I truly believe will go somewhere big.

Just remember us when you get there.

P.S. Does anyone have the song Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk? God, I want that song.
OMG. I just looked at Anna's facebook pictures from prom... You all looked so fucking gorgeous! I'm jealous.

Anna, Kelli, Renee, and Kristen, your dresses were all so incredibly beautiful. Like, GAH.

Ty, nice hat.

Kristen, I liked your hair in the later pictures when it had sort of uncurled a little. I think it looked even better that way.

Kelli, you looked perfect as always. And the way you stand so regally in heels kills me.

Anna, that dress was perfect for you. Love the ruffles.

Renee, God. You looked so mature and hot. Heh.

I wanna see more pics! I looked at Em's but the colors... I wanna see what Vanessa's dress looked like!!!

Love to you all!
I am done with all my classes! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

And I only have two finals.

Ah, life is good. I haven't done shit all day.

And RENT went AMAZINGLY and I got my solo right and Renee came to see it and we went out with my parents and then she spent the night and I come home either Thursday or Friday and yay.

Everybody have fun at prom tonight! Take lots of pictures for me to see!!!
Ok, if you don't do anything else in the next few weeks, GO SEE V for Vendetta!!!!!!

Oh my God, it was amazing. I drove out to Westway with Renee and Erin to see it. GAH.

I love Natalie Portman. I always have. She's beautiful and she's an amazing actress and, as I told Erin, I'd do her. With or without her hair.

Also, I don't know how intentional it was, as this story is based on a graphic novel, but this movie (attacked is a bit of a strong word, but I'm going to use it anyways) attacked restrictions of freedom, corrupt priests, and taking away rights "for your protection," specifically from terrorists and viruses. They even showed a news clip about Avian flu. And they were definately supporting homosexuals and freedom of speech. So how many anti-Bush/republican sentiments have we got there?

"We have to do raids and beat and torture people, with the majority's consent, so that we can keep you safe from terrorists" sounds an awful lot to me like "we have to do wire taps and beat and torture people when we interrogate them to keep you safe from the terrorists." But maybe that's just me.

I loved it. I'm not even that into politics, but I loved every second of it.

And one guy's name was Rookwood. /Random Harry Potter reference.

Then I went to Erin's for cake and fun with Tiffany and Ross. Erin, your family always has been, is, and always will be, awesome.

"A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having."

"All you have are your little knives. We have guns."
"No, what you have are bullets, and the hope that when your guns are empty I will no longer be standing."

It was SO GOOD. Like 1984 meets Robin Hood meets Phantom of the Opera.

On which note, he 1.wore a mask 2.took the girl to his underground lair of crazy, which was full of stolen art and furniture 3.was sort of obsessed with music there 4.was disfigured 5.was an outcast from society 6.murdered people 7.broke mirrors and 8.wouldn't let the girl he loved take his mask off.

There were more, but I'm too lazy to list them now.

Janeea and Matt and I went to the aquarium in Boston. I love fish. And turtles. And especially, PENGUINS!

Is it bad that it made me hungry and so we got seafood on the way home? Probably.

But I really do heart Boston. And all the things therein. And Janeea. And Matt. And Sweeney Todd. And any combination of any of the above. And talking to Janeea at strange hours of the night.

And now, some messages:

Renee: We still need to hang out babe.
Becky: If you don't want to go to prom because you don't have a date, I'll go with you. If you want me to.
Janeea: I have your book. And I would still like to borrow Labyrinth.
Erin: I saw your episode of Boy Meets World today.
World: I'm too lazy to do HTML code tonight.
Am back at school.

I don't want to go to class, and I have about a million things to sort out. Blech.

Plus my car is probably going to get towed.

But Cinzia bought me chocolate and we're doing evolution in Biology this semester, so it's not all bad news.

But anywho, Ozma was FUCKING AMAZING! They were all great, but especially Renee and Gerry and Becky. OMG.

And I love Josh Hock. He named Erin's boobs. Lucy and Ricky. Yeah.

So I'm going to go try not obsess and kill time now. Peace!
This post is for Renee, but everyone is welcome to the icons contained herein.


I am only pimping them. Please follow all the creators' hotlinking and crediting requests.

That said... Here you go!

It is 9:22pm, and I am still in my pajamas. I never got dressed today. Renee stayed at my house until 7:00pm. Life is good.
Just in case anyone was wondering, I love Renee. And her frozen car.

Know what tonight is? JANEEA'S PARTY!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Sweeney Todd rocks my murder and cannibalism socks!
Went to see The Family Stone again tonight with Heather, Emalee, Eric, and for some reason Steve. (Who, Em, is very, very weird.) I mean, he was wearing a sundress. I respect statements like that, but it's still weird.

Heather cried. She's so cute and I love her.

I saw Paul at the movie theater. May I just say, for the record, that I would still be all over Paul if he showed any inclination my way. (Which he never will, let's be practical, but he is one lovely speciman of a man. Like, if aliens wanted to see an ideal human male, I'd show them Paul. And then say that I was his love in a play. And then take their picture. But I digress.)

I'm still crazy, and it's annoying, but meh.

Umm... Janeea, I told Hannahmylove to go to your party. I assume that is a good thing to have done. (HEY! Hannah is home and we talked for hours and went in my hot tub today and she is awesome and I love her.)

Renee, I also assume you can come to Janeea's, and you probably have to work but since we'll be there all night you could come later and that would be ok. Right? Renee? Janeea? Someone? Anyone? Bueller?

Ah, the siren call of fanfiction...
I feel like friken Mimi sitting here. I have a heater, but no heat is coming out of it, and even though I'm inside I can't feel the end of my nose. I think they turned off my heat. Bastards. (Only, I'm paying something like $5,000 room and board, so there's really no reason for this.)

And I don't even have a candle or Roger for company.

Or a thinly veiled sexual metaphor either.

Speaking of RENT, (see, RENT reminds me of Renee) Renee, what are you doing this Saturday? That's the umm... 10th. Yeah the 10th. What are you doing this Saturday the 10th, and do you want to be doing something?




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