For those of you new to my journal, lo these many years ago, before it was taken over by Monster High, this journal was pretty much all Harry Potter, all the time. A lot of that was concerned with fanfic (mostly Remus/Sirius): ranting about it, reading it, writing it, discussing it, etc. That waned as I went to college and had like, parties to go to on Friday nights, instead of my Friday Night Fanfic Binge (seriously, I did it so often I gave it a proper name)... But I've always got at least one epically long story going (right now I actually have three... oops), and inspiration for short ones strikes now and again.

So, without further ado, the fic I wrote in about half an hour tonight, unbetaed except by me.

When The Daylight Comes I'll Have To Go )
Sometimes, I get really discouraged with my fic writing. I still, for instance, haven't thought of some better way to lead up to the ending of the Rapunzel story, and the politics of part two are dragging me down. I just want to make everything work, to make it all make sense, to fill in all the holes and answer all the questions that I always have when I read stories. I want it to be good, so very good, which is why it's been nowhere but on my hard drive for the last several years while I tweak it in my brain.

And then I read things that have clearly not even been proofread, much less edited, that have very little time or care put into them, and I come across plot holes and typos in published fiction (seriously, Mercedes Lackey needs a MUCH BETTER EDITOR) and I think, "you know, maybe I don't have to work so hard or worry so much."

The question, I guess, is: if there's so much crap out there, and my story is already of a pretty decent quality, should I just post it and the minor quibbles that remain be damned?

As I write, sometimes (because I tend to skip around and write whatever scene comes to me at the time) I find that I have ideas from long ago that don't work anymore, or that i just don't want to use anymore. Usually, I just delete these scenes, maybe pasting a line of dialogue or a really good description into a different scene, and move on with my life. But sometimes, I feel like I don't want to lose what I wrote, even though it's just not going to fit into the narrative any longer. So, I present to you, a deleted scene from my Rapunzel fic. (Which I swear to GOD I am going to finish sometime in 2012.)

Cut for length, and a director's intro )

In addition to not really working, it's also not terribly well-written.  It's good that it's gone. The scene I wrote to replace it is much better :)
If I were to (assuming I ever finish the Rapunzel one) write a second epic, fairy tale inspired  AU about Remus and Sirius, based on The Little Mermaid, who would James and Peter be?

This would be based on the Disney version with the happy ending (obviously), where Remus lives with his fellow werewolves and saves Sirius' life and they fall in love and his father is displeased and Greyback is Ursula. It all works out so well in my head, but I'm having trouble casting James and Peter. It makes more sense for James to be with Sirius than Remus, but Eric's only friend is Grimsby (or Max, but let's not reduce James to that). So should I just age the Grumsby character down? I'm all right with changing details, I just don't know if he can fill that role. Grimsby is the responsible one.

That leaves Peter to be Flounder or Sebastian, probably Flounder, which leaves Sebastian uncast, if you will, and puts Peter is a very good light (which I'm all right with). Or, I can make Peter Flotsam/Jetsam, though a duo like the Carrows or the Malfoys would really work better for that. Totally the Malfoys. "Lucius my slippery friend..." It's perfect!

This also leaves out Lily, unless she is Remus' sister or Carlotta, neither of which is a very big part. And there's also Scuttle to consider. Maybe I should change genders? Though I must admit, I am digging her as Remus' sister...

So, thoughts?
 Liberal Bumper Stickers Counted Today: 6.

And one of them said "Republicans for Voldemort". HA! I didn't know they actually made those! I want one!

Because every August is Star-Gazing Month, every August is also Megan-Writes-A-Wolfstar-Fic Month. Apparantly the stars are my muses.

And so I present to you:
Stars )

In case anyone new to my journal wants to know, I have written several fics involving the puppies and stars. The first one is called "Tender" and can be found by click the tag "my stuff."
What better way is there to spend a chilly, rainy Sunday in October than writing Daft!Sirius & Endlessly Patient!Remus fanfic? No better way, that's what way.

So I present to you all, a fic.

Click Here For The Usual. Wolfstar Love, But No Sex. )

So I wrote a drabble, exactly 100 words, of which I am very proud. (Standard HP stuff, though sadder than usual.)

Here you go! See if you can't figure out what's been stuck in my head for the past week.


Standard requests apply. All comments and critiques are welcome.
Version 1:
It was a good many years after Sirius had died when Remus finally realized that he never felt really, truly alive unless the stars were out.

Version 2:
It took a good many years after Sirius had died for Remus to realize that he never felt really, truly alive unless the stars were out.

Version 3:
It took Remus a good many years after Sirius' death to realize that he had never in his life felt really and truly alive unless the stars were out.

I like how each one means something slightly different.
The Long Awaited (Titleless) Play! )

Comment, critique, compliment, tell me: did the point come through clearly? I'll probably have handed it in by the time I get any comments, but I'll appreciate it just the same.
This is so short, it doesn't even qualify as a drabble. In fact, it's not even half a drabble. It's only 37 words. But I like it.

This Isn't Even Really Long Enough to Warrant the Effort of Making an lj-cut, But I Did it Anyways )

So here's the deal: Over a year ago, I began working on a fanfic that was about Draco being engaged. Some of you (Hannah, Jean) may remember this. The ending to said story, however, had been eluding my up until a few days ago, when the perfect way to end the story just hopped into my head as I was innocently trying to fall asleep.

Then last night, at approximately 1 am, I realized how to fully write the ending. And so I did.

It's not perfect, I mean it can certainly be tweaked and improved and edited and such, (stories always can) but the PLOT is done, and won't be plauging me anymore. HA!

So anywho, here it is. I humbly entreat all those of you who read my journal to read this, because I'm quite proud of most of it.

I would also like to thank two wonderful girls who betaed this story ages ago, [ profile] tea_and_snark and [ profile] abie_baby

Note: this story was inspired by two things:
1. A plot bunny that bit me and was like, "You have to write a story about Draco marrying a girl who's somehow related to Harry Potter" and when I tried to protest that I didn't like Draco, it said "Oh yes, you do now WRITE!" and so I did.
2. My quest to invent a character who was not a Mary-Sue, which I think I succeeded in, but since I don't read very many fics with original characters, I can't be sure. Reassurance here would be nice.

Last but not least, since most of this was written a year ago, it does not take into account the events and characterizations presented in HBP. So I guess it's slightly AU in that sense. But it wasn't meant to be so... meh.

ETA: Here's a little key for those of you who don't read Harry Potter but who I'd like to read the story anyways. *coughERINcough*

Key )

Here's the fic!

I think the title right now is She's a Potter, but I'm open to better suggestions. )

Comments and Critiques welcome and appreciated.
I went to the open reading tonight and read a poem.

No, not a poem, THE poem.

I have never been so scared in my life.

By the time I got to the end of it I was practically crying and now they all probably think I'm some kind of emotional crackpot.

But I feel so good.

Reaction to a Poetry Reading (Written on the Way Back)

Whole body trembling
Don't know if it's from cold or fear or the emotion in the words
I know it would be warmer to cut through the building
But there's not enough air in the atmosphere for me to breathe
Much less inside walls.
Suddenly I'm back at my dorm
And I don't know how I got here so fast
Reading poetry is baring your soul.
I feel manic.
I wondered if I'd start using that word
Apparantly yes.
I'm panting as if I ran
But I know I didn't
Still shaking all over
And I have to remind
No, command
Myself to breathe.
Maybe it's suppressed adrenaline
How do I let it out?
Jot down a few lines to be typed up later
Confused thoughts
Because I can't breathe and I'm still shaking and all I want is warmth
My soul needed that.

Two days to Hair, six days to Deer Camp, a week to Thanksgiving, and all I want to say is I LOVE YOU RENEE!
Ok friends, Romans, countrymen, I need help. I wrote something, and I'm opening it up to a general friends-Beta. I'm going to post a question at the end that I need answered, but ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE ENTIRE FIC! (I don't want to bias your opinion.) Besides the question, all other comments and criticisims are welcome. (Except blatant flames, but I trust you all enough to not do that.)

Yes it's Harry Potter, and Remus/Sirius, (shocking I know) but there's nothing bad in it (Rated G) and it's still worth the read. UNLESS YOU HAVE NOT READ BOOK FIVE IN WHICH CASE THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE DON'T READ THIS.

So here you go.

I think the title right now is Back in Business, but I don't really like that so feel free to suggest another one. )

P.S. If you haven't read book five, SHAME THE HELL ON YOU! Do it, you know you want to. All the cool kids have.

(Cut because it turned out to be really long)

I wonder... )

That was a rant. And it felt good.
When the idea for this fic came to me, it was only the first two lines and the last line.

When I actually wrote it in Biology yesterday it was something like 120 words.

When I typed it up this afternoon it was 129 words.

I am incredibly pleased to anounce that as I am posting it THIS FIC IS EXACTLY AND PRECISELY 100 WORDS LONG. And it was not easy to get it thst way, let me tell you.

So here it it, my very first real drabble.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus/Sirius, but it's severly pre-slash. You'll see.
Rating: G. Oh feel the G.
Disclaimer: Neither Remus nor Sirius belongs to me. For which you should all be glad. *Evil grin*

The Drabble Is Truly An Art Form )

For those of you who don't do Megan!Fic, here's something else. In the other hall's bathroom, there is a handicapped stall. On the third floor. Of a building that has no elevator. WTF?

I was randomly going through my random notebooks of random writing and random thoughts amd random song lyrics and random poems and random fan fiction (you knew I was going to get to fan ficiton eventually) and I found this fic I wrote. And I heart it so I typed it up and then promptly forgot about it again.

But since I subsequently remembered it again, here it is.

DISCLAIMERS: As always, this is a Wolfstar fic. That means Remus and Sirius are madly in love. With each other. Also as always, I can't write smut, so I merely imply it and leave it at that. (If you don't like that, don't click the cut.) Furthermore, I do not own either of these georgous characters, because if I did I would have a paid livejournal account. Oh, and I'd write books where they stayed alive and shagged like bunnies. (I'd overcome the inability to write smut if money was involved) Because I'm a sap. Anyways, on to the fic. All comments are appreciated!

(It said "For Jean" at the top, but I can't remember why. In any case, I clearly wrote it for Jean. So it is therefore dedicated to her.)

For Jean )
Ages 0-2: You take naps because it's just what kids that age do. And you need them.

Ages 3-4: You take naps because you mother makes you.

Ages 5-13: You don't nap. Naps are for babies.

Ages 14-45: Naps are your friends. You like naps.

Ages 46 and up: People expect you to sort of nod off occasionally. And you do.

This was formulated while I baby-sat today. I was thinking how much I would like a nap, while listening to the 5 year old I was watching say how naps were for babies. Sheesh.
I discovered some things tonight.

1. I crave people the same way I crave chocolate. I have days where I just, like, INTENSELY need to see/talk to one particular person. For the past few days I have been craving Erin. ERIN I NEED YOU! Heh.

2. I like taking pictures, and then seeing how they come out, because they never look the way you think they're going to. I think I kind of want to take pictures. Artistic pictures. I have these pictures that I just, am so proud of, because they're just cool. (Yeah, I'm weird. And rambling.)

3. Getting good comments on the fic I waited an entire year to post over at the Remus/Sirius community is one of the best feelings in the world. And it's addicting. I can't wait to post again.

4. You can't install Microsoft Word unless you install Works first.

5. My laptop does not have a floppy disk drive, which puts me back to having no way to transfer my files and pics from this computer to that one.

6. I don't like having French toast for dinner. (Actually, I don't really like French toast all that much at any time, but I already knew that.)

Isn't learning fun?

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Jean, my wonderful usual beta, is in Greece.

And I keep writing things that I really wish I could get a second opinion on before I post them.

So does anyone want to read the thing I wrote last night before I post it, and give me their opinions?


If not, I'll just post it un-betaed in a few days anyways.



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