I got you card, and I will mail it out... soon. :)

Bored so I'm doing some survey things I gacked from Erin. I don't know why I'm bothering. I never read these things, and I don't expect anyone else to read mine... But I don't really feel like doing anything else.

You know, I wanted to do a post about my trip to The Great Escape with the fabulous Janeea, Kelli, and Erin, but there's no way I can remember all the fantastic things we laughed about.

Though I do have to post this from the night before...

Janeea: Ow. Ow. OW!
Me: What?
Janeea: I dropped a can of soda on my toe yesterday, and I just hit it.
Me: What kind of soda was it?
Janeea: Root beer. And not even the good kind, the Price Chopper kind!

Other than that... It was fantastic. We seemed to hit all the rides before the lines got too long, I went on the Boomerang for the first time, and we learned some valuable lessons; namely not to sit in the very back of the Comet, and not to go on the Alpine Bobsled three times in a row. Kelli: "Why did we say ok? Why?" There are bruises.

Oh and Erin got soaked during the dive show. By pirates. YAY PIRATES!!!

Feel free to add stuff guys.
Just a quick PSA:

I used to have an e-mail account at Adelphia. When Comcast bought Adelphia, my e-mail account got eaten by the Great Cyberspace Dragon, and it no longer exists. This has been the situation for a good couple of months now, but I've been lazy and awful and neglected to tell anyone that.

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that if you want to e-mail me now, you'll have to send it to mdenardo@smcvt.edu, as this is my only working e-mail address currently. Also, if you've sent me anything via e-mail in the past couple months, I didn't get it.

That's all for that.

In other news, we got a Christmas tree, we decorated the house, my foot still hurts, (but I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow) and I am bored out of my mind. So if anyone ever wants to do anything... I've seen Neea, Erin, and Renee already, but no one else, so CALL ME.

Only not Wednesday, cause that's Christmas cookie making day. (Though if you want to come over Wednesday night, there will be oodles of freshly baked cookies on hand...)

Anyhoodle, it's time for dinner now, so Adios!
Thank You Erin!

Ahh, and I am master of html.
Ok kids, I think we need a weekend recap.

Went to see The Lake House with Janeea, Sarah, Hannah, Liz, Jackie, and Erin. LOVED it. Sarah and I tried really hard to break each others' hands because we didn't know how it was going to end and OMG it was great. I laughed, I cried, I chewed my knuckles (which is the mark of truly good movie) and I still like Keanu Reeves.

Went to Renee's party. Tripped over her stairs and broke my shoe and scraped the shit out of my knee, all in one fell swoop. (Honestly, I shouldn't be allowed to walk.)

Ate. A lot. God her mom makes good food. Renee, I love you, and your mother, and all the food in your house. In that order.

Played with adorable dogs and sat and chilled with awesome people like Anna and Aaron and Vanessa and others. Met a girl named Cassie, and one named Nicole, who played Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods.

And then I ate some more.

Hope Renee liked her presents!


Ok. I didn't want to go camping. I don't camp. I'm not terribly fond of canoes, it was dark, I hate bugs, I was told I was going to get eaten by a bear or attacked by a weirdo, and peeing in the woods...Yeah.

Well, I think my friends (or at the very least, Janeea) have figured out that if you reassure me enough I will do a lot of the things that I don't do. And I would like to deeply and sincerely thank Janeea, because CAMPING WAS AWESOME.

Seven teenaged girls canoed out to a campsite, in the mostly dark, with a shit load of stuff, set up a tent, built a fire, cooked hot dogs and s'mores and whatever else we wanted, spent the night, did not get eaten by a bear or attacked by anything, peed in the woods, (I) did not get bit by ANYTHING, and then cleaned it all up and canoed back. (And we didn't tip the canoe either, no matter how much I was panicking about it.)

So there.

We are women, hear us kick ass.

I also caught a tadpole in a water bottle, and named him Ted. Ted the Tadpole. He's bi-lingual and has little legs and a little mouth and little eyes and someday he's going to turn into Fred the Frog.

Chittenden Dam is GORGEOUS in the morning. (There are big fucking rocks and sun and sky and water and mountains and GAH.) Really and truly gorgeous. I felt like Peter Pan. Don't ask why, but I felt so much like him that I crowed.

It was great.

Made it back from camping in one piece, hung with Renee for a little while, watched A Knight's Tale and then took a nap. Heh.

Ok. For some reason, my parents went out and bought a net and a volleyball and a badminton set. So if anyone wants to play... (Why? Why do they buy these things? The telescope that we've never used, the piano that no one in my house can play...Why?)

And last but not least, I finally saw Tristan and Isolde. It was ok. I mean, it wasn't bad, but it was pretty predictable and all I really cared about was that he was very very very pretty. (But since I am a total sap, I believed the whole "love conquers all and is stronger than death" bit. So I liked it, is my point)

And that's the end of this long ass entry.
Happy June everyone!

Emalee and Heather and Heather's friend Jess and I all drove to West Leb to go to Taco Bell last night, and then we came back to my house and played Taboo.

Taco Bell + Heather and Emalee and Jess + Taboo + ice cream = OMG YAY!

And now I'm going to pick up my brother and then go to HANNAH'S!!!!!!!!


P.S. Erin, love, I'm busy tonight. Sorry.
This is Kristen, Megan, and Erin, with a few things to say:

Mom: Where's Kristen going to be all summer?
Me: The bathroom.

Also, Ron is the reason the Nazis hate the Jews.

kfnkjdkbh (that was Kristen)

8========D~~~~~~O: (And that was Erin...)

Just kidding this is just Me- no one's here- I'm just chillin' home alone on a Saturday night with no friends imagining that people are here.

Yeah... And we all went to see Into the Woods tonight and it was wonderful.

Also, I love Josh. There's nothing like the love of a gay man to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Also, Erin would like to make an announcement:


That is all.

Last Night

May. 14th, 2006 04:38 pm
Ok, so Erin and Kristen and I went to see Thank You For Smoking at Westway last night... and it was HYSTERICAL.

"The great state of Vermont will not apologize for its cheese!"

Also, Katie Holmes got screwed (in more ways than one) and I don't like her so that was good.

Then on the way home Erin and I drove past one of those big light-up sign things that says how fast you're going, and just to spite the stupid thing I floored it. So it changes from telling me my speed to flashing "SLOW DOWN". Erin and I almost died laughing.

And now, some highlights from last night's SNL:

Al Gore was really on it. Even though he wasn't hosting. And he was funny.

Oh, and there was this sketch about Myspace and this teenage-ish guy was teaching a class for adults on how to use myspace, and the class consisted of one woman wanting to see what her daughter was up to, and like 15 middle aged sketchy men. And it was all about how Myspace doesn't have a way to police how old you actually are or what picture you use or to prevent 45 year old perverts from meeting young girls in real life. It was hysterical, and served as further proof that MYSPACE IS EVIL.

Amy: Oh come on. We all know that the increased number of hurricanes is because of gay marriage.

Tina: 52% of teens that take virginity pledges recant them within 12 months. If I'm on my game.

Ahhh, it was a good night. Today hasn't been quite as good, but whatever. I got to eat a lot at brunch today, so that was good.

P.S. Since when is Inuyasha back on Saturdays at 11? Why doesn't anyone tell me these things?!?!
Ok, if you don't do anything else in the next few weeks, GO SEE V for Vendetta!!!!!!

Oh my God, it was amazing. I drove out to Westway with Renee and Erin to see it. GAH.

I love Natalie Portman. I always have. She's beautiful and she's an amazing actress and, as I told Erin, I'd do her. With or without her hair.

Also, I don't know how intentional it was, as this story is based on a graphic novel, but this movie (attacked is a bit of a strong word, but I'm going to use it anyways) attacked restrictions of freedom, corrupt priests, and taking away rights "for your protection," specifically from terrorists and viruses. They even showed a news clip about Avian flu. And they were definately supporting homosexuals and freedom of speech. So how many anti-Bush/republican sentiments have we got there?

"We have to do raids and beat and torture people, with the majority's consent, so that we can keep you safe from terrorists" sounds an awful lot to me like "we have to do wire taps and beat and torture people when we interrogate them to keep you safe from the terrorists." But maybe that's just me.

I loved it. I'm not even that into politics, but I loved every second of it.

And one guy's name was Rookwood. /Random Harry Potter reference.

Then I went to Erin's for cake and fun with Tiffany and Ross. Erin, your family always has been, is, and always will be, awesome.

"A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having."

"All you have are your little knives. We have guns."
"No, what you have are bullets, and the hope that when your guns are empty I will no longer be standing."

It was SO GOOD. Like 1984 meets Robin Hood meets Phantom of the Opera.

On which note, he 1.wore a mask 2.took the girl to his underground lair of crazy, which was full of stolen art and furniture 3.was sort of obsessed with music there 4.was disfigured 5.was an outcast from society 6.murdered people 7.broke mirrors and 8.wouldn't let the girl he loved take his mask off.

There were more, but I'm too lazy to list them now.

Janeea and Matt and I went to the aquarium in Boston. I love fish. And turtles. And especially, PENGUINS!

Is it bad that it made me hungry and so we got seafood on the way home? Probably.

But I really do heart Boston. And all the things therein. And Janeea. And Matt. And Sweeney Todd. And any combination of any of the above. And talking to Janeea at strange hours of the night.

And now, some messages:

Renee: We still need to hang out babe.
Becky: If you don't want to go to prom because you don't have a date, I'll go with you. If you want me to.
Janeea: I have your book. And I would still like to borrow Labyrinth.
Erin: I saw your episode of Boy Meets World today.
World: I'm too lazy to do HTML code tonight.

So here's the deal: Over a year ago, I began working on a fanfic that was about Draco being engaged. Some of you (Hannah, Jean) may remember this. The ending to said story, however, had been eluding my up until a few days ago, when the perfect way to end the story just hopped into my head as I was innocently trying to fall asleep.

Then last night, at approximately 1 am, I realized how to fully write the ending. And so I did.

It's not perfect, I mean it can certainly be tweaked and improved and edited and such, (stories always can) but the PLOT is done, and won't be plauging me anymore. HA!

So anywho, here it is. I humbly entreat all those of you who read my journal to read this, because I'm quite proud of most of it.

I would also like to thank two wonderful girls who betaed this story ages ago, [livejournal.com profile] tea_and_snark and [livejournal.com profile] abie_baby

Note: this story was inspired by two things:
1. A plot bunny that bit me and was like, "You have to write a story about Draco marrying a girl who's somehow related to Harry Potter" and when I tried to protest that I didn't like Draco, it said "Oh yes, you do now WRITE!" and so I did.
2. My quest to invent a character who was not a Mary-Sue, which I think I succeeded in, but since I don't read very many fics with original characters, I can't be sure. Reassurance here would be nice.

Last but not least, since most of this was written a year ago, it does not take into account the events and characterizations presented in HBP. So I guess it's slightly AU in that sense. But it wasn't meant to be so... meh.

ETA: Here's a little key for those of you who don't read Harry Potter but who I'd like to read the story anyways. *coughERINcough*

Key )

Here's the fic!

I think the title right now is She's a Potter, but I'm open to better suggestions. )

Comments and Critiques welcome and appreciated.
A better update on this weekend, as promised.

Erin and I spent a lot of time listening to music, (I raped her cd collection) watching movies, (see: falling asleep) and chatting.

We had a sexual experience blew up an air mattress, and hung out with Nora a lot.

Erin loves Abby.

Erin is also a scarlet harlot.

We spent Saturday in Burlington, and I thought Erin was going to die of teh squee in the used music store. We had lunch at Bruggers (OMG SO GOOD) and umm oh I spent lots of money at Hot Topic. So what else is new. I bought The Princess Bride there, so it's all good. I like Hot Topic. So sue me.

We went to this store Clothing Line, and they had this pile of pins... and do you know what was in there? A Silent Skies Above pin. The lady that owns the store said they probably put it in there. We left it there. Somebody tell Aaron I've discovered his plot. (And by 'somebody,' I mean Vanessa.)

Oh, yeah, and Ian stumbled in drunk once, and then left a message the next night at 4am saying "Sleep is for the weak." Upon careful consideration of this, I have decided that sleep is for the weak of body, maybe, but for the strong of mind. So there.

We saw Slash: The Movie I mean Brokeback Mountain again... I think I liked it even more the second time. Oh and I totally had an insight!

Ennis: I'll stick with beans.
Jack: Well I won't.

That totally explains their entire attitudes about life right there. Ennis doesn't like what he has but he stays with it for whatever reason, and Jack is more willing to try and change things and not settle. Oh yeah, I am awesome.

And then I forgot my scarf in the theater and had to go back for it.

Sunday we didn't do much of anything. Erin dominated at Spit. Then I had to return her to her mother. *tear*

So that pretty much concludes the adventures of this weekend. Who's coming to visit me next?
I love Erin. Sometime after I've done the shitload of homework that I didn't do this weekend because I was with her, I'll post about the fun we had.

Erin my dear darling friend, I have made you a present. I hope you like it, and it's sort of a long story why I made it, which I will tell you on AIM sometime. Clicky! ) Love you! P.S. Any editing you want I will be happy to do. (Like change the font or color or whatever.)
Am back at school.

I don't want to go to class, and I have about a million things to sort out. Blech.

Plus my car is probably going to get towed.

But Cinzia bought me chocolate and we're doing evolution in Biology this semester, so it's not all bad news.

But anywho, Ozma was FUCKING AMAZING! They were all great, but especially Renee and Gerry and Becky. OMG.

And I love Josh Hock. He named Erin's boobs. Lucy and Ricky. Yeah.

So I'm going to go try not obsess and kill time now. Peace!
Saw The Producers last night. I have never laughed so fucking hard in a theater. That was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.

I went with Erin, Kristen, Hannah L, and Anna, and it seemed like we were the only ones laughing at the majority of the jokes. I concluded that this was because we were teenagers, so we got all the sex jokes, theater kids, so we got all the theater jokes, and musical people, so we liked the songs.

Then we went to Denny's and Renee joined us, and Anna and Renee ended up spending the night at my house.

Leo: I have this feeling inside...It's like a volcano...Ready to explode...What is that?
Max: It's called an erection.

Leo: I'm in pain, I'm wet, and I'm still hysterical!

Oh it was a funny movie.

Now I must have the soundtrack.

Anna: (At like 3am) The dead body carrying-mobile...
Me: A hearse?
ErinSam! Green Day had the number 2 video of 2005 on VH1!

Just thought you'd like to know.
I love Erin Marie.

EjM7320: haha goddamn nazis don't give me green
EjM7320: library nazis
beetlegirl3001: i used to get green ones
beetlegirl3001: blue?
EjM7320: hey the librarian at tiffanys high school was a nazi
EjM7320: blue
beetlegirl3001: i think i got yellow too
EjM7320: all of a sudden when she got there she bought all of these hitler books and put them on display
EjM7320: yellow
EjM7320: yes a few shades of yellow
EjM7320: plus a white one i think (racists)
beetlegirl3001: hahahahaha
beetlegirl3001: i love you so much
EjM7320: haha i love you too
EjM7320: if not more
beetlegirl3001: rawr
EjM7320: hell yeah


EjM7320: well you know i blame the french
EjM7320: heheheheheeheeee
beetlegirl3001: inventors of mayonnaise
EjM7320: your mom likes mayonaise
EjM7320: hahahahahaha
EjM7320: maybe a band aid
EjM7320: and some neosporin
beetlegirl3001: can i have ice cream?
EjM7320: your mom can
beetlegirl3001: hahahahaha
beetlegirl3001: not with you
EjM7320: oh my god i need to lay off the crack
EjM7320: not with YOUR MOM
EjM7320: oh my god okay i need to stop before i'm late for ballet
beetlegirl3001: ok go
beetlegirl3001: god
beetlegirl3001: BYE!
beetlegirl3001: hahahah eric does love my mom
beetlegirl3001: bye!
EjM7320: oooh no not funny
beetlegirl3001: he calls himself the fat kid
beetlegirl3001: its not my fault
EjM7320: your mom calls himself the fat kid
EjM7320: it's your mom's fault
EjM7320: oh my god
EjM7320: i'm sorry
beetlegirl3001: no she really doesnt
EjM7320: i'm a terrible person
beetlegirl3001: GO TO BALLET
EjM7320: no you see rehab doesn't work
EjM7320: okay
EjM7320 signed off.

I really do love Erin. She lights up my day.
I just read this in a fic: I think every girl should read porn. How very true that is. How very very true. Maybe even my new motto. An affirmation of sorts.

And guys, please. I'm begging here. Shamelessly. Read my fic and give me some feedback. I need more than one opinion, though I'm grateful for the one. Please? Cause you love me?

Pretty please?
With a cherry on top?
And porn?



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