Favorite Couple: Sooo, are we talking in canon, or... Because we all know who my favorite not-ever-mentioned-as-a couple-in-canon-but-they're-totally-a-couple couple is. Still, I'm going to stick to canon (mostly) for this one, because it will allow me to share pictures of two of my favorite characters.
I Believe in Trees! )
For those of you new to my journal, lo these many years ago, before it was taken over by Monster High, this journal was pretty much all Harry Potter, all the time. A lot of that was concerned with fanfic (mostly Remus/Sirius): ranting about it, reading it, writing it, discussing it, etc. That waned as I went to college and had like, parties to go to on Friday nights, instead of my Friday Night Fanfic Binge (seriously, I did it so often I gave it a proper name)... But I've always got at least one epically long story going (right now I actually have three... oops), and inspiration for short ones strikes now and again.

So, without further ado, the fic I wrote in about half an hour tonight, unbetaed except by me.

When The Daylight Comes I'll Have To Go )

As I write, sometimes (because I tend to skip around and write whatever scene comes to me at the time) I find that I have ideas from long ago that don't work anymore, or that i just don't want to use anymore. Usually, I just delete these scenes, maybe pasting a line of dialogue or a really good description into a different scene, and move on with my life. But sometimes, I feel like I don't want to lose what I wrote, even though it's just not going to fit into the narrative any longer. So, I present to you, a deleted scene from my Rapunzel fic. (Which I swear to GOD I am going to finish sometime in 2012.)

Cut for length, and a director's intro )

In addition to not really working, it's also not terribly well-written.  It's good that it's gone. The scene I wrote to replace it is much better :)
 Arrr mateys!

It be Talk Like A Pirate Day again, and I be deeply ashamed. I forgot about this piratical event until this afternoon. Arrrrrrr... That really makes me angry. I be needin' ta go drink some rum and watch some movin' pictures full o' swashin' and bucklin'.

Me roommate Blind Abby the Wool Wearin' Wench be completely off 'er rocker. She just said to me "Do you ever wish you could fart on command, so we could do our own version of the 1812 overture?" To which I responded "NO." (Pirates don't listen to overtures. We listen to songs with lots of 'yo-ho's' in them, sung by our crews. Or bawdy songs sung by busty tavern wenches. Aye. I likes me a good busty tavern wench.)

In honor of this year's TLAP Day, I be presentin' you scallywags with a link to a fic by the best damn pirate fanfic writin' wench floatin: [personal profile] sheafrotherdon. It be a story about Sirius wantin' to be a pirate, and it be short, so you best be readin' it, or I'll make ya walk the plank. I'm captain of this here journal, and my word is law! Read!

The Scurvy, As Was Prophesized.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrr! Happy TALP Day, ye bilgerats!
Because every August is Star-Gazing Month, every August is also Megan-Writes-A-Wolfstar-Fic Month. Apparantly the stars are my muses.

And so I present to you:
Stars )

In case anyone new to my journal wants to know, I have written several fics involving the puppies and stars. The first one is called "Tender" and can be found by click the tag "my stuff."
My dad's family is so weird. I love them, but they're so weird.

It was my dad's birthday yesterday, and mom had his sister Carol, and his brothers Joey (and his wife Rose) and Leonard over, and we had cake, and it was so hopelessly random, and oh Heather and Emalee, I wish you guys had been there.

I almost killed Aunt Carol though. We do not agree on...well...anything. Homosexuality, premarital sex, abortion, the war in Iraq, all of those topics came up last night, and we argued about all of them. The only thing I admire about her is how fervently she believes in what she believes in. She's completely devoted to her beliefs, which is something not even I can claim. It's both amazing and extremely irritating, because it also means that she won't listen to any opinions not in complete accordance with hers. I finally left the room, and was extremely tempted to find some slashy Remus/Sirius stuff on my laptop and when anyone was like "what are you doing?" I'd have been like "looking at gay porn."

But I didn't. Cause it's just not worth it.

On the bright side, mom made artichoke dip, which is THE BEST THING EVER, and we had cake and Joey and Rose are great to listen to, and I took four pictures of my dog cause I could, and yeah. 

In conclusion, it was definately worth the drive home.
What better way is there to spend a chilly, rainy Sunday in October than writing Daft!Sirius & Endlessly Patient!Remus fanfic? No better way, that's what way.

So I present to you all, a fic.

Click Here For The Usual. Wolfstar Love, But No Sex. )

So I wrote a drabble, exactly 100 words, of which I am very proud. (Standard HP stuff, though sadder than usual.)

Here you go! See if you can't figure out what's been stuck in my head for the past week.


Standard requests apply. All comments and critiques are welcome.
The following is a patented Megan D Harry Potter Fanfiction Rant. Read at your own risk.

Ok. I read a lot of Wolfstar fanfiction. I mean, a lot. And I understand why Remus is usually the "I already know I'm gay" one. I understand why he usually doesn't trust Sirius' first advances. I understand their mutual attraction. I understand their keeping it hidden from each other and the world. Hell, I even understand why it makes sense and is good for the plot if neither of them is a virgin.

What I don't understand, is the attraction of the Prewetts.

I just read this fic, and it has to be at least the fifth one I've read, though I'm sure there are more, where Remus was/is involved with either Fabian or Gideon Prewett. Or both.

And my question is, why? Why do so many people pair Remus (never Sirius) with a Prewett? Is there something I missed where it even says that Remus and the Prewetts (who are twins I think) were friends? Or that they were even at Hogwarts at the same time? I know he knew them, cause they were in The Order, but knowing does not equal sex, or even attraction for that matter. (We won't go into the random pairings people write based on acquaintanceship, for the sake of everyone's sanity, but stick to Wolfstar for this argument.) Did I miss the "Remus is compatable with the Prewetts" memo? Or even the "The Prewetts have personalities, and here they are" one? Cause I don't think I did.

So why the Prewetts? Why with Remus? Why so frequently? They're below minor characters, they're given a passing mention in OotP, and never heard of again. I doubt many people even know that they're Molly's brothers. They don't have characterizations, and we know next to nothing about them, so why them (or one of them) and Remus? Like, all the time? Why? For the love of J.K. Rowling, why?

It's a mystery. The Great Wolfstar Mystery.

Any thoughts?
Oh my God.

I've got to share this fic.

Someone has got to read this, to feel it with me, to appreciate its beauty and its perfection.

Oh, God, the feeling.

I'm almost crying here.

I'd prefer if the someone is Hannah, she'll appreciate it in a different way than I do, and I like to know what she thinks, but everyone who knows Wolfstar and read HBP should read it.

Oh God.

Version 1:
It was a good many years after Sirius had died when Remus finally realized that he never felt really, truly alive unless the stars were out.

Version 2:
It took a good many years after Sirius had died for Remus to realize that he never felt really, truly alive unless the stars were out.

Version 3:
It took Remus a good many years after Sirius' death to realize that he had never in his life felt really and truly alive unless the stars were out.

I like how each one means something slightly different.
Do you ever just not want to do anything except read pointless and yet fascinating stuff on the internet? I do. And I just spent over an hour, probably more like two hours, reading old movie reviews for no reason other than I felt like it.

And it's not like I'm procrastinating, because there isn't acually (shocker!) any work I should really be doing, and I still have plenty of time after RENT rehersal, I just wanted to waste time on the internet.

People wonder how come I know so many quotes and useless pieces of trivia, and this is why. I spend time on the internet, reading lj communities, looking up trivia, scanning imdb, and just finding random sites to look at. It's completely pointless and I love it.

And another unrealted thing: I understand that lj communities need to have rules, but I don't understand why they make a lot of the rules they do. They're just stupid sometimes.

And they don't have to be so mean and snooty about accidentally breaking a rule, especially a trivial rule that didn't like offend anyone or anything, and extra-especially when the person apologizes.

I'm really tempted to start a community with no rules, where people can post whatever the hell the want and offend whoever they want and be as vulgar as they want, but I know that's a bad idea and somebody'd post child porn or something and I'd get arrested, and so I'll just sit here are rant about stupid lj community rules and how they've taken all the fun out of the Remus/Sirius community because they suck.

And I got all upset about it like a month ago, and I'm just ranting about it now because I feel like it.

And the sunset is absolutely breathtakingly georgeous and there's no way for me to save it and it bothers me.

This is so short, it doesn't even qualify as a drabble. In fact, it's not even half a drabble. It's only 37 words. But I like it.

This Isn't Even Really Long Enough to Warrant the Effort of Making an lj-cut, But I Did it Anyways )
Everyone's all on about Gary Oldman being or not being in the OotP movie, and therefore Sirius not being in it, (which I don't really see as possible and so they'd have to recast and that would be a tragedy) but no one's mentioned that David Thewlis isn't exactly signed on either.

Could you imagine that book without Remus? Christmas? The veil scene? It has to be him. What will we do without him? He won't even have the chance to meet Tonks!

And I know it's possible and probably even likely that they can do the movie and tell the story without him, but it just won't be the same.

It makes me sad.

P.S. Plus, I need Remus in this movie to support my ship. God. I need joint Christmas presents and "Sirius sit down" and staying in the house with Sirius and holding Harry back from the veil and it just won't be right if it's anyone other than Remus. It just won't be.

ETA: This doesn't mean I like his moustache. I still don't.
Ok friends, Romans, countrymen, I need help. I wrote something, and I'm opening it up to a general friends-Beta. I'm going to post a question at the end that I need answered, but ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE READ THE ENTIRE FIC! (I don't want to bias your opinion.) Besides the question, all other comments and criticisims are welcome. (Except blatant flames, but I trust you all enough to not do that.)

Yes it's Harry Potter, and Remus/Sirius, (shocking I know) but there's nothing bad in it (Rated G) and it's still worth the read. UNLESS YOU HAVE NOT READ BOOK FIVE IN WHICH CASE THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE DON'T READ THIS.

So here you go.

I think the title right now is Back in Business, but I don't really like that so feel free to suggest another one. )

P.S. If you haven't read book five, SHAME THE HELL ON YOU! Do it, you know you want to. All the cool kids have.
I have been asked on more than one occasion, by more than one person, what I see in fanfiction and/or the Remus/Sirius ship.

Consider that I am a sap, a hopeless romantic, a writer myself and therefore appreciative of good writing, and lonely.

Then read this:

"Sirius is snoring, right in the middle of Remus’ bed, with one foot dangling over the edge of the mattress and his hair in his eyes. He’s wearing Remus’ clothes – pajamas, a shirt, two sweaters and a scarf – and he’s gripping the latter with both of his hands.

Remus pads across the room and stares, perplexed. Sirius is drooling and the noises he’s making would scare small children, but for some reason this makes Remus want to kiss him hard. He doesn’t know what earned him a Sirius in his bed, but bets there’s some shadow lurking in the other boy’s dreams.

Remus fumbles until his hand closes over Sirius’, and holds on tight against the pain he still feels. The swap is comfort for comfort, and he’d rather be anchored by touch right now than sleep in the the widest bed in the world."

Now pretend that they're not Remus and Sirius. Substitute any couple you want into there. Boys, girls, some combination of the two, whatever floats your firetruck.

Then tell me that's not the sweetest thing you've ever read. I defy anyone to tell me that there isn't someone, or you wish there was someone who you'd want to kiss even though he/she snores.

Or tell me I'm just a sap. But I admitted that already.
When the idea for this fic came to me, it was only the first two lines and the last line.

When I actually wrote it in Biology yesterday it was something like 120 words.

When I typed it up this afternoon it was 129 words.

I am incredibly pleased to anounce that as I am posting it THIS FIC IS EXACTLY AND PRECISELY 100 WORDS LONG. And it was not easy to get it thst way, let me tell you.

So here it it, my very first real drabble.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Remus/Sirius, but it's severly pre-slash. You'll see.
Rating: G. Oh feel the G.
Disclaimer: Neither Remus nor Sirius belongs to me. For which you should all be glad. *Evil grin*

The Drabble Is Truly An Art Form )

For those of you who don't do Megan!Fic, here's something else. In the other hall's bathroom, there is a handicapped stall. On the third floor. Of a building that has no elevator. WTF?
I don't know quite what I expected from the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry dance, but I didn't get it.

(That's Megan code for the dance sucked.)

Dancing: When does it stop being fun and start being gang rape? (You never though you'd have to ask that question, did you? Me neither.)

Two guys brought Kelsey back a few minutes ago. Totally trashed. Great.

But the Red Sox won, so they're now tied for first place. Yay!

I left the dance when it occured to me that I could be here, reading fanfiction, instead of there, wishing I was here, reading fanfiction.

Bring on the puppy love!
I like Anna Karenina. (Given I've only read 51 pages, but I enjoyed them.)

And it sort of reminds me of Pride and Prejudice, in that they're society people all about marrying off their daughters, with the difference being one tiny but ever so crucial detail: I CARE ABOUT THE CHARACTERS!

By which I mean that if half the poeple in P&P had been suddenly struck dead by a freak lightening storm or something, I probably would have applauded.

Whereas in AK, I want Lenin to be happy, poor guy, and I want to know if Vronsky really loves Kitty or if he's just playing with her. And I'd be sad if any of them got struck by lightening.

Yeah. So Sirius has good taste in books.

P.S. If that last sentence doesn't make any sense to you, then you didn't see my away message which says the following: Reading Anna Karenina. Actually, I'm excited. Sirius has read this book after all.
"Sirius was sitting in a window seat near the back of the room. He had Anna Karenina on his lap, held open with both hands."
How do you explain to your teacher that you already know how the book ends becasue you read it in a fan ficiton that also involved passionate shagging? In fact, that a discussion about Anna led to the passionate shagging? That could be quite the conversation.

Also from that fic: "Sirius just didn't seem like the Pride and Prejudice type."

Like I said, Sirius has good taste.

I was randomly going through my random notebooks of random writing and random thoughts amd random song lyrics and random poems and random fan fiction (you knew I was going to get to fan ficiton eventually) and I found this fic I wrote. And I heart it so I typed it up and then promptly forgot about it again.

But since I subsequently remembered it again, here it is.

DISCLAIMERS: As always, this is a Wolfstar fic. That means Remus and Sirius are madly in love. With each other. Also as always, I can't write smut, so I merely imply it and leave it at that. (If you don't like that, don't click the cut.) Furthermore, I do not own either of these georgous characters, because if I did I would have a paid livejournal account. Oh, and I'd write books where they stayed alive and shagged like bunnies. (I'd overcome the inability to write smut if money was involved) Because I'm a sap. Anyways, on to the fic. All comments are appreciated!

(It said "For Jean" at the top, but I can't remember why. In any case, I clearly wrote it for Jean. So it is therefore dedicated to her.)

For Jean )



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