While walking to class yesterday...

Me: I used to take tennis lessons as a kid. I kind of miss tennis.
Andrew: Oh, you should play raquetball.
Abby: No. Raquetball is the devil!
Me: I don't want to play raquetball, I want to play tennis.
Abby: Seriously, raquetball is Satan's tennis.

I think I may have to make an icon that says that now.

1. There are not words enough to describe how much I love snow.

2. I hate hormones. I've wanted to cry at the least provocation for the past three days. I should just watch Pan's Labyrinth again and get it out. (Seriously, I was reading on Wikipedia about Kagura dying in the Inuyasha manga and I got teary. It's ridiculous.)

3. Anyone who really wants to know me should look at my collection of Livejournal icons. They represent all of my interests, as well as my OCD, and their relative numbers are also telling. I have the most Harry Potter and Little Mermaid ones. In those, I have a shit-ton of Ariel and Ron icons. In those, I have the most from the penultimate scene in TLM, and A LOT of quotes by Ron. 
My icon collection is the best representation of myself that I have, and I'm petrified of losing it.

I have totally sold out. 

Because for the minor annoynace of a little ad at the tops of my lj pages, I can have 15 icons. And I am that much of an icon whore.


Seriously though, it is awesome.
In honor of what I (and others, I'm sure) have dubbed the Summer of Harry Potter, I've changed my icons to include three HP icons, instead of my usual one.

I don't know why I'm telling you this, or if you care, but it's my journal, so there you go.

I now have a Deathly Hallows icon for all my book release posts, and an Order of the Phoenix icon for all my movie related posts. Oh, and another one that's barely HP, and more mocking of bad spelling/grammar, but still.

Even though I know this post won't make sense as soon as I change them again, I just changed my icons and I feel the need to say some things about them.

1. I am on a serious Harry Potter kick right now, and probably will be until I read Deathly Hallows, so that's why I've been using so many HP icons.

2. I have fully embraced the fact that I am totally a Ravenclaw. See current icon. 

3. I have a serious dearth of Star Wars icons. That must change.

4. I could only find 5 icons I really wanted to use. Anyone have any requests? Give me a genre, a character, something you think I'm likely to have.

That's all. I'm bored and done with classes, and waiting for Nora to come home so I can read PoA to her, or watch Inuyasha with her. Because we are huge geeks together.
I really really REALLY need to get a life.

Thank God Hannah is coming tomorrow, because I actually went to Home Depot with my father tonight, just so I could get out of  the house. (And if you know my father, the construction worker, you know that a 5 minute trip to Home Depot can easily become a 3 hour trip. Yeah)

Fortunately, (for me, not for other people) there was a fire that he had to rush off to, so we were only there for like 10 minutes.

And I changed my icons, yet again, because I AM SO BORED.
So I have officially busted out the Christmas icons. And due to my supreme geekiness, I still have a Little Mermaid icon, a Firefly icon, a Harry Potter icon, and a Star Wars icon. Yup. I have a freaking lot of icons.


Oh, and a thank you to [livejournal.com profile] siriusly_sex for a link to some of the Christmas icons. :)

Ho ho ho!
Ok, so I just watched the deleted scenes on my RENT DVD, and one of them is an alternate ending.

It starts out the same as the ending in the movie, but then it cuts to all of them singing the finale in the spotlights, the way they sing "Seasons of Love", only Angel isn't in his spotlight.

And that gave me goosebumps.

But then he comes out, not looking like Angel, and he touches Collins and Collins laughs and Angel takes his spotlight and they all finish the song and it brought me to tears.

It was so fucking beautiful.

(Someone, probably Renee, told me that that's how they do it on Broadway, but since I've never seen it on Broadway...)

Oh, and last night I had to go wtih Emalee and Aunt Rose to the hospital because Emalee sprained her ankle. Again. I swear, I'm gonna lock that girl up in a padded room. (And Em? It was your right ankle last time. I looked at the picture on Facebook.)

P.S. I changed my icons again, mostly just because I want to show off some Firefly ones.
Reason number 569835 to not have frosted glass doors:

You can't see through the fucking things. Which leads you to push open the door and smack the poor water delivery guy in the wrist. (And then he sues you, and your company, and the idiot who decided to put frosted glass doors in too, if he's smart.)

Well, another year, another Party on the Hill. And it was AWESOME.

We played Volleyball for Theater Kids... In which people scream and duck instead of hitting the ball, and if you make contact, we all cheer. Even if the ball ends up in a tree.

The bugs weren't even all that bad, the fireworks were spectacular, we played poker and dominoes and the food was good and Kim and Sarah and Hannah and Janeea are awesome, and it really is a redneck party. And I love it.

Also, Sidney and Charlotte are just too fucking cute. ARGH. They came over last night and went swimming and then proceeded to trash my room, but I didn't really mind, because they're SO CUTE. (Sidney is almost 4 and Charlotte will be 2 on the 23rd, same as Emalee.)

Which reminds me, MY BIRTHDAY IS FRIDAY! YIPPEE!!! 19 years. They just flew by, really.

I had more stuff to say, but now I forget. Oh well.

P.S. Presents for Hannah! Clickie!
Look at all the pretties! )
And now, some quotes from Billy Connoly, in no particular order. (And you have to imagine all of this being said with a heavy Scottish accent.)

"I'm the only guy I know who died in the Muppet Movie!"

"Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life;
Get wasted all the time, and you'll have the time of your life!"

"That's a whole different box of frogs."

"There was another fella in the room, who was quite obviously dead. And had been for some time. All his family's sittin' around him, talking about football, and this little boy, you know, the one they're gonna be lookin' at through bars one day, is shoving grapes up the dead fella's nose. He says "Daddy, daddy, I'm up to 17! I'm goin' for 21!" and his dad says "That's nice son."

Then my mom and I had this conversation:
Billy Connoly: *Swears. A lot.*
Me: Mom, you thought Dane Cook was bad? This guy swears twice as much as Dane Cook, and you don't mind.
Mom: Well, he has an accent, so that makes it ok.

Sometime soon I'm going to start showing off all the new Firefly icons I've found, but not yet. Just colorbars for now.
Life Conclusions:

-Firefly is AWESOME. I mean, I always knew it would be, but now I've CONCLUDED it.

-I need some Firefly icons.

-Guilt is a very powerful motivator. (I came to this conclusion after watching American Justice. Just don't ask me why I was watching that.

-Cooper Neilson from Center Stage IS Chris Archer. Don't even try to argue, because you won't convince me.

-Hannah needs to pick a time for dinner tomorrow. :)

-This entry is over.
Let it be known, there is a God.

I found a Boston Legal icon community.

HALLELUJIA! (No, Matt, I can't spell that word either.)

Also, it's 2:50am and instead of going to bed I'm updating my lj userinfo.

There should be a meme for that. In fact, I think I'll make one.

If you've ever been doing random pointless things on livejournal at obscene hours of the morning when you should have been in bed, copy and paste this sentence into your livejournal.
Erin my dear darling friend, I have made you a present. I hope you like it, and it's sort of a long story why I made it, which I will tell you on AIM sometime. Clicky! ) Love you! P.S. Any editing you want I will be happy to do. (Like change the font or color or whatever.)
Ok, this is like The Crappiest Icon Ever, but I made it!

(I still would like someone who has a decent program and half an icon brain and some experience to do a real nice one, but this one will do for now.)
Hello, all my icon making friends! (If any of you are out there.)

My desperate search for Sweeney Todd icons has failed. Miserably.

So I'm humbly asking for help here.


Could anyone please make me a Sweeney Todd icon or 10? Pretty P{lease?

I just want a nice picture and a lyric or something.

My favorite lyrics are
-To seek revenge may lead to hell, but everyone does it though seldom as well as Sweeney Todd.
-Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd. His skin was pale and his eye was odd. He shaved the faces of gentlemen who never thereafter were heard of again. He trod a path that few have trod, did Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street.
-Sweeney heard music that nobody heard.
-Oh, Mr. Todd, I'm so happy, I could eat you up I really could!

And basically any line from A Little Priest or The Worst Pies in London both of which are here: http://www.ostlyrics.com/movie.php?sid=1180&movie=Sweeney%20Todd:%20The%20Demon%20Barber%20Of%20Fleet%20Street

Please, nothing about Anthony or Johanna, the judge or the beadle, (unless it has to do with Sweeney) or No One's Gonna Harm You. I like Mrs. Lovett, Sweeney, and Toby the best.


(If I don't get any replies...I'll live. But I won't have any icons of a barber who kills people and a baker who then puts them into pies, and everyone should have a icon or two of that.)

P.S. Here're some pictures:
http://www.starlighttheatre.org/sweeney/DSC_1389%20Ninja%20W.jpg (I especially like these two)

Please none of this art: http://ken_ashford.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/sweeneytodd.gif
I just don't like it.

What does it say about me that I giggle every time I listen to "By the Sea" and Mrs. Lovett says "Ooh Mr. Todd, I'm so happy, I could eat you up, I really could."?

Though I suppose it's meant to be funny/ironic, but still.

It's not any wose than laughing at the song that's all an elaborate pun about eating different professions of people is it?

Try the priest! How is it?

Ahh Sweeney Todd...

I wonder if there are icons of this?

To the internet Batman!
*pretends she wasn't just staring, completely mesmerized, at her icon*
This post is for Renee, but everyone is welcome to the icons contained herein.


I am only pimping them. Please follow all the creators' hotlinking and crediting requests.

That said... Here you go!



So all those who were de-friended have been re-friended and now the love can commence.

P.S. And I uploaded new icons too.
It's almost disgusting how happy livejournal icons make me.

Frankly, I blame Chad. And Hannah.

Chad showed me how to upload icons, and Hannah showed me that Snape Snuggle Bunny icon, and I was hooked. Addicted. It's like being on crack, only legal.

It is disgusting the amount of time I've devoted to finding icons.

But they make people happy, I think. (And they make me happy.)

So in this spirit, I have some icons for Becky. Maybe they'll cheer you up a bit.

Also, you agreed to sue my college for me, and I appreciate that.

Except I can't figure out how to put them on here without making them my icon. Hang on.

ETA: Let's try this...



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