I kind of wish this challenge had happened during a regular season, so we could have seen like, 12 or 14 looks, but whatever. Also, this post is long AF, and I have far more opinions than usual. :D

You know that all the looks are under here, not just top and botom )
GUYS. The Face Off Monster High episode is on TOMORROW, and I am so excited that I'm considering watching it live (rather than then next day off my DVR, sans commercials.).

Anyway, before we get to that, let's wrap up last week's episode (sorry this post is so late) and first elimination!

Much Better than the Dan Brown Book )
Pokemon Update: Caught a Dugtrio and named it Cedric, to go wth my Diglett named Diggory.

MH Mermaid Update:
Howleen. Don't ask why she has clownfish friends, because I don't have a great answer. They just matched her color scheme. :)
1. Sorry not sorry, but I am not here for unarticulated Monster High dolls (the articulation is one of their strongest points!) and I don't much care for the new faces either. I have already started branching out my doll collection to other options, something I was previously avoiding mainly for budgetary reasons. I may be all right with this.

2. I bought a little porcelain Rapunzel doll at an antiques fair on Saturday (where I also got fantastically sunburned) and it reminded me how much I used to love porcelain dolls. Andrew, apparently, finds them unsettling. The one I got is ok by him though, because she's little and not super realistic. Here's pic from the internet; I'll take some of my own when I clean her up a bit. I find her so interesting because she's from 1986, and yet she looks so much like she was influenced by Tangled (purple dress, flowers in the hair, transparent sleeves). I wish mine had come with a stand, but what do you want for $8? Also, if anyone knows how to get mystery rust-looking stains out of doll clothes (which I can't remove, because they're sewn onto her) I'm open to suggestions.

3. I may be really getting into Funko Pops. They used to kind of creep me out, and I only bought one or two, but now, there are so many, and I totally bought both Joey & Chandler (they have a tiny chick and a tiny duck!) and will probably get the rest of the Friends eventually. Send help? (in the form of Pops!)
Movies I have seen today: Deadpool and Great Scarrier Reef.

-Deadpool was hilarious, and I quite enjoyed it. Not as groundbreaking as I was hoping, yet still amazing.

-Great Scarrier Reef was also pretty good, predictable, but much better than Boo York. However, Mattel, WHERE IS MY GIL MANTA RAY DOLL?! Hands down the best character design of that movie, and he's nowhere to be found. WTF.
This week's challenge: Work in pairs (I guess one week of individual challenges was enough?) select a door, and then create two looks: the guardian of said door, and the creature behind it. As usual, the looks had to go together in some way. The models are conveniently posing with their doors under the cut so you can easily see the inspiration.

Please enjoy all six looks, under here! )
This post is more or less for my own reference, to keep track of my shifting desires. Feel free to ignore. :)

Dolls & Things I Am Looking For: )

P.S. I may be getting into Ever After High, two years after I decided not to. Don't send help?
My posting schedule is all messed up, because I had planned to get this one up yesterday, and then I had a post scheduled for today, but I didn't get to this yesterday, but I still want to get it up before tonight's Face Off episode, so the bottom line is you're getting two posts today.

Imagination! )
Is this the slowest week I've ever had at work? Quite possibly.

So here's a Face Off post! )
It's been a while since we had a Monster High post, but y'all had better brace yourselves because I have a couple in mind. (SO MANY DOLLS REVEALED AT COMIC CON. SO MANY.)

First up is a photostory!

Meet my newest acquisition! )
Happy Earth Day, everyone!

In celebration, please enjoy this photoshoot I did with Venus a few weeks ago.

Take this as a preview of my next MH review. )

Answer to last Tuesday's song: Don't Come Around Here No More, by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. No one guessed this, but I chose it because the post was about Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, and this is the video for that song:

I saw that on Vh1 once when I was a kid. SCARRED FOR LIFE. I used to have nightmares about turning into a cake and being eaten.
Please enjoy this rare (for this time of my life) non-Olympic post. :D

A Man Made Monster )

Song quote for today: More than ever, hour after our work is never over

Answer to last Tuesday's song: Blood in the Water, from Legally Blonde. No one guessed this, but I had to pick it because it was about sharks (sort of) and last Tuesday was my Jaws review.
We watched Cowboys and Aliens last night. I was all set for super cheese and hammy acting and just general ridiculousness... and I was disappointed. It wasn't a bad movie, and the acting was all really solid, but everyone was taking everything so seriously in a movie called COWBOYS AND ALIENS. I was actually kind of bored by it, which is ridiculous because ALIENS and COWBOYS, and I feel like they missed the opportunity to really let everyone's crazy flag fly. But (minor spoiler) the guy who played the sheriff on Sleepy Hollow who got killed in the first episode was the first named character to die in this movie. I was like, "Apparently he's only allowed to be alive for a limited time."

I also accidentally bought a MH doll I never thought I'd want yesterday. Oops? It's hard to feel bad when she's so pretty though!

Answer to last Sunday's song: Come As You Are, by Nirvana. No one guessed this song, which I picked because last Sunday was when Seattle won the Superbowl, and Nirvana is from Seattle. Clever, yes?
Will someone please tell me why Mattel released all the new lines of MH dolls ALL AT ONCE? How am I supposed to choose which ones to spend my limited monies on?

Also, I'm a little disappointed in how the Sweet Screams dolls look in person. I'm not sure why, but they just put me off somehow. And their promo pics were so stunning... Alas.

Answer to last Thursday's song: It's Time, by Imagine Dragons.[ profile] amyofaquitaine got this one right!
Here is that Monster High review I promised like, a week ago. :D

As you may or may not know, Mattel previewed at Comic Con, and recently released, a whole slew of new MH characters. I was fortunate enough to snag one of these beauties at Justice for 50% off the other day, and so here is her review!

Elissabat was on the unreachable shelf seven feet over my head, or this might have been a review of her. )

Song quote for today: I wanna wish you a merry Christmas, from the bottom of my heart!

Answer to last Sunday's song: Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland, by everyone. [ profile] becofoz got this one right!

I particularly like this version:

Why do I blog? I mean, why does anyone blog? Because they have things to say, and because they think other people want to read about them. I also blog so I can remember things that happened years ago, and how I felt/what I was thinking at that time. Oh, and I like to record funny quotes.

And finally,
A Halloween MH Review! )

Answer to last Thursday's song: Josie and the Pussycats Theme, from Josie and the Pussycats. No one guessed this one.

Song quote for tonight: Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?
I got two new MH ghouls today, one second hand and one brand new. This is the tale of how they met:

A Monster High Photo Story )

Answer to last Saturday's song: Nowadays, from Chicago. [ profile] becofoz got this one right!
I realized when I was talking about the Heath and Abbey two pack a little bit ago that I haven't actually done a review of Abbey, so I thought maybe I should do that before we get to the two pack.

Here there be yetis! )

Song quote for tonight: And she's got a way of makin' a boy act like a clown!

Answer to last Thursday's song: Worried Man Blues, my version is by The Kingston Trio. No one guessed this.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] letsgokomets!!! As a birthday present, and as mentioned on your LJ, here are my answers to the letter meme that I agreed to do... In January. Oh well, better late than never.

Comment saying you want a letter, and then after I give you one, write about ten things you like which start with that letter.

I was given the letter H! )

Answer to last Monday's song: Because of You, by 98 Degrees. Appropriately enough, [ profile] letsgokomets got this one right!
Son, I are disappoint. I finally found a 13 Wishes Clawdeen that had eyes I could live with (they're not perfectly straight, but it's barely noticeable and waaaaaaaaaaay better than every other one I've seen) and when I got her out of the box... Oy. Her hair is gross from the glue, has some pieces that are only about an inch long (WTF is that?), and is fluffy on the left side and flat on the right.

She's such a beautiful doll, and it's a shame that the quality of the 13 Wishes line seems to be lacking. I don't usually complain about quality, but it was super obvious with my 13 Wishes Frankie (I had to cut stray long hairs out of her bangs, and re-do her hairstyle because it was all messed up) and even more so here. The last issue is hard to describe; this Clawdeen has a twist that hangs down on the side of her face, and on mine there's a loop of hair that's sticking out of the top of it like it wasn't pulled tightly enough in the twisting process. The only way I can fix this, I'm pretty sure, is to undo the twist, re-do it with the loop included, and do it back up... But I'm afraid to ruin it totally in the process. I shouldn't have to mess with her this much straight out of the box, Mattel!

On the bright side, SO PRETTY. Her light brown hair color is a totally new look for Clawdeen, and the outfit breaks into separates and is AMAZING. Also, her crown is zippers. Such a cool design, marred only slightly in the realization.

Answer to last Saturday's song: Cups, by Anna Kendrick. [ profile] letsgokomets got this one right!



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