So I went to the Encore reunion at Denny's tonight, and it was fun. Awkward, but fun. I mean, it's not like I talked to any of the people that I hadn't seen in years and years, but at least I saw them. It was like being back in high school, when they were there and I was there but we didn't precisely hang out. Though I liked being around them. I don't know if what I'm saying makes sense to you, but it makes sense to me.

Then I talked to Cathy for a little while, and that was nice. It was good to talk to her again, trade new news, be on more of a level with her than as her student. I like Cathy, and I always have. It's not like she's a saint, but she is a good person, and she's devoted her life to theater, her students, and a lot of very ungrateful people (no one specific in mind.) I enjoyed talking to her. That's not something I can say about a lot of my former teachers.

Also, I don't think anyone in Encore knows how profoundly being a part of that group changed my life. Which is mostly because none of them knew me in middle school. It was really one of the defining things in my life. Encore was so much more than just a bunch of kids who happened to like doing theater, and I don't quite know how to convey that to people who weren't there.

Anyways, I had fun tonight.

1. Go into your LJ’s archive.
2. Find your 70th post (or closest to).
3. Find the 7th sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag 7 people on your flist.

And my sentence is: "Hey there Brer Techie!"

Oh, Summer Encore. I miss Summer Encore. That's from the day that we got hit by the Winnebago, which really was the best Summer Encore moment ever. And Livin' the Life, while not the height of dramatic culture, was a lot of fun to perform. It's always fun to play a hick, and even more so if that hick is also a woodland creature.

I tag... Eh, whoever wants to do it.
I now officially (FINALLY) own the soundtrack to Lil' Abner

It's so much fun to listen to the songs, and be like "I was in this scene!" or "we did so many jazz squares in this number!" or "John never got these fucking lyrics right!"

I miss my pig.
I need my home friends.

Not that the ones here aren't wonderful, because they are, (Jenn, especially you) but I need people that I don't have to explain Encore and all my issues to before we can work through this new shit.

I want Neea. And Hannah. And Sarah. And lots of other people, but if I put all your names in here, I'll never stop crying.

I don't want to be me anymore.
Ok, so this isn't really going to be funny to you guys, cause you don't know who John Devlin is, but I want to remember this quote and it's my journal, so deal.

Well, alright, this may help, but you really need to know his personality/reputation for it to be as hilarious as it is... John is the guy in charge of tech here at St. Mikes. He's like Ron, only he's really really smart and cool and awesome, and Ron is not. They just have similar jobs. Only John actually knows how to do his. ANYWAY.

Joe: John is the bearded one, yes?
Someone: Yes.
Joe: I saw him once carrying some two-by-fours. In the rain. And two squirrels were following him. They thought he was Noah.

Oh, how we laughed.

I will be playing Arlene, a woman who spent a lot of time in jail, and who gets... almost raped on stage, in Jenn Hunt's (one of my suitemates) production of a scene from Getting Out.

Those of you who were in Encore, do you know what this is? This is a REAL PART. I am not cheerful, I am not hopeful, and it has real depth. (In other words, I have escaped the typecasting of high school and got a serious part.)

Because, let's be honest, for the most part, Mrs. Archer typecast us. Not that I didn't like the parts I played in high school, but it's nice to be a different character for a change.

Actually, to back that up...

My Encore Roles
-Rosanda in A Ghost for Rosanda (Doesn't count because Jen cast me, not her mother.)
-Indian in Peter Pan (Not much of a part, though it was fun.)
-Girl 2 in Aesop's (And I was definaely cheerful)
-Mary, a Merry Chick in Robin Hood (I was "very merry, sir")
-Music in Pinocchio (Where I became a cheerful, rosy cheeked baker)
-Angela in Comedy of Errors (Except for the one scene where I'm angry, I was pretty happy.)
-Moonbeam McSwine in Lil Abner (I had pigtails, for God's sake.)
(Let's discount Summer Encore, because everyone's cheerful in children's plays)
-No part in Jane Eyre (There weren't any cheery ones to be had)
-Eve Fulton in 13 Past Midnight (Ok, this wasn't so much with the cheerful, being the killer and all, but I was gleeful about the whole murder thing...)
No part in A Rose For Emily or Once on This Island (Cause I didn't try out, cause I was in China for some of the performances)
-Elzvieta in Playing for Time (Even in the holocaust play, I was "the one who believes they will all survive")
-Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream (Who tries her very hardest to not be upset by Lysander and keeps hoping he's joking)
-Eh, we were all cheerful in Chaucer's (it was a circus, after all) so let's not count that one either.

Now, I loved all these parts, and deeply wanted to get some of them. I played them all the best that I could, with enjoyment, and I had a ton of fun in Encore. I never minded what part I ever got, just happy to be on a stage. And I realize that Encore didn't do that many deeply serious plays But now, getting this new part, I see how little depth most of my past roles have had, and I'm a little nervous and a lot excited to do something so different.

That's all.

OK, now that that's out of my system...

Chad Loseby is in my common room right now.

See, Nora (my suitemate) has a friend from home (Massachusettes) named Phillip. Phillip goes to VTC. Chad goes to VTC. Phillip is Chad's RA. Phillip introduced Nora to Chad. Nora went to visit Phillip and Chad last night, and Chad brough her back today, and now he is in my common room watching Labryinth with her. How weird is that?

And it gets better.

You all remember Paul? Paul Morgan? Well Chad and I were looking through my Nebraska pictures today, cause Chad is in them, and there are pictures of Paul, and Jenn (my other suitemate) is like OMG I KNOW HIM! Cause she went to high school with him in New Hampshire.

It is a fucking small world after all.

Mad cow... It's not kosher.

P.S. What show(s) is Encore doing this year? I'm so ashamed that I don't know...
Saw Lady in the Water with Sarah last night, after we went to see the Summer Encore production of I Believe in Make-Believe.

The play was hysterical and very well done, and it was a musical put together in three weeks, so that's saying something. I love all those little Summer Encore kids.

Oh, but there was this one guy Nick, who I thought was Bart when I saw him, cause he moves like Bart, my God, if he was any gayer he'd go BOOM.

But they all worked so well together as a cast, and it was so funny, and I got pulled up on-stage to be an elf, and that was interesting. I loved it.

Then I spent the night over at Jess' house. I always feel so good when I go over there because the whole Snide family loves me. YAY! I heart Jess. Really. We talked till like 4am, and I can tell her things that I can't tell anyone else. (Especially about fanfiction.) God I love that girl. I'm always so honest with her, and it's not hard and it's not awkward, and it's just good.

And as for Lady in the Water that was FUCKING AMAZING. Oh my GOD. Sarah and I were so into it, because we are just that cool. I really like M. Night Shamalan's stuff. (What does the M stand for anyways?) Like, I really liked The Village, even though the rest of the world didn't. It was entertaining to me, and that's all a movie really needs to be. (However, it also had such pretty shots and such architypes, and I really FELT for the characters. But I digress.)

But this one was so nice. It was just like a fairy tale, where everyone just believes in the magic and the weirdness, and they don't really question it and the elders are the wise ones and peace and justice win out in the end. And it was only a little scary, not at all like the ads make it seem. Stupid fucking ads.

Anyways, I had parts of it figured out, and thus I am awesome.

Oh, but what I liked a lot about it too was how they were almost, by not quite, acknowledging that they were in a movie. Like they talked about things that happen in movies and which characters do what and stuff like that. I love that.

GAH, it was so good. Just, if you don't analyze it too much or really THINK about it, the message will sink in and you'll just KNOW what he was trying to say, and I like that.

And he has some truly beautiful shots. The things that man does with camera angles and colors... He makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Final thought: Planters, (you know, the peanut people) is 100 years old. And their slogan for this is "Celebrating 100 years of fresh taste." I really think it should be "Celebrating 100 years of nuts." Cause that works on like three different levels.

Footloose was AMAZING. You guys were fantastic, especially Aaron and Anna. Gah.

The only thing that was off was Hannah Loso. She just spent the whole play looking sort of lost and confused. Like, she watched other people while dancing, like she didn't know what to do, and there were big pauses before all of her lines, and I just don't know what was wonrg with her.

But I say yet again that Aaron and Anna are going places.

And of course Cathleen can really really sing.

As you all know though, the leads are nothing without the rest of the cast, and you all did a fantastic job. And the cast is nothing without the tech people, and I admire the ability to move heavy sets in long sleeved black outfits under freaking hot lights. I really do. And Anna did a really good job with the makeup. It took me forever to notice that the principal was in fact Karla, and the moustaches? Great.

Overall, it was engaging and sad and funny and well done and just lovely.

Ok kids, I'm coming to see Footloose tonight, and I expect big things!

So do well for me, all right?

(In case you couldn't tell, all I did today was make copies. For three straight hours. Which isn't as bad as it sounds, cause it's not exactly a lot of work. More a lot of standing around and occasionally swearing under your breath at inexplicable paper jams.)

Yesterday Heather and Emalee came over for a quiet little barbeque. That was nice. We were going to go to Taco Bell today, but the trip got pushed to tomorrow. That's ok. It's going to rain like never before in a little while anyways.

In other news, I love deviled eggs.

Know what I don't love? Being sick, which I currently am. I went out for ice cream with Em last night and I was like "You know, I bet this would be really good if I could taste it," which I couldn't. Fucking cold.

But it did give me an excuse not to help dad nail things or cook dinner last night.



Oh shit, it's thundering, but I remembered what I wanted to ask you guys: Emalee told me Encore did a train? I want to know who was involved and where it is and I wanna see it!
My entire family is insane.

And I swear they save the display of it for when I come home from college.

I have no idea why.

But I love them just the same.

So my mom and dad both told me repeatedly tonight that we have mice in the house and that the cats have been catching them all week. I can only conclude that this is their subtle way of telling me not to be alarmed if I walk into the kitchen and find
a. A cat playing with a live mouse
b. A cat gnawing on a dead mouse
c. All of the above (Which is possible as we have two cats.)

Like I said, nuts.

So I learned something about myself today. I don't like being controlled. Nora like forcibly moved my hand off my keyboard and wouldnn't let it go and I freaked out. I had to leave the room and try and tell myself to calm down about it, but I couldn't be settled until I confessed that I was upset by it and she apologized.

I mean, it was such a stupid little thing but I just totally could not handle it. I don't like being physically prevented from doing something.

Like this one time my aunt put her hand over my mouth to make me be quiet I flipped out and screamed at her.

And once at rehersal we did this thing where we were relaxing and people came around and moved us into more proper relaxation poses... I've never been so tense in my life. I'm lying there with my eyes closed, going "don't touch me don't touch me don't touch me" and I just don't like being moved. Guided is ok. You all know I don't mind physical contact in general. But there's just something about being controlled...

And I mean I'm serious about this, but the snarky comments come anyways. I don't like being controlled because I'm a dominatrix at heart. Hahahahahahahaha! Serioulsy, I do like being in control. Directing, bossing people around, I like that.

Is that weird?

Oh, and one of the people correcting our posture was Ron, and really, who wants to be touched by that?

In other news, chateau is German for Mister.

P.S. There are no new movies. Not that I would see it, but I thought The Hills Have Eyes was a sort of intriguing originanl concept. It's not. It's a remake. As is The Shaggy Dog.

Am back at school.

I don't want to go to class, and I have about a million things to sort out. Blech.

Plus my car is probably going to get towed.

But Cinzia bought me chocolate and we're doing evolution in Biology this semester, so it's not all bad news.

But anywho, Ozma was FUCKING AMAZING! They were all great, but especially Renee and Gerry and Becky. OMG.

And I love Josh Hock. He named Erin's boobs. Lucy and Ricky. Yeah.

So I'm going to go try not obsess and kill time now. Peace!
So I went to get my teeth cleaned today.

And the girl that did it was new, so she's all like "Hi, I don't know you but I'm going to stick my hands in your mouth." And I'm like "Ok cool go for it."

Then she looks at my file.

Now I have NO IDEA why my personal history is in my dental file, but whatever. It says that I was in Encore Thater. And she gives me this look and goes "I'm scared to tell you my last name now."

My first thought is "Oh God, she's related to some bitchy horrible Encore member that I hated and she somehow knows that everyone hated them and she knows I will and then I'm going to associate her with them and stil have to let her clean my teeth even though I won't trust her anymore..."

So I ask what her last name is, and do you know what it is? Guess.

Lurvey. Christina Lurvey. She's Ron's niece. She called him Uncle Ron. Ew.

Anyways, she was in Encore like ages ago, and she and Cathy did not get along apparantly, and she hates Cathy and I was like that's ok cause I don't get along with Ron and we laughed and discussed Encore (which isn't easy to do when having your teeth cleaned, but still) and it was cool.

I don't think she's too terribly fond of 'Uncle Ron' either, and she seemed to know that most kids in Encore don't really like him.

But then she told me the very interesting fact that they hired her firend Angela, who is the theater director at Fair Haven, to be there when Ron and Cathy cast shows, so they're not completely unsupervised and biased when they cast. Just so you all know.

It was the best dentist appointment I've ever had.
I love all my Encore children.

Which is why I am not laughing at the anxiety over the cast list. Much.

Because I remember all that, the waiting for the e-mail, or for it to be on the board, scanning it to see your name, and then going back to see who got the part you wanted, or what everyone else got, or what part the person who wanted your part got, or crying (with joy or sadness) or sitting there in disbelief wondering why you're a Junior and it's a huge cast and yet you got no part at all...

I remember that.

But it's sort of like when I didn't try out for Once on This Island and then I sat in math class listening to the drama, and trying so hard not to laugh because you all KNOW that the way it starts is never the way it ends, and most of you have other plays to try out for in the future, and lots of you will pick up a tech position and be GREAT at it, and by the time the show is done all the bitterness will be gone and in a year all you'll remember is what a great show it was and how you thought the casting was weird at first but look how great it turned out!

(Yes, I know that doesn't always happen, and some people remain bitter and we all remember some bad casting choices and some shows still haunt me... Jane Eyre (but not for the casting, for the Paratokes... *shudder*))

But the bottom line is the show must go on, and act well your part, no matter how small and stupid it seems. (Nobody will get this, but "there are no small ponds, only small pond actors.")

I'm not saying stop the drama, or that you have no right to be indignant because you got tree number 6, because you do, all I'm saying is please forgive the smile on my face when we talk about it because I'm nostalgic and it's always funnier when you're not part of it anymore.

*Love you all!*
1. Went to neighbor's baby shower. She's due February 14th. How cute is that? Food was awesome.

2. Saw Nevermore. LOVED IT. Professed my undying love for Josh. Miss him A LOT. He is so awesome, there aren't good enough words for it. His acting is just...woah. Everyone else was good as well. I had only minor and trivial criticisims, such as Don needs to pick up his cues. But I know it was a well done play and you guys did a good job because I was so into it that I was literally sitting on the edge of my chair wondering what would happen. And Josh was so intense that when he was going to use his blood for ink I acually gasped. So guys, whatever you think you screwed up, either I didn't notice or it didn't matter because the EMOTION was there. The feeling and intensity were amazing.

3. Went to Hannah's for a bonfire. Made Josh do his ITS monologue for me. Professed undying love again. Especailly said I didn't love him any less because he's gay. Who cares anyways? Let Erin get in my coat. Was good. Walked/drove with Chris. Was needed. Laughed and joked and talked and had a fantastic time. Heard this:
Hannah: When I lose my virginity, do you want me to call you?

4. Spent the night at Hannah's. Talked for ages about everything. Including sex. Explained what it means to pop ones cherry. Cuddled. Also was needed and good.

5. Saw Sleep Hollow with Mom, Erin, and Josh. Was scared by headless horseman feeling the need to go through our row. Until Erin poked him in the ass. Was impressed with Jacob and the costumes especially.

6. Went to the pumpkin carving social. Carved a pumpkin. Told and listened to ghost stories. Scared people with story of hook-hand. Walked back to dorm totally freaked out.

7. Updated my journal instead of doing homework.
Oh my good giddy God, I forgot the most important thing that happened today!

Cinzia and Melissa and I went to lunch. I had Cinzia's ID because she didn't have any pockets. Then I let Melissa put her keys and her ID on my tray so she could balance her salad bowl and drink and not drop anything.

So after we sat down, Cinzia goes "Megan is like the mom."


That amused me/made me happy in ways no one here can even being to comprehend. But all my little Encore children will understand the signifigance!

Mommy loves you all and will be there to see Nevermore in November.



Yes I say it every time I see one on campus. And yes I'm going to continue to say it every time I see one on campus. And yes I see them quite frequently.


I refuse to stop being weird. I refuse to repress my idosyncrisies.

If people keep commenting/giving me looks I'm going to start saying it with two syllables the way Veruka does in Charlie and the Chcocolate Factory. If you're going to be regarded as weird you might as well give them something to really be freaked out by.

And if that gets old (which it probably never will) I'll comment on the chipmunks too.

The thing is it reminds me of being in Boston with Vanessa and the severe ADD we had and the Freedom Trail(Fight The Power) and the squirrel in the park with Hannah and frightening the pigeons and Gerry (Do you love it?) and that whole trip where I was completely my weird self and comepletely happy.

Whereas here I can't be completely myself because IT VIOLATES THE SCENE (way to incorporate class into everyday life) and I can't be weird and I don't like it. I miss my friends where I felt like they'd love me no matter how crazy I acted. I don't seem to have made any friends of that sort here. I feel like if I act too bizarre they'll alienate me.



P.S. That reminds me of Spanish class...Squirrely verbs, and ardilla (squirrel) is slang for smart...
Me and Renee: Since when are squirrels smart?

I miss inside jokes too.



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