1. I somehow got behind on reading my friends page, but plan to have read all the way back to the beginning of February before I go to bed tonight. I think I had it all under control before then.

2. Andrew and I finally watched Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing, and I really liked it! I remember seeing that play on stage once, and not loving it, but I think Joss cut it down so it didn't drag as much and made a lot more sense. Also, I really like Alexis Denisof and wish he was in more things.

3. My beautilful Belarusian prince Dmitry won Project Runway All Stars! I knew he could do it. :D
Things I have watched/am watching, and can discuss if you like/ask me questions, but don't want to make a whole post about because I can't organize my thoughts well enough because I'm STILL fucking sick:

-Galavant (Hot damn, this music is catchy!)
-Agent Carter
-Project Runway All Stars
-The Dark Crystal (I do have something to say about this one: I didn't like it as much as everyone else seems to (mostly because Jen is SO FUCKING STUPID, OMG) but I do see the appeal and understand why people who saw it when they were kids love it so much.
-Agents of Shield

Things I'm still not caught up on:
-Once Upon A Time. So no spoilers!
Let's take a quick break from wedding pictures for a moment, and talk a little bit about Project Runway.

As you know, PR is currently in an All Stars season, and wisely brought back my beautiful Belarusian prince, Dmitry. This is 99% of the reason I'm interested.

Last night they did a challenge based on Wicked, with the designers either doing 'good' or 'wicked' looks, and I was totally there for that. Of course, I have some thoughts.

No One Mourns the Couture )
Aren't you all dying to know who won Face Off?

I was a lot happier with this finale than PR, I can tell you that. )

And speaking of my favs, I wasn't planning on doing any kind of blogging for the season of Project Runway All Stars that premieres tonight... But then I found out that Dmitri is going to be on it. There may be some comments, is all I'm saying.
So, Project Runway had their finale on Thursday. Let's see how that went.

SO MANY PICTURES under this cut. )
I've decided not to do a Project Runway recap this week because:

1. It was part one of the finale, so there weren't technically any finished looks to show you, just previews.
2. The same looks will be in their final collections this week, and we can look at them then.
3. I don't have it in me to review 12 looks in this post and then 40 in the next post (yikes) so I'm saving my energy.

This recap is not two days late, why do you ask?

Anyone left after this week gets to make a collection, woo! )
Please enjoy the following post, which is the first of two Project Runway recap posts that I'm behind on.

It's a real women challenge! )
28 days until my wedding, and Project Runway recap under the cut!

Unconventional Wedding Dresses! )
This post is two days overdue. Deal with it, I'm getting married in a little over a month, and I have very busy weekends. Don't make me go Bridezilla on you, I'll do it.

Anyway, Project Runway Recap! )
Project Runway Time! This post is a day late because I was too busy going to Pre-Cana all day yesterday.

Top and bottom looks under here! )
Time for the top and bottom looks from Project Runway!

Much like Face Off, I don't know most of these people's names, and I haven't picked a favorite yet (though my love from season 11, Amanda, aka The Girl who Once Lived with Adam Levine, is back) but I do know that I really don't like Korina. It only took one episode for me to find someone to hate on.

Last Week's Looks )

This Thursday's Looks )
Hello everyone! Did you know that both Face Off and Project Runway are back on my TV? I don't think anyone is here for more liveblogging (though I did re-read some of my old ones and laugh my ass off) but I'm sure we can all enjoy looking at pictures of the winning and losing looks from both shows, right? (Also, this will give me a reason to update my journal on a semi-regular basis, instead of looking at it and going, "Shit, it's been two weeks since I posted something!")

So, without further ado, the top and bottom looks from last week's Face Off, and last night's Face Off. Look for the similar Project Runway post Friday or Saturday.

This post is, for obvious reasons, image heavy.

Last Week's Looks )

Last Night's Looks )

That's all! See you later for the Project Runway recap!
We now return you to your regularly scheduled Flashback Friday.

March 21st, 2007: You know, this is actually kind of a cool meme. I still like all those songs, though I don't listen to Savage Garden or West Side Story nearly as much as I did seven years ago.

March 21st, 2010: Yeah, I don't really miss grad school. I mean, I kind of miss seeing lots of people every day, and all the free food and events I had access to, but I don't miss being ridiculously busy and reading long, boring articles during all my spare time.

March 21st, 2013: I need a new show to liveblog, but one that's shorter than Project Runway. I am also enjoying watching Under the Gunn right now, because it's just Project Runway lite.

Answer to last Wednesday's song: Push, by Matchbox Twenty. No one guessed this.
Answer to last Thursday's song: Wheels of a Dream, from Ragtime. No one guessed this either.
Project Runway Spoilers )

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] invsagoth... you know the gif of the guy getting hit with all the boxes labeled 'feels'? That was all I could think of. :D

No song last Thursday.
I'm always too tired on Fridays to do a real post, so please look forward to a much longer one tomorrow (hopefully).

I am going to go update last night's PR liveblog with pictures right now though, so you guys can get your click on over there. :D

Answer to last Friday's song: The Reason, by Hoobastank. I dislike this song for many reasons, not the least of which is how disgustingly sappy the lyrics are.
Project Runway finale tonight! What am I going to post about on Thursdays now?

Michelle, Patricia, and Stanley remain... )

Answer to last Thursday's song: Big Girls Don't Cry, by Fergie. Janeea got this one right! I just plain don't like Fergie, that's pretty much the story behind this one. It's also kind of whiny.
Not gonna lie, guys, my heart is not in this liveblog tonight. Two hours is just too long for this show, and I tend to lose some of my interest when there's so few designers left.

On the other hand, this is the first half of the finale... )

Answer to last Thursday's song: Popular, from Wicked. Abby got this one right :D
Will Michelle Do or Die? )

Answer to last Thursday's song: Can't Stop, by Maroon 5. This song, like 99% of all Maroon 5 songs, is blatantly about sex. Which, of course, is its major appeal.



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