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So, my original plan was to combine this episode (not an elimination week) with the next one (an elimination week) and then be all caught up. But then SyFy (CURSE YOU) left the elimination episode off on a CLIFFHANGER without saying who went home, so I'll have to do that with the next two episodes.

The Challenge: Create a mad scientist who is mid-transformation to a creature, AND the creature themselves. Each team was also assigned a type of thing that their scientist was exposed to.

Top Looks

Adam & Logan, Radiation:

Adam really has a thing for giant arms, but it worked pretty well in this case. They also did this cool thing where they made it look like the man's normal face had shifted off to the right, which the judges really liked.

Emily & Tyler, Electric Shock:

I love Emily, but I didn't think this was as good as the judges did. Apparently the paint was really excellent, which it's hard to tell from here, and I think they liked the way his arm melded into that... device. They were the immunity winners!

Bottom Looks

Melissa & Keaghlan, Insect DNA

The judges hated the colors on this one, especially how muddy they were, and I don't think they loved the pre-transformation dude either. I don't mind this one.

Ben & Evan, Chemicals:

The judges totally would have sent these two home if this were an elimination week. They didn't like the color choices, the fact that they spent so much time making a fake pec that you can't even tell is there, or the fact that chemical exposure somehowc aused his glasses to become embedded in his forehead. But this wasn't an elimination week, so they live to sculpt another day!



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