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So, now that things have calmed down a bit at work, I am going to try to do a big Face Off catch up. But Megan, I hear you saying, why couldn't you do these posts from home? Because I like doing it with two screens, and also Skyrim.

I am also planning to do a post about this event I went to last weekend called ConBust, but I need to get some pictures off my camera first.

Anyway, Wasteland Warrior Challenge: In the style of Mad Max, each team chose a car that road warriors had tricked out for battle in the post-apocalyptic desert. They then had to incorporate some real-life cars parts into their designs for the owners of said cars.

Top Looks

George & Cig:

The judges liked how well they represented scar tissue, as their concept was that she had been burned.

Here's a closer look:

It is really well done.

Ben & Evan

This one is also burn-esque, and the judges really liked the neon green face piece they made. The look is ok, but I really like his car.

Bottom Looks

Adam & Logan:

First of all, it would be impossible to ride that motorcycle in that outfit, but the judges were more annoyed with the dirt that covers all their nice face painting, as well as the headpiece that overshadows the face. To be fair, Logan added all that dirt at the last minute, and Adam wasn't happy about it.

Rachael & Gage:

I can't rememeber exactly what the judges didn't like about this one, but I know they hated the chest piece and said it would have been better if it wasn't 1. on full display (leaving something to the imagination) and 2. embedded in his skin.

Melissa & Keaghlan:

I personally find this one way too close to Furiosa (and I haven't even seen that movie) but the judges' only real critiques were that she wasn't dirty/haggard enough, and the gold-painted exposed bone in her arm.

Now, this is where the cliffhanger was, with the bottom three teams being given one hour to take the judges' critiques and make improvements. SyFy is stupid, and doesn't have any pictures of the improved looks. However, there's a short video here that shows the judges' second review.

Cig and George were the winners (obviously). And then, despite sacrificing her scarf to make a bandage for their look, Gage and Rachael were eliminated because the judges didn't feel that they had elevated their look enough. Them sticking that cage part that the judges didn't like in the first place on his head instead of his chest didn't help.

Farewell, Rachael's scarf, we hardly knew ye.

Now, let's move on to the rest of the episode. The challenge: Pinocchio was made of wood because Geppetto was a woodcarver. But what if he had had a different trade? Create a puppet come to life made by a different kind of tradesperson.

Top Looks

Cig & George, Tanner:

They went with a mechanical rodeo clown, and I'm not going to lie to you, I was worried this would come out too creepy. But they made it work! The judges were most impressed with how much he looked like actual leather. Observe:

Cig etched the leather details into the sculpt, and it looks phenomenal. Coupled with the 'rivets' and paint job George did, it's perfect. They also had originally designed a goofy moustache and hat, which they scrapped during Last Looks, as being too silly. This was a very smart decision, it turns out, as you'll see with Adam & Logan's look.

Cig isn't one to let a good prop go to waste though:

Yes, he did wear that thing to judging.

Emily & Tyler, Taylor:

This is one of the best looks I've ever seen on Face Off. She's a cloth ballerina, who is literally coming apart at the seams. Everything they did in terms of making her looklike she was sewn together, and everything they did to make her look worn out, is perfect. The judges especially loved how Emily flocked the model's face, which she did by shaving felt (or something like that) and sticking it to the face. Glenn was like, "I've never head of that before, did you just make that up?" and Emily was like, "Yes." Because she did. Because she is awesome.


You can also see the seam in her face here. Perfect. (P.S. I would buy this doll).

Bottom Looks

Ben & Evan, Goldsmith:
Aka, the less successful ballerina. (Why both these teams made ballerinas, I'm sure I don't know, but this one looks even worse by comparison). God this look pisses me off. They were so uninspired; they heard 'goldsmith' and just made her gold, with no consideration for what a goldsmith actually DOES. They make jewelry, and other detailed, jeweled, beautiful things. There is barely any detail on this, it's not beautiful, and an actual goldsmith would be ashamed of it.

The judges' biggest critique was that the applied places were smooth, like gold, and the model's actual skin, which they painted gold, was not (because skin is like, hairy, and has tiny wrinkles) so the places where these two textures met were very ugly. Like this:

Yikes. I like the idea of the joints, but the application does not work.

Adam & Logan, Stonemason:

I actually didn't mind this look, but the judges HATED it. They thought it was too goofy, and accused the guys of not taking the challenge seriously. I mean, I thought it was supposed to be a bit silly, but whatever. The judges never seem to like any of the looks that go with these giant arms Adam is so fond of fabricating, so maybe he ought to lay off those.

In any case, this wasn't an elimination week, so both bottom teams survive to try again!



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