Today's random TV thought: I love Holiday Baking Championship, but man is Bobby Deen ever obnoxious as a host.

Also, this show always makes me hungry AF. I think my new goal in life is going to be becoming a judge on some kind of baking competition show...
Secret Santa is truly God's gift to Christmas shopping.
Ahoy mateys! Please be enjoyin' the last little bit o' Talk Like A Pirate Day, while I do the least piratical thing o' all, foldin' laundry.

And o' course, it be the birrrthday o' Hermione. A pirate never forgets tha'.

It is so weird to me that St. Patrick's Day is such a non-holiday for so many people. It has always been a really big deal in my family (mostly because of my mother) but also in school and life in general.

-When I was little, I used to take milk to school for lunch (in a Beauty and the Beast thermos that 1. matched my sweet BatB lunchbox and 2. leaked like a motherfucker) and every year on St. Patrick's Day my mother would sneakily dye my milk green, and then tell me the leprechauns had done it.

-We made leprechaun traps every year in school, and on St.Partick's Day morning our classrooms would be festooned with little green footprints (that looked suspiciously like fingerprints) and harmless pranks. And those damn leprechauns somehow managed to always get the bait (Rollos) out of the traps without getting caught. I think I believed in leprechanuns until like, high school.

-There is always ALWAYS corned beef and cabbage and soda bread, and no one in my family is ever not wearing green (I used to even have little shamrock decals for my nails). I always try to watch The Luck of the Irish on Disney (made a lot easier by my DVR) and I did manage to make it through one of the Leprechaun movies once (The second one? Maybe? It gave me nightmares regardless) because I am committed to this holiday.

Basically, St. Patrick's Day is a BIG DEAL and I don't know why everyone else doesn't think so.
Happy Earth Day, everyone!

In celebration, please enjoy this photoshoot I did with Venus a few weeks ago.

Take this as a preview of my next MH review. )

Answer to last Tuesday's song: Don't Come Around Here No More, by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. No one guessed this, but I chose it because the post was about Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, and this is the video for that song:

I saw that on Vh1 once when I was a kid. SCARRED FOR LIFE. I used to have nightmares about turning into a cake and being eaten.

Answer to last Sunday's song: Leaving On A Jet Plane, by John Denver. [ profile] kaitydid33087 got this one right!
Your news update for the day: The groundhog saw his shadow, and Seattle won the Superbowl. I was arbitrarily rooting for Denver (because of my friend Emily who's from Colorado) but I guess Seattle's never won before now so good for them!

Answer to last Sunday's song: Space Oddity, by David Bowie. No one guessed this song, which I had picked because the post was about Alien and the song is about space!

I hope you're all eating yourselves silly and/or having a good Thursday if you're not in the US.

Answer to last Thursday's song: The Virginia Company, from Pocahontas. No one guessed this.
I think the answer to this is obvious: I'm looking forward to my wedding!!! And, in the nearer future, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Family, food, and fun to be had at all three. :D

Answer to last Monday's song: Cheeseburger in Paradise, by Jimmy Buffett. [ profile] kaitydid33087 got this one right!

I basically got a million DVD's for Christmas, and The Casual Vacancy. Can't want to start reading that as we drive back down to NC!
In the last hour and a half of the day...

Happy birthday to about a million people today, including Molly Weasley!

It's also Cabbage Night, but I'm hoping no one smashes our pumpkins. I carved an Ariel one this year, and it is awesome!

See you on Halloween!

Was much better than last year, and we even had trick-or-treaters (plus bonus homeless man)!
So, you may have noticed that I stopped that whole writing for 10 minutes a day thing. Yeah, I fail. Real life and writing papers and driving home for Thanksgiving and then Thanksgiving itself all got in the way.

But, today I went Christmas shopping, and they had a buy one get one free sale at the Disney store, and look! I have a seasonally appropriate icon!

Also, I love Christmas. I love buying people things, and wrapping them, and making people happy. In conclusion, yay Christmas!

The pumpkins that Andrew and I carved. Mine is Castle, and his is Voldemort.




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