So, Andrew bought me Skyrim for Christmas, which I wasn't sure if I would like... It's AMAZING and I LOVE it. It's all I want to do, and I easily lose 3+ hours to it before I know that any time has passed. <3

My favorite thing is that once you've done a task for someone, even something trivial like 'talk to my son' you then get to take every single thing in their house, for free. It's fabulous.

My least favorite thing is that you have to kill dragons, rather than befriend and/or ride them. I kind of thought 'dragonborn' was going to mean I was part dragon and could at least control (if not befriend) them, but no. :(

So, if you want to talk about Skyrim, I am here for you. I'm just about to go to the College and learn magic, but I'll still be here for you after that.
So, I'm not exactly a gamer, and I'm surely not a video game expert, but please indulge my comments on this list of "Ten Video Games that Leave the Violence Behind" (NB: I am 100% all right with violent video games, I was just curious to see what was on the list.)

Number three is Kingdom Hearts, one of the very few (actually, maybe the ONLY) video game I have ever played from start to finish. It is, quite literally, all about violence. Except for the very first level where you go around collecting coconuts and fish, 95% of what you do in Kingdom Hearts is beat the bad guys with your keyblade until they die. The other five percent is gain experience so you can beat them to death more effectively and/or upgrade your weapons for the same reason. Well, there is a story to follow and some things to collect along the way, but it is almost all hitting progressively bigger things until they die and give you all their munny, XP and MP. Who the hell played this and thought it was non-violent? Did they only play the Winnie-the-Pooh part? Just because it's got Disney characters doesn't make it all sunshine and rainbows; my strategy for beating Maleficent was to let Goofy and Donald beat the crap out of her until she was almost dead, while I hid on a high ledge and healed them, then swoop in for the finishing blow. How is this leaving the violence behind?

The next game on their list is Mario Kart Wii. On the one hand, at least the goal here isn't to beat people to death. On the other hand, between blowing people up, being run over, running people off the track, things trying to hit and bite you, and the inevitable swearing and throwing of things that happens in real life when you play Mario Kart (you never really learn to swear until you learn to play Mario Kart) I hesitate to call this one non-violent either. Plus, it allows you to ruin the dreams of your friends and family members, not just pixels.

Further down the list, they have Pirate 101. I've got exactly zero experience with this, but I have a hard time believing that a game about pirates doesn't have any violence in it. Then they have Portal, which I haven't played either, but isn't it about a killer AI? I feel like there's going to be some violence in there at some point.

At least I can vouch that Just Dance is non-violent, unless you're me and are constantly kicking furniture and whacking your hand into the fan pull while you're dancing.

Answer to last Wednesday's song: Science Fiction Double Feature, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. [ profile] becofoz got this one right!
Just for the record, I finally finished Kingdom Hearts. And by I finished, I mean Andrew finished. But I was there. Now maybe I can play the second one...
I feel very anti-social right now. I don't want to see anyone or talk to anyone or do anything really, except sit in my room and watch tv. And possibly play video games.

I just wanted to let you all know, cause I've been kind of inaccessable today. I'm sorry. It's not you, it's me.

It is 100% because I miss Andrew. I feel slightly pathetic, but it is what it is. Bleh.

I just came from her party, and it was so much fun. I suck at Rock Star, but I got to talk to Anna and Kelli for a long time, and that was really nice. I miss those girls. I also don't know what i'm going to do with Sarah in South Korea for a year. And I really hope to see Kristen again before she goes to camp, cause I heart her, and we do not hang out enough.

But it was kind of hilarious to me that the Peacock's dog's name is Abby. Cause I kept saying, "Abby, no! Abby, down! Abby, go away!" and no one thought it was funny but me. Abby also kept licking my elbows. And I wouldn't put doing that past the human one. :)

Finally, I'm going to be gone all weekend, and then Sunday is Father's Day anyways, so I won't be around/available until Monday. See you then!



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