I'm not 100% sure it's accurate to say 'happy' Veterans Day, but thank you all for your service! I have many, many relatives who are currently in the armed forces, or veterans of various branches, so it's never been far from my life.

As I type, we're watching the best part of Lord of the Rings, aka the part with Galadriel. :D

Sorry I missed a post yesterday. I stayed home from work in the morning because I wasn't feeling great, and then took the rest of the day to mourn (for obvious reasons).

But, it's a new day, the sun is up, and there are things to do and people to help.

I will love when people hate me
I won't hush, no you can't make me
I won't hush, no we will sing
While watching Dancing With the Stars, I have two questions:

1. How can you have Idina Menzel as guest judge, on Broadway night, and not have a single team do a dance to Wicked or Rent?

2. Why is Julianne Hough always yelling?
Secret Santa is truly God's gift to Christmas shopping.
Someday, someone will ask me where I was when the Cubs won the World Series for the first time in over 100 years. And I will proudly tell them that I was on my living room couch, watching it happen. While Andrew went to bed. :P
So, I've been watching a lot of Are You Afraid of the Dark? recently (because 1. it was/is my absolute favorite show, and 2. thanks to the internet, I can) and I'm pleased to report that most episodes (from the original run, I still dislike the two reboot seasons) hold up very well. The 90's fashion, not so much, but it does make me very nostalgic.

I've seen things like a very fine motorcycle shaped phone, a rainbow of scrunchies and floppy boys' haircuts, and Danny Cooksey wearing not one, but two layers of flannel:

At least he doesn't have his Salute Your Shorts mullet?

The other thing I've realized is that the 'strange' way a lot of the characters pronounce words, which I noticed but could never quite put my finger on as a kid, is due to the fact that 95% of the actors on the show are Canadian.

My favorite episode remains Watchers Woods, and not just because Jewel Staite is in it. Anyone else out there a fan? Or remember any episodes that particularly scared you? Have any favorite or stories you'd like to share? I once watched the one where a witch turns girls into wolves (not particularly scary to me, even at the time) with a friend in middle school who got so scared she had to go home. Oops. (The episode is 'The Tale of the Mystical Mirror', in case you're wondering, featuring Laura Bertram).
Ahoy mateys! Please be enjoyin' the last little bit o' Talk Like A Pirate Day, while I do the least piratical thing o' all, foldin' laundry.

And o' course, it be the birrrthday o' Hermione. A pirate never forgets tha'.

I am terrible at Livejournal, and I apologize. But I have to write this down.

*this Uncle Kracker song comes on the radio*
Andrew, after two verses: Wait, is this song about a guy sleeping with a married woman?
Me: Yes. His only hit, and that is exactly what it's about. At least, I think it was his only hit. Can you name any other Uncle Kracker songs?
Andrew: Isn't that 'tear my life into pieces, this is my last resort' song by them?
Me: That's by Papa Roach. Totally different genre, style, etc.
Andrew: Well, they're both related to you.

Also, we went to lunch Saturday at this cute little diner that has tiny jukeboxes at each booth. We were seated at a table though, so all the music we heard was chosen by the group of four 10-12 year olds at the booth next to us. (Their parents were at another table nearby, supervising, and I definitely heard one kid go, "DON'T talk to me!" to them, lol). I am ashamed/pleased that I really bopped to all the music they picked. Apparently, my musical tastes are right in line with the youths.
Pokemon Update: Caught a Dugtrio and named it Cedric, to go wth my Diglett named Diggory.

MH Mermaid Update:
Howleen. Don't ask why she has clownfish friends, because I don't have a great answer. They just matched her color scheme. :)
Hello! Hamilton won 11 Tonys, so let us celebrate.

A bunch of revolutionary manumission abolitionists )
I think I was mistaken yesterday, and today was the Tower of London day, but what can you do? Anyway, on the 27th, we also went to Westminster Abbey (twice), Tower Bridge, and I took roughly 50 (more) pictures of Big Ben.

Pictures under here! )

And now, a letter to NBC:

Dear NBC,

I know why you cancelled Heartbeat, because that show was a hot mess. But it was so much fun to watch, never boring, and gave me a new game to play (ala horrify the Twilight noob) which was to tell my mother about the 'medical' stuff they did on the show, and watch her face. (Possibly you cancelled it because you didn't think you could top the absolute bat-shit insanity of transplanting a defective, HIV positive, 10 year old boy's heart into a CHIMPANZEE. Which was stolen from a medical research facility. It was AMAZING.)

However, your handling of the inevitable love triangle is what I have an issue with. You had Millicent (great name by the way) tell Alex that it was impossible for her to choose between Jesse Shane (TERRIBLE name) and Pierce Harrison (trying waaaay too hard, with this name, but he's so pretty) and then proved that by having her marry both of them in Vegas. Even if you had been renewed, where the fuck were you going with this? Only one of those marriages can be valid, because polygamy, and she chose Pierce TWICE, so seriously, what the hell? Even if she had ended up with stupid Jesse with his stupid Australian accent, that at least would have made sense.

P.S. I admire the commitment you had to including women, people of color, gay people, and trans people on this show. Don't think that was the reason you had to cancel, it was more stuff like using that guy's daughter as a stand-in heart & lung machine, and having the cardiac surgeon perform an autopsy (seriously) on the guy who dropped dead in front of her while teaching her how to use a robot to do surgery.

P.P.S. Thank you at least for letting Jamie Kennedy and Ji-Sung get together. <3

1. Sorry not sorry, but I am not here for unarticulated Monster High dolls (the articulation is one of their strongest points!) and I don't much care for the new faces either. I have already started branching out my doll collection to other options, something I was previously avoiding mainly for budgetary reasons. I may be all right with this.

2. I bought a little porcelain Rapunzel doll at an antiques fair on Saturday (where I also got fantastically sunburned) and it reminded me how much I used to love porcelain dolls. Andrew, apparently, finds them unsettling. The one I got is ok by him though, because she's little and not super realistic. Here's pic from the internet; I'll take some of my own when I clean her up a bit. I find her so interesting because she's from 1986, and yet she looks so much like she was influenced by Tangled (purple dress, flowers in the hair, transparent sleeves). I wish mine had come with a stand, but what do you want for $8? Also, if anyone knows how to get mystery rust-looking stains out of doll clothes (which I can't remove, because they're sewn onto her) I'm open to suggestions.

3. I may be really getting into Funko Pops. They used to kind of creep me out, and I only bought one or two, but now, there are so many, and I totally bought both Joey & Chandler (they have a tiny chick and a tiny duck!) and will probably get the rest of the Friends eventually. Send help? (in the form of Pops!)
Movies I have seen today: Deadpool and Great Scarrier Reef.

-Deadpool was hilarious, and I quite enjoyed it. Not as groundbreaking as I was hoping, yet still amazing.

-Great Scarrier Reef was also pretty good, predictable, but much better than Boo York. However, Mattel, WHERE IS MY GIL MANTA RAY DOLL?! Hands down the best character design of that movie, and he's nowhere to be found. WTF.
This post is much, much later than usual, but I was busy dodging bats and learning complicated card games and doing actual work at work...

Sadly, none of these languages are Elvish or Klingon )
Well, I'm sad that we're not going to get any snow here (WHERE IS MY WINTER, MASSACHUSETTS?) so here are some funny pictures from my Pinterest. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: There is some interesting language under here. And I fucking love Thranduil.

I'm in a very LotR mood lately... )
I tried to find something to post about in the last week, but to no avail. So, here we are with the next Face Off recap.

Toyland, Toyland... )

Next week, custom languages and long lost species!
Face Off is back! For those of you new to my journal, Face Off is a show on SyFy that asks makeup artists to meet a challenge each week (similar to Project Runway or America's Next Top Model) and then judges them and eliminates someone. I typically do weekly posts, showing the winning and losing looks, and last season my fav ended up winning. :D

So let us take a look at the first challenge! )
Remember last year at the Globes, when Emma Stone wore a giant butt ruffle and Melissa McCarthy's dress was legit made out of two other ones, and Claire Danes was super excited that her dress was covered in real feathers and Kiera Knightly wore a doily? Well let's see what happened this year!

Lots of pictures under the cut! )



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